Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Istanbul in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR239
Class Economy
Seat 10K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 16 Nov 20, 07:45
Arrival at 16 Nov 20, 12:20
QR   #11 out of 80 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 574 reviews
By 1457
Published on 25th December 2020

Report No: 2020-1102

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this brand new series on Qatar Airways where I would cover the post-COVID Economy Class service of Qatar Airways in two empty flights on a trip from Washington DC to Istanbul.

As there is a Presidential Proclamation banning non-US citizens & residents ( with exceptions ) boarding a flight from the EU/UK/Switzerland to the USA, the only feasible options between Turkey and the USA are Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Egyptair, and Aeroflot. As someone who values the price of the ticket and the experience that I would get onboard, I prefer Qatar Airways on most of my trips between Turkey and the USA as they both offer a decent product onboard and their IRROPS policy is generous. Also, being a Qatar Airways Privilege Club Platinum membership helps the journey to be even more comfortable.

The second report on this flight would contain my overnight layover in Doha in the Al Mourjan Lounge plus the Flight-Report of the short flight from Doha to Istanbul onboard the Boeing 777-300ER.

Here is the routing for this trip


Loads for this flight

Business Class: 35-40%
Economy Class: 30-35% 


After arriving from my previous flight, it was time to head to the Al Mourjan Lounge for my long layover. Originally, I only had a 1h20min connection at Doha, however, the evening flight from Doha to Istanbul-SAW was cancelled so I decided to take the early morning flight to Istanbul-IST instead of cancelling or postponing my trip which forced an overnight layover in Doha.

photo img_5518

The famous Teddy Bear while I was walking to the lounge

photo img_5519


As I arrived to the escalators of the Al Mourjan Lounge, my boarding pass was checked and I was invited upstairs.

photo img_5520

While I arrived at the lounge, the check-in desks were full so I was asked to take a seat while an agent gets available. As an agent got available, my boarding pass was scanned and I was told that a quiet room cubicle was already reserved for me due to my long layover. This was a nice gesture as I was already going to request one.

photo img_5521-33789

So here is the Quiet Room cubicle which has a sleeper chair and a sofa and I nice place to rest during the layover where the airport hotel is expensive.

photo img_5523photo img_5524

One of the new features of the quiet room cubicles is that blankets, eyeshades and some other amenities are provided upon request.

photo img_5522

Also, USB charging ports were added to these cubicles.

photo img_5525

After spending a couple of hours napping at my cubicle, around 22:00, I've headed to the restaurant to have dinner. Compared to my previous visits, there was a new a la carte option as well which I tried some options from there.

photo img_5529

As a starter, I went for the buffet options where I preferred some mezzes and asked for some pita bread from the bread bar. As a drink, I've asked for still water and a glass of Lallier Grande Réserve champagne.

photo img_5526

Then I continued with a set of prawn nigiris.

photo img_5527

As a main course, I've ordered the tagliatelle pasta which tasted really good.

photo img_5528

For the dessert part, it was really hard to choose something as there were many available options. I choose to have a strawberry mousse, a caramel cake, some ice cream and some macarons.

photo img_5530photo img_5531

Then I ordered hot water with mint before I head for another round of sleep at my sleeping room cubicle. By the way, before leaving the restaurant, I was offered to fill out a feedback form where I shared my appreciation with the staff and added my feedback about the lounge.

photo img_5532-60924

Before I headed to sleep, I ordered a bottle of water, just in case if I need one.

photo img_5533

After another round of sleep, I've woke up about 05:00 and headed to the showers, a shower room was available within 2-3 minutes after my request. I have asked for an hairdryer and a dental kit which was promptly served.

photo img_5534photo img_5535

At 05:58, I left the quiet room area and headed to the restaurant for breakfast. Here is the FIDS.

photo img_5538

The lounge wasn't empty compared to my previous visits in the summer, though, it was still about 20-25% capacity.

photo img_5539

During the breakfast service, I mainly preferred food from the buffet rather than the a la carte menu.

photo img_5541-68404

Here is my selection for the day. As a drink, I opted for mint tea and the mango smoothie. During my breakfast experience, drink refills were offered upon request.

photo img_5540


After finishing my breakfast, I left the lounge about 1h10mins before scheduled departure time and headed towards gate A7.

photo img_5542

While entering the concourse, there was a boarding pass control as the airport doesn't want passengers to go sleep at empty gate areas during their layover. Only passengers departing from the concourse are admitted through that checkpoint.

