Review of SAS flight Oslo Tromsø in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK4406
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 13 Jul 21, 08:00
Arrival at 13 Jul 21, 09:50
SK   #67 out of 80 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 181 reviews
By 899
Published on 20th July 2021

1 - Introduction to the Dashrun

Good Morning and welcome to an another flight-report. Today I am going on a quite unique trip where I am going to fly 10 flights in one single day domestically. The first flight is headed to Tromsø on a new SAS A320 Neo. From Tromsø I am going on a 5 stop Widerøe Dash 8-100 Flight WF974 to Kirkenes via Sorkjosen, Hammerfest, Mehamn, Berlevag and Vadso. From Kirkenes I am continuing with Widerøe flight WF975 to Alta and then from Alta to Tromsø on Flight WF 925. From Tromsø I am taking the last flight of this crazy dashrun on board a SAS 737-800. All in ONE single day. 4 Flightnumbers - 10 legs/flights. This flight report is covering the OSL -> TOS leg / the first flight of the dashrun

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Here is an illustration of my flights:

LEG 1 OSL-TOS (This Flightreport you are reading now)
Further flight reports coming soon!  

photo screenshot-2021-07-20-at-000754

2 - airport experience

I arrived at Gardermoen / OSL 2 hours in advance to ensure good time for my flight at 8:00 AM. As I am a bit old school I checked in manually as I always do even if I do not have checked luggage on this flight. Because of my SAS Status / Star Alliance I went to the Priority/Business Counter for faster processing. The whole process took under 5 minutes and the queue was minimal at the Business check-in counter. I got my paper boarding pass printed out and overall a very professional service :) 

photo img_8548-58946photo img_8976-31134

Got my Boarding Pass, Next Security. Beacuse of the early morning there where no long queues etc and it all felt like a fast track. Through security in just matter of minutes. 
After passing through security, I went up to the SAS Domestic Lounge accessible for SAS Eurobonus Elites / Star Alliance Gold as well as Business Class Travellers or equivalent. 

photo img_8549

3 - SAS DOmestic Lounge experience

photo img_8550

Even though travelling in SAS Go / Economy my Eurobonus/Frequent Flyer Tier granted me access to the lounge. The lounge reopened for roughly a month ago with more regular service (Food, Beverages, Training centre etc). The lounge is very modern and open with lots of places to sit and relax. There is a buffet with some hot and cold food, coffee / warm drinks, alcoholic beverages etc. The lounge is also famous for its training centre with treadmills , online lessons and lots of training equipment. This is a good feature which isn't seen in many lounges. I won.t go in-depth with the lounge this time, more of it in an own review :).

photo img_8552-41317

Morning Buffet

photo img_8553

For breakfast I opted for some cold slices of Cheese and Paprika served on a baguette with some butter. I am a no coffee drinker and gladly opted for a cup of some very delicious warm chocolate. The atmosphere where nice and made for a very relaxing morning as the rush hour is slowly setting in the regular terminal. 

photo img_8555

SK4406 Gate A14 to Tromsø will be my flight this morning

4 - Boarding

After an hour in the lounge, I went to the gate when boarding started commencing. The boarding is done row by row and not by the traditional Priority system. This is to assist passengers to keep more distance.  Because of my seat allocation in the front, I was one of the last to board the plane. Thats why I showed up at the gate a bit later than what I am used to :)

Todays flight will be on a new SAS Airbus A320 Neo. SAS is slowly starting to fase-out the old 737 fleet in advantage for the new Airbus 320 Neo. This is done to keep a one manufacture fleet only (Airbus Only / A319-320-320Neo-330-350) 

Here is some information for all the Avgeeks:  :D
Aircraft: A320-251 NEO
Registration: SE-RUB (Country of registration: Sweden)
Name: Birger Viking
Age: 1 Year (July 2020)
Msn: 09518 
Livery: New SAS Livery 

photo img_8568photo img_8571

Lovely closeup of the stunning CFM Leap 1A Engine

5 - In flight experience

I sat down at Seat 7A selected in advance. SAS Go passengers can select seat for free 30 hours in advance. As I am an Avgeek, I prefer engine view. 7A may not have the perfect engine view but is certanliy  better than a seat far back in the cabin. Seats in the front is reserved for SAS Plus / Premium Eco passengers. 

photo img_8574

My window view - Seat 7A

photo img_8301

Adequate legroom, as expected on a full cost carrier - (184 cm tall / 6 feet)

The plane taxied to runway 01L and had a on time departure. The flying conditions where beautiful with blue skies and little to no wind at Gardermoen. 
15-20 min after takeoff the purser announced on the PA the service onboard and Covid information. Whilst serving SAS Plus, I got my preordered breakfast. 

