Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago La Serena in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 106
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 18 Jan 17, 17:00
Arrival at 18 Jan 17, 18:05
H2   #71 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 44 reviews
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Published on 24th February 2017
The perspective of spending two days in Santiago before I can take my flight back home after my trip around the north of Chile triggers some kind of survival instinct in me. I desperately search for a ticket to fly somewhere else. And I find it!

I’ll arrive in Santiago from Iquique on Wednesday 18 a bit after noon. Then I can take this 5 pm flight to…

La serena

photo iti1

La Serena is a beach town some 400 km north of Santiago, at the tip of the valley of river Elqui, which stretches eastward from the sea towards the mountains and is covered with vineyards that are the base for the production of a spirit called pisco.

This town is also popular nationwide because of its candied-papaya industry, as you will see in the tourism bonus below.

Finally, another attraction of this area is the large number of space observatories. Cerro Tololo is one of them, and it’s one of the fantastic views of this trip. Oh! And frequent UFO sightings, too, and even a UFO crash!!

Aahh… I can almost see myself lying on the sand while munching on all the candied papaya I can lay my hands on!

This is leg 5 of 7 of this trip.
photo mapa
If you like, you can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7.

Back at SCL

I'm on my way back to the airport from a bus station in downtown Santiago, after sending a package I brought from Iquique for my mother. Yes, it's the coca leaves from my previous report, and lots of mangoes. :D
photo dsc08625

Oh, my. A lot of traffic to the airport this afternoon!
photo img_1696

You can't squeeze anything else in here!
photo img_1699

The terminal must be crowded, too.
photo img_1703photo img_1706

We really need that new terminal.
photo img_1707

Two bus lines run to/from the airport: Centropuerto and TurBus. I usually take the first, but I gave TurBus a try this time. For some reason (maybe because they are double deckers and high speed can be dangerous) TurBus buses are extremely slow compared with Centropuerto. Not advisable if you're in a hurry! Another problem is what you see below. The baggage is stored inside the passengers cabin, and it can't be handed back to the passengers until every single person has gotten off. This makes things very slow!
photo dsc08629

Yep, I was right. It’s crowded in here. Nevertheless, the line moves quickly. I get to the counter in around 10 minutes… or less.
photo dsc08630

Darn. I bought this new wheeled backpack for this trip, but I didn’t realize how heavy it was. I’m only carrying some light clothes, but it never gets below 10kg. >:(
photo dsc08631

Boarding pass.
photo dsc08632

Restrooms at SCL are always neat and tidy.
photo dsc08633photo dsc08634

Landside, the terminal has three levels. This is the first (ground) one, with cafeterias and the like, and passenger arrivals. Right outside are the taxis, transfer vans and buses to the city.
photo dsc08635

The east end of the first level is used as a dormitory. It’s not especially comfortable, though. Just lie there and sleep. I tried, but I couldn’t. The second level is used for offices, and the counters are on the third level…
photo dsc08636

…here. All transportation drops passengers at the third level. To take your bus, transfer or taxi, you must do it at the ground level. Capisci?
photo dsc08637

International departures looks empty at the moment. All the movement is on the national side, it seems.
photo dsc08638

This little guy was whining inside a pet carrier moments ago. I see he was convincing.
photo dsc08639

The line for security check is long, too. But no matter how long it is, I have never been more than five minutes in it. The are plenty of scanners.
photo dsc08640


I’m airside in no time.
photo dsc08641

If you walk straight ahead after security check, you get to the second level of national departures. My gate today, 23B, is the first one on the left, around those restrooms.
photo dsc08642

Here it is.
photo dsc08643

Still 30 minutes before boarding.
photo dsc08644

I can go for a walk and see what’s new.
photo dsc08645

These are still available, just in case.
photo dsc08646

A LATAM flight to Antofagasta has just departed from 23B. Everything seems to be OK.
photo dsc08648

Aah… the chargers that I didn’t see before. There are plenty of them all around the terminal. They seem to be sponsored by Entel, the main Chilean telecommunications company. Dropped my contract with them years ago. Their customer service is worse than bad. You will never ever get to talk to a human assistant in case of problems. However, they get the “Best Customer Service Award” every year. I wonder how that can be.
photo dsc08650

