Review of JetSmart flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA141
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 19 Jul 19, 14:25
Arrival at 19 Jul 19, 15:55
JA 14 reviews
Published on 18th January 2021

Pandemic? What pandemic?!

Believe or or not, 2020 was the year when I traveled most.

No kidding! Have a look at my passport:

photo pass

You can't deny that's a lot of walking! XD
And here's the last report in my long-overdue backlog - the final flight home after my holidays in Peru last July 2019.

Here are the links in case you're interested in the previous legs of this series. (If you see squares instead of emojis, try using Firefox):

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🛫 🇨🇱 Santiago (SCL) 🛬 🇨🇱 Valdivia (ZAL) on JetSmart (You are here)

For the last three days auntie Cecilia  - who I see only once or twice a year - has been spoiling me with leche asada and taking me out for lunch and sightseeing around Santiago now that I'm back from my trip to Peru, and before I finally go home to the south of the country.

The only problem is that her almost 80-year-old husband is the one behind the wheel and I'm convinced he wanted to open a hole in the car roof with my head. He's completely blind to speed humps!

But I survived!

Now I'm onboard the Centropuerto bus to the airport. It's a short 35-minute ride starting at Los Héroes metro station.

photo img_20190719_102115

Centropuerto (blue) and TurBus (green) are the two bus options to get to the airport. As I've said before, I prefer Centropuerto because baggage is stowed in that compartment at the side of the bus or in a corner of the passenger cabin, so it's handed back as passengers leave the bus. In TurBus you won't get your baggage back until everyone has left the bus because it's stowed in a sort of large cage inside the passenger cabin and its door blocks the way! Talk about bad design! This could prove fatal for someone about to miss their flight!

photo img_20190719_110018

I came early to the airport today, so I have plenty of time to go and look around. There's no excuse to not pay a visit to Música y Películas this time!

photo img_20190719_111734

There's a huge collection of old TV series in that store. I Dream of Jeannie has always been one of my favorites! And Larry Hagman was one of my very first crushes back in the 70s. [sigh] A precocious kid, you know? XD

Have you ever heard Barbara Eden's sad story? She had an only child who was a bodybuilder. He had a sudden death caused by drug abuse.

photo img_20190719_113707

I'm not sure, but I think years ago there used to be only chairs in this corner just before security check. The new airport management has set up lots of comfy spaces around the terminal.

photo img_20190719_115128

Today's airlines. This list is almost as short as LATAM's BOB menu!

photo img_20190719_120437

Still some time for check-in. Let's go and look around a bit.

The international end of the hall looks more crowded…

photo img_20190719_120253photo img_20190719_120557

…than the domestic end today. 

photo img_20190719_120638

Remember that the SCL terminal consisted of - until now - a single long hall with international flights on one end and domestic flights on the other. Well, I haven't flown since last summer and things might have changed. I don't know how soon the new international terminal will be ready. When it is, this hall will be the domestic terminal.

photo img_20190719_121251

About 5 of those 13 kilos are Peruvian candy! (And souvenirs, of course) They have flavors there that we don't have in Chile, like chicha morada (purple corn juice). I love it!!

photo img_20190719_115414

Our turn! About the yellow ads: "AFP" stands for Administradora de Fondos de Pensiones (Retirement Funds Managing Company) All working Chileans must save 11% of their monthly earnings in an AFP account. The AFP invests this money and shares the profit with the workers. The problem is that your AFP will still charge you a commission if they lose money, and pensions are low because they estimate you will live 250 years or so.

photo img_20190719_121344

Security check is a breeze.

photo img_20190719_123842photo img_20190719_123855

Maxi K. The best prices in the airport. I need a soda.

photo img_20190719_124625

Oh my goshhhh… they have Inca Kola, a Peruvian drink whose flavor has always been a well-kept secret. It was so popular in Peru that Coca Cola had to buy the company to become competitive in the country. Urban myth? Who knows. That's what I was told in Peru!

photo img_20190719_130254

As you see here, the next DAP flight to El Salvador will depart from gate 36. DAP has taken inflight entertainment to a whole new level with live inflight opera, but unfortunately it will not be available today.

photo img_20190719_132816

Wait, what?? Hahahah A flight to El Salvador departing from the domestic terminal? This particular El Salvador is a mining town in the north of the country.

