Review of Avelo Airlines flight Burbank Santa Rosa, CA in Economy

Airline Avelo Airlines
Flight XP101
Class Economy
Seat 03A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 28 Apr 21, 10:30
Arrival at 28 Apr 21, 11:55
XP 2 reviews
By GOLD 476
Published on 9th July 2021

Report No: 2021-404

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this report where I would report the inaugural flight of Avelo Airlines from Burbank to Santa Rosa, a new low-cost airline based in the USA. This would be the first time where I actually attended an inaugural flight of a brand new airline and I was lucky to find a seat onboard this special flight for with a base fare of $19 as published.

So, please feel free to scroll down and read this Flight-Report of the inaugural flight of Avelo Airlines.

Here is the routing for this series;

Loads for this flight

Economy: 85-90%

Normally, the airline offers online check-in but there was an issue going on and I wasn't able to complete OLCI, so I wouldn't be covering the online check-in process.

However, I would be speaking of the add-ons being offered; the airline offers seat selection, priority boarding, checked baggage and carry-on baggage as extras and passengers would need to pay for these respective services. For this flight, I have paid for seat selection and priority boarding. 


I have arrived at BUR, reasonably before the flight so I could see what is going on before the inaugural flight.

photo 20210428_085613jpg-min

Upon entering Terminal A, there was a special desk for media and press members on this flight where they could grab their accreditation and boarding passes, although, regular paid passengers were directed to the check-in desks located in Terminal A.

At the check-in desk, I was welcomed by a very friendly agent and my boarding pass was handed. Interestingly boarding passes of all passengers were already printed and the employees were giving those boarding passes upon proof of identification. The airline should have experienced some failures the first day but that's quite normal. 

photo 20210428_085709jpg-min

Despite the fact that Avelo check-in desks are located in Terminal A, their flights depart from Terminal B. However, this shouldn't scare you as the distance between Terminal A and B is shorter than 2 minutes by walk.

photo 20210428_085831jpg

Area allocated for a mini press event.

photo 20210428_085852jpg-min

FIDS for the day.

photo 20210428_085843jpg

Security was a breeze with only 5 minutes of wait, however, clearing security early in this airport might not make sense as the airside facilities are pretty limited. Also, due to the pandemic, half of the merchants located airside were closed.

photo 20210428_090526jpg-min

Here is a photo of N801XT, an Avelo Airlines aircraft but not the one that would take me to Santa Rosa

photo 20210428_090506jpg


The gate area was already crowded and press was ready for the opening talk of Andrew Levy, the owner & the CEO of the airline.

photo 20210428_090548jpg-min-88560

While waiting for that event, I have taken some photos of the Avelo jets in the tarmac.

photo 20210428_090620jpg

And here is our bird, N802XT which would be the one taking all of us to Santa Rosa for the inaugural flight.

This aircraft has flown for Turkish Airlines in the past so that was an extra special fact for me, however, I haven't flown TC-JGG ( his previous registration ) while this bird was flying for TK.

photo 20210428_090625jpg

Many av-geeks were already in the line trying to board first.

photo 20210428_090650jpg-min-55772

While waiting, I have realized that I was in group 6 ( the last group ) despite paying extra for Priority Boarding. That's why I have headed to the podium and the agent apologized for that, however, it was a known system issue and told me that it was going to be fixed.

photo 20210428_090844jpg-min

The gate monitor

photo 20210428_090910jpg

The gate area was getting crowded every minute.

photo 20210428_090930jpg-min-55163

And a few minutes later, the CEO Andrew Levy has arrived and started his speech.

photo 20210428_093123jpg-minphoto 20210428_093142jpg-min

And he is cutting the ribbon

photo 20210428_093702jpg-min

Mission accomplished

photo 20210428_093704jpg-minphoto 20210428_094436jpg

Ground staff of the airline was present to celebrate this moment at the tarmac

photo 20210428_094441jpg


Shortly after the ribbon was cut, boarding has started.
Obviously, COVID-19 protocols still in place, although no one observed the 6 feet social distance within the terminal but the mask compliance was great.

photo 20210428_094133jpg-min

And after my boarding pass was scanned, I started to walk and during the boarding process, the CEO Andrew Levy was thanking every passenger individually for flying with them and handed a special flyer dedicated to this flight.

photo 20210428_094909jpg

Another photo of N801XT which was parked next door

photo 20210428_094753jpg

Here is a photo of N802XT, the aircraft which is going to operate this flight.

