Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Bogota in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH542
Class Economy
Seat 35H
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 11:45
Take-off 03 Jun 21, 11:40
Arrival at 03 Jun 21, 16:25
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Published on 17th July 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome again to another FR. This is the second flight of the day, the previous one you can find it here: 


After disembarking from the previous flight, LH1139 from Barcelona, I proceeded to the immigration form, which was full of people. Hopefully it didn't take that long, and the officer just checked my passport before continuing to the gate. Even the PCR is required even for passengers who are in transit, nobody requested it. 
There weren't many things to do in this airport area. I found it very old-stylish and it was crowded. 

photo 216054760_10223420086323888_1709747897679882985_n

This one is heading to Cancún today. 

photo 214978436_10223420087683922_7072765219795658890_n

And this one was getting ready for it's flight to Abuja. This one, the one to Cancún, and the one to San José de Costa Rica were fully booked flights. 

photo 215360353_10223420085803875_8026491192043933015_n

Soon it was time to boarding. Despite being the beggining of june, today's flight to Bogotá was really empty. The pandemic, and also the political situation in Colombia wasn't the best (still not good today), so no tourism at all, despite being a country with a flexible entry requirements. This flight was daily, and until march 2020 it was operated by the A346. Since Lufthansa came back to Colombia at the end of the 2020, they're operating the route 4-5 times a week with the A343. Sometimes it makes a stopover in Punta Cana on it's flight back to Frankfurt, but cabin crew told me it was only for refuelling. 

Once on board I realized he plane was loaded with no more than 40 passengers. In the rear cabin we were no more than 15 pax. Not that bad, considereing a 12 hour flight. 

photo 215567960_10223420081763774_5638782494772797044_n

Here there are a few pics outside. United airlines 787-10 started it's flight to Washington. 

photo 214996975_10223420080923753_2990091120130924892_n

That's a nice one. Heading to Tashkent

photo 213024812_10223420080483742_9123691183546742931_n

"Boarding completed". Comfortable at all

photo 216138048_10223420083803825_9057886534905607923_n

Push Back on time. Soon engines started and we were taxiing for take off. 

Take off on time, heading to the south. A right turn searching for France and a very slow climb to our cruising altitude. Despite being an empty flight, there are almost 10.000km to Bogotá, so tanks were full. 

Inside the aircraft I decided to take a look at the film. You not always have 2 PTV for you. 

photo 215021889_10223420085443866_3132476824585308451_n

Just over the Atlantic ocean meal service started. It was quite fast because of the load factor. As I said on the previous report, Lufthansa made some good cost-cut during the pandemic. On their long-haul flights you can also note that. Nowadays you just have one option, which is always pasta and tomato without cheese (vegeterian option).  The appetiser is some kind of salad (just lettuce) and a small cheese pack. As a desert, an almond-apple cake which wasn't that good. I really used to appreciate Lufthansa meals, and the last time I flew with them (PTY-FRA, reported here too) the service was pretty good. I don't really understand this severe service cost-cut and I want to think they will improve whenever this situation improves. 
Coffee or tea was served at the same time, so cabin crew have a contact-less with the passengers.  

photo 215415930_10223420084683847_4173261292748311885_n

As I was hungry, I requested another meal to the cabin crew, but they told me they didn't have enough meals for their return flight, so the stewardess came a few moments later with some cookies and an almond business class bag. Well, it's something. 

photo 212876436_10223420082843801_5383476467317759252_n

After meal service cabin crew dimmed the lights and closed the windows. I slept for a few hours. Later on, we were already flying over the Atlantic.

photo 214771804_10223420075523618_6629194743884653849_n

Over the Atlantic

photo 215382234_10223420074923603_5716265483396824223_n

A mid-flight snack was served after 6 hours in the air. It consisted of a drink service, a chocolate bar and an ice cream. Nice touch here. I enjoyed while working a bit. 

photo 215962628_10223420073643571_448375026286622074_nphoto 213120744_10223420074563594_551215413225192733_n

A bad cabin pic while flying. Most of the windows were closed during cruise.

photo 212911408_10223420072563544_2195149250350432355_n

And as we were getting closer to the Caribbean, some interesting clouds appeared. 

