Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Washington in Premium Eco

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH418
Class Premium Eco
Seat 23K
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 08:40
Take-off 21 Apr 16, 13:15
Arrival at 21 Apr 16, 15:55
LH   #51 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1456 reviews
By GOLD 1904
Published on 29th December 2020

Hello everybody

This is my First Flight-Report in English. I've already written this one in French and this flight dates back to 2016. At the time, a Flight-Report meeting took place in Washington D.C.

Lufthansa introduced their Premium Economy product in 2014 and I got a pretty good deal at that time for this trip, around 900 EUR.
I also got almost 10k miles on Miles and More.

Enough chit-chat, let's get down to it :)


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I live near Strasbourg, France and to get to Frankfurt am Main I chose to take the German High Speed Train (ICE) from Baden-Baden, near the border.
The ride is not very comfortable with no seat included in the base fare but the it is quite short, around 1 hour and 15 minutes from Baden-Baden to Frankfurt Airport Station.
My ICE has a typical 5 minute-delay that affects many DB trains but it's no issue as I have more than 3 hours before take off.

photo dscn2334-95834

The way from the train station to Terminal 1 is short and easy to find.

photo dscn2335

Just follow the signs to T1 A-Z.

photo dscn2336-66698

And after a 5 minute walk, I can already see the famous FIDS of FRA.

photo dscn2338

As I only have a hand luggage, no need for me to go to a check-in desk. I use an automated one to have a boarding pass printed.

photo dscn2340

My flight leaves from the Z Gates, which means upstairs.
After a quick passport check, I'm headed for security check.

photo dscn2341

Security check is done in no time and I'm through the duty-free.

photo dscn2342

The famous central plaza of FRA.

photo dscn2343photo dscn2344

Quick look at the FIDS, my flight is on time and no gate has been asigned yet. I've got plenty of time to visit the LH Business Class Lounge which costs 25€ if you hold a Premium Economy ticket.

photo dscn2345

The lounge is huge and not too crowded (yet)

photo dscn2348

View is unfortunately not great due to these black lines all over the windows…

photo dscn2349

As this flight dates back to 2016, the A320neo was only a couple of months old and I was very pleased to spot one of them !

photo dscn2350

Let's take a tour of the facilities

photo dscn2352-74540

Food offer is standard for any LH lounge.
We've got the famous Haribo ^^

photo dscn2356

Tap beer selection includes Franziskaner Hefeweizen and Beck's Gold

photo dscn2357photo dscn2359

And when it comes to food, Wiener Schnitzel is proposed today as a special

photo dscn2360

My light selection for a first meal. I still have a meal on board to eat :p

photo dscn2361

I leave the lounge around 12:15 and head to the gate. Boarding is about to start !

photo dscn2365

I find FRA sometimes confusing but these Z Gates are very well lit and signage is good.

photo dscn2367photo dscn2368


photo dscn2369photo dscn2370

Walking time can be a bit long if you have to go all the way to the end of the pier :)

photo dscn2371

A 747-400

photo dscn2373

Gate Z66 is ours today. Preparations are well underway.

photo dscn2374

A living memory of Germany's 2014 World Cup success !

photo dscn2377

Unfortunately it's not the plane that will get me to Washington. This one is ^^

photo dscn2379

Boarding starts on time and Premium Economy boards with Economy class.

photo dscn2381

And we follow the Y signs.

photo dscn2383photo dscn2384

A dream would have been to do this flight right here… but at 14'000€ a seat, I'll pass ^^

photo dscn2385

Fuselage shot

photo dscn2386

My seat, 23K. Premium Economy cabin is located between two Y cabins, not very clever I must say…

photo dscn2388

Yet the seat is comfy and the pitch is very good.

photo dscn2389

IFE is modern and complete

photo dscn2391-94133

A pre-departure drink is offered. Orange juice with some mint.

photo dscn2392

A bottle of water is already stored at your seat. As I don't have a neighbor for this flight, I've got 2 of 'em :)

photo dscn2433

Bye bye FRA :)

photo dscn2394

Safety demo is underway

photo dscn2396

And let's go !

photo dscn2397photo dscn2411

Take off was on time and flight time was surprisingly short, only 7 hours and 35 minutes today! This will make us arrive around 50 minutes ahead of schedule !!

photo dscn2419

This 747-8I is fitted with cameras which is a nice touch

photo dscn2421

Let's take a look to what we'll have for lunch

photo dscn2423photo dscn2424photo dscn2425

Premium Economy meal is the same as in Economy but served in china

photo dscn2426photo dscn2427

A small appetizer is served with a Warsteiner for me.

photo dscn2437

A small oshibori is given by the crew

photo dscn2439

Meal is served. Chicken in BBQ sauce, how American ^^

photo dscn2441

Lunch is done and we're passing Bath, England.
I was satisfied with the main course yet the BBQ sauce can be a bit heavy.