photo img_8587-1

Sas focus on sustainability with local healthy food. Everything was served in a nice looking SAS branded paper box. The box contained Granola & Yoghurt, An Apple, Rabarbra & Spinach smoothie, Cold slices of Ham, Cheese and Paprika, Danish Bread and some butter along. All in all a very tasty and nice breakfast. Everything tasted nice and the smoothie made the meal better with some interesting spinach flavours.
In addition to the meal, all the passengers is served complimentary coffee and tea :) 

photo img_8596

The rest of the flight was uneventful and the crew was going through the cabin multiple times with coffee and tea. As an Aviation Enthusiast the main highlight is always to enjoy the window views. Together with some nice music and views the flight passed by in no time. It should also be noted that the 320 Neo is way more quiet compared to the old SAS 737 they are retiring. 

6 - Landing at Tromso

The plane landed at Tromsø eight minutes before schedule. Leaving me with 30-40 minutes transfer time for my next flight 2/10. The crew managed a policy where five rows disembark the plane before continuing on the next five rows. To maintain safe distance.
I said goodbye to the crew and entered the busy and old Tromsø Airport terminal. 

photo img_8608

Bye Birger Viking, I must admit that I am a big fan of the new SAS livery. Very sleek and good looking 

Overall an awesome SAS experience with professional crew and staff. Very nice to see onboard services back again with meals, coffee and tea. SAS is also handling the Covid situation very good with distributing hand sanitizer when boarding, maintaining  social distance in very busy moments etc. It is also awesome to see an SAS lounge back in regular operation after a long periode of being closed or no service.

I would like to thank all of you for your support by reading this flight report
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For this time, Goodbye and stay safe - Sebastian 

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Cabin crew8.5

SAS Business Lounge / SAS Scandinavian Lounge


Oslo - OSL


Tromsø - TOS



My final verdict:
Overall a very professional service from SAS. They are taking care of priority and giving benefits for frequent travellers. They delivered meal onboard with a personal touch with full name and where very friendly and caring. The plane felt new and fresh with large windows and mood light. The legroom is more than adequate for short/medium haul flights and makes for a very comfortable passenger experience. There are also USB Charging ports at every seat however be aware of no wifi. This may be installed in the future :) All in all a very professional service and performance from SAS on a regular flight to Tromsø as I would expect from a Star Alliance Carrier. Always nice to start of the journey in the lounge :D
My tip for all travellers is to select the flights operated on the A320 Neo as they are delivering a more comfortable passenger experience. Avgeeks may prefer the more nostalgic SAS 737-700/800 with no winglet :)

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  • Comment 576315 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6061 Comments

    Hej SebBur04, thanks for sharing this interesting report!

    Today I am going on a quite unique trip where I am going to fly 10 flights in one single day domestically.

    Wow, 10 segments! I hope they were all on time with no missed connections!

    Bye Birger Viking, I must admit that I am a big fan of the new SAS livery. Very sleek and good looking

    Me too! Looks great, especially with the NEO mask! Also like the new cabins--much nice than the previous ones, especially with USB ports.

    Also looking forward to the Widerøe reports as there aren't that many out there. Plus all the routes seem exotic!


    • Comment 576409 by
      Sebbur04 AUTHOR 3 Comments

      Hi Kevin
      Thank you for your kind words, glad that you liked the Flight-Report :)

      Wow, 10 segments! I hope they were all on time with no missed connections! >

      It was tight but I made all my connections, the flight from Tromsø to Kirkenes 5 stops / 6 flights is under one single flight number so I was on the same plane. From Kirkenes to Alta I had an Airport connection and the same at Alta and Tromsø. But connection domestically in Norway is very easy, minimum is 10 minutes. And everything is close to each other (Gates, Convenience Stores etc)

      Me too! Looks great, especially with the NEO mask! Also like the new cabins--much nice than the previous ones, especially with USB ports.

      Also looking forward to the Widerøe reports as there aren't that many out there. Plus all the routes seem exotic! >

      The SAS A320 Neo is no doubt one of the best Hard products in Europe. Comfy seats, USB Charging port, Complimentary Coffee and tea and very silent. Wifi is also implemented on many SAS 320Neos with Netflix streaming possibilities. Just missing complimentary snack before being the best. And I can't deny that the new SAS livery is just wonderful, however I miss the red engines on the old one. A cool detail for historical context is that they are keeping the same name system with ....... Viking and the Scandinavian flags (Norway, Sweden and Denmark)


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