Review of Lufthansa flight Sofia Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1429
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 04 Jul 21, 06:50
Arrival at 04 Jul 21, 08:15
LH   #64 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1533 reviews
By 561
Published on 7th May 2022


Greetings, dear Flight-Report community, and a very warm welcome to this new report of mine! After a bit of a break, I'm back with part 2 of this current series, involving a brief trip to Sofia that I took last summer. In part 1, I flew from Vienna to Sofia aboard an Austrian Airlines A320 in Business Class. For the return, I chose Lufthansa over Austrian, and decided to fly back to Innsbruck via Frankfurt. Glad to have you here, and I hope you enjoy the report!

trip information

The routing of this series is as follows:

photo screen-shot-2022-05-07-at-131457

I booked these flights as two different itineraries with miles, as my dates were inflexible and prices weren't good for those dates. Both itineraries, VIE-SOF and SOF-INN cost 8k United miles to book.

This flight was originally meant to be operated by an A320neo, though the night before departure Lufthansa swapped that for an A320ceo. I flew this exact same route on an A320neo 20 days later, so feel free to check out that report if you're interested.

sofia airport (sof)

I got to the airport at 5:20, 90 minutes prior to departure. Annoyingly, at the time of the flight, German regulations required that passenger's documents be checked by ground staff before anyone could receive a boarding pass, so despite the fact that I checked-in via the Lufthansa app, I still had to queue up and get an actual boarding pass. Fortunately the line moved quickly and I was airside in no time.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-151859

Around the time I got airside, the Austrian E195 to Vienna was getting ready to depart.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-151959

Parked at gate A1 was my ride up to Frankfurt.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152007

I made myself comfortable at the north end of the terminal, and bought a sad-looking croissant and disgusting espresso for 5 Lev (~$2.70)

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-151920photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152045photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152038

A view of the sunrise from the terminal.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-151937photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-151946

boarding + initial impressions

Boarding was called at around 6:25, and I was one of the first to line up. At the gate, a hawk-eyed agent spotted my suitcase and forced me to check it. While underweight and totally able to fit in the overhead locker of an A320, I didn't feel like making a scene and resigned to my suitcase's fate. Luckily it would be sent all the way to Innsbruck without needing to be re-checked.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152023

Face to face with the morning's aircraft. Flying me to Germany was D-AIUY, which was built and delivered to Lufthansa in September 2016. In September 2021, Uniform-Yankee left the Lufthansa fleet and now flies the colors of Eurowings Discover with the same registration.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152058

Walking down the jetbridge

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152116photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152130

Fuselage shot.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152156

With a polite "Guten Morgen" from the crew, I made my way to my seat, 4A.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152237

Seatback pocket contents.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152306photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152314

Great legroom at row 4, which isn't surprising given that it's usually part of the Business Class cabin.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152323photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152331

Modern Airbus PSU.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152340

lufthansa 1429 - sofia to frankfurt

Boarding finished around 10 minutes prior to departure, and once everyone was onboard, the captain welcomed us all on board and announced a flight time of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152349

While the flight was very full, my middle seat remained empty, so I moved my bag under 3E and gifted myself some more space to stretch out 😜

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152424photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152432

Something interesting about the crowd - most of the passengers in the rows around me were Omni Air flight attendants returning home to New York after being based in Sofia crewing US Military charters. Cool!

After the Bulgaria Air A319 to London Heathrow pushed back, it was our turn to leave the stand.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152401photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152503

Beginning our taxi to Runway 09 by passing a cool Antonov 26…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152517

…and a 737-300 from the now-defunct Tayaran Jet.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152528

Passing some more local traffic, including a Bulgaria Air E190 resting…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152541

…an albino Bulgaria Air A320 to Amsterdam…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152549

…a Bulgaria Air E190 from Varna…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152557

…and another albino Bulgaria Air A320.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152604

Looking back towards the two terminals, with the Bulgarian Government's A319 off our wing.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152620

departure from sofia

Rolling takeoff.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152643photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152710photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152722

Till next time, Sofia!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152734photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152750

Left turn after departure.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152800photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152807

Tracking northwest over some hazy Bulgarian industrial towns.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152814

Cabin after departure.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152822

Takeoff video:


As soon as the seatbelt sign was switched off, the crew sprung into action. I used that time to clean the areas around my seat with disinfectant wipe provided during boarding.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152843

Passing the Ogosta Reservoir, the second-largest reservoir in Bulgaria, located in the Montana Oblast.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152853

This was my first flight with Lufthansa since the introduction of their buy-on-board menu, and while I didn't feel like buying anything, I did take a look through the menu.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153007photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153019photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153031