photo dscn2442

Enjoying some movies during a transatlantic flight is great as I don't go to Movie Theaters that often ^^

photo dscn2443

Let's have a look to the complimentary amenity kit

photo dscn2446photo dscn2447

Wifi is avaible on this flight, a 17.99 EUR pack will give you unlimited access for the entire flight which sounds like a correct deal.
A very old Flight-Report website here ^^

photo dscn2452

Lavatories were clean.

photo dscn2454

We're already approaching the coast of Northern Canada

photo dscn2461

Let's finish this flight with some good music ;)

photo dscn2468

As I'm up for a small walk accross the cabin, I notice the second "meal" is almost ready to be served.

photo dscn2470

As for Y+, Y was not full this thursday afternoon.
Another Flight-Reporter was on board yet we didn't know eachother and met later in the afternoon at the Flight-Report meeting ^^

photo dscn2472

Second meal is served, it's a cold one with some cheese, ham and potato salad. Typical german meal.

photo dscn2474

Another oshibori is given by the crew.

photo dscn2475

We're nearing Washington D.C. and the end of this good flight.

photo dscn2483photo dscn2486

And touchdown at 15:05, 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo dscn2488

We'll be parked next to family, an Austrian 767.

photo dscn2496

While getting off the plane, quick look at the Business Class, which is "footsie-footsie"

photo dscn2501

Last look to our wonderful 747 :)

photo dscn2502

And then, the 45-minute gain is reduced to… 0 due to a 45-minute wait at the Immigration check. Could have been worse but still not very funny to wait that long.

Thanks for reading !
See you soon for the second leg of this trip :)


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Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge Z50 - Z


Frankfurt - FRA


Washington - IAD



Reflecting on this flight 4 years later, I must say that the Lufthansa's Premium Economy is solid. Food was good, cabin was very confortable for a daytime flight, especially with wifi on board for a reasonable price.

LH Business Lounge FRA Gates Z : not worth 25€ yet I had some time to kill and for sure it's more comfy to wait there than in the terminal.

FRA : A good experience (I've had a couple of bad ones since then but it's usually in transit and due to very long lines at security).

IAD : 45 minutes isn't that bad in comparison with JFK but still could be better !

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The airline with the best average rating is Lufthansa with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 8 hours and 45 minutes.

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  • Comment 569189 by
    flyLars 56 Comments

    Merci beaucoup Jules pour votre premier flight-report dans la site anglaise! I hope there isn't any mistake in my sentence, feel free to tell me if yes. Would be kind of a blamage after 5 years of French at school. It is a language with a beautiful pronounciation, in my opinion, but in the end I opted for Spanish in the 'Oberstufe', that's the two years before the baccalauréat, if you aren't familiar with the German school system, as I fluently speak Portuguese and it would be much easier to do the exams in Spanish!

    My ICE has a typical 5 minute-delay that affects many DB trains

    Oh how well I know that situation, DB already managed to make me miss my flight with a 2 hours layover in FRA, thanks god I got the whole refund from them.
    The Lufthansa Lounge looked nice and like every other, offering solid service, in comparison to some competitors. Yet I wouldn't pay 25€ for the access.
    14.000 freaking Euros for the First ticket just on the FRA IAD sector, that's hilarious haha ;)! Better watch out for LHs CDG AMS and HEL F sales where you can get F round trips to HKG PEK and PVG for 1.700€ return!
    That meal service after take off looks very nice, I have to admit! Please dear, Lufthansa, change your european business class meal service for that BBQ chicken, I cannot see the corn fed chicken at all!
    Also the second meal service looks fairly nice, as a German I must say that I would love to get that now :).
    Cheers and stay safe,

    • Comment 569194 by
      jules67500 GOLD AUTHOR 5977 Comments

      Hallo Lars, vielen Dank für den Kommentar ;)

      How nice! Your french is very good! Great to see a German reading my FR. I live near the border and I've worked in Germany, so I know about the infamous delays of die Bahn haha

      Lufthansa can serve either very good meals or things I wouldn't give to a dog. I've so far been quite lucky with them on my flights.

      Second meal is "typisch deutsch" ;)

      Bis bald und bleib Gesund

  • Comment 569195 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6051 Comments

    Hi Jules, nice to see a report from you in English! Wow, it's crazy to think the meetup in DC was almost 5 years ago! It doesn't feel like that long ago. Such a great time 😊

    It seems LH Premium Economy service hasn't changed much since then and it remains a pretty solid product overall with comfortable seats and upgraded catering.

    I loved seeing the beautiful LH 748s at IAD when I still lived there.

    And then, the 45-minute gain is reduced to… 0 due to a 45-minute wait at the Immigration check.

    Haha, yeah typical IAD! It's usually even worse, which is why I ended up getting Global worth it not to have to stand in line for an hour after a long flight.

    Thanks for sharing! Bonnes Fêtes et bonne année !

    • Comment 569197 by
      jules67500 GOLD AUTHOR 5977 Comments

      Hey Kévin! Thanks for stopping by!

      Can't even believe it was in 2016 ahah ! Yep, we had a very fun meeting indeed!!!

      Global Entry is a very good thing but not very useful for a guy like me who doesn't travel regularly to the US :(

      Bonnes fêtes à toi et ta petite famille ! Portez vous bien ! :)

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