Review of Lufthansa flight Barcelona Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1139
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 03 Jun 21, 06:50
Arrival at 03 Jun 21, 09:00
LH   #39 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1413 reviews
Published on 17th July 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to another Flight Report. I'm finally writing again another FR to Colombia. Despite the pandemic, this year I had the opportunity to fly to this country again. The trip should be done last year, but the borders in this country were closed until september, and my scholarship was moved to this 2021.
So, after searching the best way to make the trip, there were two options which were the best for me (both of them had a cost of 600€). Iberia is still flying to Colombia (If I'm not wrong, Latin America routes are fully operational again) via Madrid. The other one, was flying with Lufthansa via Frankfurt. I decided to take the last one, mainly because I'm a "Miles & Smiles member" so I can earn a few miles. Even Avianca used to have a direct flight to Barcelona, they're only operating to Madrid nowadays, while the rest of the routes in Europe are planned to resume in a few months.  So this is the route reported:


  • Barcelona-Frankfurt LH1139 - A320N You are here
  • Frankfurt-Bogotá LH542 - A340-300 Coming soon

Time to go to the airport. When I bought the flight, it was planned to be at 10:30AM, but due to low demand many flighs were cancelled and in june, there was only one flight in the morning, at 6:50AM. So I went quite early at the airport, at 4AM. It wasn't crowded at this time, but finally people is starting to fly again. 

photo 215305040_10223420012962054_4149015752329000796_n

Just after that I went to the security control, which was very fast. So I decided to take a walk on the Terminal. Even at the beggining it was empty, soon people was arriving. And, since the first time from march 2020, I saw the Terminal quite cramped. At the beggining of june, all the airlines operating from Terminal 2 were flying from Terminal 1, but I think this changed just a few weeks ago. 

photo 217395496_10223420012242036_7085501091432628836_n

Unusual to see Ryanair flights in this terminal, isn't it?

photo 215470595_10223420011082007_9043564482203347801_n

This one was flying to Lanzarote, and it was absolutely full (mainly students who were going to celebrate the end of the year). 

photo 214968362_10223420009361964_6881008102275675650_n

There's our A320N being waked up

photo 213016189_10223420009761974_2150638105996103528_n

Long time without seeing quite people here. 

photo 216975096_10223420007681922_6557553342448833761_n

Gate was prepared for boarding

photo 213202212_10223420008481942_3343945215066275581_n

Boarding started some good 25 minutes before take off. Once on board, cabin crew gave us the "kit". 

photo 201218690_10223420006841901_3161228213303182271_n

And pushback started just before 7AM

photo 217408855_10223420006001880_1906107657949460206_n

Flaps set and taxi to the runway. We're taking off to the east today. 

photo 215398481_10223420004761849_3145525940126968610_n

Bye bye Barcelona! 

photo 202606984_10223420004281837_4800624710444399943_n

Low clouds today, so not really the best views from the city during take off.

photo 216948735_10223420003721823_442697561871848445_n

Soon we made it to the cruise altitutde. 37.000 feet today. 

photo 215551917_10223420003241811_7065698136924173584_n

Route takes us to Marseille, before crossing the Alps. Here there are a few views from the city. Sunny day in the southern part of France.

photo 215235367_10223420002001780_175469365976441339_n

And here it comes the new "meal service" from Lufthansa. Just a few days before the flight Lufthansa introduced it's Buy on Board service. Coming from the german flag-carrier I find this ridiculous. At least, water and chocolate were complimentary. 

This is the menu. They are now playing with the "green and healthy food". Thumbs down for Lufthansa.

At least we have some good views from the Alps

photo 215924532_10223419999201710_842821564514727934_nphoto 216941761_10223420001321763_3341237976763976974_nphoto 217503603_10223419999721723_3185658010287942711_n

And soon we were descending into Frankfurt. 


photo 213007540_10223419994521593_1847123125689119610_n

On finals

photo 215655653_10223419994081582_7650731408098930786_n

And we landed just after an hour an 45 minutes in the air. 

photo 215679108_10223419993281562_7855854329122280635_n

Time to taxi to the gate

photo 217135331_10223419992921553_8705790581397416816_n

And parked, just next to another A320 from Condor, probably getting ready for it's flight to Balearic islands. 

photo 212999626_10223419991801525_7302311000274694641_n

Disembark was strictly controlled by the crew, following COVID rules. 

Thank you very much for reading, we'll be continuing to Bogotá in a few hours. Time to walk through the old stylish terminal in Frankfurt. 


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Cabin crew6.5

Barcelona - BCN


Frankfurt - FRA



Lufthansa made a big downgrade since the last time I flew with them in 2019. I wasn't expecting a BOB on this airline. The rest of the flight was normal.



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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5842 Comments

    Lucky for you that Colombia is one of the few countries out there that don't have any entry restrictions for Covid anymore. It is a shame that LH (and LX and OS) have gone the buy-on-board route. When flying within Europe, there's little incentive to choose LH Group carriers over Low-cost carriers anymore, aside for Mileage/Alliance benefits.

    Thanks for sharing!

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