And No opera means it doesn't operate. XD

My flight leaves from gate 22, on the third floor.

photo img_1197

Also on the third floor is this very interesting exhibition of old LATAM (LAN, in those years) scale models. Look at this B727!

photo img_20190719_125514

B707 in a short-lived livery.

photo img_20190719_125533photo img_20190719_125605

And the first plane to connect Rapa Nui to the rest of the country. Have you ever heard about Rapa Nui? The Spanish name is Isla de Pascua. Ring any bells? OK, the English name is Easter Island. I think this plane departed from La Serena.

photo img_20190719_125755

I have already written to SCL's administration about this before. They replied that the carpeting would be changed. Is that a good excuse to neglect the third floor like this??? This is disgusting! And you can't blame the last passenger for all this, can you? Disgusting, SCL! Then again, this was July 2019. If things get better I should be here next July.

photo img_20190719_125917

We'll be boarding by zones. This is always so with JetSmart.

photo img_20190719_133417photo img_20190719_134028

And there comes this beauty. By the time of this flight, CC-AWB was three years old. It features a kingfisher on its tail… OK, vertical stabilizer 🙄 …

photo img_1192

…and was christened Martín Pescador. But you won't find "Mr" Martín Pescador in history books. In fact, he has never existed! Martín Pescador (lit. Martin Fisher) is Spanish for kingfisher! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

photo img_1195

Raise your hand…

photo img_1204

…if you have never stood there like a retard trying to spot your bag on the conveyor belt. XD

photo img_1205

No, we don't pray prior to air travel.

photo img_1198

Won't they let go of those cellphones for a second??!!

photo img_20190719_135615

BTW, what a nice photo I've just taken… with my cellphone. ^^

photo img_20190719_140346_1

JetSmart has the simplest seats you can think of.  They can't be reclined…

photo img_20190719_140417

…and your back (and booty) might resent it after a couple of hours.

photo img_20190719_140501

El paisaje.

photo img_20190719_140535

I paid about 3 extra USD for a front seat, which has a bit more legroom.

photo img_20190719_140551photo img_20190719_140554

The tray table is…

photo img_20190719_140601


photo img_20190719_140631

No BOB in the seatback pocket…

photo img_20190719_140617

…but I have two safety cards! Great value for your money.

photo img_20190719_150440

That darned box. The carpet seems to be an extension of SCL.

photo img_20190719_140908

Well, not really. It looks a bit cleaner.

photo img_20190719_152559

Sky Airline arrives…

photo img_1207

…as we leave.

photo img_1208photo img_1209photo img_1210

Gol is a Brazillian airline I would love to try.

photo img_1215

LATAM'S new livery doesn't look that bad after all… I mean, it's still red, blue and white… sort of. BUT WHERE'S THAT FREAKING STAR, HUH??? WHERE IS IT???!!! >:(

photo img_1216

Charter airline Mineral Airways takes miners to the north of the country.

photo img_1217

At that time SCL was a work in progress.

photo img_1219photo img_1221photo img_1222

You can't imagine how much I had to improve this photo to make those distant hills visible. The smog cloud is very thick today.

photo img_1224a

As we reach the head of the runway I spot a local mosquito…

photo img_1225

…desperately escaping from being squashed…

photo img_1226

…by a gringo giant.

photo img_1234

Our turn comes after this GOL.

photo img_1237

I feel like somebody's following me.

photo img_1242

Can you believe this is the first time I notice the runway grooving?

photo img_1243

Up we go.

photo img_1245

This was SCL in July 2019.

photo img_1246

Right there in the middle, the international terminal was taking shape.

photo img_1247

It must have changed a lot in 18 months.

photo img_1248

Something that will never change is Santiago's smog cloud.

photo img_1250photo img_1252

Those hills in the center mark the border between the valley of Santiago (left) and the Central Valley (right). The Panamerican Highway crosses the point where the westernmost hills of the Andes meet the easternmost hills of the Cordillera de la Costa, in a place called Angostura (Narrowing).

photo img_1254

Have some pesos to spare? You'll be thrilled to know that Casino Monticello is waiting for you precisely south of Angostura, between the old lanes of the Panamericana (that go through the tunnel) and the new lanes that go round the hill.

photo img_1256

From that point, wavy clouds cover most of the landscape.

photo img_1263photo img_1266

With the view blocked by the clouds there isn't much more to do than… eating. So I accept when the FA offers the BOB menu.

photo img_20190719_150504

You can leaf through it.

