Review of LATAM flight Arica Santiago in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA381
Class Economy
Seat 34A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 17 Jul 19, 08:15
Arrival at 17 Jul 19, 10:45
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Published on 28th December 2020

Dear fellow avgeeks

In a time when many of you must be tired, stressed, or frightened, or might even be grieving the loss of a loved one, I'm sending you all my love and my best wishes for 2021 from this corner of the world.

I hope you'll find comfort in knowing that you are not facing these hard times on your own. I'm sure that - sooner than later - we'll be flying to fascinating places again, filling our lives with wonderful experiences that will help us put this nightmare behind.


I apologize. I should have posted this report more than a year ago because it was the culmination of a series, but the circumstances - and my mood - were far from ideal to write a decent report.

But here we go again! I hope you enjoy this part of the trip as much as I did!

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forever temporary

I will be brief because most of the information here can also be found in my 2017 report on ARI. The main difference is that this time I'm here before 7 a.m. It's still dark outside and the hall looks… spooky!

photo img_20190717_061402

One of my favorite authors is Agatha Christie. I wonder why she never wrote about a crime being committed in an airport. A lonely baggage claim room looks like the perfect place for murder. No one will hear you if you scream!

photo img_20190717_061626

I'd better not give you ideas.

To be fair, she did write Death in the Clouds. A rich lady is murdered using a blowpipe and a poisoned dart onboard a flight from Paris to London, and no one sees a thing!

What's that next to baggage claim?

Oh, I see. It's an Exposición temporal (temporary exhibition) about the Chinchorro mummies. But how is it temporary if it was here the last time I visited ARI more than two years ago! Well, you should know something about the Chilean meaning of the word temporary.

photo img_20190717_061431

In places like Chile some words can have a slightly different meaning. In fact, when Chileans say temporary, we usually mean permanent. Proof to this is this exhibition.

photo img_20190717_061423

This makes complete sense in my country. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis and other deranged acts of God are part of our daily life, so we build/fix things temporarily but leave them like that permanently because we know that they won't last! What's the point in investing time and money on expensive permanent stuff if you will have do everything all over again as soon as the next natural disaster strikes?! That's how temporary became ingrained into our Chilean DNA with the meaning of permanent, you see?

photo img_20190717_061451

 These are mummified children. They're six thousand years old. Older than the Egyptian mummies!

photo img_20190717_061710b

I'm quite sure their mother took them to the doctor and the doctor said "I will apply a temporary bandage. Come back and see me next week." But she was a Chilean mother, so you see what happened.

photo img_20190717_061800

Oh! My fellow travelers are already queuing up.

photo img_20190717_061903b

That's the temporary FIDS. Gosh.

photo img_20190717_061916

Boring queue. Nobody angry. Nobody yelling at the staff.

photo img_20190717_064058

Ideas for my next novel. I'll walk on your footsteps, Agatha.

photo img_20190717_065420

The boarding pass is not exactly made to last.

photo img_20190717_065534

Let's go upstairs. Those wooden tables and chairs… I don't like them. I saw them at ZAL, too. They look so… small-town. Well, they must be temporary.

photo img_20190717_070612

By the access to security check you can leave your donation to the local hogar de ancianos (lit. home of elderly) if you feel moved by their plea: "Traveler: You, who are closer to God when you fly, remember that on the earth they need your love." Try again. I'm not a religious person. (LOL I'm not that cruel. 🤣 )

photo img_20190717_070626

After a super fast check, we make it to the boarding room.

photo img_20190717_070907

Gate 2 seems to be a favorite at this airport.

photo img_20190717_070930_1

I can't remember why I didn't check the restroom. I think I was very sleepy.

photo img_20190717_070952

It's cloudy over the desert, but this is just fog from the ocean. Not a single drop will fall here in years.

photo img_20190717_071023

Gate 2 will soon have a relief!

photo img_20190717_071035

People start moving towards the gate when this lady scribbles on the temporary information board.

