Review of Serene Air flight Karachi Islamabad in Economy

Airline Serene Air
Flight ER500
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 30 Aug 20, 08:00
Arrival at 30 Aug 20, 09:45
ER 2 reviews
By SILVER 3750
Published on 3rd February 2021

Hey guys , welcome to another flight report. This time its on board Serene Air on a short flight from Karachi to the capital , Islamabad. Firstly for those interested , a video version of this flight report is available on my YouTube channel. It is linked above. This was one of the flights that I had to fly on during the COVID 19 pandemic ,so it was definitely an interesting experience.  

Anyways we start our journey from the check in desks of Serene Air for flight ER500 bound for Islamabad. Due to COVID at the time of taking this flight all flights had to fly on half capacity full hence the check in area was not very crowded.

photo img-9382-2

After check in and security made my way to the gate for the flight through the empty airport terminal.

photo img-9383-84261

While walking towards  my gate, got a glimpse of the aircraft flying me to Islamabad.  A 2012 built Boeing 737-800 wearing the registration AP-BNB.

photo img-8671

The seating area around the gates also had all the necessary COVID  19 SOPs in place. But its really sad seeing these waiting areas empty like this.

photo img-9386-1

At the check in they also provided us with these small bottles of hand sanitizer.

photo img-1600

Another quick look at my aircraft before it was time to board the Boeing narrowbody.

photo img-8684photo img-9387-1

The seats overall were in the standard Boeing 737 3-3 configuration. This was an EX Norwegian Air Shuttle aircraft hence they were quiet comfortable. 

photo img-8697

The seat didn't have any seat back IFE system but the legroom was really good considering this was just a short 2 hour flight.

photo img-1599photo img-1598

The seat pocket contents consisted of an air sickness bag along with the Boeing 737-800 safety card.

photo img-8694-71727

The view from my seat was really amazing as it was just in front of the right wing hence  it provided some really nice views throughout the flight.

photo img-8691

Shortly after all remaining  passengers had boarded the Boeing 737 , we pushed back from the gate on time.

photo img-8701

After that it was a quick taxi  to the active  Runway 25L for take off. We passed by the International concourse during our taxi and saw an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER that just arrived at  the  gate from   Dubai  as EK 600. FUN FACT : EK 600 was the first every flight in what is now the huge and expansive Emirates network.

photo img-8704photo img-8707

And after lining up on   Runway 25L , we lift off with an immediate 360 degree turn after take off as we set course for Islamabad.

Some really amazing views as we climb to our cruising altitude of 34000 feet.

photo img-8728photo img-8730

This aircraft also had the nice Boeing Sky interior , which I felt was a nice addition to the otherwise neat and tidy cabin.

photo img-8724

Now coming to the meal service. Serene Air are known to provide the best meals on domestic flights in Pakistan and that is one of the reasons I usually choose them. But because of the pandemic airlines weren't allowed to serve any food on flights in Pakistan which was a shame  hence only a bottle of water as the " inflight meal"

photo img-8726

Some more nice views as we cruise over Punjab as we near our destination.

photo img-8720

And very soon it was time to commence our descent into Islamabad International Airport. 

photo img-8736

On finals for Runway 28L

photo img-8740photo img-1601

And touchdown in Islamabad on time. Good job by the pilots with the smooth touch down

photo img-1603

After vacating the Runway we started our taxi to our gate.  Saw an Airblue A321 , Wamos Air Airbus A330  ( operating for PIA )  , and PIA Boeing 777-200ER as we taxied to the gate.

photo img-8753photo img-8756photo img-8750

We parked next to a PIA Airbus A320 wearing a nice 1960s retro livery that had just arrived from Skardu in the northern  areas.

photo img-1602photo img-8764

And this brings us to the end of this flight  report. Farewell   AP-BNB , thanks for a smooth ride.

photo img-8767-1
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Serene Air

Cabin crew8.0

Karachi - KHI


Islamabad - ISB



Overall it was another pleasant experience for me with Serene Air. The seat overall was comfortable enough for this short flight. The cabin crew were professional but also friendly and assisted passengers whenever needed. The meal service was a disappointment , but I guess the airline cant do much about that other than following the rules set for them . Hopefully this changes in the near future and aviation can return to how it was pre COVID 19.



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    KL651 TEAM 4511 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I really like Serene Air livery, especially on their A330.
    The 50% max load sur helps to have a confortable flight.
    Looking forward to discover the regular Serene Air catering on a future report.

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