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153040photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153049photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153057

All that was offered for those who didn't purchase anything was a bottle of water and a chocolate.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152902photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152910

As a chocolate enthusiast, I must say that the Lufthansa chocolate is definitely the weakest offered between LH, LX, and OS. I maintain that, despite all their shortcomings, OS offers the best chocolate in the group 😋🍫

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152922


Some signs of wear and tear around my seat.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152939photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152950photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-152958

The ever-classy LH swan on the antimacassar.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153113

Coat hook.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153300

Views of the Danube down below.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153142

The cabin from behind.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153222

Novi Sad, Serbia.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153201

The view from row 31.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153153

Once I got back to my seat after my little walk, I put on some music and looked out the window: my favorite form of entertainment! Though it's very disappointing that a "5-Star Airline" doesn't offer any sort of entertainment, not even chargers, on a fairly new aircraft 😉

Standard recline.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153314

Lake Balaton, Hungary.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153250

Clouds forming over Austria.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153328photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153346

arrival into frankfurt

Once we were in German airspace, the First Officer came on the PA to announce some information about our arrival into Frankfurt. We commenced our descent shortly thereafter.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153434

First sightings of German soil.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153448photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153500photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153509

Turning final.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153521

On approach.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153529photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153537photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153547

Swinging over to Runway 25C. Good morning, Mainhattan!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153556photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153624photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153649

Over the airport. Note the Lufthansa A319 from Venice on approach to the parallel runway over our sharklet.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153701photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153717photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153725

Smooth landing at 8:05 AM, 15 minutes after, after a flight time of 2h7m. It felt great to be back in Frankfurt, an airport I used to visit all the time, for the first time since Covid!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153734photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153750

Vacating the runway.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153800photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153807

Pulling into our remote stand…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153821

…next to a Lufthansa A321 which would fly to Düsseldorf later that morning.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153829

One last look at my seat.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153840

I bid the crew farewell at the door and made my way out onto the tarmac and into the bus, snapping 2 final shots of D-AIUY.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153855photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-20-um-153902-58672

routing + conclusion

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-04-um-230725

I'll end this report here, stay tuned for the final installment! 👀

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Cabin crew7.0

Sofia - SOF


Frankfurt - FRA



Not much to say about this flight. It was just about as average as an intra-European flight could be.

+ Friendly, professional crew
+ Punctual operation
- No form of entertainment apart from the views
- New BoB menu with fairly high prices

The flight was perfectly fine for its duration, but Lufthansa isn't anywhere close to 5 stars by any stretch of the imagination...

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Lufthansa avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 29 minutes.

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  • Comment 602214 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6349 Comments
    Welcome back!

    Like you said, pretty average intra-European flight. LH really need to get with the programme and offer streaming IFE--it makes no sense that the LCCs in the LH group like Eurowings and Eidelweiss offer streaming IFE, but not the mainline carriers.

    As a chocolate enthusiast, I must say that the Lufthansa chocolate is definitely the weakest offered between LH, LX, and OS.

    Haha, interesting! So it's not tied to each country's reputation for good chocolate, since I guess LX would be #1 in that case (just by overall reputation since I know there are great German and Austrian chocolates). You'd think they would all have the same chocolate supplier because synergy, scale, and cost-savings and all, but I guess not!

    …next to a Lufthansa A321 which would fly to Düsseldorf later that morning.

    Though I like the new livery in general, on an A321 it's just too much white with the tail being so tiny compared to the size of the fuselage compares to a 310/320.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 602375 by
      NewYorker AUTHOR 194 Comments
      Hey Kevin, good to be back! :D
      LH really need to get with the programme and offer streaming IFE--it makes no sense that the LCCs in the LH group like Eurowings and Eidelweiss offer streaming IFE, but not the mainline carriers.

      Couldn't agree more, I didn't even know that EW and WK offer streaming IFE. LH is shamefully behind the pack when it comes to entertainment on shorthauls, especially for a so-called "5-Star" airline 😜
      So it's not tied to each country's reputation for good chocolate, since I guess LX would be #1 in that case

      Yeah, LX's chocolates are solid, but Austrian really wins. It's funny, because even after living in Austria for over 4 years I can't seem to name a single Austrian brand of chocolate 😂
      Though I like the new livery in general, on an A321 it's just too much white with the tail being so tiny compared to the size of the fuselage compares to a 310/320.

      Agreed, if anything maybe they could have at least made the "Lufthansa" titles a bit bigger on the A321...
      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you in the final segment! 😃

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