photo img_20190717_071104

Some foreigners raise an eyebrow at our number 7. Yes, we slash it in Chile. Otherwise we would see number 1! Here's an interesting essay about the issue.

photo img_20190717_072708

This time we are boarding by row number, but you never know with LATAM. It could have been by your birthday, height, eye color, shoe size…

photo img_20190717_071208

Yeepee, here we go.

photo img_20190717_072725

Quite a walk for such a small airport! The plane is out of sight.

photo img_20190717_074130

One of my favorite moments :D

photo img_20190717_074359

Still in the Chilean flag livery!

photo img_20190717_074411_1

Of the three main Chilean airlines, LATAM has the most stylish seats…

photo img_20190717_074537

…with headrests that can be adjusted to your height. Apart from that, they are the standard ironing board.

photo img_20190717_074710

My seat and my window with a view on the construction site. Note the imitation leather upholstery. That's something I like about domestic flights in Chile. You won't find cloth, which makes me sneeze.

photo img_20190717_074804

Those guys are no early raisers.

photo img_1004

My flying habitat looks clean and spacious today.

photo img_20190717_074730

More than enough room for my legs. I'm 170cm tall.

photo img_20190717_074737

I have never ever used these things. Do they really work? Is the music good? I don't even have headphones with me. I'll have to try next time.

photo img_20190717_074833

Tray table quite large.

photo img_20190717_074854

The cachureo in the seatback pocket.

photo img_20190717_074908

Just been there! ❤️

photo img_20190717_074923

There's no point in asking me to read this. Whenever I have to make quick decisions my mind goes blank.

photo img_20190717_075156

photo img_20190717_075147

The menu.

We're given green light.

photo img_1007

Pushback is quite long because…

photo img_1010

…as you see here, the road is blocked…

photo img_1011

…so we keep backing up, backing up, backing up…

photo img_1013

…and backing up. This is what we were looking for.

photo img_1014

Now to the runway.

photo img_1022

As we taxi along the runway I can see…

photo img_1024

…Peru in the distance. Yes, ARI is barely meters from the border.

photo img_1026

Enter text here…

photo img_1029

Turning around with the ARI terminal in sight.

photo img_1030

Can anyone tell me what that sign…

photo img_1031


photo img_1032

And here we go.

photo img_1033

The usual derelict plane. There seems to be one in every Chilean airport.

photo img_1034

The valley of river Lluta comes in sight.

photo img_1035

…and then Azapa valley.

photo img_1037

Both valleys converge here. You can see plenty of pictures in my previous report on ARI.

photo img_1039

This is a very special corner: wetlands sandwiched between the desert and the ocean! Of course, the Chilean authorities built a road across the place. No comments.

photo img_1041

Too bad the low clouds hide Arica from our sight. The sun is still raising from behind the Andes.

photo img_1043

The morning fog covers the Quebrada de Camarones. To me, this is one of the most amazing geographic features. How can such an insignificant course of water carve such a colossal dent into the rock?!

photo img_1050

Most of the desert is hidden by the clouds until we come to this point, where an invisible giant wall - probably a high pressure front - stops the clouds from moving further south.

photo img_1062

The clouds cast a serrated shadow across the desert.

photo img_1067

The Martian landscape of the Atacama desert stretches for thousands of kilometers between the Andes and the ocean.

photo img_1097

Human settlements down there are always linked to the mining industry.

photo img_1057

Copper is Chile's main export.

photo img_1083

It's extraction generates this beautiful waste, or tailings. Too bad they are very toxic and pollute the environment. Heavy metal poisoning is a serious problem in some communities. (I'm not talking about music here, though heavy metal music is equally toxic)

photo img_1093

About 700km north of Santiago the terrain becomes rugged…

photo img_1105

…and a series of narrow valleys run from east to west. from the Andes to the ocean.

photo img_1114

It's the Norte Chico (Small North), where little towns pop up in those fertile, narrow valleys. The best grapes (and grape brandy) in the country are produced in this area.

