Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Phuket in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG215
Class Economy
Seat 61K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 30 Jul 19, 14:05
Arrival at 30 Jul 19, 15:25
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By 1689
Published on 20th February 2021

1 - Introduction

Hi and welcome to this flight report. Today's flight is part of my Thailand trip, if you are interested in reading the two flight reports from my Emirates flight to Bangkok, please click on the following link below :) Today's flight will take me to the southern part of Thailand to Phuket on flight TG215. The ticket was quite cheap and cost around 2600THB (72$) for a return fare. The flight will be operated by a Boeing 777-200 which is one of Thai Airways oldest planes, unfortunately, retired now. 

Today's flight starts with a taxi ride from my hotel located in the city centre to the airport. It took around 50 minutes because it was lots of traffic. During the ride, I spotted some planes :)

photo img_0687

2 - Check-in

I have checked-in online in advance before my flight, so I can use the special counter which often has no to little queue. When checking - in online I got to select seats, including preferred seats for free (Added Star Alliance/SAS Card ) and opted for seat 61K, a twin-seat with more legroom and storage. The check-in agent at BKK was very friendly and printed out a boarding pass as well as sending my luggage. A smooth start to my Thai Airways flight.
After the Check-In, I headed towards the Security-Checkpoint and was airside in less than 20 minutes from I entered the Airport.  

photo img_0690photo img_5328-38859

My boarding pass

3 - The Terminal

The terminal was clean and was easy to navigate in. I settled in at a coffee shop and bought a warm pastry and a cold drink. As well as spotting some planes at the domestic terminal. The terminal was not that busy and offered a more pleasant experience than my DXB transfer. 

photo img_0691-30226photo img_0694

Thai Smile A320

4 - Boarding

Boarding began 13:35 at remote gate B8, the boarding process was quite hectic and there was no boarding system or priority enforced. They scanned my boarding pass and was let in to a bus. 

photo img_0695photo img_0696

I am a fan of remote boarding since I can watch all the planes on the tarmac, a plane spotters dream. However, remote boarding is more time-consuming. The bus ride took 8 minutes where we were ordered to walk up a jet bridge. The reason for the bus ride is that the plane is parked on the international concourse. Whilst walking up the jet bridge I took photo of today's ride as well as the replacement for their old 777-200, Thai A350-900

Type 777-2D7
First flight date 30/05/1996
Line Number 32
Engines 2 x RR Trent 875

photo img_0698

My ride: HS-TJB a 24 year old 777-200 and one of the first 777 jets to ever be produced (Line number 32)

photo img_0699

Thai A350-900 standing next to our gate HS-THF

The rest of the boarding process was efficient and good. I was greeted by a handsome Thai Flight attendant and was guided towards the right aisle. The plane looked very dated and old however it was still in ok condition. 

photo img_0703-19270photo img_0730

My seat 61K located in the back of this lovely 777-200

photo img_0705

My Window View toward an another B777-200 HS-TJW

5 - In-Flight experience

The flight took off on time, and the beautiful engine roar of the Trent 875 could be heard. We climbed up to cruise, something around FL300-340. Whilst cruising the cabin crew proactively distributed complimentary snacks and beverages. I opted for some water and the warm pastry. All in all a perfect meal for such a short flight. Afterwards, the crew passed the cabin with cleaning, drinks etc.

photo img_0711

The Aircraft was fitted with one of the most dated IFE displays I have ever seen, however it had lots of movies and music for a domestic flight, much better than the entertainment/IFE  you get on European flights. However I mostly used the IFE for the inflight map :)

photo img_0713

The views out of the windows is an awesome experience, The Thai nature is something of its own ;) 

6 Landing and arrival at Phuket (HKT)

We landed on time at Phuket Airport

photo img_0726photo img_0731

Thanks for the ride Thai Airways

photo img_0732

I disembarked the plane and went to the baggage claim. The baggage arrived fast and I was out of the airport in no time. All in all a wonderful flight with Thai Airways. Domestic flights in Thailand is such an awesome experience with all the views 

Thanks for reading my flight report, feel free to leave a like or comment
See you later ;) 

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Bangkok - BKK


Phuket - HKT



Ground Experience - Fast and efficient airport
Boarding - Chaotic and un-systematic. However very cool to board remotely from a plane spotters perspective ;)
Plane - Nice and clean, with very old and comfy seats. Lots of legroom and recline. The plane is very old and dated though
Crew - Nice and very attentive crew
IFE - Nice selection of music and films however the IFE was old and dated
Meal - Nice and tasty, very good for a short domestic flight
Disembarking - Fast and easy with a wide aisle.

Extra Point for loyalty benefits with Star Alliance ;)

My total conclusion:
An awesome flight with Thai Airways with Handsome Crew, Good Service and on-time performance. The plane was very old however the seats were very comfy and wide. Ground Experience in Bangkok and Phuket was OK. I would recommend Thai Airways if you find some good ticket prices and are expecting full cost services. A memorable flight indeed with the now-retired Boeing 777-200

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