Awww… memories. I grew in a small town in the countryside, and views like these façades were common for me during my early childhood.
photo dsc08651

More than once I visited a fundo (ranch)…
photo dsc08651a

…and most buildings in my town where made of adobe and looked exactly like this.
photo dsc08651b

Who’s coming there? Wow! It’s CC-AFY! It took me on a thrilling adventure last year, when I thought I wouldn’t make it alive to my destination!
photo img_1709

Coming to our gate. I wonder what all those buses are for.
photo img_1711photo img_1713

Always grouped together. Always isolated. They never share with others.
photo img_1714

Time to queue up.
photo dsc08652

Hey, Loukas! One of your fellow countrymen is visiting La Serena!
photo dsc08653b

I only hope the pattern of those shorts is not the latest trend in Poland. Is it? My eyes! XD
photo dsc08653

Let’s go.
photo dsc08655

As you can see here, the “one piece of hand luggage” policy is not strictly enforced. Let’s hope this won’t change when Sky’s new stage of its low-cost model starts, when you’ll have to pay for things like checked baggage.
photo dsc08656

No one there to welcome us with a hug. :’’’(
photo dsc08657

Not the most beautiful cabin in the world. What if they used green antimacassars matching Sky’s institutional colors? It would lighten the cabin up a little, wouldn’t it?
photo dsc08658

The atmosphere inside the aircraft is relaxed… but very hot and humid! I have some problems with my camera lens getting fogged up.
photo dsc08659

Sky’s magazine. On the cover, Manuel García, a Chilean singer. Sorry, I have never listened to his music!
photo dsc08661

Sky Airline’s current destinations in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay.
photo dsc08663

The BOB menu.
photo dsc08668

Hm! The beef wrap has a new recipe! Too bad this is a very short flight and I’m sitting at the back. I doubt the FAs will get to my row before we have to land. I’ll leave it for the flight back.
photo dsc08671

Safety information card, two sides.
photo dsc08672photo dsc08676

Table tray… wow! I could lick it!
photo dsc08678

Overhead panel.
photo dsc08679

Great legroom at row 24 as usual. But the aircraft is showing signs of wear here…
photo dsc08680

…and here. In fact, I had a lot of work trying to fix the photographs a little. I’m no expert though.
photo fdgg

Sky Airline’s low cost model includes lots of advertising, of course.
photo dsc08694

Share your trip (by uploading a selfie) and win!
photo dsc08695

Next to us, CC-BEF is ready to leave for Iquique.
photo img_1717

Last bags to be loaded, and we’re all set.
photo img_1718

The flight

Pushback. I have expressed my concerns about the quality of some of Sky Airline’s staff before. This time I’m shocked when see this man here.
photo img_1719

I have the impression that he’s not taking his job seriously for the way he marches playfully, and by the lack of the gear I normally see for this job. No ear protection, not even gloves. Only the reflective jacket. His hair looks long and untidy, too.
photo img_1720

According to we are 17 minutes late.
photo fr24

The long taxi becomes an interesting tour of the airport. Aviasur - charter, aircraft sales and maintenance.
photo img_1722

Control tower and Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil.
photo img_1723

Fuel (Chilean Copec, and Brazillian Petrobras)
photo img_1724

Fire trucks.
photo img_1726photo img_1728

We reach the runway at last…
photo img_1729

…but we still have to get to its end.
photo img_1731

Aerocardal - Charter and executive flights, and ambulance aircraft. They also fly to Robinson Crusoe's island!
photo img_1733

Oh! How beautiful. One of LATAM’s 787s.
photo img_1735

I wonder what she’s doing there, so alone.
photo img_1738

<GASP> She’s not alone. It’s mating season! Did you ever wonder how new little planes are made?
photo img_1739

The male watches her all day long, face to face, and when the night comes and nobody is looking… bada boom!
photo img_1740
Any psychiatrists among the readers? I think I need one! XD

At long last!
photo img_1750

You might notice that I didn’t take any photographs between this one at the beginning of the runway…
photo img_1751

…and this one when we start climbing into the air.
photo img_1752
It’s because the take off roll scared the s**t out of me! The wind was very strong, and it felt like the captain was having a difficult time keeping the aircraft in a straight line. The plane jolted violently to the left at least twice, and I hit the wall with my shoulder. Taking photos was impossible.