photo img_5543

There was a queue at the gate, although there was no wait at the priority lane and I was immediately served by the first available agent.

photo img_5544

At the gate, all larger carry-on's were being gate checked as the Turkish Civil Aviation Directorate prohibits all larger carry-on's to be placed inside the cabin on all flight to/from Turkey as a COVID precaution.

photo img_5545

While entering the gate area, the ground staff was asking passengers if they had a face shield and they were distributing face shields for those passengers who doesn't have one.

photo img_5546-40333

While waiting for boarding, I spotted this QR 777-300ER which was going to head to Manila that morning.

photo img_5547

About 45 minutes before scheduled boarding time, boarding was announced with the respect of priorities. There were some Economy passengers without status who lined up but they were asked to take a seat until their group number has been announced.

photo img_5548

Fuselage shot

photo img_5549

QR 239 DOHA HAMAD AIRPORT TO Istanbul Airport

After being welcomed by the cabin supervisor by name, I have headed to my seat 10K which is located in the first row of the Economy cabin.

photo img_5551

Here is the legroom at the bulkhead row.

photo img_5552

The overhead panel

photo img_5554

And here is our neighbor, another QR 777-300ER, but heading to Madrid rather than Istanbul.

photo img_5553

While waiting for boarding to be completed, I decided to check the IFE system. This aircraft was equipped with the Panasonic ex2 IFE system.

photo img_5555

The IFE main menu

photo img_5556

While boarding was going on, the cabin crew serving my area came to me, introduced herself and asked if I wanted any beverage. I've opted for a cup of water which was promptly served.

photo img_5557-31431

After boarding had finished, refreshing towels were served.

photo img_5558-52002

Which was followed by Travel with Confidence protective kits which have masks, gloves and a mini hand sanitizer.

photo img_5559-90081photo img_5560-96233

At that time, the safety video had started playing.

photo img_5563

And after the safety video had finished, headphones were distributed.

photo img_5565-66850

Later on, we started our pushback

photo img_5566

Another shot of A7-BEW which was heading to Madrid as QR149.

photo img_5567

Some QR aircraft at remote stands

photo img_5568

A7-BEC which had arrived from Lahore as a cargo only flight.

photo img_5569

Construction is still going on at the terminal expansion project.

photo img_5570

Some more photos of the construction going on

photo img_5571photo img_5572

More QR aircraft at the other side of the terminal

photo img_5573

QR 777-300ER which had just arrived from Hangzhou, China from a cargo-only flight.

photo img_5574

Another QR 777-300ER, this time arrived from Muscat as QR1149 which is a passenger flight.

photo img_5575

A7-BAZ which had arrived from Shanghai that morning as a cargo-only flight.

photo img_5576

More QR aircraft at the terminal.

photo img_5577

And more

photo img_5578photo img_5579

The Emiri terminal

photo img_5580

And after a wait for our turn, we have departed from runway 34R towards the North.

photo img_5581photo img_5582

Shortly after takeoff, the curtain between the Business Class cabin and the Economy Class cabin had been closed and the video related to the charity project was monitored.

photo img_5583

At that time Super Wi-Fi was activated. This flight had free high-speed Wi-Fi for the duration of the flight, although the signal wasn't strong compared to the previous flight.

photo img_5584photo img_5585photo img_5586

Passing over the northern part of Qatar.

photo img_5587

Route map at that time.

photo img_5588photo img_5589

After takeoff, passenger information forms for Turkey were distributed by the cabin crew. The form is available in English and Turkish.

Later on, the cabin supervisor had came to me and greeted me for the second time ( first time at the aircraft door during boarding ) and thanked for my loyalty.

photo img_5590-76519

By the way, I forgot to mention that the seats have power outlets and USB ports.

photo img_5591

Shortly after takeoff, the service had commenced with breakfast where the options were eggs, bread pudding and vegetarian. I've opted for the bread pudding which was served with yoghurt, fruits, strawberry jam, chocolate, a bottle of water and a croissant. Butter was available on request.

photo img_5592

As a drink I've opted for a mango juice and coffee with Bailey's. As there were no Bailey's in the trolley serving my area, the crew told me that she would bring me some but it took a while for my Bailey's to come.

photo img_5593

However, after 10 minutes, I pressed the call button and both the crew performance manager and the crew serving my area apologized for the delay and also brought me hot coffee as my old coffee had already been chilled.

photo img_5595

Here is the main course which was delicious as always.

