Review of Flybe flight Manchester Paris in Economy

Airline Flybe
Flight BE3131
Class Economy
Seat 07A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 06 Oct 13, 17:30
Arrival at 06 Oct 13, 20:10
BE 73 reviews
By 4572
Published on 19th October 2013

Here’s my turn to report the flights of the Manchester’s FR Meet Up, or actually THE flight, as I won’t report the CDG-MAN leg.

That’s because of the inconvenient code share between AF and BE, which makes it impossible to check in online when you hold a BE ticket but fly on an AF operated flight.
As a result, I lost 40 minutes to check in at a teller (as check in kiosks wouldn’t accept my PNR either) just to find out only middle seats were left…
Then it was a bit of a run, I barely had time to drink a (or maybe a few) glasses of champagne at the lounge, and I forgot to take any pictures until we were about to take off.

As you all know, the Saturday afternoon was spent touring a bit in Manchester.
I found the architecture pretty uninteresting and the streets to be quite dirty, actually more so than in Paris. Maybe we weren’t in the nicer part of the city though.
We were also treated to “the performance” of drunken soccer fans, yelling at each other in the middle of the streets, as well as a flash mob performed by a couple a fat teenage girls, who had had the bad idea to dress themselves with glittery clothes (Mmmhh mmmhh you girls ain’t got no decency…)

Anyway fast forward to Sunday morning where we all went to the famous visitor park located near one of MAN’s runways.

When you get there, you're greeted by this nice BEA Trident, this was the first time I saw one

photo DSCF6014

Shortly after we arrived, EK’s daily A380 landed and taxied right past us
Come over here big daddy, and give it to mama!!

photo 20131006_113141

Then many different planes landed, although the majority of them were Monarch, EZY or Ryanair.
I didn’t mind all the Monarch planes as they’re not common at French airports.
Here’s a selection of the spotting I did.

UA 757 heading off to the US

photo DSCF5989

A Privilege Style 757
photo DSCF6002

A rare Lybian A320

photo DSCF6004

A Monarch A321 with new livery

photo DSCF6007

And a 757 with the old one

photo DSCF6008

DL A330 to ATL

photo DSCF5995

A Thomas Cook 767

photo DSCF6012

My first glimpse of a Virgin Little Red A320

photo DSCF6022

Big daddy taking off again

photo DSCF6013

Around 3 hours before take off we took the bus back to the airport, where things started to get downhill as far as the organization.
First when you get in, there’s no screen indicating all the departing flights, therefore, you don’t know which desks to go to for check in.
We eventually found them. The hall they were in was small, as there wasn’t anybody it was ok, but I imagine it gets packed quickly.
I was checked in by a cold agent, who was obviously pissed off that I asked her for a window seat instead of the aisle one that was first given out to me.

Then we all went to security. There after putting belt, liquids, watch and my bag on a tray with my suitcase directly behind it on the band, I got yelled at, by some white trash guy.
He looked at me yelling “TRAY, TRAY”
Well, I know what a tray is for, and as I had put all my smaller items in one, I didn’t understand why he was yelling.
The he pointed to my luggage and yelled “TRAY!” another time.
What’s the f*cking point of putting a hand luggage on a tray?

I really was close to tell that son of a b*tch that maybe if he had made a proper sentance (provided he was capable of it), I would have understood what he wanted, but didn’t do it as I wasn’t in the mood for a manual search.

Anyway, pretty angry I walked away, and realized it was more than time to start taking pictures for the FR.
Finally, we found a screen with all the departing flights, though in our case was useless as gates were indicated 45 min before departure.

photo DSCF6015

I don’t understand how they can’t know earlier which gate will be used.
The only explanation I have is that this way, people will hang around more in the restaurants and duty free shops instead of going straight to their gates.

I then tried to get into the lounge as I’m SkyTeam Elite Plus, but that wasn’t possible with a FlyBe ticket. I knew it, but thought it was worth trying.

So we all headed to a quiet part of the terminal, next to the gate of the AMS bound flight, that a few FR members took.

Here’s their 737 pushing back, with a EI passing by.

photo DSCF6020

As I took this picture I really regretted not flying KLM…

A couple of interesting planes passed in front of us.

A Sun of Scandinavia for BA Dornier 328 Jet (I wish I could try this plane, but all the airlines operating have really high fares)

photo DSCF6016

BMI Regional E135

photo DSCF6023

At the time where our gate was supposed to be announced I went to the screen only to find out our flight was delayed by 15 min and the gate was still unknown. Grrrrrr! This was getting annoying!

Finally the gate was displayed and it was on the opposite side of the terminal, so we were in for a walk.

When we got to the gate at 5pm, our E175 (G-FBJA) had just arrived.

photo DSCF6025

The agents made an announcement that boarding would start when all passengers from the previous flight had gotten off the aircraft.

Then they started talking to each other, and when an automatic recording announced final call for our flight they just sent away pretty arshly all the passengers that came forward. (Especially one young girl who was worried about here connecting flight in CDG).

5 minutes before our scheduled departure time, boarding began.

The fuselage nicely lit up by the setting sun.

photo DSCF6026

We were welcomed onboard by a friendly Purser, who totally looked like a Botox Witch!
Picture Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas in thirty years and a lot of pastic surgery.

Though I have to say the uniform they wore looked pretty good, a very dark blue blouse with a red skirt.

Both the FAs and the flightdeck apologized for the delay, due to the late arrival of the aircraft from Belfast etc etc.