photo 20210428_094807jpg

Some shots of the bird while climbing up the ramp

photo 20210428_094852jpgphoto 20210428_094859jpg

Fuselage shot

photo 20210428_094916jpg


Information regarding this aircraft at the front door

photo 20210428_095601jpg

After being welcomed by the cabin crew, I have headed to my seat 3A.

photo 20210428_094949jpg-17310

The seats are slimline seats which are ideal for flights shorter than 2 hours. They were not uncomfortable but they aren't the best seats around the industry.

photo 20210428_094944jpg-min

My seat 3A was an extra-legroom seat with 31" pitch and as far as you see, the pitch is decent in this row.

photo 20210428_095003jpg-min

The overhead panel

photo 20210428_094956jpg-min

Our neighbor was this Alaska 737-700

photo 20210428_095014jpg

People were filming and taking photos of this very exciting inaugural flight.

Also, while boarding was going on, I have heard something really interesting. Avelo Airlines was using the boarding music of Turkish Airlines which felt really good for me. It was really nice to hear that melody.

photo 20210428_095040jpg-min

For those interested, here is the legroom in seats 2D-E-F which has the most generous legroom in the aircraft.

photo 20210428_095056jpg-min

As you might imagine, no inflight magazine is being offered and the safety card was the only thing located in the seat pocket. Although, in the upcoming months the BoB menu would be joining the safety card. More coming regarding the service later in this report.

photo 20210428_095124jpg-minphoto 20210428_095143jpg-min

While boarding was going on, I also had the chance to take a photo with the captains inside the cockpit and have a small talk with them. They were really friendly and happy to be working with this airline.

photo 20210428_095656jpg-min

While boarding was going on, the Alaska 737-700 next door was still there.

photo 20210428_095746jpg-min

And finally, when boarding was completed, the CEO Andrew Levy, once again thanked us for flying Avelo and hoped that we would enjoy this flight.

photo 20210428_102022jpg-min

And shortly later, we started our push back process

photo 20210428_102523jpg-min

N613AS from another angle

photo 20210428_102532jpg-min

The pushback marshall at that time

photo 20210428_102615jpg-min

A Boeing 757 parked at the other side of the airport 

photo 20210428_103107jpg

Southwest 737-700

photo 20210428_103456jpg-min

We had a 5 minute taxi to the runway and at that time the safety demo was performed and the lead FA made another welcome announcement.

photo 20210428_103852jpg

We're in the air and everyone started applauding at this moment.

photo 20210428_103854jpg-min

The terminal

photo 20210428_103859jpg-minphoto 20210428_1038580jpg-min


photo 20210428_103858jpg-min

Some photos after takeoff

photo 20210428_103904jpg

Universal Studios, Hollywood

photo 20210428_103940jpg-min

Downtown LA

photo 20210428_103944jpg


photo 20210428_104033jpg

And heading northwards

photo 20210428_104126jpg-min

Shortly after the seatbelt signs have been switched off, the cabin crew has started service, which consisted a snack bag

photo 20210428_105007jpg-94859photo 20210428_104959jpg-46647

Normally, the airline plans to start Buy on Board service but at this time, passengers would be offered a snack bag with a disinfectant wipe, a bottle of water and a pack of biscuits. 

Compared to legacy carriers that does not offer any service on shorter flights due to the pandemic, this is something great.

photo 20210428_105052jpg

Shortly after takeoff, we were over the countryside and heading northwards.

photo 20210428_105138jpg-min

At that time, one of the airline executives or managers ( don't remember who ), made an announcement thanking all of us for flying Avelo and told us that there would be a sparkling cider toss to celebrate the moment.

photo 20210428_105455jpg

The sparkling cider tasted really good

photo 20210428_110224jpg-min

Some photos during our cruise

photo 20210428_111232jpg

A regional airport at California

photo 20210428_111332jpg

During the flight, I have also visited the front lavatory which was clean during my visit.

