Review of LACSA flight San Salvador San José in Business

Airline LACSA
Flight LR 671
Class Business
Seat 2D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 29 Nov 12, 08:30
Arrival at 29 Nov 12, 09:45
LR 2 reviews
By 2236
Published on 13th October 2013
This flight was sold as LACSA and code shared with TACA, but the actual plane said TACA. The cabin was different from my previous flight and this is an issue that I noticed on all of my TA flights. They don't have a consistent cabin. I felt that for all the four flights that I took with them, I must have been in a different cabin each time.

The purser on this flight was very professional and greeted everyone cheerfully. The load was full in J and most pax were businessmen flying between TA two main hubs. A tray with pre-departure drinks was distributed (orange juice or water) and coats were taken.


photo TA LR 671 SAL-SJO (1) (800x561)

The very professional FA

photo LR 671 SAL-SJO (1) (800x541)

For such a short flight, there was a breakfast service consisting of a mini quiche, some fruits, a slice of processed cheese and turkey, warm muffin, a croissant like roll, jam and butter. Service was done from a cart and here is another peculiar thing flying on TA J - they use plastic tumblers in front. Yep, no glasses at all. I think this is the only carrier that does not use glasses in a premium cabin. Come to think of it, it makes sense since they don't have to add extra weight to the galley. Maybe the savings in fuel is not that minimal after all. I always look for different types of juices or soft drinks when I fly on a foreign carrier (I'm tired of the oj, tomato and apple juice trio so prevalent on US flights). Thankfully TA offers a strawberry/banana nectar that I enjoyed very much.


photo LR 671 SAL-SJO (2) (800x522)

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Cabin crew9.0

San Salvador - SAL


San José - SJO



This was a little over 1 hr. flight and I was impressed with the level of service offered. I had a very professional purser that took care of the cabin and appreciate that TACA tries to offer something to eat to its J cabin passengers no matter how short is the flight.



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    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    You were in transit in SAL, didn't you have lounge access ?

    Product is correct for 1 hour flight
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      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Pretty good for 1 hr. They seem better on their short hauls than on their long ones. I had access to lounge at SAL but the connecting time in between was barely half an hour, so I just did a quick pop in and pop out. I will cover more about the lounge (which is one of the most deficient and sad looking ones that I have ever been to) on my return trip when I had more time to assess this facility.

      What is really disappointing is having no access departing from SFO which sucks. That is unthinkable for someone with a J ticket.

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