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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1284
Seat 03A
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 27 Jan 18, 11:15
Arrival at 27 Jan 18, 18:15
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By GOLD 1214
Published on 12th December 2020

Transit in Honolulu

We had a fairly long transit of around 4H in HNL before our next flight to LAX.

photo dsc_0729

HA 332:

photo dsc_0730

DL 753:

photo dsc_0731

Delta Sky Lounge HNL

We went to the Delta Sky Lounge for the layover. The lounge is blind and didn't change compared to the year before but is still a nice place to wait a couple of hours.

photo dsc_0732photo dsc_0735

Some magazines:

photo dsc_0733

The buffet is looking pretty good and tempting:

Hot food:

photo dsc_0745


photo dsc_0746photo dsc_0747


photo dsc_0748


photo dsc_0739photo dsc_0743

The whole cutlery is, unfortunately, plastic only:

photo dsc_0740

Hard drinks are available at the bar0
Here's my morning selection:

photo dsc_0744

Both cakes were excellent, one was papaya and the other one was pineapple.

As we had plenty of time to kill, my mother and I went to the japanese garden.

HNL japanese garden and spotting

On our way we saw this 763:

photo dsc_0750

And then went down to the garden:

photo dsc_0751

Here it is:

photo dsc_0752photo dsc_0753

We had a nice walk:

photo dsc_0754photo dsc_0756

The place is really serene:

photo dsc_0757photo dsc_0758


photo dsc_0759

It was hard to believe you are in the middle of an international airport:

photo dsc_0760

There is also a botanical garden part:

photo dsc_0761

A bit more walking:

photo dsc_0764photo dsc_0765

The weather was awesome:

photo dsc_0767photo dsc_0768

Another DL 763:

photo dsc_0777

And for us it was time to go to our plane, here it is:

photo dsc_0781photo dsc_0782

Gate 28 today:

photo dsc_0784photo dsc_0785

the flight

Boarding started on time, the plane was full.

photo dsc_0787

Door handle:

photo dsc_0788

The cabin:

photo dsc_0790photo dsc_0792

Again the standard domestic first pillow and blanket.

photo dsc_0793

Cleaning was really poor, there were left over in the seat pocket, in the foot rest, even an old menu.

photo dsc_0794photo dsc_0795photo dsc_0796

Skymagazine and seat pitch:

photo dsc_0801photo dsc_0802

On time push back:

photo dsc_0803

More 763, even one without winglets:

photo dsc_0804photo dsc_0809

748 KL:

photo dsc_0807

Our flight was slightly longer than usual as we had to make a light detour to avoid thunderstorms:

photo dsc_0810photo dsc_0818

ANA behind us:

photo dsc_0813

Alaska in front of us:

photo dsc_0815

HA 332:

photo dsc_0819

HA 717:

photo dsc_0821

We crossed runway 26R-8L:

photo dsc_0823

Firetraining zone:

photo dsc_0824

You can play golf between the runways.

photo dsc_0825photo dsc_0826

Another 717:

photo dsc_0828

And our turn:

photo dsc_0829photo dsc_0830

ANA is still behind us:

photo dsc_0831

Taking off:

photo dsc_0833

The A seat was chosen on purpose :)

photo dsc_0834photo dsc_0836photo dsc_0837

It was amazing. Honolulu:

photo dsc_0838photo dsc_0840photo dsc_0841

Diamond Head:

photo dsc_0843photo dsc_0846

Waikiki beach:

photo dsc_0844photo dsc_0847photo dsc_0848

Closer to Diamond Head:

photo dsc_0853photo dsc_0854photo dsc_0855


photo dsc_0856

With the winglet:

photo dsc_0857

The whole crater:

photo dsc_0859

Leaving Oah'u:

photo dsc_0861

This is Haunauma Bay, a beautiful snorkling place:

photo dsc_0863photo dsc_0864

Bye Honolulu!

photo dsc_0865

A last view over Haunauma Bay:

photo dsc_0866

Sandy Beach, very well known for its high surf:

photo dsc_0869

Makapu 'u Point ,  the small island is Kaohikaipu the biggest one being Manana:

photo dsc_0870photo dsc_0871

Heading east:

photo dsc_0872photo dsc_0873

Service started with a hot towel:

photo dsc_0874

And a mai tai as aperitive. I used the free messaging to text to some friends:

photo dsc_0875

Reaching cruising altitude:

photo dsc_0876photo dsc_0877photo dsc_0878

The choices today were braised beef or salmon. Beef for me:

photo dsc_0880

Hot bread was offered:

photo dsc_0881

It was pretty good but again, this is a dish I already had last year, outbound to OGG from LAX, same catering, the only change was the brand of the ice cream.
A tea to conclude:

photo dsc_0882

Then I took a small nap:

photo dsc_0885

Full flat of course but with my own pillow :)

photo dsc_0883

An hour later:

photo dsc_0886photo dsc_0887

Snacks are then offered:

photo dsc_0888

The sun sets:

photo dsc_0889photo dsc_0892photo dsc_0894

A magical moment:

photo dsc_0898photo dsc_0901photo dsc_0905

Almost at destination:

photo dsc_0907


photo dsc_0914photo dsc_0921photo dsc_0922

We parked close to this 753:

photo dsc_0923

And on our way back to the Marriott LAX:

photo dsc_0924

Via T3:

photo dsc_0925photo dsc_0926

kaua'i bonus second part

You may remember Hanalei Valley on the last bonus, under the rain. As promised, here under the sun:

photo dsc_0341photo dsc_0343

It remembered me Bali and Indonesia:

photo dsc_0344photo dsc_0346

It's very green and peaceful:

photo dsc_0350photo dsc_0353photo dsc_0355

A beautiful sunset from my room:

photo dsc_0360photo dsc_0363photo dsc_0366

Loved the colors:

photo dsc_0368

This is Salt Pond Beach the beach we liked the most. Not to many people, showers and life guards. A nice bay to snorkel or just swim:

photo dsc_0387photo dsc_0388

The rocks that protect the bay:

photo dsc_0389photo dsc_0392

We saw turtles each day we were there:

photo dsc_0412photo dsc_0414photo dsc_0416

And even sea lions:

photo dsc_0402photo dsc_0404photo dsc_0448

So cute:

photo dsc_0450

Spouting Horn, another must see:

photo dsc_0418photo dsc_0424photo dsc_0430

Tree Tunnel Road:

photo dsc_0465photo dsc_0467

More about this beautiful island on the next FR!

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A bit sad that DL serves the same catering over and again but the flight did its job: lie flat seat means more comfort and a much better travel experience.

Stay tuned for the last part coming soon!

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