Review of easyJet flight Bristol Jersey in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U2651
Class Economy
Seat 28F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 28 Aug 21, 08:00
Arrival at 28 Aug 21, 09:05
U2   #14 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 776 reviews
By 568
Published on 24th January 2022

Is it possible to land 40 minutes early on a 33-minute flight? Yes it is! Welcome to my easyJet Flight-Report BRS to JER :)

Flight details:
Flight number U2651
Route Bristol - Jersey
Flight date 28.08.2021 (0800-0905, actual 0752-0825)
Scheduled flight time 1:05 (actual 33 minutes)
Aircraft model Airbus A320
Aircraft registration G-EZTB
Seating configuration Y186
Aircraft age (at the time of flight) 12.5 years
Seat number 28F
Load factor (approx.) 70%
flight price 36 GBP 

Welcome from Bristol airport and it's time for another solo adventure! My shortest flight (by distance) so far - 245 km - to a super cute little island between the UK and France. Jersey! (stay till the end for some tempting pictures…)

photo img_3396

It's an early morning at BRS, but the airport is already quiet after the first (main) wave of departures at 6am. Quick visit to easyJet check-in counter allows me to get a printed boarding pass.

photo img_3397

FIDS show many flights for today, most of them to sunny Europe destinations. But not only… Warsaw (WMI) as always - last on board, departure 2140. Though not for me today ;)

photo img_3398

It is the first time, since pandemic started that the duty free shop is open during my visit at BRS. It closes very early, so by the time of departure to Warsaw, it closes already.

photo img_3399

The viewing/smoking deck was unfortunately closed that day, but I still managed do get a decent pic of the sea of easyJets… just to get into the mood ;) There is one intruder in the picture though (can you spot?).

photo img_3400

And that's the view of the airside. Not so busy, like I said, after the morning wave of departures. And many shops still closed unfortunately…

photo img_3401

…as was the Aspire lounge, though I know it is now open again.

photo img_3402

Soon it was time to go to gate. My aircraft was departing from a different part of airport than I usually do. And can you believe - I got lost - for the first time at an airport :P I got lost at Bristol airport hahah! Thankfully, I found the way quickly.

photo img_3403

Pre-boarding was divided into priority and non-priority passengers, asked to sit in two different parts of the room. However, there were so few priority passengers, that I was one of the first on board anyway. First from the back.

photo img_3404

 A quick tail fin pic.

photo img_3406

Once on the plane, I was welcomed by a "typical"-LCC cabin crew - not really interested, just there because they have to. In fact, it's quite a challenging flight for them to do because of its length. Here is the cabin upon boarding.

photo img_3407

Seats are fresh and give a good visual impression. However, they are very slimline, so quite uncomfortable, especially on longer routes, I can imagine. They are, as you probably know, the same seats as British Airways or TAP Portugal now use in a part of their fleets.

photo img_3408

These seats come in two flavours at easyJet - they can be either leather or made of material like here. I guess both types have their pros and cons. Anyway, the legroom was actually surprisingly OK, even though they managed squeeze 186 seats onto an A320. Of course as long as you don't put anything into the seat pocket - but you won't be able to put there too much anyway.

photo img_3409photo img_3412

I will give you one more detailed look at the seat front and seat back. One note I should give, is that the aircraft was very clean (of course it was the first flight of the day but anyway).

photo img_3411photo img_3413

In quite a busy cabin, I was lucky to end up having 3 seats for myself.

photo img_3416

After quick safety demo and an even quicker taxi, we had a westerly departure from Bristol, quite a bit ahead of schedule.

photo img_3417

After crossing the cloud ceiling, a beautiful sun started to spread across the cabin. (I love the photo below!)

photo img_3420photo img_3423

As it is a very short (33-minute flight), the crew has to do a sprint-service in the cabin. And of course people who are served last, will not have time to eat their choice before landing. Me, seated at the very back, was lucky to buy a muffin and a tea quickly. However, It didn't manage to get cold enough to drink before descent :P

photo img_3424

I would rate the muffin as dry and not tasty. I've eaten better blueberry muffins in the air (SWISS and BA being the examples). After the snack, a quick visit to the lavatory. When I stood up, to my surprise, doors of both of them were widely open, luring me :P 

photo img_3426

Again, toilets, like the rest of the aircraft, were surprisingly clean, and didn't lack any basic amenities.

photo img_3427

As we already started our descent into Jersey, I made my way to the seat and took a picture of the rear galley for you in the meantime. Very orange ;)

photo img_3428

The landing on Jersey is absolutely picturesque, especially in such good weather. I will let pictures speak for themselves.

While the airport is quite small, it's not as small as you might think it is. Though we were one of the only arrivals at that time. Disembarkation took a bit, as it was only from the front but it didn't bother me too much as we arrived… 40 mins ahead of schedule! On a 33-minute flight.

photo img_3434

After arrival into Jersey in August, everyone had to undergo a free PCR test, whose results were available the same evening. Though there was no need to self-isolate. The procedure was smooth and easy.

photo img_3436

And soon I was out, on the fresh air of Jersey! Below is the arrival terminal photo. Looks a bit like a bus station, right?

photo img_3440

From there, I took bus 15 to St. Aubin, where I stayed for the next 2 nights.

Thanks for reading. If you wish to see some nice pictures from my amazing short holidays on Jersey, have a look below!


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Cabin crew5.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Bristol - BRS


Jersey - JER



It was a great short hop on easyJet to a lovely place on Earth!



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  • Comment 593357 by
    lysflyer 1266 Comments
    Thank you for this report. I'm pretty amazed by the number of Easyjet tails in BRS. I thought it was a smaller airport. Overall, U2 does the job quite well as usual. Very nice bonus!
    • Comment 593369 by
      Matthevv AUTHOR 163 Comments
      Hi lysflyer, thanks for your comment!
      Indeed, BRS might seem like a small airport, though it gets really busy at times with countless U2 departures to Greece, Spain, Italy etc. :P

      Overall, U2 does the job quite well as usual.

      Agree, easyJet did a decent job as always. It's a solid airline, that you know what you can expect from.

  • Comment 593480 by
    Plainfreak 46 Comments
    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for a nice report. Solid Easyjet flight. Love Jersey, missing it so much - have not been in more than two years now.
    Tc, Dani
    • Comment 593500 by
      Matthevv AUTHOR 163 Comments
      Hey Dani,

      Thanks for your comment:) So you like Jersey as well! What a wonderful place. Hope you can go back soon (and hope I can go back soon as well haha).

      Solid Easyjet flight.

      Indeed, nicely put - a solid flight from easyJet :)


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