Review of Loganair flight Newcastle Southampton in Economy

Airline Loganair
Flight LM539
Class Economy
Seat 13A
Aircraft Embraer ERJ135
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 19 Aug 20, 17:00
Arrival at 19 Aug 20, 18:00
LM 24 reviews
Jett Tyler
By SILVER 1233
Published on 8th January 2021


Staying in NCL Airport.

Welcome to another first for me, and what would turn into my last flight of 2020.

After a long day exploring Newcastle the previous day, I spent the day in Newcastle Airport spotting aircraft in the really empty airport. 

photo 137248687_3975534919136238_2498315454398563406_ophoto 137036987_3975534822469581_4927635273934925221_ophoto 137234200_3975534719136258_730652981983884822_o

The airport had only a few bars open, and most the shops remained closed. I was there for a good 4-5 hours ahead of my flight departing, and I even had periods of time I was the only passenger walking around some areas before running into the odd airport worker.

I found the whole situation somewhat surreal. 

photo 137203782_3975537029136027_3048948792979938856_ophoto 137320657_3975536815802715_7057903987510992362_ophoto 136470039_3975536859136044_115462505509262196_o

Amongst the Jet2 operations going on, there were some other movements including HOP!, easyJet, Ryanair and a heavily delayed Eastern Airways service I had flown yesterday. However I chose to use Loganair this time for variation!

photo 137011535_3975537019136028_7271049948565596364_ophoto 136475336_3975536829136047_8501768232218717546_o

The Clan Strachan

My flight today was to be on a 19 year old Embraer E-135 regional jet operated by Loganair.

photo 137317761_3975537025802694_4571334714978340449_o

The aircraft known as "Clan Strachan" was registered G-SAJR. It was an ex-BMI Regional aircraft, acquired in 2019 following that airlines bankruptcy. It was originally an Irish owned aircraft owned by JetMagic in October 2003 under the registration of EI-ORK.

The interior of the aircraft is still in its British Midland era style. So that was a nice retro nod given I never got a chance to fly on BMI or BMI Regional before the airlines flew into history.

photo 136659953_3975534452469618_8256272750229755349_o


photo 136670533_3975535125802884_433114261051781264_ophoto 136644901_3975534469136283_1087476747734131118_o

We boarded from Gates 1-2 which are at the far end of the Airport, these gates are ideal for small regional jets like the E-135.

The flight appeared to be about 75%-80% capacity as it was a fairly full flight, however there were some empty seats around the cabin.

photo 136987183_3975534322469631_430578066849734147_o

Boarding began on time, the plane was parked on a remote stand which resulted in an open boarding, always a plus for me!

I chose to board towards the end of the que to allow for some ramp pictures whilst I waited to board, I got these cabin shots at SOU after landing.

photo 137032259_3975534015802995_2332952404291525956_ophoto 136498814_3975534449136285_1366468978664472576_o

I preselected my seat to ensure I got a view of the wing & engine. It cost an extra £6 to do so, but I got the Seat 16A, which not only had the view I wanted, but I was also in the single seat isle. The Loganair ERJ fleet is configured 1-2 seating.

photo 136971663_3975533932469670_6294268984987975632_o

We had a short taxi out to the runway from our remote stand. We took off from Runway 07, which was next to our parking stand.

photo 136945544_3975533692469694_6392645045336130030_o

The take off and cruise was uneventful, the service was different due to the Covid restrictions, so our flight attendant only gave out small cups of water to customers, which I appreciated as wearing a mask for hours on end in an airport and on the flight can get quite stuffy, so a small water was ideal. I had also brought a cereal bar left over from my hotel breakfast package, and for passing the time I also had the then latest Airliner World magazine, as in-flight magazines were also a "No-No" for now.

photo 137248685_3975534835802913_1968016152743064040_o

In due course the plane began its final decent into Southampton, the hour long flight passed pretty quickly. 

There was a lot of thick cloud near Southampton that afternoon, so it took a while before the ground came into view, and it wasn't long before landing. Once we came through the clouds, I could tell we were coming in from the North of the runway.

photo 136486815_3975533829136347_2336446090806393988_o

We landed on time, and we taxied over to the terminal at SOU, parking ironically next to the Eastern BAe-41 which had left NCL only an hour before our flight. Despite Eastern Airways and Loganair taking up most the Flybe domestic routes, the airport is still a shell of its pre-2020 glory. I hope the airport can recover and grow still as its a nice airport.

photo 137045704_3975534402469623_2768932487581997289_ophoto 137071967_3975534829136247_8993233949224982857_ophoto 136945544_3975534465802950_1591438937631334882_o

Exiting the aircraft I made my way to domestic arrivals and in less than 2 minutes I was landside, having completed my final flight and trip of 2020.

photo 137046863_3975534335802963_4142769303366927089_o
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Cabin crew7.0

Newcastle - NCL


Southampton - SOU



Newcastle Airport- Despite most of the airport shops/restaurants being shut or on limited hours, the airport was still able to provide services to passengers, despite the huge drop in passengers the pandemic has given them.

Southampton- Services non existent, but they are still able to provide domestic services around the UK. I think some places have since opened since I last travelled from SOU.

Loganair- Good first impressions, I can't wait to try them with a more usual service in 2021.



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    Pilpintu SILVER 808 Comments

    Hello Jett!

    I even had periods of time I was the only passenger walking around

    Been there. It’s a funny feeling, seeing lots of lights and infrastructure, but nobody around. I wonder if movement sensors and automatic light switches would minimize such a waste of energy!

    I loved that photo of the landing Jet2 airliner! And hated the red and grey livery of the second Jet2. Gray just doesn’t look nice on airplanes, I think. They look like tin cans!

    a 19 year old Embraer E-135 regional jet

    I have always liked those large windows

    We boarded from Gates 1-2 which are at the far end of the Airport

    Hadn’t they been marked, I would have thought that was the door to an office!

    cabin shots

    That 1 - 2 configuration is great. I would always sit on the single seat side!

    What a diminutive galley! That trolley seems to have been taken as a spare part from a brussels airlines airplane because g-sajr has never been in their fleet.

    Thanks for sharing! You’ll go down in history as one of those who survived a flight in the middle of the pandemic!

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