Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Pula Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1723
Class Economy
Seat 11A
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 17 Jul 21, 10:05
Arrival at 17 Jul 21, 11:10
CL   #52 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 102 reviews
By GOLD 231
Published on 19th August 2021


Hi everyone! Welcome to the third of four installments of this series, regarding my "Maturareise" to the Croatian peninsula of Istria. Upon finishing high school, Austrian classes go to some sunny destination to celebrate their graduation and the start of a new chapter in their lives. While most of the rest of the class drove to and from Croatia, I flew, and therefore was able to earn precious miles that I couldn't earn in 2020. For this flight, however, I wasn't alone, as two of my classmates flew on an MUC-PUY roundtrip. Having them with me made the journey even more enjoyable!

trip information

I booked these flights as a multi-city itinerary. As I needed to be in Sofia on July 19th, I terminated the trip there. The trip would include 4 flights on 3 different airlines, flying on 4 different aircraft types, and passing through 5 different airports. The routing is as follows:

photo screen-shot-2021-08-05-at-145440

This leg would also be my first flight aboard a Lufthansa CityLine CRJ, my first time on a CRJ900, and my first CRJ flight since 2015!

the morning of departure

Even though our flight was scheduled to depart at 10:05 AM, my friends and I got to the airport at the ungodly hour of 5:30 AM. Why, you may ask? Well, the rest of the group elected to leave our vacation rental at 5 AM in order to (wisely) avoid a long wait at the Croatian-Slovenian border (without a long wait at the border, the drive from Vodnjan, the town we stayed in, to Innsbruck is 6.5 hours). That meant that we could either sleep in and take a taxi or rise early and be driven to the airport by one of our classmates. Given that my friends were scammed out of 60 Euros by a taxi after arriving in Pula from Munich the Saturday before, we decided to suck it up and get a free ride.

The drive to the airport took us around 25 minutes, and we arrived at Pula Airport just as the clouds above were starting to become blue.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-130857photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-130905

We were unsure if the airport closes at night, but luckily it was open when we arrived, so we didn't need to stay outside in the rain.

pula airport (puy)

We walked inside to find something none of us had ever seen before: a completely empty and dark airport. It was a pretty cool experience, especially because the only thing that could be heard was the sound of rain falling on the metal roof. We took some pictures and audio recording to cherish the experience.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-130934photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-130942

After around 15 minutes, airport staff showed up and turned on the lights. My friends and I no longer had an airport all to ourselves.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131115photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131132

Slowly but surely, the passengers of the first flight of the day (a UIA E190 to Kiev) began to show up, and by 7 the airport finally felt alive (well, by small airport standards). The that time, the café opened, and I bought myself a slightly burned chocolate croissant for 10 Kuna (~1.30 Euros).

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131141photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131154

Our time landside flew by (thanks to hours of fun, face-to-face, discussions - not all youths are addicted to electronics! 😜), and once we got our boarding passes from the Lufthansa counter as soon as it opened, we headed airside.

I should note that, for some reason, online check-in for flights originating from Croatia seems to be a bit of an issue. Lufthansa sent us to check-in with a Croatian site called, which I assume uses the same interface Alaska Airlines used in 1999 when they introduced the world's first online check-in 🙈 All three of us were on different bookings, and none of us were able to check-in - we got error messages every time we tried. Has anyone else had similar experiences in Croatia?

Security and immigration were both super quick, and literally within 60 seconds of queuing in we were airside.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131208

Pula's current airport terminal was completed in 1989. It's small and definitely gives off communist vibes, but it serves its purpose and is pretty comfortable to wait in. My one complaint is that there are barely any power outlets in the terminal - I only saw 1.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131216photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131301

Funnily enough, the departure boards don't just show the day's departures, but also the week's departures, all the way up to the following Saturday!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131226

My friends and I ended up sitting on the old aircraft seats, located in a corner off the beaten path. Can anyone tell what airline they are from?

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131236

After a week of near constant sunshine, the weather in Pula that morning was sad and rainy. It also reflected our moods - there were a lot of tears in the morning as we said goodbye to our 15 classmates who were driving back.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131251

Fortunately, there was a terrace upstairs, which put a smile on my face!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131347photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131405photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131422

The terrace was quite nice, but I'd like to be back on a sunny day with a lot of traffic.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131434

Our aircraft was running late, but once I spotted it arrive from the terrace, I went back downstairs to snag a photo of it and then we headed to the gate.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131453photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131312

boarding + initial impressions

There was no gate announced, so instead passengers just lined up at the gate closest to the aircraft.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131526

That offered me the chance to take a closer look at our bird before it was time to board. Flying us to Munich was D-ACNG, an 11.9-year-old CRJ900 named 'Rothenburg ob der Tauber', after a picturesque town in Bavaria. November-Golf was delivered to the old Eurowings in October 2009 and transferred to Lufthansa CityLine in February 2016.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131504

