Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Washington in Premium Eco

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH418
Class Premium Eco
Seat 19A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:05
Take-off 28 Mar 21, 13:10
Arrival at 28 Mar 21, 16:15
LH   #67 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
By SILVER 3980
Published on 4th June 2021

Report No: 2021-307

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new series with Lufthansa on my way for another trip to the USA. In normal cases, I was supposed to fly with another airline on this trip, however, with the other airline providing me no options other than a full refund or a voucher, I have booked a ticket with Lufthansa which was the cheapest option for the dates I were intending to fly about 16-17 days before travel. Another option was to travel with Qatar Airways, although, they cancelled their overnight SAW-DOH flight which provided a really good connection to the morning bank of US departures so I'm glad that I didn't book them as I would have needed to leave Istanbul the evening before which wouldn't have worked with my plans for the previous day.

This report would cover a Lufthansa A330-300 experience on the Premium Economy cabin on a flight from Frankfurt to Washington Dulles. On this occasion, I have visited the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Frankfurt Terminal 1B and this report would cover a brief review of that lounge as well.

Here is the routing for this series


Loads for this flight

Business Class: 65-70%
Premium Economy Class: 40-45%
Economy Class: 35-40% 


After arriving from my previous flight, I was already in Terminal 1B and thought how could I spend a 4h30min layover.

photo 20210328_084112jpg-min

As I had lounge access, I decided to visit the open Lufthansa Senator Lounge at Terminal 1B which involves clearing double security. However, on this occasion, clearing double security was a better idea than sitting in terminal chairs.

As a data point, during the day I travelled, the only Lufthansa Lounge open in the Non-Schengen area open was the B43 one. All other open lounges were at the Schengen area, which I don't have access due to the border restrictions.

A side note that the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Terminal 1Z has re-opened in May 2021.

photo 20210328_084740jpg-min


After an empty security experience and a short walk, I have arrived at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. After scanning my boarding pass, I was granted access to the lounge. The lounge agent reminded me that due to the local restrictions, food&beverages are only available for take-away and it's not allowed to consume food&beverages inside the lounge.

photo 20210328_085030jpg-min

That's why the bar was closed that day.

photo 20210328_085416jpg-min-86681

And, the buffet was empty

photo 20210328_085158jpg-min-68231

The area near the entrance was empty during my visit, however, the sleeper chairs and the sofas next to window were all occupied.
During my stay at the lounge, I asked for the paid upgrade price for Business Class at the lounge desk and I was told that an upgrade would cost €489 so I politely declined it.

photo 20210328_085201jpg-min-30004

During the lounge, I was able to spot D-AISL which is the aircraft that brought me from Istanbul to Frankfurt, earlier that morning.

photo 20210328_085456jpg

The buffet had similar offerings compared to my last visit, however, the sandwich option was different.

photo 20210328_094658jpg-min

Today's sandwich was a red cabbage sandwich with cottage cheese and mint.
Surprisingly, it tasted really good. To enjoy my sandwich, I needed to go downstairs and eat it at the staircase. 

photo 20210328_094921jpg-min

While enjoying my sandwich, I spotted this Air India 787

photo 20210328_095627jpg-min

As well as this American Airlines 787

photo 20210328_095734jpg

About 2h30mins before my flight, I asked for shower room, however, the attendant told me that there was 4 people in front of me which meant a wait. At that time, I decided to get another cup of tea and a pretzel and enjoy it at the same place, downstairs at the lounge staircase.

photo 20210328_114342jpg-min

I realized that the American 787 was replaced with this Lufthansa A350-900 at that time.

photo 20210328_114338jpg

About 1h30mins before my flight, the shower attendant told me that still there was 2 people in front of me, thus I handed back the pager for the shower as I had a trek to another part of the airport which would take about 20-25 minutes, so I left the lounge without having a shower.

photo 20210328_114949jpg-min

The airside transfer bus between Z and B gates is not running because of the pandemic so I needed to use the Skyline to go to Z gates where my flight would depart.

photo 20210328_115614jpg-min

The Skyline was empty during my ride

photo 20210328_115828jpg-min-85028

After arriving at Terminal 1Z, I needed to reclear security, however, this time, the wait was also minimal. I didn't wait for an empty lane and the process was smooth.

photo 20210328_120135jpg-min

FIDS for the day in Z gates

photo 20210328_121113jpg-min


D-AIKE named Landshut was parked at gate Z19 when I arrived

photo 20210328_121524jpg-min

At the gate, there was a queue for document checks. There was a long line with 15 people, however, there was a First/Business/Star Gold desk which had no wait. At the document check desk, my eligibility to fly to the USA from the Schengen Area, my COVID test and my attestation that I tested negative was rechecked and I was all set after the agent put a sticker in back of my passport.

photo 20210328_121613jpg-min-17490

About 40 minutes before departure boarding has started with passengers requiring extra assistance which was followed by passengers seated in Business Class and holding Star Gold status. I was one of the first passengers to board that day.

