Review of American Airlines flight Los Angeles Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2532
Class Economy
Seat 09A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 04:59
Take-off 27 May 21, 12:56
Arrival at 27 May 21, 20:55
AA   #28 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 515 reviews
By GOLD 579
Published on 15th July 2021

Report No: 2021-406

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The fourth and last report of this series would cover an American Airlines transcontinental flight in Main Cabin Extra from Los Angeles to Washington Reagan Airport onboard the Airbus A321neo. This report would also cover a review of the American Airlines Admirals in Los Angeles Terminal 4.

Here is the routing for the series;

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 100%
Main Cabin Extra: 95-100%
Main Cabin: 95-100%


I have online checked-in for my flight the day before.
As there weren't any better seat options, I have sticked with my seat 09A. 

photo screenshot_20210428-132914_american-airlines

Here is my boarding pass for this flight

photo screenshot_20210428-132945_american-airlines

The day of the flight, I wasn't in a rush so I decided to go to the airport via public transportation.

photo 20210429_102028jpg

After a bus ride to the LAX Bus Terminal, I needed to wait 5 minutes for the terminal shuttle to arrive. As you could notice in the background, when the LAX people mover is in effect, the shuttle between the LAX Bus Terminal and the terminals would be provided via the people mover rather than buses.

photo 20210429_105647jpg

While heading to Terminal 4 on the bus, I have received a travel voucher alternative. I have bid for $400 as I was not in a hurry and could take another flight.

photo screenshot_20210429-110126_american-airlines


The shuttles would drop you to the arrivals level, thus you would need to take the escalator/elevator to access the departures level.

photo 20210429_110838jpg-min

After taking the elevator up to the security checkpoint level, there was a surprise. No priority security lanes as usual ( this was the norm at LAX since COVID ) and only 2 lanes open for the entire terminal.

After waiting a few minutes in line, one of the machines went out of service due to a technical issue so all passengers doesn't have TSA Pre were limited to one security checkpoint device. It was a total chaos as the main T4 security checkpoint was closed where there are 5-6 checkpoint lanes.

photo 20210429_111010jpg-min

It took about 15-20 minutes to clear security because of this mess.
The A321neo that would be taking me to DCA is visible in the left side of the image below. 

photo 20210429_112810jpg

While walking to the lounge, 3 lanes in the main T4 security checkpoint have opened as the lines were much longer than it used to be compared to when I have arrived at the terminal.

photo 20210429_112830jpg


As all American Airlines Flagship Lounge's are closed because of the pandemic, I decided to pick the AA Admirals Club in T4 over the Alaska Lounge in T6 for this occasion.

photo 20210429_112916jpg-min

After being welcomed by an agent upstairs, I was told that both the Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge space was being used, however, both sides would have Admirals Club service.

photo 20210429_113209jpg-min-30299

Here are the FIDS for the day

photo 20210429_113529jpg-min

Per LA County Health guidelines at that time, nothing was self-service and every food/beverage item must be served by a bartender/employee. For reference, this non-sense rule is not in effect at this time ( July 2021, when the report was written )

photo 20210429_113537jpg-min-64541

Here are the food items being offered. Although, it's mostly packaged snacks; soup was also available.

For the beverage part, the bar had their usual alcoholic and soft options and the buffet set in the Flagship Lounge area had coffee, decaf coffee, tea, espresso specialities, water, fountain drink options available for passengers.

photo 20210429_113945jpg-min

Here is my selection for the day.
To be honest, the tomato soup was delicious and I have asked for a second cup after I finished the first one. 

