Review of Air France flight Marseille Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF6017
Class Economy
Seat 05A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 08 Mar 20, 16:20
Arrival at 08 Mar 20, 17:40
AF   #21 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5254 reviews
By GOLD 200
Published on 7th December 2020

Next part of this routing to and from Marseille


to begin with …

After a too short but really nice week-end in Provence, it is time to go back home. But things will not go exactly as planned :)

Already in the morning, we received a text from Air France informing us that the flight would now leave at 04:50P instead of 04:20P due to a stricke from the ATC employees in Marseille. Shouldn't be a problem since we still had a two hours layover in Paris


We took a cab that dropped us here:

photo img_5271_resultatphoto img_5272_resultat

Departures this way:

photo img_5274_resultat

Advertisement for Sixt:

photo img_5275_resultat

We checked in via the kiosks as we had no luggage.

photo img_5276_resultatphoto img_5277_resultat

My god-daugther was the one in charge :)

photo img_5278_resultat

MRS was more or less empty that late Sunday:

photo img_5279_resultatphoto img_5281_resultat

cezanne lounge

We went to the lounge that was also empty.

photo img_5282_resultatphoto img_5286_resultat

Really empty :)

photo img_5283_resultat

Snacking was ok:

photo img_5284_resultatphoto img_5287_resultat

Coffee machine:

photo img_5289_resultatphoto img_5288_resultat

A bit late for breakfast pastries :)

photo img_5290_resultatphoto img_5291_resultat


photo img_5292_resultat


photo img_5293_resultatphoto img_5295_resultat

And some sweet items:

photo img_5294_resultat

We had our late afternoon lunch:

photo img_5296_resultatphoto img_5297_resultat

At 04:30 our flight was pushed to 05:30. Still enough time to catch our connecting flight. The only thing that wondered me is that our flight was the sole flight impacted by the stricke.

photo img_5302_resultat

the flight

We left the lounge shortly before boarding:

photo img_5299_resultatphoto img_5300_resultat

No masks since this was still pre-COVID. At that period of time we have been told that masks were, anyway, useless…. things change.

photo img_5301_resultat

Another Airbus:

photo img_5304_resultatphoto img_5305_resultat

Boarding started at 05:15:

photo img_5306_resultatphoto img_5307_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_5308_resultatphoto img_5309_resultat

The classic non reclinable seats:

photo img_5310_resultatphoto img_5311_resultat

The pitch is good:

photo img_5312_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_5313_resultatphoto img_5314_resultatphoto img_5315_resultat

The boarding is finished pretty quickly, the flight was only half full and most of the people are going to Reunion Island with the last flight of the day to RUN from ORY.

The captain then tooks the microphone to explain what is happening: the ATC people decided to strike and to block some flights, our flight being one of them. As the new shift takes over at 06:00PM, they decided not to handle our flight until the new shift starts. And the new shift will also decide on flights they will not handle until the next one starts.

That means that we now expect to leave at 06PM earliest. With one hour flight time, we are still ok to go.

photo img_5317_resultat

And at 06PM the captain informs us that the evening shift "cannot handle our flight yet". People are starting to get angry and worried about their connection, we included.

photo img_5320_resultatphoto img_5321_resultat

The crew makes a water service in the meantime:

photo img_5319_resultat

The thing that was the most frustrating is to see all other planes leaving on time. At 06:30 a take off for, maybe, 07PM is now expected. For RUN it is ok, but for us not. I give a quick phone call to the Platinum line that informs me that our flight is also delayed to 09PM. Then it should be ok in that case. The lady on the phone also blocks us 4 seats on the early next day morning flight, in case of.

At 07PM the ORY flight scheduled for 06:50 leaves but we stayed. A bit later we are informed that we would leave, maybe again, at 07:45PM. Meaning that our connecting flight is almost dead. But the good news is for the flight to RUN since they will wait for them.

Outside it is almost dark now:

photo img_5322_resultat

And eventually, we left at 07:45PM. We hoped that our flight to Mulhouse would be delayed more, but didn't have too much hope.

The catering on board that flight:

photo img_5323_resultat

We landed at 08:55 and a quick check informed me that our flight just left. The Platinum line left me a voice mail to inform that we are rebooked onto the next morning flight and that our vouchers for accommodations are waiting for us at any AF desk.

We received them in a matter of minutes, together with a meal voucher for dinner and breakfast and head to the Best Western Rungis (was just ok, for a night close to the airport but for nothing else!)

photo img_5325_resultatphoto img_5327_resultat
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Air France

Cabin crew9.5

Cézanne Lounge


Marseille - MRS


Paris - ORY



The delay was unacceptable given it was pushed back every 30 minutes or so. That ATC can just decide to take a plane and its passengers as hostages is a shame.

The crew, however, did its best to inform us about the situation.

Nothing to complain about MRS or ORY, both did their job.

As usual, a big thank you for reading!

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