Review of Etihad Airways flight Karachi Abu Dhabi in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY222
Class Economy
Seat 34A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 16 Sep 20, 04:35
Arrival at 16 Sep 20, 05:45
EY   #21 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 240 reviews
By SILVER 1435
Published on 7th March 2021

Hi guys , welcome to another flight report. This time its on Etihad Airways on a short hop from Karachi to Abu Dhabi onboard one of their Boeing 777-300er aircrafts. Firstly for those interested a video version of this flight report is available on my YouTube channel. It is linked above.

Anyways after a 40 minute drive from my house , made it to Jinnah International airport. I was quite surprised seeing the airport so empty because 1am-6am is the busy  rush period here especially for international travel . But then again i was traveling during a pandemic so i guess this empty airport sadly makes sense.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-16-at-113859-pm

There were quite a few check in desks open for this flight so the check in experience went quite smoothly and not forgetting the low load also adding to the swift process.

photo img-9458

After check in and immigration , made my way to the international concourse gates.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-16-at-114441-pm

Got a blurry glimpse of the aircraft flying me to Abu Dhabi. A 2013 built Boeing 777-300er with the registration of A6-ETN.

photo img-9467

Also the area around the gates was just filled with a handful of people. I will be honest , I have flown out of this airport during this time  slot numerous number of times and have never seen this area so vacant.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-16-at-114441-pm-1

Very soon it was time to board the beautiful Boeing 777. Also managed to get a better view of the beauty that was still wearing the old Etihad livery which I think looks so much better on it. What do you guys think ?

photo img-9472photo img-9476

Made my way to seat 34A for my flight. The seats on this Boeing 777-300er were in the standard 3-4-3 configuration.  And they were overall quite nice.

photo img-9482photo img-9484

The seat consisted of a decent sized IFE screen , along with a  coat hook and a  USB port. The seat also had alright legroom , although I do feel on longer flights taller people might feel a bit cramped up.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-16-at-114442-pmphoto img-9488

The seat pocket contents consisted of a Boeing 777-300er safety card along with a waste bag . No Inflight magazine sadly due to COVID 19.

photo img-9490-13653

The cabin crew then distributed the " amenity kit of 2020". A wellness kit that contained a few sanitizer sachets, gloves and disposable face mask.  Along with that the earphones for the IFE system were also distributed.

photo img-9497-57563photo img-9499-72250

A comfortable pillow and blanket were also available on the seat.

photo img-9492

The view from my seat was quite nice. The Turkish Airlines A330-300 had just arrived in from Istanbul.

photo img-9501

We pushed back from our gate on time and those massive GE 90-115Bs roared up to life. Seriously that start up is music to my ears.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-120700-am

A quick taxi to Runway 25L and we are off on our way to Abu Dhabi.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-120701-amphoto img-9512photo img-9515

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude , the cabin crew distributed these " snack packs " It consisted of a sandwich along with a piece of cake and a bottle of water.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-121411-am-1photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-121411-am

The flight overall went by in complete darkness, other than the few lights here and there below us.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-121412-am

The cabin overall was simple and basic and also  very clean. 

photo img-9530

The IFE system had a good selection of movies , TV shows  etc. to keep you busy. I'm sure there will be something for you even on a flight of a duration of 10 hours. 

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-122103-amphoto whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-122104-am-1

Very soon it was time to start our descent into Abu Dhabi.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-122106-am

On finals for Runway 31L

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-122105-amphoto whatsapp-image-2021-02-17-at-122105-am-1

We touchdown in Abu Dhabi  International Airport on time. Good job by the pilots with the smooth touchdown.

photo whatsapp-image-2021-02-20-at-10313-pm-1

After vacating the Runway it was a short taxi to one of the many remote stands around the airport.

photo img-9537photo img-9538photo img-9542

Farewell A6-ETN , thanks for a pleasant journey during these tough Corona times.

photo img-9545photo img-9547
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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Karachi - KHI


Abu Dhabi - AUH



Overall it was a decent flight on board Etihad Airways. The seat comfort , well I say its average as in the beginning its quite nice but then later on during the flight it can get crampy. Th meal service was mean was slightly disappointing for me as I expected them to serve a larger quantity even if it meant a larger sandwich. The IFE was alright with a good selection of content to choose from. Although the touchscreen was not the most responsive. The cabin crew overall were goad on this flight . Professional and did there job attentively on this short hop.



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