Review of Qantas flight Melbourne Sydney in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF446
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 05 Apr 21, 13:30
Arrival at 05 Apr 21, 15:00
QF 156 reviews
By 631
Published on 10th April 2021

Hello and welcome to yet another Qantas domestic flight report!

As Australia has pretty much returned back to normal in almost every aspect (except opening our international borders) Mrs Tim84 and I decided to book a week long holiday in beautiful Sydney as we hadn't been since before the pandemic.


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We arrived at Qantas' domestic terminal about an hour before departure, curious to see if passenger traffic had picked up since our last trip to Hobart.

We checked in our luggage, printed our boarding passes, cleared security and were through to airside in about ten minutes, leaving plenty of time to wander around and have a sticky beak into the comings and goings of a post-pandemic domestic terminal.

photo thumbnail_img_3909photo thumbnail_img_3912

Not this trip, sorry Tassie bird!

photo thumbnail_img_3915

Grabbed a quick bite from Hungrys in the food court - unfortunately most of the outlets were still shuttered despite an obvious increase in passenger numbers.

photo thumbnail_img_3917photo thumbnail_img_3919photo thumbnail_img_3921

Terminal is still very empty compared to pre-2020 levels but definitely more buzzy compared to when we flew over the Xmas period last year.

photo thumbnail_img_3922photo thumbnail_img_3924photo thumbnail_img_3925

We would be departing from Gate 24 today.
Boarding began approximately ten minutes before scheduled departure time and the flight was packed, although the ground crew did a very admirable job in getting everyone on board via the airbridge and rear door, which we boarded by.

photo thumbnail_img_3930

Scored one of the newer 737s with the Boeing Sky Interiors and IFEs!

photo thumbnail_img_3931photo thumbnail_img_3932photo thumbnail_img_3933

Seat pitch was 31" , PTVs worked on a gate to gate basis (but BYO headphones), and the plane was WI FI enabled which I LOVE about Qantas' domestic offering.

Pretty soon we had lift off! Snack and refreshment service started about ten minutes after the seatbelt sign was switched off (a lovely carrot and hummus dip and a choice of soft drink or juice together with a bottle of water).

photo thumbnail_img_3936photo thumbnail_img_3940photo thumbnail_img_3942

Inflight over country NSW.

photo thumbnail_img_3947

On approach to Sydney!

photo thumbnail_img_3950photo thumbnail_img_3954

We touched down right on 3pm and were disembarking from the gate approximately 5 minutes later. Great job Qantas!

Nothing much to say about the crew - they were pleasant and efficient (if a little robotic) but it's pretty hard to provide great service when wearing face masks (which all passengers and crew were required to keep on throughout the duration of the flight). 

photo thumbnail_img_3958

Our luggage came out at around 3.20pm and off we went to begin our week long adventures in Sydney.

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Cabin crew6.5

Melbourne - MEL


Sydney - SYD



I'm always looking for a safe, comfortable and efficient flight whenever I fly with Qantas' domestic offering and this proved to be no different, inspite of the pandemic environment in which we flew in. The crew worked hard to settle the passengers during boarding, serve refreshments once we had taken off and then clear the cabin efficiently before arrival - all the while maintaining a great appreciation for social distancing and passenger safety.

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  • Comment 573159 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Hi Tim, thanks for sharing another nice report!

    As Australia has pretty much returned back to normal in almost every aspect

    Hah! Rub it in, why don't you 🤣 (Most of the world is jealous)

    I find the QF "Familiar smiles are waiting" advert in the terminal to be odd considering those "familiar" smiles are anything but familiar covered up in masks, haha.

    Nice that you got one of the BSI 738s with PTVs...seems like it's a real crap-shoot getting those on domestic flights.

    The carrot and hummus snack is really nice compared to anywhere else in the world right now where there typically isn't anything on such a short flight, much less a "fresh" snack.

    Always happy to see reports from AU and NZ, but especially now with the border closures since this is as close as most of us around the world can get to travelling down under, haha.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 573160 by
      Tim84 AUTHOR 15 Comments
      Thanks for your comment! Sorry, it wasn't meant to come across as rubbing it in, although i am well aware that we got pretty lucky here in AUS / NZ :) hope everyone else is keeping safe at the very least !

      I don't think there's any logical system to how QF organise the routings for their newer 738s... feels a bit like it's just what's available on the day haha.

      We had just missed the lunch hour routing but i have heard pretty solid rumours that QF are back to doing cold lunches and hot dinners on economy! Oh well - will just have to book another holiday again and keep you posted to confirm :)
      • Comment 573162 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
        Sorry, it wasn't meant to come across as rubbing it in

        Haha, no worries , I was totally kidding, of course

        but i have heard pretty solid rumours that QF are back to doing cold lunches and hot dinners on economy!

        Yes, I’ve heard the same. I believe they’re now serving full meals on longer flights over 3h. It’s also nice to see QF turning the IFE back on progressively after suspending IFE for over a year.

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