Even after taking off the plane kept shaking like crazy as we climbed. In my mind I started reviewing episodes of Mayday - Air Crash Investigation to see if some plane had crashed after shaking so much. I MUST stop watching that!
photo img_1753

We took off towards the south. That's Ruta 68 going to the west.
photo img_1755

So we start turning to the right.
photo img_1756photo img_1757

We fly towards the west for a while as we climb higher above these hills…
photo img_1760photo img_1761

…in order to finish our U-turn towards the north.
photo img_1763photo img_1764

There we go. It’s all quiet from here. Phew!
photo img_1767

This is how saw it:
photo fr24 mapb

Clouds of smoke from several wildfires cover the land…
photo img_1773

…though, in the distance, Mount Aconcagua looks better than this morning.
photo img_1770photo img_1772

Some 100km north of Santiago I see the valley of river La Ligua.
photo img_1781photo img_1782

The little town of Cabildo is in this valley.
photo img_1784
Cabildo means meeting, assembly, or council. The town’s original name was Cahuín, which had a similar meaning in the language of the Mapuche people.

But the word cahuín was adopted by the Spanish language with the meaning of gossip. That’s why the town’s name was replaced using the Spanish word.
photo img_1785

Further north we fly over what I think is a beautiful lake but, alas, as I learn later, it’s actually a tailings dam called Tranque El Mauro, where the waste from Los Pelambres mine is stored.
photo img_1794

So, this is not a place where you’d like to swim, unless you want to end up reduced to an oily spot on the surface, or a crisp.
photo img_1795
Accoring to Los Pelambres mining company, this dam is safe and harmless. However, there's been a tug-of-war between the inhabitants of the area and the company for over 10 years about its safety. A court ordered to demolish the dam, but a court of appeals cancelled the order.

I saw Cerro Mercedario this morning, but it looks better under the evening light.
photo img_1796

The valley of river Choapa…
photo img_1797

…and the town of Salamanca.
photo img_1799photo img_1800

El Bato dam. Quite new. It was opened in 2012.
photo img_1801photo img_1801b

The valley of river Illapel.
photo img_1802

Between Santiago in the south, and Copiapó in the north, the mountains reach the sea.
photo img_1804

photo img_1806

In Combarbalá you can buy beautiful ornaments made of a stone called, obviously, combarbalite.
photo img_1807

Cogotí dam…
photo img_1810photo img_1813

…and the valley of river Cogotí.
photo img_1815

La Paloma dam…
photo img_1817

…and Recoleta dam are close together.
photo img_1821

Water from river Hurtado feeds Recoleta dam.
photo img_1822

This view baffles me. A mine?
photo img_1824

Wow! It’s large!
photo img_1826

See what they have done to the hill! It’s Carmen de Andacollo copper mine, belonging to the Canadian company Teck.
photo img_1830

This mining company is also in a tense relationship with the town of Andacollo, which is right beside it…
photo img_1831

…and the town's inhabitants support the sanctions.
photo img_1833
As you can notice, we are banking to the right as we fly above the mine. We fly towards the east for a moment and then we start turning to the left again, along the valley of river Elqui.

This is how shows it:
photo fr24 mapc

Right then, I was in for a surprise…

Cerro Tololo space observatory!
photo img_1834

I have heard about it since I was at school!
photo img_1841

It’s 80km east of La Serena and it can be visited.
photo img_1843

Unfortunately, I won’t be visiting it this time. But it’s a great excuse to come back!
photo img_1844

We keep turning to the left in order to align with the runway, which runs from east to west. Here you see the valley of river Elqui descending from the mountains.
photo img_1845

Some images of the valley as we descend:
photo img_1849

The towns of Marquesa and Nueva Talcuna.
photo img_1852
photo img_1854
photo img_1857
photo img_1860
photo img_1862
photo img_1864
photo img_1866