photo img_1116

Those hills… I bet they are the remnants of an extinct volcano. You never know here!

photo img_1120b

In the quiet cabin I think "I hope I'll be able to see the valley of river Elqui!" I was there when I flew to La Serena. Ahh… candied papayas…

photo img_1133

I close my eyes and rest for a minute or two… or so I thought. When I open them, I see these mountains and I'm completely lost!

photo img_1138

Ah! That must be the valley of the the Elqui river! But it looks weird…

photo img_1144

It goes south! That's not what I remember! Where on earth am I??

photo img_1148

Oh my! I dozed off and slept for about an hour! Dow there is San Felipe, which means we are descending into Santiago!!

photo img_1152

Los Andes, a town where thermometers reach the highest temperatures every summer nationwide. Usually above 40°C

photo img_1160

Yes. You can't deny it. This is Santiago. Smog gets even worse in winter and fall.

photo img_1170

And this touchdown…

photo img_1173

…brings this memorable trip…

photo img_1175

…to an official end.

photo img_1177

My first time in Peru was completely unforgettable.

photo img_1178

I hope this series of reports will move you…

photo img_1179

…to vivit this wonderful country, too!

photo img_1181

The economy class welcome committee is coming for me.

photo img_1183

I'm not really LATAM's number one fan, but I can't complain. I claim my baggage and set out to auntie Cecilia's place…

photo img_20190717_104136

…where she's waiting for me with my favorite dessert!! Leche asada, which is a very old tradition in Chile. Our abuelitas used to prepare it. Now you can buy it at the supermarket just like any pot of yoghurt. Agatha Christie mentions caramel custard in The Hollow. I googled it and it turned out to be very similar to leche asada. You MUST try it! You might want to try this recipe.

photo img_20190717_130522

Tourism Bonus - Arica

After an amazing time traveling around Peru, it's time to cross the border back to Chile from Tacna to Arica. You have to go to the international bus station and take a bus or a shared taxi. I don't remember the exact prices, but it's really low. Say, some 6 dollars the bus and 20 the taxi, or even less. Peruvian transport is always cheaper.

We head south…

photo img_0748

…past TCQ.

photo img_0750

It's incredible what a bit of underground water can do for the desert. Humans do their part, too, by littering.

photo img_0752

There's enough water to keep these olive trees.

photo img_0761

Still in Peru…

photo img_0763

…we race along the last Peruvian stretch of the Panamerican Highway.

photo img_0767

Thank YOU! I had a great time!

photo img_0781

Peruvians were celebrating their National Day those days. That's why official buildings were decorated. I didn't see a lot of decoration elsewhere, though. Things are a bit different in Chile.

photo img_0784

We are welcomed to my country by a sign that includes what seems to be the Aymara language. The intention is good, but I seriously doubt anyone needs it. In fact, Haitian Creole is much more widely used in Chile that any other native language, now.

photo img_0788

The guy in the reflective jacket - and with a beer belly - is a typical Chilean Carabinero, a police officer. Carabineros are in charge of directing traffic, but they carry guns so they also fight crime and do a lot of other stuff. The guy on the right in a blue jacket with the letters PDI (Policía de Investigaciones) on his arm - and in much better shape - is called a detective, which is also a kind of police officer, also armed, but they investigate crimes including drug or people traffic.

photo img_0789

As we enter the premises of the Chilean customs…

photo img_0792

…we have to drive through this pool of water. No, it's not an expression of disdain towards our neighbors across the border (as in "You won't bring that dirty Peruvian soil into my country!") Perish the thought. It's just that Chile has been free of some plagues that used to affect agriculture, and the authorities want to keep those bugs at bay. So we are being disinfected.

photo img_0793

Now we have to queue up and wait for our turn. All baggage will be inspected in case you decided to bring some unexpected souvenirs that grow in warmer weather.

photo img_0795

Cleared up.

photo img_0796

Second airport I see today, when I didn't fly! ARI is there. I'll come here tomorrow to document the report you've just read.