Beside us, Flyingjapans’ A319 to LHR was pushing back

photo DSCF6027

At 5:50pm or so we pushed back too.
We taxied to the farthest runway, letting an EZY plane landing first.

photo DSCF6028

And off we went!

photo DSCF6030

A giant satellite dish

photo DSCF6031

The English countryside

photo DSCF6032

Overview of MAN

photo DSCF6034

The pilot was on the horn providing us with detailed information on our route and the expected arrival time, depending on the runway allocated to us by CDG, as a landing on the north runway would mean an -at least- 20 minutes taxiing time.

Before it got too dark, a winglet shot

photo DSCF6035

The FAs started their BoB service, most of the passengers seemed to have the voucher for a drink you get from AF when you book a ticket with them, but fly with BE that doesn’t offer a free snack.

When they got my row, I just asked for the DashQ400 plane model but they were out, so I asked if they had the E195 model, but they were out too. The FA was apologetic about it.
Well at least that would save me from an argument with my partner later in the evening, because I had bought ANOTHER plane model.

Outside it was almost completely dark, but it was still possible to see the Channel.

photo DSCF6036photo DSCF6039

After a 50 minutes, we started our descent, and until the last moment I didn’t know on which runway we were landing on.

photo DSCF6044

To our relief it was on the south one, which is close to terminal 2E where we were to park.
Duck Face Purser made a nice landing announcement, apologizing again for the delay.

On the way tour stand, those heavies getting ready for their long flights were visible.

photo DSCF6050

We stopped next to this A319, F-GRHL which I took on a CDG-STR a couple of years ago.

photo DSCF6053

We didn’t disembark via a jetbridge but with regular stairs, on the bright side that allowed for nice pictures

photo DSCF6054photo DSCF6055

As we had docked at Satellite L of T2E we had a long walk and a ride on the automated train to get to exit. It felt we were coming back from a far away destination, as this satellite is mostly used for long haul flights.
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Manchester - MAN


Paris - CDG



Except for the delay part, I found this airline pretty good with clean and conforatble planes and friendly FAs.
I was a bit disappointed with the BoB as they didn't have many things besides food and beverages, but then why offer a duty free catalog if you don't have much room to store the items on the plane?
Regarding the delay, it shouldn't have happened given the generous 1 hour turnaround time FlyBe has.

MAN airport itself pretty much sucked, the floorplan is badly arranged, no information screen in the departure halls, rude staff... And this policy of not displaying the gate until 40 minutes before departure really annoyed me.

CDG was OK, the terminal was mostly deserted at this late hour and there was almost no waiting at the immigration.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

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  • Comment 90344 by
    marathon GOLD 10093 Comments
    What I find most interesting about this report is that even though we flew in the same aircraft, four rows from each other on the same side, the grades and their justifications are radically different : I rated this flight 7.7 (BE), 8.8 (MAN) and 8.2 (CDG). Read my own FR for my details, but sorry, I wrote it in French... Another proof that passengers' perception of a flight experience can be extremely different, and we both are experienced travellers.
    I did not mention it in my FR, but I do remember that the staff at the security check in MAN were relaxed and friendly. Other counter, other staff, other experience.
    I too hate it when you cannot check in on-line and choose your seat before reaching the airport.
    Different Monarch liveries ? The only difference I see between this 321 and this 757 is that the latter's undercarriage has more wheels - I leave the details to the aviation geeks ;)
    I agree with your opinion on MAN's late boarding gate announcements and automatic last calls which are not updated when the flight is late. Thanks for this FR !
  • Comment 90349 by
    lagentsecret 12187 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Late gate announcement seems to be UK aiports'signature and that's really exasperating

    I presume you didn't earn any miles nor flight segment with these codeshare flights!

  • Comment 90355 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5450 Comments
    Thanks for this FR, nice to have an English version of this flight.

    Your experience of MAN is indeed quite a letdown, I personnaly likes the airport, not only for the various spotting location but I also found it quite modern (check-in area and lounge) and had no issue with security check staffs.

    The only thing missing from your FR is a cabin shot.

    BE lost some anciliaries revenue by not having the models you were ready to buy!

    Thanks again ;)
  • Comment 90437 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6594 Comments
    Thanks for sharing. The traffic is nice and varied at MAN? Oooh, I like those pics of big daddy! Give it to mama! ^^
    OMG, I hope you took pics of the flash mob...I want to see this! LOL
    It's really a shame that the code share on these flights doesn't allow you into the lounge (I get that you bought a ticket directly froom BE; it shouldn't matter). Looks like the onboard experience is decent, but then again, E-jets are super comfortable and it's pretty hard for an airline to F that up...
    • Comment 282863 by
      marathon GOLD 10093 Comments
      I added a picture of the flash mob in my own report of that flight. Or maybe it was another equally artistic performance. Sorry Kevin, it is all in French, I hope you will manage^^
  • Comment 90442 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6594 Comments
    I forgot to mention, I really hate the practice of displaying boarding gates at the last minute in British airports. It drives me insane as I like to get to the gate early.
  • Comment 90458 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thanks for this good FR :)
  • Comment 90510 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for the report and pictures. Glad that you had a productive day of plane spotting.
  • Comment 521585 by
    ChrisB GOLD 3335 Comments
    awesome details for this 6 years old flight!
    And that picture of the Air France B747 is awesome! A treasure!

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