Review of Copa Airlines flight Panamá City Mexico City in Economy

Airline Copa Airlines
Flight CM136
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 04:01
Take-off 28 Aug 19, 11:39
Arrival at 28 Aug 19, 15:40
CM 65 reviews
Published on 9th February 2021

Hello and thank you for your interest in this FR.

This time I am flying back to MEX in one of the daily multiple departures by Copa Airlines. Sometimes I feel PTY is enourmous and I get tired of walking next to the variety of duty free shops like this day but next to the toilets you can find potable water to drink or refill your bottle at no cost.

photo img_20190826_102820313

Finally at the gate where you can check if your cabin bagagge is allowed or checked right there. At the moment of boarding nobody requested me to verify the size of my travel back pack. The staff of the flight bound for Quito that was boarding next gate announced that all passengers should take only 1 bag with them and the rest of their bagagge should be gate checked.

photo img_20190826_103039143_hdr

The assigned aircraft for this mission is equipped with scimitars which made me think of personal IFE.

photo img_20190826_111142662

Boarding commenced respecting priorities so I waited at the gate until the last 5 passengers embarked. This is the first time that I embark from this side of the airport.

photo img_20190826_111401308

But what do we have here? Haha no I am not talking about the Nintendo console. Finally the pillows and blankets! 

photo img_20190826_111404209

When you understand that the fact of seeing scimitars does not mean that there will be IFE…
By the way I alwas wanted to know about the very first window that looks like it is sealed, any info?

photo img_20190826_111531630

At my seat now and I felt like I was in a parked in a car lot mall or something like that.
Remember the bag of pillows and blankets at the jetbridge? Well I kindly asked to the grumpy FA at the door (she was standing there, not welcoming passengers) if it was possible to get 1 of each and she replied: "if you are flying Business class yes, if not well you know, but I will check later". I just said thank you and walked to my seat.

photo img_20190826_113728125

The in-seat USB power.

photo img_20190826_113737899

The seat pitch of this row and as you can see even with my souvenirs under the seat still had an ample space to stretch my legs.
You can see the instructions to use the in-flight entertainment system, the complimentary Panorama magazine, the "new" safety card and the airsickness bag without any logo.

photo img_20190826_113743789

The cabin crew checked the cabin before taxiing to the active. This was a full flight both in C and Y.

photo img_20190826_113821975_hdr

Uneventful takeoff seeing how green the Panamanian jungle is.

photo img_20190826_120501454

I had such a nice views… 

photo img_20190826_120849717

While still climbing we were allowed to use the lavatories.

photo img_20190826_121908203-98316

I do not complain about the seats but this aircraft felt uncomfortable to say the least. I tried to use my jacket as a pillow and voila! it worked so no reason to not enjoy the flight.

photo img_20190826_124108107

Meanwhile the aircraft is entering Costa Rica and the meal service is being ready…
The cabin smelled like a restaurant. 

photo img_20190826_124224259

Here is the meal tray containing delicious pasta Bolagnese, the average side salad, s&p, a bun, butter and chocolate cookies. While serving the meal turbulence was announced and felt at the same time.
First the offer you the meal and afterwards the beverages. 

photo img_20190826_130415179

Despite some turbulences was not necessary to finish the service and the FA (the same at the door, the same of the blankets) asked my choice and I clearly said: a beer and a cup of still water without ice, she did not say anything and just handed me the beer that I happily enjoyed with the views of Central America.

photo img_20190826_131809054

Those are the moments when I really would like to have the IFE, just to set the en-route map and see where the aircraft is overflying for my personal purposes.

photo img_20190826_134452268

The flight continued with no issues  and actually was a very smooth one. The passenger next to me was kind and constantly asked me if I needed to freshen up. Approximately 80% of the passengers were sleeping or at least trying to.

photo img_20190826_140354175

I asked to a passing by FA a beer which was brought in no time.
The cabin crew provided the documentation to be filled to be allowed in to Mexico. 

photo img_20190826_143413314

And suddenly we were surprised by the megalopolis…

photo img_20190826_143947373

It was a regular landing but a long taxi to the terminal and once you have reached it, it will be necessary to wait at least 20 minutes in order to get a gate or stand to disemabrk.

photo img_20190826_144210334

Before we were allowed to disembark, the window shades were required to be lowered due to humidity, just like in PTY. I tried to avoid any contact with the cabin crew…

photo img_20190826_150319667-32411

and finally I was ready to enter Mexico.

photo img_20190826_152127091

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Copa Airlines

Cabin crew4.0

Panamá City - PTY


Mexico City - MEX



This is the last flight I was able to take with Copa. I really like Copa.

I enjoyed the meal and beers.

I enjoyed flying in and out of PTY.

The lavatories were kept very clean and the cabin refreshed.

The Copa showpass is a good alternative.

And regarding the crew: the flight crew made no announcements at all and the FA of the blankets (haha) was so rude in everything. One thing is when they explain you the situation and other when they are rude to you just because and If I ever travel again I will try to avoid Copa because the other airlines flying that region (AV, AM) provide basic amenities to all of their passengers and not for just those flying up front.

Information on the route Panamá City (PTY) Mexico City (MEX)


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