photo img_0801

Some of the things you can do in the city.

photo img_0802

These are the northern suburbs of Arica. This is a flat area by the sea, and many people say that's dangerous in case of a tsunami. Yes, we are always thinking of natural disasters here.

photo img_0818

As we drive south, the Morro comes in sight, a place with historical significance. The "spike" you see on its top is an oversized flag that was put there in 2010, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Chile's independence. Actually, they put one of those flags in every major city that year. The initiative didn't improve much our standard of living, though.

photo img_0821

The taxi will leave me by these shopping centers…

photo img_0828

…where I'll call an Uber that'll take me…

photo img_0830

…downtown. Arica was a Peruvian town until 1880…

photo img_0832

…when Chile won the War of the Pacific against Bolivia and Peru. Tacna was also taken by Chile, but Peru recovered it thanks to a peace treaty.

photo img_0835

Life has not been easy for Aricans. Being our northernmost town and under the shadow of nearby Iquique - which is a free economical zone - Arica has always had to deal with high levels of unemployment and low levels of investment.

photo img_0838

But things have improved in recent decades. Let's go for a walk around the Morro, where Peruvian and Chilean troops fought for the control of Arica in 1880.

photo img_0836

This seafront road goes all round the tip of the Morro.

photo img_0856

Looking up I have the impression that - if an earthquake occurred at this very moment - I would be forced to stop reporting for a long, long time. Probably forever.

photo img_0860

Beyond the Morro, the first high rises are being built in the southern suburbs of the city.

photo img_0865

A bit further south…

photo img_0868

…is the El Laucho beach. No idea what a laucho could be. I do know that a laucha is a small mouse in Chile, but a laucho?? Could it be a male laucha?? I don't know.

photo img_0875

It looks like a nice place, but the evening is falling and I want to visit the top of the Morro…

photo img_0876

…so let's turn back on our footsteps.

photo img_0881

I'll call a second Uber here…

photo img_0888

…that will leave me here, at the top of the Morro. A view of downtown Arica…

photo img_0898b

…and the east suburbs that stretch along the Azapa valley.

photo img_0899b

The oversized flag I told you about. I'm no nationalist, but it looks so handsome that I will post two pictures I took.

photo img_0900

In fact, there's a museum on top of the Morro with artifacts from the War of the Pacific. I'm not interested. My colleagues fume when I tell them that I wouldn't care if the Bolivian or Peruvian flags were flying on the school's mast. I prefer to enjoy the landscape.

photo img_0923

The shadow of the palm trees is getting longer and longer down there…

photo img_0967

…and the water is calm at the port…

photo img_0935

photo img_0937

Everybody seems to have gone home for the day…

photo img_0955

photo img_0968

…and few people enjoy the winter sun on El Laucho beach…

photo img_0969

…because the day is coming to an end, and so is my trip, and so is this report. I'll stay a minute more watching as the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean and then will head to my Airbnb to get ready for tomorrow's early flight to Santiago.

photo img_0976b

Thanks for reading!

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No complaints! Domestic LATAM flights in Chile are usually punctual, their FAs are always friendly, the menu is good, and the seat and legroom are OK. Also, LATAM has the best inflight magazine I know.



  • Comment 569122 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5513 Comments

    ¡Hola Nelson! Un placer leerte de nuevo 😊

    Still in the Chilean flag livery!'s too pretty to paint over! I thought AF was the slowest at painting planes...but then came LATAM, lol

    Of the three main Chilean airlines, LATAM has the most stylish seats…

    Totally agree. LATAM has the nicest colour palette and cabin interiors of South American carriers, in my opinion. It's also nice to have a seat with an adjustable headrest on a short-haul flights in Economy, as that's quite rare these days.

    Appreciate the Chilean/South American geography, geology, history, and culture bonus information as well as the beautiful aerials as always! Leche asada looks yummy. It seems similar to flan, but thicker? Either way yum 🤤

    Thanks for sharing and hope all is well in Chile in these crazy times! Hopefully the fact that it's summer down there helps the mood!