Vanilla Chocolate Pudding
Vanilla Custard 

photo img_5594-18911

After the meal service, drink refills were offered.

After spending some time on my computer, I've visited the lavatory which was clean during my visit.

photo img_5596-98650photo img_5597-72594

Shortly later, I asked snacks from the crew which was served with my drink of choice.

photo img_5598-78897

About 25-30 minutes before landing, the cabin crew started preparing for our descend and I was asked if I would like anything from the bar before the drinks was sealed for landing.

Here is a shot of the Business Class cabin from my seat

photo img_5599

Some photos at that time

photo img_5600

The Black Sea

photo img_5601

The Istanbul Park racing track which hosted the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix the day before this flight.

photo img_5602

A rare view

photo img_5603

Ataşehir district

photo img_5604

Bağdat Caddesi

photo img_5605

Kalamış district

photo img_5606

The Golden Horn

photo img_5607

The Bosphorus

photo img_5608

Passing by Istanbul Atatürk Airport

photo img_5609photo img_5610

Halkalı train station

photo img_5611

Atatürk Olympic Stadium which would host the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final

photo img_5612

Başakşehir district

photo img_5613

Arnavutköy district

photo img_5614

Tayakadın district

photo img_5615

The airport is visible

photo img_5616

Turkish Airlines operations center

photo img_5617photo img_5618

DHL building

photo img_5619

And we've landed 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo img_5620

The IST tower

photo img_5621

From a different angle

photo img_5623

The presidential terminal

photo img_5624

The passenger terminal

photo img_5625

Some grounded TK aircraft at the unused taxiways

photo img_5626

We're almost there

photo img_5627

MEA A330-200 at the terminal

photo img_5628

Taxiway D is under maintenance

photo img_5629

Grounded TK A321's

photo img_5630

Turkish 787-9 and Uzbekistan Airlines 787-8

photo img_5631

After a taxi of 10-15 minutes, we have parked at gate A2 next to this TK Boeing 787-9 that was going to head to Chicago-ORD that day.

photo img_5632

Istanbul Airport - IST

After another 10-15 minute wait for the curtain to be opened as Business Class passengers would deboard first, I was inside the terminal and go an unpleasant surprise that the escalator was not working.

photo img_5633

At the arrivals level, I was able to take a shot of A7-BAJ

photo img_5634

And another one before heading to passport control

photo img_5635

IST was empty and the escalators didn't work here as well.

photo img_5636

Although there was only two agents dedicated for both Turkish citizens and flight crew, there was no wait for passport control and I was in the baggage claim hall without any wait.

photo img_5637

Bags would be delivered at carousel 8 which is the furthest away baggage belt at the other end of the baggage claim hall.

photo img_5638

Mandatory passage through the arrivals duty free store.

photo img_5639

While I arrived at the baggage belt, my bags were already there and I left the baggage claim hall immediately after I claimed my baggage. There was only another passenger besides me at the carousel as the majority of the passengers onboard our flight were not Turkish citizens and there was a wait for non-Turkish citizens at the passport control.

photo img_5640

FIDS after I left the baggage claim hall

photo img_5641

Later on, I went upstairs to meet a relative which was going to pick me up from the departures level. Interestingly, the AtlasGlobal desk was still there but there was nothing inside the office. AtlasGlobal ceased operations earlier this year.

photo img_5642

The departures level of IST which was empty

photo img_5643

And now, it was time to leave the airport so this report has come to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Cabin crew9.0

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan South Lounge


Doha - DOH


Istanbul - IST



Similar to my previous flight, this flight was also an enjoyable flight with Qatar Airways. The ground experience in Doha Hamad Airport was perfect as I had access to the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge because the Business & First Class status lounges were closed at that time ( they have reopened in early December 2020 ). Since my last visit to Al Mourjan, there were lot of improvements in the food offerings in the restaurant including a la carte dining, sushi & salad bar offerings. Plus, the quiet room cubicles now have amenities which was a significant improvement; however, I'll appreciate if they offer pillows as well. Also, the lounge staff was friendly and some of the staff that has recognized me from previous travel greeted me in Turkish during my stay. The flight itself was also enjoyable, I had a whole row to myself and the service was really great except for the fact that the cabin crew forgot to bring Bailey's as I requested but after a hit in the call button everything was solved within a minute. However, I would also give credit to the cabin crew as they offered me a PDB and refills/snacks throughout the flight which you would not see in any other carrier in the Economy cabin even if you're a top tier elite. Although Wi-Fi doesn't work over Southeastern Turkey and Northern Iraq, for the rest of the flight, the free Wi-Fi worked perfectly so it made the ride more enjoyable. Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight which was also a nice touch. After arriving in Istanbul and entering the terminal, it was not nice to see that the escalators and travelators were not working. Although that meant a good exercise after a long flight and with no wait at the passport control ( for Turkish citizens ) and with my bags waiting for me at the carousel, the arrival experience at IST was pleasant.