photo 20210328_121635jpg-min


After being welcomed by the crew at the aircraft door, I headed to my seat 19A which was located at the last row of the Premium Economy cabin. A blanket and a pillow was already available at the seat.

photo 20210328_123630jpg-min

Here is the legroom.

photo 20210328_123715jpg-min

A bottle of water was also present at the seat area. As I didn't have any neighbors for this flight, both of the bottles were for my usage.

photo 20210328_123720jpg-min

The remote for the IFE. A side note that as the IFE screen reflected my face due to the sunlight, I would not be providing images of the IFE screen on most parts of this report. 

photo 20210328_123750jpg-min

An amenity kit by Replay Blue Jeans was available at the seat pocket.

photo 20210328_123812jpg-min-43981

Seats in the Premium Economy cabin have power outlets as well as USB ports under the IFE screen. However, the power outlets were not functioning until we took off and reached our cruising altitude

photo 20210328_125752jpg

Our neighbor was this Lufthansa A319 for the day

photo 20210328_123737jpg

Boarding didn't took that long and the seatbelt signs were turned on after boarding was completed.

photo 20210328_123925jpg

At that time, the Lufthansa A319 next door had pushed back and this United 787 heading to Chicago O'Hare become present.

photo 20210328_124124jpg

However, shortly a Condor A320 had parked next door.

photo 20210328_124520jpg

At that time, the crew came to distribute earphones and disinfectant wipes.

photo 20210328_124818jpg-min-39365

Shortly before we started our pushback, I visited the lavatory; which was not 100% clean but alright.

photo 20210328_125425jpgphoto 20210328_125429jpg-min

Shortly after I returned to my seat, menus were distributed by the cabin crew.

photo 20210328_125803jpg-min

On this flight, there would be a lunch service after takeoff and a snack service before arrival.

photo 20210328_125817jpg

Here are the drink options in Premium Economy which has been significantly reduced after the pandemic started.

photo 20210328_125850jpg

As soon as the safety video had started to play, we have started our pushback.

photo 20210328_130454jpg-minphoto 20210328_131453jpg

Two United Dreamliner's at Z gates.

photo 20210328_131534jpg

Lufthansa A320neo at Terminal 1B

photo 20210328_131608jpgphoto 20210328_131721jpg

An Emirates 777-300ER in the Expo 2020 livery taxiing to Terminal 1B.

photo 20210328_132135jpg-min

Lufthansa A321 at a remote stand

photo 20210328_132150jpg

Lufthansa A330-300

photo 20210328_132232jpg

Another Lufthansa A330 and an Air India 787

photo 20210328_132304jpg

And another Lufthansa A330-300

photo 20210328_132314jpg

Some Lufthansa Cityline aircraft

photo 20210328_132345jpgphoto 20210328_132409jpg

Air Canada aircraft at remote stands near the cargo area. Presumably, they were operating freight-only flights.

photo 20210328_132631jpg

After a 5-10 minute taxi, it was our turn to take-off and we took off towards the south.

photo 20210328_132740jpg

Some photos after takeoff

photo 20210328_132851jpgphoto 20210328_133442jpg

After take-off, the FlyNet service was activated.

photo screenshot_20210328-135924_samsung-internet

There are three package options for Wi-Fi on this flight which are not cheap at all, however, it's nice that they don't have any data limit. I haven't purchased a package on this flight so I can't comment on the quality.

photo screenshot_20210328-140025_samsung-internetphoto screenshot_20210328-140032_samsung-internetphoto screenshot_20210328-140037_samsung-internet


The first hour of the flight was uneventful as Lufthansa has cut their aperitif service in Premium Economy and Economy Class. About an hour after takeoff, lunch was served. I have opted for the pasta option and asked for some red wine which was promptly served. Also, as the cabin crew doesn't come back for coffee/tea anymore, I have asked for a decaf coffee which arrived 10 minutes after my tray was served.

The tray had a salad, a dessert, bread, butter, salad dressing and cheese alongside with the main course.

photo 20210328_140151jpg-min

Although the official description included that the salad would be served with Italian Dressing, the tray had French Dressing

Mixed Salad with Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella Ball accompanied by Italian Dressing

photo 20210328_141051jpg-min-96996

The main pasta course which was delicious. The other main course option for this service was salmon.

Rigatoni in Creamy Tomato Sauce

photo 20210328_140258jpg-min-21730

My decaf coffee

photo 20210328_140401jpg-min

And the cappuccino cream cake for dessert

photo 20210328_141055jpg

A few minutes after the meal service, the trays were collected and I slept until the second snack service begun.


For the second service, no option is available; however, the snack was OK in terms of quality. I would have appreciated a warm snack although Lufthansa has decided to cut hot options on flights under 10 hours on their second service.