Also, as no proper meal would be served on the 5 hour flight, I needed to eat food in order not to be hungry during the flight.

photo 20210429_114118jpg-min

Before leaving the club, I have asked the service desk about the overbooking status of the aircraft; the agent told me that there are still 5 available Economy Class seats available, thus the aircraft isn't overbooked so the gate agents wouldn't be looking for volunteers.

photo 20210429_120625jpg-min


As my flight would be departing from Terminal 5, I have taken the underground tunnel between Terminal 4 & Terminal 5.

photo 20210429_121051jpg-min

While I arrived at the gate, they were already boarding Group 2 so I directly jumped in to the boarding lane and boarded.

photo 20210429_121124jpg-min-91204


After being welcomed by the crew, I have headed to my seat 9A for this flight.
During boarding, no hand sanitizer wipe was provided. 

photo 20210429_121452jpg-min-81938

The seat pitch in Main Cabin Extra is pretty decent. The seat also features a USB ports

photo 20210429_121528jpg-minphoto 20210429_121530jpg-min

As well as a power outlet under seats

photo 20210429_121659jpg

As a datapoint, this was my second flight onboard N427AN ( this specific aircraft ). The previous occasion I flew this aircraft was 2 days before this flight on the same exact route but on the opposite direction. You could find the Flight-Report of that flight here.

Here is the overhead panel.

photo 20210429_121703jpg

Our neighbor was going to be this Allegiant A320

photo 20210429_121722jpg

Also a photo of the Terminal 4-5 connector construction.

photo 20210429_121725jpg

The American Way magazine <which is="" now="" discontinued=""> was present in the literature pocket.[/which][/which][/which]

photo 20210429_122051jpg-min

Information about the AA fleet

photo 20210429_122137jpg-min

Terminal maps of both airports involved in this flight

photo 20210429_122146jpg-minphoto 20210429_122154jpg

American Airlines locations within North America

photo 20210429_122204jpg-min

Wi-Fi and personal device entertainment was available on this flight.

photo 20210429_122214jpg-minphoto 20210429_122222jpg-min

Here is a screenshot of the main page of the personal device entertainment menu

photo screenshot_20210429-131049_samsung-internet

Wi-Fi options for this flight

photo screenshot_20210429-131106_samsung-internet

If you are an AAdvantage member, you could also get a Wi-Fi subscription

photo screenshot_20210429-131116_samsung-internet

Here is the personal device entertainment menu

photo screenshot_20210429-131129_samsung-internet

TV show options

photo screenshot_20210429-131141_samsung-internet

Movie options

photo screenshot_20210429-131156_samsung-internet

Live TV option which is limited to Bloomberg.
Access to the 4 news websites below is also free onboard. 

photo screenshot_20210429-131249_samsung-internet

While boarding was going on, the Allegiant aircraft next door was replaced by this JetBlue A321

photo 20210429_125135jpg

After a few minutes, it was our turn to push back and we were on our way. At that time, the safety demo was being done by the cabin crew.

photo 20210429_125228jpg

Our gate 53A.
Also, it's worthwhile to mention that this flight was a full flight with only a couple of middle seats at the back being empty. 

photo 20210429_125320jpg

Another American A321neo parked at gate 53B

photo 20210429_125410jpg

JetBlue A321

photo 20210429_125838jpg

Terminal 6 is visible

photo 20210429_125908jpg-min

Passing through Terminal 5

photo 20210429_125938jpg

Spirit & Alaska aircraft visible

photo 20210429_125955jpg

Alaska Airbus A321 pushing back. That A321 would be operating AS6 to DCA that day.
Both oneworld carriers ( Alaska and American ) have similar timings for their LAX-DCA flights as they are not codesharing each other on this route. 

photo 20210429_130006jpg

United & Terminal 7.

photo 20210429_130018jpg

Terminal 7-8

photo 20210429_130034jpg

United 787 at a remote stand

photo 20210429_130137jpg

The new United hangar that is under construction

photo 20210429_130202jpg

Asia Pacific Airlines cargo aircraft

photo 20210429_130232jpg

Some other cargo aircraft at near the cargo terminal

photo 20210429_130623jpg

FedEx Aircraftt

photo 20210429_130634jpg

And after a 5-10 minute taxi, it was our turn to take off and as usual we have took off towards the west

photo 20210429_130656jpg

The beach

photo 20210429_130722jpg-min

Some photos after takeoff

LAX from the air

photo 20210429_131327jpg

Torrence Airport

photo 20210429_131334jpg-min

And Long Beach Airport

photo 20210429_131451jpg-min

After we have reached our cruising altitude, the service has begun.
Due to the pandemic American is not offering buy-on-board and only offering non-alcoholic beverages and snacks on this route. 