They advertise their (at that time) recent arrangement of allowing a seat change for 16 USD after the flight had started. Tip: At the current change, you better pay in pesos. On the right you see JetSmart's routes. And now they also have regular flights to two destinations in Colombia: Cali and Bogotá.

photo img_20190719_150646

I ordered the mechada sandwich. Let's wait and see if it's really as good as it looks on the menu. In the meantime I can take advantage of my position and snoop around a little.

photo img_1267

Agua crew? That's where the crew keeps their water, I guess? "Inop, inop, inop…" why are all those knobs labeled inop??

photo img_1268

[GASP] OMG!! Half this aircraft is INOPERABLE!!! What will happen if those switches are needed??? We're DOOMED!!!! 😱

photo img_1270

Those gloves must be badass!!

photo img_1273

And this is where they store a bullhorn and… dynamite?! :O

photo img_1274

Here's the menu at last. Let's see what's inside.

photo img_20190719_151124

It tastes better than it looks, believe me. Well, my standards are low, but this menu plus my seat with the little extra legroom make for a great experience, even better than some business class experiences I have read about on this very website. I can't complain!

photo img_20190719_151207

In no time we're descending through the thick clouds over Los Ríos region…

photo img_1276

…above river San Pedro! I see. The ILS system is on the south end of the runway, so we have flown past the airport and made a U turn, so we're going from south to north now.

photo img_1283

Hualles (Nothofagus obliqua) deciduous trees and they look whiter without their leaves. Nothofagus forests used to cover the area, but they were replaced with pine trees and gum trees.

photo img_1287photo img_1289

We fly along the road that links Valdivia and its airport. That's the bridge over river Cayumapu, which is Mapudungun for six (cayu) lands (mapu)

photo img_1291

Cayumapu is also the name of this area where the road splits. To the east (towards you) the road leads to a tiny town called Máfil. To the north (your right) it continues to the airport and another small town called San José de la Mariquina. The large buildings at the intersection are a dairy factory called Las Parcelas (The land plots). In fact, the dairy industry is one of the most important in the south of Chile. Can you see the water tower just by the intersection? There's a giant cow sitting on it. XD

photo img_1292

River Pichoy also flows into river Cruces.

photo img_1293photo img_1294

It's not for nothing that the dairy factory was called Las Parcelas! As in any city in the world, people buy parcelas (land plots) around Valdivia to build a second home and be in contact with nature. But everybody seems to have the same idea and they end up surrounded by noisy neighbors all the same!

photo img_1295

So many times planes have crashed on roadways while landing or taking off…

photo img_1297

Not this time. Phew! XD The reverse thrusters and the water on the runway put up a show.

photo img_1300

ZAL, aka Pichoy Airport.

photo img_1311

We Valdivians laugh in the face of rain, wind, storms, hail, thunder and lightning!!!!

photo img_20190719_161006

But I have been a Valdivian for 18 years only, so I'm happy to see the jetbridge. Hee hee :D

photo img_20190719_161022

Gracias, capitán!

photo img_1313

First, a mask. Now this! Where are my constitutional rights!!! Oh, I'm forgetting we had no idea about masks at this time.

photo img_1314

Obediently, we go along the back of the building to the place where - as the captain said - we'll be able to claim our baggage from belt 1

photo img_1315

Which happens to be the only one at ZAL!

photo img_20190719_161434

You get a terrific view of the apron from here.

photo img_1319

4000 CLP is about 5 USD

photo img_20190719_162429

Orange license plates indicate the car is a taxi. Taxis are black with a yellow roof in Chile, but sometimes they're not! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  There's another example in the distance, on the left.

photo img_20190719_163411

DGAC stands for Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil.

photo img_20190719_163416

Know what? Only now, as I'm writing this report, have I noticed that those carts have been painted black!! I included a photo of them in a previous report when they were completely rusty and horrible. And now they're black! Are these guys really reading my reports? It would come as no surprise! LATAM has complained before about some screenshots I took of their website, and they threatened it would rain fire from heaven on if they didn't delete them. So, guys, it looks like our reports matter!

photo img_20190719_163422

Wow! So I'm an influencer now! hahaha Let's see: ZAL, if you give me free transfer rides for the rest of my life I will write only good things about you. What do you say to that, ZAL? XD

ZAL is very well connected, and located barely 50 meters from the road to Valdivia.

photo img_20190719_163546

That's why many people just walk to the road and wait for any bus they can take. You'll never wait for long and will pay much less that on a transfer.

photo img_20190719_163550

But it's a bit cold and rainy for walking today, so I appreciate sitting here.

photo img_20190719_164124

My head spins with all the experiences, places, and things I saw and did in this trip. But I'm happy to be back home in the land of cold and rain. I think now I'll cuddle up by the fire with my cat (or the five of them!) and just listen to the rain outside.

photo img_1330b

Thanks for reading!!! 

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu10.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Proud to have a great airport in my country. But please, keep the floors clean!!

Surprisingly good. The seats leave a bit to desire, but the BOB menu is good, prices are OK, legroom was great, and I have always been at my destination on time with them.

They painted the baggage carts!! One small step for ZAL, one giant leap for mankind. XD
I wonder what surprises I'll find this year at ZAL. Remember the smelly airside bathroom some time ago? I will check on that.

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