    ¡ Felices Fiestas y Año Nuevo 2021 !

    • Comment 569156 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments


      Tanto tiempo! How are things?

      similar to flan, but thicker?

      Exactly! I'm surprised that you know about flan. We hosted an exchange student from California at home in the 90s and discovering flan was an epiphany to him! He used to say "We don't have this in California," so I thought flan was a South American delicacy. Leche asada is exactly as you describe it, similar to flan, but thicker.

      Hopefully the fact that it's summer down there helps the mood!

      Ye-es. I keep reminding myself that many people had a much more terrible year than me, losing their jobs, their income, raising children in the pandemics, and so on, but it was still so stressful in other ways. My students are ok but their parents... always demanding, complaining, the chaos, my sister that insists in meeting friends while I fear for my mother's health... I just want this to come to an end!!! Well, vaccination already started in Chile and this encouraged me to buy my tickets for the next winter holidays (July). A leap of faith, I know. I might lose my money if things don't improve, but I will hold to this ray of hope. :D

      Felicidades para ti también, y que el 2021 sea un excelente año!!

  • Comment 569159 by
    NewYorker GOLD 160 Comments

    Hey Pilpintu, thanks for sharing this awesome report with us! I Exceptional photography and great storytelling. What more could you want from an FR?? LA's cabins look quite comfy - similar to UA's narrowbody Airbuses, but the seats appear to be a bit more ironing-boardish. Thanks also for the tourism bonus - the extent of my knowledge of Chile up until now has been two connections at SCL and one LA flight from SYD to AKL, but thanks to you I now know just how beautiful your homeland is, and I hope to explore it sometime! All the best to you, and hope that your 2021 is filled with many happy landings! 😃✈️

    • Comment 569164 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Hi NewYorker!

      What more could you want from an FR??

      Awww... this is very encouraging! I usually fear boring my readers with too many irrelevant details, so I'm glad to know you liked this FR.

      two connections at SCL

      A terrible feeling this one, when you realize there's so much to see but so little time/money, right? The same happens to me when I think of distant countries! If you come in our springtime (September, October) you'll find any corner in Chile at its most beautiful.

      Thanks for dropping by!!! :)

  • Comment 569168 by
    Fernando 56 Comments

    Excellent report as always Nelson! I would like to visit Perù and northern Chile. Keep up the good work, despite COVID-19!

    • Comment 569169 by
      Fernando 56 Comments

      By the way, the runway at ARI es 02-20, just as in ROS my hometown`s airport!

    • Comment 569170 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Hola Fernando! Muchas gracias!

      I would like to visit Perù and northern Chile

      A propósito de eso, fíjate que tengo planes para ir al norte de nuevo - a San Pedro de Atacama, que es un lugar muy turístico - y estuve mirando el mapa de los alrededores y descubrí que ahí cerca está el paso de Jama, que conecta Salta con San Pedro de Atacama y con Calama. Se ve muy tentador! Lástima que en esta ocasión no podré hacerlo porque voy a estar allá solamente unos días (y eso si el viaje resulta!) pero el camino se ve buenísimo y tal vez te convendría considerarlo como una posibilidad si quieres conocer el norte porque te lleva justo a todos los lugares interesantes, incluyendo Antofagasta e Iquique, e incluso puedes ir en un tour de varios días desde San Pedro de Atacama a Uyuni y visitar el salar!!

      Keep up the good work, despite COVID-19!

      Gracias, Fernando. Nos estamos cuidando mucho en mi casa. Ojalá la vacuna cambie las cosas!!

      the runway at ARI es 02-20, just as in ROS

      Oh por Diosss!! Una señal!!! XD Rosario suena tan interesante. Conozco tan poco de Argentina!!

      Gracias por tus comentarios, Fernando. Que estés muy bien!

  • Comment 569225 by
    Fernando 56 Comments

    Gracias por tus comentarios y tu data Nelson, Muchas Felicidades!

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