Review of British Airways flight Toulouse London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA379
Class Economy
Seat 10A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 16 Dec 12, 13:15
Arrival at 16 Dec 12, 14:20
BA   #62 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 968 reviews
By SILVER 3308
Published on 3rd October 2013
Hi everyone,

Here is the next segment of my routing that took me from Washington, DC to Toulouse France, via London. As a reminder, I had routed myself through LHR to burn some avios on British Airways and had plans in London on the return leg.

Here is the routing:

These reports were originally published in French and you can find them here:


Routing in English:

JFK-LHR, Delta Air Lines, B767-300ER, BusinessElite
LHR-TLS, British Airways, A319-100, Economy
TLS-LHR, British Airways, A319-100, Economy [THIS REPORT]
LHR-JFK, Delta Air Lines, B767-400ER, BusinessElite [COMING SOON]

After 10 days spent in my hometown of Rodez (Aveyron) it was time to head home to the States. But first I had planned to spend one night in London and meet up with a good friend from DC who had already been there for a few days. We had tickets to go see a West End show so I got a hotel in the area.

Rodez by night :-)

photo img0481evphoto img0522oaa

I got to the airport just before noon for a 13:15 flight.

Welcome to Blagnac.

photo img0525dy

TLS decorated for the Holidays.

photo img0523ya

That's so Toulouse…

photo img0524ip

Although I didn't have any checked bags on the way to France, I more often than not come back to the US with an extra bag. As a French expatriate, it is essential to stock up and bring home those good French things that I miss (Confits de Canard, Foie gras, etc.). I therefore had to stop by the BA counter to drop off my bag of rations ^^ Luckily there was no wait.

photo 1005044p

My flight is showing on-time, though the boarding gate does not yet appear on the screens.

photo img0526z

On the way to the lounge, I see my plane.

photo img0529taphoto img0528pz

A bit of planespotting.

AF A319 with an EasyJet.

photo img0531kv


photo img0532lw

A nice A380 model in Airbus House colors at the entrance of the La croix du sud lounge

photo img0533hx

This was my first visit to this lounge as it had just opened a month or so earlier. The color palette is that of the Occitanie historical region of Southern France–I'm not a big fan of the red and yellow. Another problem with this lounge is that it is rather dark and there are no windows, which is always a negative point for an AvGeek planespotter. The snack/food offering is quite disappointing and is reminiscent of US lounges with small packets of sweet or salty snacks and cheese cubes–nothing terribly exciting. There are beers, red and white wine, but no hard liquors.

photo 1005043f

Ipads are available to surf the web or read pre-uploaded newspapers/magazines.

photo 1005041m

I leave the lounge about 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure. The boarding gate is in the newer part of the airport, Hall D.

photo img0527qa

Boarding has not yet begun when I arrive at the gate.

photo img0534se

My A319

photo img0530baphoto img0535dc

Some AF A32X and a Vueling Airbus nearby

photo img0536uc

From the few passengers in the gate area, it appears that this flight will not be very full. Priority boarding is called and only 2 pax come up. I board with the first group after J.

photo img0537plh

The black seats look sombre

photo img0538v

On the flight over from LHR to TLS, I had found the seat pitch to be tight. I therefore chose an exit row windown seat for this return flight.

Ah, yes, that's much better!

photo img0539w

The cabin during boarding.

photo img0541tb

The wingtip with Airbus in the background.

photo img0540js

We push back on time and are first in line for takeoff.

Taking off from Toulouse-Blagnac, we often have nice views of the city. On this beautiful clear winter day we will have good views. Too bad the engine blocks the view a bit.

photo 1005051h

Ze downtown

photo 1005052mphoto 1005053l

Reflection of the fuselage

photo 1005055ic

Surprised that you can see the Atlantic ocean leaving from Toulouse considering it is several hundred kilometers to the west.

photo 1005058ik

About a half hour after takeoff, the beverage and snack service begins. The snack is a decent sized chicken ceasar wrap which I wash down with a Gin & Tonic :-)
This is way better that what we would get in the US, and better even than AF on intra-European flights.

photo 1005057photo 1005059n

I doze off for about an hour and wake up as we start our descent and holding pattern (as usual for Heathrow). One great things about those holding patterns for LHR is the great views of London that they afford.

Incredibly, it's only about 2PM, but the sun is already setting!

photo 1005068cphoto 1005070ckphoto 1005071g

Canary Wharf

After about 15 minutes of holding we land at Heathrow.

photo 1005078wphoto 1005080y

Always a nice variety of aircraft and airlined at LHR!

VS A346

photo 1005081c

AA 772ER

photo 1005082h

Two Aussi Whalejets

photo 1005083kphoto 1005084zphoto 1005085j

AY A320 AY with a BA 744 landing

photo 1005086qphoto 1005088q

UA 744 landing

photo 1005089

And VS 744

photo 1005090d

We park at T1 next to a special Olympic Dove livery A319 (TLS is one of the few BA destinations served from T1 and not T5).

photo 1005091ndphoto 1005092fphoto 1005094e

Welcome to London!

photo img0542uo

Even with a checked back to pick up, I'm at the Heathrow Central station within 20 minutes of landing.
I then take the outrageously priced (but very convenient) Heathrow Express to Paddington.

photo img0543sw

From Paddington I take a cab to my Hotel. I love how roomy London cabs are.

photo img0544dh

I'm staying at the Strand Palace Hotel. A reasonably priced 3/4* for such a great location.

photo img0545ok

Nice aquarium in the lobby. I'm a big fan of aquaria, with 2 large tanks at home myself.

photo img0645ui

The rooms are small but comfortable. The wifi is free and works pretty well, which is a big +++

photo img0546vd

Conclusion: A much more pleasant flight than the outbound leg.

Thanks for reading and see you soon for the next leg!
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British Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Independent Salon VIP La Croix Du Sud


Toulouse - TLS


London - LHR



On-time departure and arrival.
Comfort: The exit row makes a big difference in comfort. The empty middle seat also made for a pleasant experience.
Crew: much more pleasant that the crew on the flight over. However, I was once again disappointed by the total lack of effort to make announcements in French. If small airlines like Icelandair can make announcements in the local language of departure/destination, then BA should be able to.
Catering: Very decent for a 2 hour flight. Since I mostly fly domestically in the US, it is nice to have a full choice or free beer, wine, liquors and a sandwich! I've been pre-conditioned not to expect much, so I'm always pleasantly surprised, LOL

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