Almost there.
photo img_1867photo img_1868photo img_1870

photo img_1872photo img_1875

Welcome to LSC.
photo img_1876

A last photograph while the other passengers get off: Tierra del Fuego. Next year, maybe.
photo dsc08696

LSC has no jetbridges. Unnecessary because the weather here is usually sunny.
photo img_1877
photo img_1878
photo img_1879

Control tower and the offices of the DGAC, the aviation authority.
photo img_1881

Cafeteria on the second floor. Boarding rooms on the first floor.
photo img_1882

That was a second nice trip with CC-AFY.
photo dsc08697

This is the humble gate for international and domestic arrivals or, as they put it, “internationals/nationals”. And I thought my English was bad! By the way, LSC gets no international flights, afak.
photo img_1884

Immediately after the “internationals/nationals” gate is baggage claim.
photo dsc08698

CC-AFY is right out there.
photo dsc08699

While you wait, you can inform yourself about the newest housing developments in the area… at prices out of reach for a Y traveller, unfortunately.
photo dsc08700

Baggage claimed, I head for the door…
photo dsc08701

…and this is the main hall. Transfer stands are here on the left. I get my ticket and the staff tells me that the vans are “outside”.
photo dsc08703

But “outside” turns out to be a large space with no vans at sight. Nothing here…
photo dsc08704

…or there…
photo dsc08705

…or over there.
photo dsc08707
I go back to the transfer stand and they clarify that “outside” means “outside, to the right, at the end of the terminal.”

There we go.
photo dsc08708

So, papayas, here I go!!
photo dsc08709

Going papayas! (tourism bonus)

First things first. I’m not here for the beaches. I’m not here for the sun. I’m here for PAPAYAS! And the paradise of papayas is right here at La Recova, the town’s central market.
photo dsc08717

At your local supermarket you might find papayas (Carica papaya) that are big and heavy, much like a melon. But Chilean papayas (Vasconcellea pubescens, or Carica pubescens) are completely different. They are yellow, have a thin flesh like that of a bell pepper, and fit in your hand. See them here. They are abundant in La Serena and, of course, they are big business for the locals, who sell them preserved, candied, turned into beverages, syrup, etc. See for yourself here and here.

Inside and around La Recova there are restaurants and lots of shops selling textiles and other handicraft…
photo dsc08714photo dsc08715

…but the most abundant products are those made of papaya. These are preserved papayas, and also little trays of bombones de papaya (a papaya confection with the consistency of fudge)
photo dsc08711

They also sell whole candied papayas (my favorite) and papaya syrup. In the foreground you see pots of manjar. Manjar is not made of papaya, but it’s hugely popular in Chile and other South American countries, where it’s called dulce de leche (lit. jam of milk). It’s caramelized sweetened milk. If you don’t have this in your country, just get a can of condensed milk and boil it in a pressure cooker for 70 or 80 minutes. Take it out of the cooker (after it has released the pressure, of course) and leave the can to cool off at room temperature. (Don’t put it in cold water because it might explode!) You will love it forever. :)
photo dsc08712

I’m getting dizzy. Papaya juice, papaya bombons, papaya candy, papaya torrone… I’m going to faint and fall all over that! And tonight I will dream that I’m swimming in a sea of papaya juice!
photo dsc08716

And if you like chocolate, you can also try alfajores. An alfajor is like a little sandwich, usually made up of two little flat cakes, and manjar in the middle. The word alfajor is pronounced alpha-whore, but don’t be dirty minded! XD
photo dsc08713

This street is across from La Recova. There are no tall buildings in downtown La Serena. They try to keep a style that reflects its colonial past as closely as possible, with different degrees of success, of course.
photo img_1886

The BancoEstado building. My dad used to work for this bank when it was called Banco del Estado, in correct, understandable, sense-making Spanish.
photo img_1888

The Plaza de Armas, or main square.
photo img_1896

There’s a flee market at the Plaza de Armas! I’ll take my time to look around.
photo img_1897

Some buildings around the Plaza de Armas: the Municipalidad (city council)…
photo img_1890

…and another bank.
photo img_1898

Somewhere across from the main square is this scale model of a project called Agua Negra (Black Water) International tunnel…
photo img_1894