So long, Croatia 🥺 we had an unforgettable week!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131518-56582

When it was time to board, the gate agents told us to head over to Gate 3.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131539-18020

Despite how close the aircraft was, we were herded into a bus. Since my flight from Frankfurt was parked farther and we walked upon arrival, I guess it was due to the rain.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131559-84308photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131616

The ride was naturally very short. The ground staff was nice enough to only let a few people into the aircraft at a time, so that the rest could wait in the bus as opposed to outside in the rain.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131638-81358photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131657

Close-ups of Rothenburg ob der Tauber as it was my turn to head inside.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131748photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131756photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131824

Looking towards the pointy nose.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131806

A cute small welcome message next to the door. This was my first time flying on an aircraft with the new Lufthansa livery!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131843

A very friendly purser greeted us at the door and passed out a disinfectant wipe as well as chocolates.

Passing the plaque with the coat of arms of Rothenburg.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131921

Making my way past Business Class…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131937-21532

…into coach, and my seat, 11A. My friends were right behind me, in 12A&C.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-131950-40380

The chocolate and wipe that the purser handed at the door.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132137photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132151

Legroom was some of the tightest I've seen on an LH Group aircraft, but for this short flight it was more than manageable.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132028

Stretchy seatback pocket.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132037

In the literature pocket, the safety instructions card and the Onboard Delights menu.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132055


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132823-81926


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132103

Coat hook.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132304

lufthansa 1723 - pula to munich

Once all passengers were onboard and the cargo doors were closed, Captain Daniel welcomed us onboard and promised to fly us to Munich on the quickest route possible in order to make up for the delay.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132207

I was thrilled to hear the cabin door close, as that meant that I had the aisle seat to myself as well. It was one of few empty seats on the flight.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132123

Leaving our parking position.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132319

One last look at the tiny Pula Airport, my home of the past 5 hours!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132331


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132346

departure from pula

Lining up.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132359

"Lufthansa 7 X-Ray Victor, Runway 27, cleared for takeoff".

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132413

And airborne.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132421photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132434

Nice view of Pula down below.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132457photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132505

Turning north.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132513photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132520

Cabin after departure.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132528

Takeoff video:

Last views of water, and a small tip of Brijuni National Park (more on that in the tourism bonus below!)

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132808


In between cloud layers.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132836

Once the seatbelt sign was switched off, the crew started the service by - you guessed it - passing bottles of water around. I ate my chocolate at the same time.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132853

At our cruising altitude of 34,000ft.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132909

Before descending, I headed to the restroom. I got a kick out of the spacing on the sign under the toilet lid 🤣

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132921

Before heading back to my seat, I sat in the last row, 25A. Had I not had company on this flight, I would sat here (as any true AvGeek would), due to its proximity to the engine.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132936

Look at that beautiful CF34! 😍

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-132944

The cabin looking forward. One of the flight attendants struck up a conversation with one of the passengers, which is nice to see. While I didn't have many interactions with the 2 crew members, they were both professional, kind, and clearly took pride in their job. What else could you ask for on an hour flight?

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133004-88003photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133012

arrival into munich

Commencing our descent south of Salzburg.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133033

Left turn as soon as we entered German airspace.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133045

A few minutes later, we were on approach for Munich's Runway 26R. Unfortunately, we didn't leave the gloomy weather behind :(

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133112photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133120photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133129

Over the airport.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133149photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133200

Very smooth landing at 11:30 AM, 20 minutes late, after being in the air for a mere 43 minutes.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133210

Taxiing to our stand on the other side of the field.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133229photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133236

Landing video:

Passing the satellite terminal, which is still closed.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133414

Making a 180 into a stand…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133426

…next to another CL CRJ.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133436

Enter text here…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133550


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133607photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-21-um-133620

routing of lh1723

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-07-18-um-140132

After departing Pula, we initially flew northeast and then a direct track towards Munich, where we arrived via waypoint NAPSA to Runway 26R. Our cruising was 34,000ft.

The bus ride to the terminal was a bit long, and as soon as we made it inside the terminal it was time to bid farewell to my friends, without whom I would not have been able to survive 5 hours at Pula Airport. They headed to immigration and their train to Innsbruck, while I headed upstairs for 4 and half more hours of waiting for yet another Lufthansa flight. Yay! We'll pick up the layover in the next and final installment. I hope you enjoyed this one, and please check out the tourism bonus below! 😃

tourism bonus - exploring istria

Bonus : Click here display
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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.0

Pula - PUY


Munich - MUC



Unsurprisingly, it was a very pleasant (and short) flight with Lufthansa CityLine.

+ Professional cabin crew
+ Free water
+ No entertainment/WiFi

I wish that LH added some form of entertainment on their CL-operated CRJs, but I highly doubt that'll ever happen. Regardless of that, I had a great flight, especially thanks to the friends I was travelling with.



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