To conclude the trip, the US Presidential Proclamation banning non-US citizens/residents transferring from the EU & UK, pushed me to fly with Qatar Airways as they offered the most competitive prices and the better service within the airlines that I am able to fly. Also being a top-tier elite with Qatar Airways also helps the journey to be more enjoyable. In the future, QR would be one of my top choice airlines and I hope to review more QR flights here in Flight-Report.

(+) Boarding made with the respect of priorities
QR Al Mourjan Lounge
(+) Improvements at the lounge since my last visit
(+) A la carte dining now being introduced at the restaurant
(+) The quiet room cubicles now have some amenities
(+) The space in the lounge would give you huge personal space
(+) The excellent lounge staff
QR 239
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom in the bulkhead row
(+) Delicious breakfast onboard
(+) Free Wi-Fi being offered on this flight
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight
(-) The IFE system was a bit ancient and slow
(+) No wait for passport control and baggage reclaim
(-) The escalators and travelators were not working
(-) Long taxi to the gate



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  • Comment 568956 by
    aviatios 1 Comments

    Nice FR, I have an upcoming 11 hour layover in Doha in the coming days. I called QR to see how many hours i can stay in the lounge and i was informed that the maximum stay in the lounge is 6 hours.
    Judging by this FR you can perhaps stay more than 6 hours?
    BTW i'm Silver privilage club member which entitles me to Al Mourjan as other is closed due to Covid.
    Do you know anything about how long i can stay in the lounge?

    • Comment 568957 by
      ISTFlyer AUTHOR 374 Comments

      Hi Aviatios and thanks for your comment,

      I have an upcoming 11 hour layover in Doha in the coming days. I called QR to see how many hours i can stay in the lounge and i was informed that the maximum stay in the lounge is 6 hours. Judging by this FR you can perhaps stay more than 6 hours?

      - Yes, you could stay more than 6 hours. The 6 hour limit applies only if you pay to enter the lounge. There is no time limit if you access it through your travel class or your status.
      BTW i'm Silver privilage club member which entitles me to Al Mourjan as other is closed due to Covid.

      - The Business Class status lounge has re-opened back in December so you might be also asked to go there but try your luck at Al Mourjan before heading to the Business Class status lounge.

      Once again thanks for stopping by and enjoy your future trip.

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    thejetflyer 121 Comments

    A beautifully detailed review with lovely photos to match !

  • Comment 569050 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5367 Comments

    Great report again and I wouldn't mind staying 11 hours at the Al Mourjan Lounge. If you have a picture (or printscreen) of the A La carte menu, it could be interesting. If I understand well, both buffet and A la carte are available at the same time? Or is the staff only plating for you the buffet items and bring them to your table?
    I am surprised to see that this flight was operated on a non-Qsuite aircraft. Considering the numbers of 77W operating on Cargo only flights, QR should prioritize QSuite aircraft on pax flights.
    Thank you again ;)

    • Comment 569053 by
      ISTFlyer AUTHOR 374 Comments

      Thank you very much for your comment,

      If you have a picture (or printscreen) of the A La carte menu, it could be interesting.

      - Here is where you link where you could access the menu:
      If I understand well, both buffet and A la carte are available at the same time? Or is the staff only plating for you the buffet items and bring them to your table?

      - Both the buffet and a la carte dining were available. The food items on the a la carte menu was prepared back in the kitchen and were not the same as the choices available at the buffet.
      I am surprised to see that this flight was operated on a non-Qsuite aircraft. Considering the numbers of 77W operating on Cargo only flights, QR should prioritize QSuite aircraft on pax flights.

      - Istanbul is not one of the dedicated QSuite routes listed on the QR website so it could be a hit or miss if you book Business Class. I am not sure how they assign the aircraft for each rotation. Although, this specific rotation QR239/QR240 is operated by QSuites equipped 77W aircraft on most days.
      Thank you again ;)

      - You're very welcome

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