Review of Delta Connection flight Montreal New York in Domestic First

Airline Delta Connection
Flight DL5302
Seat 03A
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 03 May 18, 07:15
Arrival at 03 May 18, 09:00
DL 123 reviews
By GOLD 467
Published on 15th December 2020

Montreal - YUL / USA zone

After a very short night (arrived at the hotel at 05P, wake up 4.15A, pretty steep) we went to the USA flights check in area. Good thing is that it is just below the Marriott's lobby.

The check was quick and efficient, we should then bring our suitcases to a special belt where they are scanned and then can proceed to security. Security was super fast thanks to a priority lane.

Then comes immigration, as Canada is part of pre-immigration, no kiosks available that morning in YUL. There was a half an hour wait but this was ok. Our officier that morning was super friendly and funny. She has also a screen that shows our bags and we have to confirm they are ours. The whole process, check in, security and immigration took a bit less than 45'.

There is a duty free right after immigration

photo dsc_0559

Airport map, no lounge at the US gates:

photo dsc_0560photo dsc_0562

Straight ahead for us:

photo dsc_0561

Departure terminal:

photo dsc_0563

Our plane is here waiting for us:

photo dsc_0564photo dsc_0566

This one goes to Atlanta:

photo dsc_0567

The boarding gates are quiet:

photo dsc_0568

AA to MIA 738:

photo dsc_0569

Again our plane:

photo dsc_0570

There are also relax seats:

photo dsc_0571

WestJet to BOS:

photo dsc_0572photo dsc_0574

Air Transat 738 leased from Travel Service:

photo dsc_0573

the flight

Boarding started on time, with priority passengers first.

photo dsc_0575photo dsc_0576

The gate is a bit strange, you first have to go twice down to reach the jetty:

photo dsc_0577photo dsc_0578

The purser welcomed us warmly, here's the first class cabin:

photo dsc_0579photo dsc_0580

The seat pitch:

photo dsc_0582

Another view:

photo dsc_0581

Water bottles are available on each seat:

photo dsc_0583

Windows are misaligned:

photo dsc_0584

Safety Card:

It is never too early for a Bailey's:

photo dsc_0589

Forward view:

photo dsc_0590

On time push back, here a TS A330:

photo dsc_0591

AC A320:

photo dsc_0592

Bombardier Challenger:

photo dsc_0593

Air Creebec Dash8:

photo dsc_0594photo dsc_0595

737-200 Combi  Glencore aviation,  never heard about them.

photo dsc_0596photo dsc_0597

St Laurent river:

photo dsc_0598photo dsc_0599

The tray table:

photo dsc_0600photo dsc_0601

Bailey's coffee to start:

photo dsc_0602

Even though it is an international flight, no breakfast service, only snacks:

photo dsc_0603

Not a big deal but I would have loved to see some fresh and healthy choices.

More outside views:

photo dsc_0604photo dsc_0605

Reaching New York:

photo dsc_0606photo dsc_0607photo dsc_0608

I could not do better sorry, but at least there are parts of Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge:

photo dsc_0609photo dsc_0610


photo dsc_0611photo dsc_0613photo dsc_0614

Still on descend:

photo dsc_0616

U-Turn and Manhattan in distance:

photo dsc_0618photo dsc_0619

Back to the coast:

photo dsc_0622photo dsc_0624

Still Manhattan:

photo dsc_0625

Almost landed:

photo dsc_0628

Follow by a kiss landing:

photo dsc_0629

LAN Dreamliner:

photo dsc_0630

DHL 767:

photo dsc_0631photo dsc_0632

DL A319:

photo dsc_0633

Lots of CRJ's at T4:

photo dsc_0634photo dsc_0635

This way for us:

photo dsc_0637

jfk transit

After a warm farewell from the purser, we are in the jetty to deboard:

photo dsc_0639

We are at T4 but need to go to T2:

photo dsc_0641photo dsc_0642


photo dsc_0643

DL ad:

photo dsc_0644

We took the bus shuttle:

photo dsc_0646

UPS 767:

photo dsc_0645photo dsc_0647

DL 767:

photo dsc_0648

CRJ 900:

photo dsc_0649

The tower:

photo dsc_0652

Our destination:

photo dsc_0653
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Delta Connection

Cabin crew9.0

Montreal - YUL


New York - JFK



A nice flight despite the poor catering offer. The seat is great as it is a real business class, not as what we have in Europe.

The crew was great and happy to be there.

I liked to do immigration on Canada soil, then the flight is considered as domestic and you can simply connect to your next flight.

Thanks for reading!

A bientôt pour la suite !

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