photo 215771986_10223420071723523_7070554726906630008_n

Getting closer…

photo 215349890_10223420071283512_4618696549464986667_n

The route leaves Europe from France, and takes the Atlantic Ocean. It passes over Azores islands before continuing to the Caribbean. Lufthansa avoids flying over Venezuela (Iberia doesn't, but I don't really know why) so it passes over the Caribbean Ocean before entering in Colombia from the northest point, in La Guajira.  

photo 213078047_10223420069563469_5676079543971101470_n

1:30 before landing lights were opened and the cabin crew started it's second service. At the end of 2019 Lufthansa stopped providing 2 hot meals on their longer flights. So, despite being an almost 12h journey, Lufthansa is now offering a cold vegetarian snack. It was a kind of wrap with cheese and vegetables. A fruit salad and muesli bar came with it, but the quality wasn't the best. 

photo 208848907_10223420068243436_1424785087905209017_n

Over Colombia, views weren't the best because of the weather. 

photo 215945630_10223420069123458_5661954492395242358_n

But soon weather conditions imprved. And by the time, we were flying at the east of Magdalena River. This one is the most important of the country. Views were very nice. 

We passed over Barrancabermeja, Magdalena Medio's capital. I've been here a few times and despite being one of the hottest places of the country, is one of my favourite places in Colombia. It's also the last city before commencing our descent. 

photo 215847299_10223420064563344_8141768713590378557_n

And a few moments later descent started. Even I've been many times in Colombia, It was the first time in a window seat landing during daylight, and views are amazing here.  

photo 215493119_10223420066203385_5303735939339052685_n

While descending, we avoided some stormclouds, which are famous here. I went with the night mode with my phone, and the result was quite good. 

Approaching El Dorado. Magdalena River in the back. 

photo 215349530_10223420057283162_1729614122995924469_n

On finals

photo 216879448_10223420048562944_7431074052262826244_n

And touchdown after 11 hours and 40 minutes in the air. Buenas tardes Colombia, que bueno estar por acá de nuevo!

photo 214978410_10223420047642921_4325511126525043930_n

A short taxi to the gate

photo 214676656_10223420046762899_5939408296336580491_n

And we parked next to the Dreamliner. We had to wait for a few minutes before the jetway was connected. 

photo 214978457_10223420045682872_3299761031018716222_n

And this one was the last picture. After disembarking we proceeded to the immigration post, which was absolutely empty. Soon, my baggage appeared at the belt (the only one operating at that time, looks like not many international flights were arriving at that time). So just after that I went to the taxi stop at the terminal and headed out to the apartment. 
Some good domestic flights are coming soon, so stay connected. Thank you very much for reading.


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As I said on previous report, Lufthansa made an important downgrade on it's product, not only on their european flights. This also is noticeable on it's longer flights. Otherwise, the cabin was quite good and the low load factor made this flight quite enjoyable.

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  • Comment 576139 by
    ISTFlyer SILVER 399 Comments
    Hi Guillbcn and thanks for sharing this report,

    It's nice to see you having an enjoyable flight on Lufthansa and I would agree with your points on cost-cutting.
    It's really a pitiful move from Lufthansa to cut hot meals on second services, cutting the aperitif ( Soletti cracker + drink ) and coffee/tea service after the meal. At least you had a mid-flight snack as they are also eliminated on flights shorter than 10 hours. I find the ex-Germany vegetarian pasta dishes really tasty and at least they didn't change them.

    I'll be flying LH long-haul this month in Y or W and I hope I'll also have an empty flight like yours.

    Once again thanks for sharing,
    • Comment 576149 by
      Guillbcn AUTHOR 68 Comments
      Thank you very much for you comment. I had pasta on previous LH long-haul flights, but in my opinion it tasted much better years ago. I hope LH improves a bit their service after the pandemic, as for many years they've been one of the best airlines in Europe.
      I will read carefully your reports with LH. Have a nice flight!
  • Comment 576414 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this next report in the series! I was surprised to see this flight so empty. I figured it would be full since Colombia is one of the few places with no entry restrictions, though I guess it's a EU "Red List" country so that means quarantine, etc on return to Europe.
    • Comment 576575 by
      Guillbcn AUTHOR 68 Comments
      Yes, and I was one of the very few non-Colombian passengers on this flight. Things are complicated in this country these times (pandemic and social crisis), so there's no tourism at all. Surely things will improve next year.
      Best wishes!

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