Review of Delta Air Lines flight Atlanta Roanoke in Premium Eco

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL4870
Class Premium Eco
Seat 6A
Flight time 01:14
Take-off 14 Jul 21, 17:36
Arrival at 14 Jul 21, 18:50
DL   #26 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 693 reviews
Published on 3rd August 2021

atlanta hartsfield-jackson international airport

I arrived at ATL with about an hour to go before my connecting flight.

If anything captured what the pandemic was doing to flights, it was this departure board at the previously busiest airport in the world.

photo 20200714_161109

Delta sky club (Gate D27)

There are 2 Sky Clubs in Concourse D, one by Gate 12 and one by Gate 27. I chose to use the latter as it was the closest to my gate.

photo 20200714_162203

In comparison to what we're used to in the ATL Sky Clubs, it was fairly empty. Mask compliance was very poor throughout the lounge as several people simply sat with their masks off regardless of whether they were eating or drinking.

The buffet spread was all pre-packaged snacks and instant noodles, with a plastic cutlery dispenser.

The main constant was that the bar was still open at the Sky Club.

photo 20200714_162639

Here is the drinks menu:

photo 20200714_162657

I grabbed a few turkey sliders and some snacks along with a glass of Veuve du Vernay.

photo 20200714_162801

I was very hungry at this time and begrudgingly had a cup of the Maruchan instant noodles. It's been forever since I've had one of these.

photo 20200714_164327

Here are the restrooms, with Le Labo hand soap.


My ride to Roanoke was N176PQ, a 12-years old CRJ-900.

photo 20200714_171038

Boarding started on time at 5:08pm at Gate D26.

Here is the DL CRJ-900 cabin: 4 rows of 1-2 first class seats followed by 5 rows of 2-2 Comfort+. I'm not sure how many total rows of economy seats there were. I was among the last to board so you are looking at pretty much all of the passengers on this very empty flight.

photo 20200714_171427

I was seated in 6A on this flight, the second row of Comfort+ seats. No IFE monitors on this CRJ, but otherwise a reasonably comfortable seat. Note that the window is somewhat misaligned.

We were all handed Purell sanitizing wipes.

photo 20200714_171600

The flight was incredibly empty. There was only 1 other passenger in the row behind me, no one in my row, and no passenger in the row in front of me.

photo 20200714_172647

After cabin doors were closed, we got a funny announcement from the flight attendant: "We need all passengers seated with their seat belts fastened at this time . . . that includes the gentleman going to the bathroom." I'll never understood why people wait to the last minute and don't just go in the airport before boarding or, if rushed, as soon as they board. We had plenty of time.

We pushed back at 5:36pm. 

photo 20200714_171737

We took off at 5:44pm, after a short wait and a quick taxi.
Service began shortly after takeoff.  Here is the snack bag that we received.

photo 20200714_175401

As most flights to Roanoke, it was very short and we began our descent 33 minutes after takeoff and landed 27 minutes later. We arrived at Gate 4 6 minutes later.

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club (Gate D27) - Concourse D


Atlanta - ATL


Roanoke - ROA



Lounge: The D Concourse Sky Club was passable. It's far from the best Sky Club at ATL, but it was right next to my gate and fairly empty given Covid times. I liked how Delta kept the bar running during the pandemic. The buffet, like other US lounges, was just pre-packaged small bites.

Cabin & Seat: Not much to say for the CRJ Comfort+ seats. Exactly as I expected them to be.

Service: Service was quick and efficient, the standard for the Covid-era.

Meal & Catering: The snack bags were fine, not much to say and didn't expect any more during the pandemic.

Bottom Line: The DL ATL-ROA flights are quite consistent and a comfortable ride.



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