Review of United Express flight Greenville Houston in Domestic First

Airline United Express
Flight UA6167
Seat 1D
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 02:29
Take-off 07 Mar 21, 16:45
Arrival at 07 Mar 21, 18:14
UA   #79 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 57 reviews
Published on 13th March 2021

Welcome! This is my first trip of 2021! Work has required me to travel to Houston for a few days. I usually fly from CLT but my traveling partner is closer to GSP so we chose the Non-stop on United Express. I have traveled on United Express during the Pandemic but only in Economy. So sit back and buckle up! Its time to go flying! 

Flight Details

Airline: United Airlines (UA)
Aircraft: Embraer 175
Registration: N88310
Delivered: 2015
Route: GSP-IAH
Flight Number: UA6167
Seat: 1D
Departure Gate: A8
Departure Runway: 4
Scheduled Departure Time: 4:30
Actual Departure Time: 4:34
Scheduled Arrival Time: 6:14
Actual Arrival Time: 5:42
Landing Runway: 6
Arrival Gate: C40
Scheduled Block Time: 2 44 hours 
Actual Flight Time: 2 hours 8 min

Check In

24 hours prior, I checked in via the UA app. It was easy and straight forward. I had the opportunity to fill out contact tracing information but it was not required. All in all a seamless process. I did not have any checked bags.

photo img-0080photo img-9959


I arrived just after 3pm to a mostly empty GSP. This airport is a jewel for those that get to use it. It is so clean and modern looking on the inside (outside is a bit blah). Security is right in the middle so its equal distance  regardless of airline from the check in desks. 

As expected TSA Precheck was empty and I was through in no time. Regular security looked to have maybe 20 or so people in line. 

GSP is one long terminal with Gates B1-4 on the left and A1-9 on the right. The best thing about GSP is right in the middle is an outside patio with semi-decent tarmac views! I even saw a BA 777 being used for freight! GSP is a big air freight hub and has daily cargo flights to Germany and beyond.  As a priority pass holder I could use the Escape Lounge but it was closed due to COVID-19.


United called for boarding on time at 4:04. They board back to front but as I was in Domestic First, I could board whenever. I waited towards the end as my traveling partner did not see the point in sitting on the plane longer than necessary. I respectfully disagreed as everyone should love sitting on planes!

photo img-9988

I was row 1 and leg room was more than enough for my 6' frame. The seats felt padded and had the fantastic head wings! Airlines without head wings should be banned! The width was more than enough for me but some of the larger passengers could be seen having to squeeze in. 

photo img-9990


Entrainment was provided via WIFI. You could also purchase access for the internet. Domestic First has a universal plug between the two seats but lacks USB outlets which I felt is a bad move by United. 

photo img-9991


I ordered a coffee shortly after takeoff and it was served with a biscoff cookie! I just love coffee and Biscoff! The FA was so nice and offered at least 5 separate times if I wanted a refill. After reaching cruise, we were offered the choice of a snack box. The options were Tapas or Cheese and nuts. I chose the Cheese and nut box and was not disappointed! It was a treasure trove of great snacks! While pre-Covid this route (if on a Mainline) would have had a hot snack, this snack box was more than sufficient. 

photo img-9994photo img-9995photo img-0081


Doors were closed at 4:23 and at 4:35 we pushed back. It was a quick taxi to Runway 4 and at 4:34 we had wheels up. A Sharpe turn to the left exposed the Blue Ridge Mountains and before you know it we were headed across Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana towards Texas. 

We hit a few bumps but all in all a very enjoyable flight. at 5:42 Central time we landed on Runway 6 at IAH! A short taxi ride later we were at gate C40. 

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United Express

Cabin crew10.0

Greenville - GSP


Houston - IAH



Great short flight! I just loved the FA! She was the best! United had its best foot forward on this GSP-IAH sector!



  • Comment 572218 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5060 Comments

    Hi, thank you for this new report.
    A lovely regional airport to depart from.
    I agree, I like to board first especially if seated in a premium cabin.
    Comfortable ride but the pre packaged box of processed food is not appealing, it’s time to return to regular meal and stop those non-sense cost-cutting measure.
    Take care

  • Comment 573184 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5458 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this rather exotic domestic route I barely knew existed!

    I waited towards the end as my traveling partner did not see the point in sitting on the plane longer than necessary. I respectfully disagreed as everyone should love sitting on planes!

    Hah...well back when PDBs were a thing I'd rush to get on. Now I try to check as much as possible to not have to worry about getting on quickly to store bags--having a kid definitely changed that for me. The less I have to haul around the better. I really hope PDBs in domestic F come back soon, though!

    It's also interesting to see the pandemic-era snack box UA offers on a flight of this line with DL, but not as good as AA's fresh snacks (sandwiches, usually)

    Thanks for sharing!

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