photo 20210429_133613jpg

Later on, I slept until we started our descend as I knew the flight would be uneventful.

photo 20210429_172721jpg

Georgetown area

photo 20210429_173019jpg-min

The Kennedy Center of Arts

photo 20210429_173027jpg-min

The Washington Monument and the White House

photo 20210429_173045jpg-min

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

photo 20210429_173055jpg-min

Making the final sharp turn before landing

photo 20210429_173109jpg

And we have safely landed at DCA

photo 20210429_173132jpg

The terminal. DCA isn't an airport where you could spot aircraft of a variety of carriers. The traffic here is mostly American Airlines.

photo 20210429_203448jpg-min

After a short taxi, we have parked at gate 42 next to this Airbus A321neo.

photo 20210429_203615jpgphoto 20210429_203628jpg-min

After the seatbelt signs were switched off, despite social distancing reminders, most people didn't follow any social distancing and directly stepped into the aisle.

photo 20210429_203642jpg


After saying goodbye to the crew, I have taken this fuselage shot and left the aircraft

photo 20210429_203934jpg-min

The DCA C Terminal was crowded compared to a few months ago where the terminal was quiet in late-evening hours.

photo 20210429_204025jpg-min

Soon it was time to leave the airport and this meant that this report has come to an end.

photo 20210429_204440jpg-min

Once again thanks for reading this report and I hope you enjoyed it.
More Flight-Report's on new airlines would be coming soon and to read them stay tuned on Flight-Report.
I wish to see you all on another report. 

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

American Admirals Club - 4


Los Angeles - LAX


Washington - DCA



To conclude this report, I could tell that it's sad to see that the ground experience at LAX T4 is much worse than the pre-pandemic era with still priority security not being offered, crowded and disorganized security lines and the temporary closure of the Flagship Lounge. On this occasion, I have chosen American Airlines because they were the cheapest among all carriers and some status perks like MCE could justify it so I wouldn't complain too much about it, though, I wouldn't paid extra to AA if Alaska and United where cheaper.

For the flight, it's still a joke that nothing except pretzels are available for food ( including food for purchase ) but AA's hard product on their new A321neo is decent with a good legroom at MCE rows, power outlets, USB ports and the entertainment system. Also the crew was friendly and polite towards passengers on this flight which is a plus. However, I'll admit that I am missing the A321's and 737-800's with PTV that operated this route in the past. Although, AA is still a decent carrier for US domestic flight standards and would be one of the choices that I will consider on future travel.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Washington (DCA)


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  • Comment 577452 by
    ChrisB GOLD 1952 Comments

    Hi, thanks for sharing!
    Indeed the A321Neo hard product looks nice, although not as nice as my recent experience on TK!
    Catering is sad indeed!
    Was United too expensive to collect miles? I assume you fly TK sometimes if so that would be the same airline alliance?

    • Comment 577589 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi Chris and thanks for stopping by,

      Indeed the A321Neo hard product looks nice, although not as nice as my recent experience on TK!

      - Yes, American's A321neo's are not the industry best when it comes to the hard-product, but it's nice for US standards. TK's hard product on their A321neo is definitely much better than AA's.
      Catering is sad indeed!

      - Unfortunately, AA is using the mask-mandates and COVID as an excuse not to provide something on these transcontinental flights. At least, I've read that they are restarting to provide hot meals on First Class on longer domestic routes.
      Was United too expensive to collect miles? I assume you fly TK sometimes if so that would be the same airline alliance?

      - This time yes, UA was much expensive than AA; plus as I also have oneworld Emerald status I balance my travel between Star Alliance and oneworld. In the current climate, it's not a good idea to stick with one alliance and become price/hub captive.


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