Review of Alitalia flight Warsaw Milan in Economy

Airline Alitalia
Flight AZ493
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 22 Jan 15, 15:30
Arrival at 22 Jan 15, 17:40
AZ 298 reviews
By GOLD 831
Published on 26th March 2021

Hi everyone!

Let's jump back to the old good days with this very short retro-report of my flight with Alitalia. The report is briefly going to cover both there and back flights to Linate from Warsaw… in 2015, with the "old" Alitalia. The route was dropped by the airline soon after my flight due to the low interest in it.

I don't have too many photos from that trip but I'll try to make it as engaging as I can :) Hopefully you'll enjoy it. And next week I should be flying TAP Portugal A20N and A21N in Economy to Lisbon and Funchal, so I will be back with two brand new reports (of course if things go alright). 

photo img_0143

My journey starts, as usual, in Warsaw. Bag drop was easy and quick but I want to point out one peculiarity that I noticed with AZ… They said on their website that if you drop your luggage off less than an hour before departure, there's no guarantee it's going to arrive at the destination. And indeed I could see quite a few people checking in late. None of their bags arrived at Linate. It must've been very disappointing. I don't even know how it's possible that they left so many bags behind in WAW…

Anyway, we soon boarded our A319 which was in a quite bad condition for its age. My mum's seat was reclined all the time and you couldn't bring it back to thefully upright position, which was quite a strange experience during takeoff I believe.

photo img_0145

These in-seat screens were turned off all the time, on flights both ways. Even the safety demo was done manually. Does anyone know if Alitalia ever used these screens on any routes?

photo img_0146

The legroom looks quite alright but the photo is not indicative as I was much younger and shorter back in 2015 ;)

photo img_0147

Somewhere over Europe, we got served a little snack (either a bag of salty rosemary or sweet all-butter biscuits) and a beverage (water, juice, coffee, tee, coke). Of course, a while later, we got into some turbulence as we were flying over the Alps. From there we started our descent into Milan Linate.

It was a nice short flight with a new airline for me, however Alitalia could've paid more attention to details - aircraft maintenance, cleanliness, baggage handling (that's for sure!). On the other hand, the crew was great and in a good mood - smiley and cheerful. Plus I appreciated the little snack.

Linate is definitely not my favourite airport, it was very busy, very noisy and not too clean. Plus not enough jet bridges too, most aircrafts are served by busses (including us on the way there, on the way back we boarded through the jet bridge). 

photo img_0157

I liked Milan, on the other hand. We had a chance to see a few sights, do some shopping and go to real Italian restaurants. In the photo is the famous Milan's Cathedral.

The flight back was very similar in terms of service, aircraft cleanliness and other things. I wanted to only mention that the crew poorly secured the cabin for takeoff and the front lavatory doors opened and started to bang against the flight deck doors… which could be quite stressful for the pilots, I imagine.

A320 this time, but same, relatively comfortable seats and again the unused screens…

The seats also featured the logo of AirOne, a subsidiary of Alitalia, for whom the aircraft previously used to fly. But it didn't anymore at the time I took this flight, it had the Alitalia's livery already.

Thanks for reading through, I hope you've enjoyed a little return to the old days :)
Like I said, this was a short retro-report this time, to freshen up my memories. But I hope to soon be back with a report "Fresh from Portugal"!


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Cabin crew6.0

Warsaw - WAW


Milan - LIN



A great flight overall with a few areas for improvement in terms of cleanliness, maintenance, safety and luggage handling.



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