Here is the light meal which was served with fruits, bread and butter. For this service, I have opted for a tomato juice and a cup of tea as a drink.

photo 20210328_210838jpg-min

Vitello Tonnato
Slices of roasted Veal in Vitello Tonnato Sauce with Capers 

photo 20210328_210918jpg-min-28166

Fruit Salad with dried Cranberries and Honey

photo 20210328_211157jpg-min

About an hour ago, the trays were collected and we were somewhere around Connecticut

photo 20210328_214142jpg-minphoto 20210328_214153jpg-min

Before arrival, the cabin crew made their final checks and I have opened my window blind for landing.

photo 20210328_223456jpg

The weather wasn't perfect that day

photo 20210328_224519jpg

Before landing, I was able to spot this United A319 landing at a parallel runway at the same time as we were going to land.

photo 20210328_224646jpgphoto 20210328_224709jpg

We have landed at Washington Dulles Airport on time.

photo 20210328_224902jpg

This Qatar Airways 777-300ER had landed just before us and was taxiing to his gate. This was bad news as this meant extra wait at immigration

photo 20210328_165159jpgphoto 20210328_165216jpg

Mobile lounges which are an iconic symbol of the airport

photo 20210328_165533jpg

The main terminal and a United Express regional jet

photo 20210328_165601jpg

We were parking at the gate at the same time as this QR 777-300ER was parking.

photo 20210328_165632jpg

Although, our neighbor was this Emirates 777-300ER

photo 20210328_165638jpg

We were going to park at gate B45/B47

photo 20210328_165711jpg

After the seatbelt sign has been turned off, it was announced that we were going to deboard row by row, however, as Business Class, Premium Economy and row numbers under 30 in Economy has been announced at the same time, the aisle was a bit crowded.

photo 20210328_165717jpg

Washington Dulles AIRPORT - IAD

After stepping inside the terminal, I took the last photo of D-AIKE for the day.

photo 20210328_170312jpg-min

I also had the chance to take a photo of this Austrian 767-300

photo 20210328_170432jpg-min

Later on, I headed to the mobile lounge that would take me to immigration. There were two separate mobile lounges available. One for transfer passengers and one for passengers terminating their journey at IAD. As we needed to wait for the crew to come, we waited about 20-25 minutes before departing to the immigration hall.

photo 20210328_170443jpg-min

As Qatar Airways passengers had arrived to the immigration before us, there was a 10-15 minute wait but the process was smooth. At the line, someone from CDC were distributing these flyers; however, as self-isolation is not mandatory in the USA and as most people wouldn't follow their advice, I saw a lot of people throwing these flyers to the trash can.

photo 20210328_172229jpg-min-61338

My bags were already there when I arrived and then I directly headed to the exit.

photo 20210328_172750jpg-min

It was a perfect timing as I was going to take the bus to Washington DC from the airport and I have arrived at the bus stop 2 minutes before the buses scheduled departure time. The next one was within an hour so it wouldn't be nice to wait when it was raining.

photo 20210328_173256jpg-min

I have left the airport with the bus and this report has come to an end.

photo 20210328_173259jpg-min

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this series.
I hope you to see you all in another report. 

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Cabin crew7.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge B42 - B


Frankfurt - FRA


Washington - IAD



To conclude this report, I could tell that it was this flight was an average LH transatlantic flight in their Premium Economy cabin. Even though the security lines in FRA are really efficient these days, the lounge offerings are mediocre and if LH wanted, they could have offered better grab&go offerings. The flight itself was uneventful and similar to my previous LH Premium Economy Flight-Report. The meals were fabulous as always on ex-FRA flights, always I still don't appreciate the cost-cutting on cutting the pre-departure beverage, spirits&digestive, no snacks being available and the second service being so basic. The lavatories were clean throughout the flight which was a plus, although the entertainment options are a bit weak compared to their competitors. However, LH offers high-speed Wi-Fi which is a bit expensive. Despite that, it's still a nice touch that LH is still offering amenity kits on PE. The arrival experience at IAD was pleasant with decent wait times for immigration and my bag already being at the belt as I cleared immigration, although it wasn't nice to wait the whole flight to deplane for the moon buggy to depart which was 20-25 minutes.

(+) Security wait times
(+) Organized boarding process with priorities being respected
LH Senator Lounge B
(+) Friendly lounge staff
(+) Availability of power outlets
(-) No proper food and beverages
(-) Showers were crowded
LH 418
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) The quality of the meals, however, the second service could be improved
(+) Lavatories were mostly clean throughout the flight
(+) Amenity kit
(+-) High-speed Wi-Fi being available, however it's expensive
(-) Lack of the aperitif service and mid-flight offerings
(+) Bags were already there when I arrived
(+) Acceptable immigration wait time
(-) Long wait for the moon buggy to depart

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    infianewok 1 Comments
    Hi! Could I just ask, how clean was the aircraft? Did Lufthansa sanitise it properly and did they clear the trash? I saw a recent video review where the seat was extremely dirty and garbage was left behind.
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      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi Infianewok,

      On this flight which was taken in March 2021, the aircraft was properly sanitized and there were no trash from the previous flight when boarding the flight.
      The crew didn't appear that much except for meal services so it took time for personal waste to be cleared during the flight.

      However, the situation wasn't worse, the seat wasn't extremely dirty and garbage wasn't left behind like that video review.

      Once again thanks for your comment.

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