Review of AeroMexico flight Hermosillo Mexico City in Economy

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM713
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:42
Take-off 29 Apr 19, 18:03
Arrival at 29 Apr 19, 22:45
AM   #54 out of 115 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 70 reviews
Published on 24th October 2020

Hola! I hope you are doing fine. This time I want to tell you about this flight from last year. It is a domestic Mexican flight from the northwest state of Sonora. The day of the flight I took an Uber because it is difficult to get from downtown to the airport and vice versa by public transportation and I did not wanted to take any risk. I arrived at the airport and made a nicotine pause outside the building though the air was very warm from the dessert.

photo 2-37484

This is the main entrance that made me think that as far as I can tell this is the most stylish Mexican airport I have been to.
The cactus there gave a special desertic like feeling. 

photo 1-44218

The AM counters. The check-in process was a breeze, the lady printing my BP was nice and cheerful when I asked her to change my seat to an empty row if possible to which she agreed.

photo 4-62200

After some time spent landside I made my way to the gate which was located upstairs and caught my attention this lounge.

photo 5

Troughout the airport I saw AM publicity and not from other airlines.

photo 6-38966

The boarding was announced at gate 6 taking into consideration priorities and since I saw many people queuing I went to see some shops and restaurants just in front of these gates. The chairs were comfortable though.

photo 7-30355

Finally at my assigned seat and as usual with the legroom, no issue at all. I noticed the clean carpet in this "new" color and as you can see " a la low-cost" advertising. The seat pocket looked and felt worn and it contained the appropriate literature. And before I forget the seat is the same that you would find at the 787-8.

photo 9

Once boarding was completed, the FA went trough the cabin offering headphones from a cool basket to the passengers.

photo 10

We started to taxi…

photo 11

And took off like a rocket. Turbulences on progress but apparently were not bothersome for some passengers.

photo 12-33931

When 10 000 ft were reached, the FA made an announcement regarding the use of electronic devices and instrumental music was played.

photo 13

As you may know I use the IFE mostly to get the flight progress in the map and look, a new Mexican city was there: Guaynas :) (instead of Guaymas) 

photo 14

This is the AM in-flight literature:
the wifi leaflet
the Gran Plan leaflet
 the safety card
the airsickness bag 
and the collectible magazine. 

photo 16

At that moment from this fleet I have not flown in the 787-9 and the 737MAX but not interested at all in the latter.

photo 17

We were flying over Chihuahua and Sinaloa.

photo 19

And the cabin crew started the snack service…

photo 15-58405

While I enjoyed the view…
Thinking how big is Mexico and the long flights that should be operating which I think is quite fascinating and casually the IFE played the "Are you with me" song by Lost Frequencies, definitely a flight to remember.

photo 22

The cart reached my row eventually.

photo 20

And as usual I asked a beer, tomato juice and tequila "derecho" along with a bag of salty peanuts, salty, really salty.

photo 21

When the serviced was over the FA dimmed the lights…

photo 24

…so the cabin looked like this and finally I started to feel relaxed listening more music from the IFE.

photo 23

After some time flying through complete darkness the descent was announced by the purser and these photos were shooted while arriving to the city.

photo 25photo 26

When the aircraft landed a heavy rain was pouring so the aircraft moved from one to the other side of the runway and when we reached the platform the pilot (for the first time through the PA system) announced that due to the congestion we should wait 20 minutes in order to get a free gate so take this into consideration if you land at MEX to use the lavatories before the descent. We were arriving to the gate and still in movement inmediately some passengers got up to retrieve their belongings.

photo 27-23841

I exited the aircraft of course thanking the cabin crew for their good attitude and made my way to the metro in less than 10 minutes because I do not check baggage since 2015.
Thank you very much for reading this Flight Report, hope you enjoyed it. 

photo 28

I think it would be interesting to share this map located at every HMO entrance because I have not seen one similar in other Mexican airport.

photo 3
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Cabin crew8.0

Hermosillo - HMO


Mexico City - MEX



This flight was a good one because the aircraft was relatively new and the attention from the cabin crew left nothing to be desired.
Sometimes AM on domestic flights provide blankets and pillows in Economy, I mean they are placed on the seats or stored in the overhead compartments in the middle of the cabin.

I think that the information from the cockpit is important but this flight crew did not think the same until arrival.

And regarding HMO airport I was surprised to see a modern airport in good conditions, the passengers seem to cooperate to keep it like that.
I was completely satisfied with AM and HMO.



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