Great idea. Detailed info here.
photo img_1893

Some random views of the city:
photo img_1889photo img_1968

Have you noticed the "empty" street lights? The light bulbs (or LEDs, I guess) are attached to the "roof" of the lamp, pointing downwards. It's a requirement in La Serena, because of the observatories.
photo img_2025
photo img_2026
photo img_2028
photo img_2031
photo img_2037
photo img_2035

Someone told me that the best way to admire a city is by looking upwards.
photo img_2039

He was right! That’s absolutely true, at least for Chilean cities.
photo img_2040

I keep walking towards the west because I want to visit a place I really like.
photo img_1902

La Serena’s Japanese Garden!
photo img_1917

Aaahhh… peace and quiet. Just enjoy the views.
photo img_1906
photo img_1907
photo img_1908
photo img_1910
photo img_1913
photo img_1914
photo img_1916
photo img_1919
photo img_1923
photo img_1924
photo img_1925
photo img_1926
photo img_1935
photo img_1936b
photo img_1927
photo img_1929
photo img_1938
photo img_1939

A turtle.
photo img_1943
photo img_1945
photo img_1946
photo img_1947
photo img_1954

Duck yoga?
photo img_1956photo img_1957

Before going to the beach I’d like to see this river that is so mystical, always mentioned in conversations about pisco, UFOs, and La Serena: River Elqui.

This is it. Not an impressive river. But it keeps the valley alive. Coming from the mountains…
photo img_2052

…and flowing to the sea.
photo img_2055

On its north bank young people are enjoying their summer holidays.
photo img_2053

To finish with, let’s go to the beach. You can walk all the way there along Francisco de Aguirre Avenue, but it’s a bit too far. You can take a bus or a taxi, too.
photo img_1975

The avenue has a nice park in the middle…
photo img_2024

…with replicas of Roman and Greek sculptures.
photo img_1972

This faro (lighthouse) stands where the avenue meets the beach.
photo img_2061photo img_2074

The faro is representative of the city, but it’s in serious need of maintenance. The floors, especially.
photo img_2065photo img_2068

Those apartment buildings are at the beginning of the Avenida del Mar.
photo img_2072

More are being built… at very low prices! (1 UF = 40 USD) The reason? The fear of tsunamis! After the 2010 earthquake, when around 500 people died because of the subsequent tsunami, the prices of all properties by the sea plummeted. It was an avoidable tragedy, but our president insisted that there was no need to flee to higher land.
photo img_2075

Avenida del Mar.
photo img_2077
photo img_2079
photo img_2080

That would be the end of this flight report. As for me, I will stay here on the beach and enjoy a sweet moment with my candied papayas. Yum!
photo img_2082

Thanks for reading! ^^
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew8.0

Santiago - SCL


La Serena - LSC



Nice short trip with Sky Airline. Though, if you ask me, LATAM is fighting hard to keep its leading position. Sky's cabins need a serious revamp.
Concerned about Sky's staff. Sometimes I get the feeling they are not being professional.
LSC - Beautiful little airport. You will see more of it in next report.



  • Comment 387251 by
    AK SILVER 918 Comments

    Wonderful views from the plane ! Now I want to go to Chile :-P Thank you for the amazing report.

  • Comment 387257 by
    SMilano 1292 Comments

    Thanks for this super nice report with awesome view along all the flight !! :)

  • Comment 387318 by
    marathon GOLD 9787 Comments

    I was disappointed by the absence of an air-to-UFO picture in this FR, but those of the observatory are a decent make-up ^^
    The management of the luggage by Turbus is nonsensical.
    Thanks for the Wikipedia link on tailing dams (and the pictures) !
    The picture of the copper mine are stunningly crisp.
    Wonderful bonus, thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 387809 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      I was disappointed by the absence of an air-to-UFO picture in this FR

      Well, I did see a UFO. What's more, they abducted me and took me to a restaurant on the moon. But I didn't like it. It had no atmosphere! XDDD

  • Comment 387680 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hola Nelson.

    Thank you for sharing another interesting trip of your intra-Chilean travels with a fascinating bonus as always.

