Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Jakarta Banjarmasin-Borneo Island in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG480
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 06 Nov 20, 07:10
Arrival at 06 Nov 20, 09:55
QG 20 reviews
By 576
Published on 15th March 2021


Selamat siang from sunny Jakarta! Welcome back to my review here, as I'm back after my hiatus for several months. This pandemic situation have really changed every single thing in our life, including the flights we regularly take and enjoy. But, thankfully the situation is getting slightly better that airports are opened again for regular flights - considering the temporary suspended flights in the beginning of virus spreading.

before i flew…

I joined this trip to accompany my auntie, yet I had never visited Borneo yet and I was glad enough for this opportunity. The flight was scheduled to be at 6.40am, so we arrived dawn at Terminal 3. Fyi, Citilink moved their homebase from T2 to T3 due to this pandemic. So, you will arrive and depart from T3 if you fly QG or its full service sister, Garuda Indonesia. Haven't flown GA for 4 years, but willing to make 1 soon.

photo img_0215

This pandemic situation urges us to do rapid Covid-19 screening test before traveling, and of course I did so. The confirmation letter was validated on one of these desks.

photo img_0217

We walked through security checking gate to departure gates. Gate 16 for us that day, not that far as the grumble-making 20ish ones LOL. Still empty compared to normal condition though.

photo img_0227

The Founding Fathers' pictures whose name were preserved as the airport's name were hung there. This installation was based on their picture on Rp100,000 previous bill - they issued the newer one in 2016 with the fathers smiling brightly.

photo img_0228

And this was how the T3 airside looked. Featuring GA with their most common fleets - B738, QZ and a taxiing QG.

photo img_0231

Nothing much could be done in such morning flight, personally I just strolled around Periplus, the bookstore right there.

off we go!

We boarded by bus as our aircraft was kind of remote, but after we disembarked from it, we had to climb to the airbridge as well. Probably this was what we know as double airbridge? I'm not sure. This was the view from our bus, dominated by GA and QG as all domestic flights from T3 are operated by those two.

photo img_0245

The airbridge's glass wall was a bit blueish, so this is how it looked from inside during boarding time. Featuring PK-GLQ loading its baggage.

photo img_0248

Nothing has changed from QG but the fact that a thing was missing or even removed from seat pocket contents during pandemic: the inflight magazine Linkers. Too bad since I collect them, but GA also removed their Colours and only available online. There was only a safety card, prohibited to bring outside. Good news: they implemented physical distancing on flight, so there would be no passenger on B and E seat. I even put my camera bag on it with no worries. The leg room was average as usual, enough for this medium short flight.

photo img_0257

We got no delay and the aircraft flew smoothly. I was planning to enjoy the view, however I fell asleep during the whole flight. I woke up when the plane was above housings approaching BDJ.

photo img_0270

The captain made a smooth landing and this was my first time there. Here we can see a Susi Air-owned Cessna (Grand?) Caravan for their route to rural town in Central Borneo I guess, as Wings Air operate the flights from BDJ to Kotabaru.

photo img_0274

We disembarked and walked to arrival hall through a spacious, empty building. Probably it was supposed to serve international flights, but postponed due to Covid? I don't know. The airport itself was clean and modern in general.

photo img_0282

Nice building, right? Didn't really look like Banjarese house, but still unique.

photo img_0287
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Jakarta - CGK


Banjarmasin-Borneo Island - BDJ



Good service by Citilink, but no magz and only prebooked meal during pandemic. Not really good for me who is often suddenly craving and didn't think about booking a meal through their website before. Overall, nice flight.



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  • Comment 572263 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6731 Comments
    Hi Juneeet, thanks for sharing! I get why a lot of carriers are doing pre-order only right now in times of Covid, but as you mention it's not super practical since you can't really know ahead of time if you'll be hungry of have time to eat prior to the flight on shorter flights like this. There have been times where I didn't intend to buy food on board, but ended up buying once I smelled food being served to other pax, haha.

    It's also good that Citilink block middle seats (at least on the A320s), which has become rare over the course of the pandemic.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 572285 by
      juneeet AUTHOR 8 Comments
      Hi Kevin, big thanks for passing by and giving attention on my report.
      1. Yes, they should think more on catering on board service although on this pandemic situation - at least by bringing some extras. People still get hungry during pandemic, right?
      2. It seems that all flights practice physical distancing now, including Lion Air/JT. It should be mandatory, tho.
  • Comment 572278 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 640 Comments
    Thanks for sharing your report, though I'm quite curious why'd they intend to build a pretty large regional terminal for an airport in that region... Perhaps they did invest in it with the future set of a potential move of Indonesia's capital to Kalimantan?
    • Comment 572286 by
      juneeet AUTHOR 8 Comments
      Hey Thomas, the government is massively building infrastructures these years, including the ones in term of moving passengers. A lot of airports and train stations are revitalized. It is to gain more attention in tourism and to make sure the citizens there don't feel inferior, IMHO. Banjarmasin is one of Borneo's biggest cities and hub for several flights to rural areas. They also prepare BDJ to be one of Indonesian departure airports for hajj season, considering high enthusiasm on the pilgrimage every year.
  • Comment 572428 by
    emyrrs 108 Comments
    Thanks for sharing it with us,

    QZ and a taxiing QG.

    QZ on domestic side of T3? Don't they operated from T2? I'm confused

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