By the way, the floor tiles are from the previous owner of the aircraft.

photo 20210428_111648jpg-minphoto 20210428_111654jpg-min

While cruising over the Bay Area, I was able to take a photo of San Jose Airport, SJC 

photo 20210428_111907jpg-min

More photos over the Bay Area

photo 20210428_112037jpg


photo 20210428_112218jpgphoto 20210428_112250jpg

Downtown San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge

photo 20210428_112434jpgphoto 20210428_112452jpg

Downtown SF from another angle

photo 20210428_112516jpg

While we were almost there the cabin crew has collected trash and made final preparations for landing.

photo 20210428_112537jpg

Before landing, it was great to see beautiful scenery

photo 20210428_112659jpgphoto 20210428_112919_100jpg

We're still descending

photo 20210428_113733jpg-minphoto 20210428_113912jpg-minphoto 20210428_114105jpg-min

And we have landed at STS - Santa Rosa Airport and an applause has started

photo 20210428_114122jpg

As the runway is only 6000ft in Santa Rosa, the captains needed to brake a bit so that we could stop but they were successful, it should be a difficult landing for them.

photo 20210428_114124jpg

Alaska and American regional jets at the terminal

photo 20210428_114230jpg

A Cessna 172N

photo 20210428_114524jpg-min

And after a short taxi, we have parked at parking position #4

photo 20210428_114555jpgphoto 20210428_114615jpg

Media has placed their cameras shortly after we reached our parking position

photo 20210428_114646jpg

And shortly later, the ramp has been attached to door 1L.

photo 20210428_114846jpg-min

After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft and took this fuselage shot.

photo 20210428_115115jpg

Upon arrival, the airport authority was handing souvenir bags and a cookie to each passenger.

photo 20210428_115155jpg

And some other people from the surrounding area, was welcoming us with posters.

photo 20210428_115256jpg

The cookie had the Avelo logo on it and was delicious.

photo 20210428_115352jpg-min

Shortly after landing there was going to be another press event in a small room in the airport where Andrew Levy, the CEO made another speech with some local VIP's.

photo 20210428_115358jpg-min

This report has come to an end.
The journey would continue in the next report which would be Avelo Airline's second ever flight.

Once again thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report 

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Avelo Airlines

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Burbank - BUR


Santa Rosa, CA - STS



I would post a more detailed conclusion in the next report regarding Avelo Airlines.

However, taking this specific inaugural flight was a pleasure and I'm glad that I was a passenger of this flight and I really enjoyed flying on an inaugural flight of a brand new airline for the first time.



  • Comment 575799 by
    wop SILVER 341 Comments

    Hi! Thanks for this report. It is great opportunity to discover this new airline. I'm curious to see how it will develop.

  • Comment 575839 by
    Plainfreak 37 Comments

    Thanks for a very nice report of this inaugural flight! Always nice, when there are some special attentions for a first flight :-)

    Avelo looks like a good value proposition, especially with the small snack.


    • Comment 575840 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 360 Comments

      Hi there and thanks for your comment,

      As you mentioned, I enjoyed the fact that the crew wasn't hiding in the galley and there was a snack service; however, sadly in the future, BoB would replace the place of free snacks onboard Avelo.


  • Comment 576015 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5503 Comments

    Hi ISTFlyer! Sorry, I was travelling last week, but I added Avelo and STS and updated your reports. Wow, I did not expect to see an Avelo review so soon, and not from you (No status to gain, haha). So cool that you were able to be on the inaugural flight--I couldn't believe it when I saw the date of Apr feels like it was only a few weeks ago!

    With the US Domestic market so (oddly) hot right now, there's definitely room for a new player on some routes and it's cool that Avelo is flying to locations like STS, which obviously offer much more convenient access to the Sonoma/Napa Valley (yay WINE!) than either SFO or OAK.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 576021 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 360 Comments

      Hi Kévin and thanks for your comment,

      Sorry, I was travelling last week, but I added Avelo and STS and updated your reports.

      - No worries at all. I hope you enjoyed your trip and hope to reed the reports soon.
      Wow, I did not expect to see an Avelo review so soon, and not from you (No status to gain, haha). So cool that you were able to be on the inaugural flight--I couldn't believe it when I saw the date of Apr feels like it was only a few weeks ago!

      - I was really lucky to get the discounted $19 tickets for the inaugural as Avelo was clear regarding when they would release the tickets to the public for the inaugural flight. It was my first time flying on an inaugural flight of an airline. I don't want to give clear hints, however, I would post more inaugural flight reports here in Flight-Report soon.
      With the US Domestic market so (oddly) hot right now, there's definitely room for a new player on some routes and it's cool that Avelo is flying to locations like STS, which obviously offer much more convenient access to the Sonoma/Napa Valley (yay WINE!) than either SFO or OAK.

      - I have realized the same thing, STS was underserved compared to other Bay Area airports before Avelo stepped into the competition. Now, Alaska Airlines has increased the number of their flights to Santa Rosa. Also, I was unaware of this airport before Avelo Airlines and now I am familiar that there is an alternative airport at the Sonoma/Napa Valley area which I might visit in the future.


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