    "after sending a package I brought from Iquique for my mother."
    - Your mother is fortunate to have such a thoughtful and attentive son. There are a lot of elderly people who are neglected and even abandoned by their own kin.

    "More than once I visited a fundo (ranch)…"
    - You must have met a lot of huasos. ;)

    Gorgeous aerials and bonus. Dan ganas de irse a Chile ahora mismo. :P Tantos lugares que descubrir y tan poco tiempo.

    • Comment 387810 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      You must have met a lot of huasos

      Lots, indeed! And my mom used to dress me up like a little huaso for the national day celebrations at primary school! XD

      Your mother is fortunate to have such a thoughtful and attentive son. There are a lot of elderly people who are neglected and even abandoned by their own kin

      I will read this to her!

      Dan ganas de irse a Chile ahora mismo

      So... What are you waiting for? Good food, good wine, good internet access... What else could you ask for? XD

  • Comment 387806 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5529 Comments

    Thanks for a lovely trip through Chile as always!

    "Always grouped together. Always isolated. They never share with others."
    - Are you saying Americans are isolationists? :-P

    "Pushback. I have expressed my concerns about the quality of some of Sky Airline’s staff before. "
    - Hmm, yeah, playing around with safety is never something you should do as airline staff, much less in plain view of passengers. Also, aside from all the other safety gear you mentioned, he is missing his wands. Wing walkers (what he's doing in your pics) should always have wands, not just hold their arms out, lol.

    Nice shot of the LATAM 787 in the new colors! I still can't decide if I like it or not. It will probably grow on me, but the new logo still looks like a red and blue tornado to me, lol.

    "In my mind I started reviewing episodes of Mayday - Air Crash Investigation to see if some plane had crashed after shaking so much. I MUST stop watching that!"
    - Hahahaha, omg too funny...and scary at the same time! I love that show! Did any bags fall out of the overheads? If not, it wasn't shaking enough to really be a problem ^^
    I imagine the mountainous terrain around SCL makes for some interesting wind patterns at times.

    Damn, there are a lot of dams in Chile! Thanks for the dam tour ^^

    Very interesting tourism bonus! I know it's silly, and maybe it's just me, but with all the humongous earthquakes in Chile, I would not want to be caught in a tunnel! Then again, I don't like tunnels even in geologically stable areas :-)

    Nice Japanese Garden. Is there a large Japanese population in La Serena? I know there are pockets of Japanese throughout South America, but didn't know if there were many in Chile (but I know there's lots of Chileans with French heritage, though!).

    "It was an avoidable tragedy, but our president insisted that there was no need to flee to higher land"
    - Just get an apartment on a higher floor :-P

    Thanks for sharing this informative and entertaining report as always! Based on all your reports on Sky and LATAM, it seems that LATAM generally wins over Sky with the overall experience, though it seems to be a decent option. Plus competition on domestic routes is always good for prices!

    • Comment 388182 by
      Pilpintu AUTHOR 757 Comments

      Hi Kevin!

      he is missing his wands

      "Wands" That's the word I was looking for! What are they called when they look like ping-pong rackets?

      It will probably grow on me

      Not on me. Their planes look like ambulances! And about the "crazy tornado", I think the designer did a terible job, taking for granted that everybody around the world was already familiar with the shape of the continent. I have seen similar designs based on the shape of the African continent and it's difficult to figure out what you are looking at.

      Is there a large Japanese population in La Serena?

      Not really. This garden was a present from some mining companies, including a Japanese one, for the city's anniversary some years ago. Indeed, even though Chile has not received as many immigrants as other countries, there are lots with French ancestry (like former dictatior Pinochet, or current president Bachellet), but mainly Spanish (of course), German and Chinese, and lots of immigrants from Colombia and Haiti now.

      Just get an apartment on a higher floor

      I think the same! But how do you get out of the building if the first floor is flooded???

      it seems that LATAM generally wins over Sky with the overall experience, though it seems to be a decent option.

      I couldn't have said it better myself!

      Thanks for commenting! ^^

  • Comment 387894 by
    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi Nechus, you made my day today! These shorts made me laugh! No, they are not "a la mode" in Poland :) Anyway it's nice to see a Polish passport so far away from home. Thanks for another great report!

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