Review of British Airways flight London Sevilla in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA2798
Class Economy
Seat 16F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 09 Feb 19, 07:20
Arrival at 09 Feb 19, 11:10
BA   #42 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 818 reviews
By GOLD 338
Published on 28th July 2021

ANdalucia, here we come!

For my birthday in 2019, my partner very romatically booked us a trip to go to Sevilla

Avios Miles earned with this flight: 494
Tier points Status earned: 10

I used to be an aficionados of British Airways, back in time when it actually was "To Fly to Serve", not so much since they started charging for seat selection, food and drinks on board, luggage in the hull, wifi, to make it some sort of Blue version of Easyjet. And in fact it was one of the few times I flew with them.

photo seville


Nonetheless, we still flew with them a few times when the schedule was right, and if the price is more or less the same, I prefer giving my money to national business tax payers.

photo 20190822_133527-25331

Unless you have a gold status, which I never had with BA, you need to pay to select your seats, which is what we did to seat together.

photo seatmap_eurotraveller_320

at london - gatwick airport

Since the reshufle at LGW, British Airways was only operating fro; the south terminal, where the train station is.

We arrived at this station with south western train from London Bridge, instead of the very expensive - dare I say scammy - Gatwick Express from Victoria.

photo south-terminal

Once passed security you arrive at this very well known south terminal plaza where all the duty free, bars and restaurants are - with even more on the top floor.

photo ster

Unless your flight departs from one the immediate gates near the plaza, you need to walk down this corridor that has gates on either sides.

Our gate today was 24 

photo south-ter

As usual boarding happened in groups (really dislike the idea) and the ground staff shouting at you to get the passports ready please!

onboard the a320

Once my group number called, we went through the jetway…

photo gate-93927

Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Registration: G-EUUB
Engines: 2x IAE V25200
Age: 19 Years
Layout: Y180
Obversation: Gatwick seems to host older A320 family units, where newer aircrafts are based in Heathrow. 

The crew assigned to the cabin today seemed ok.

Captain made the usual pre-flight annouce for this flight.
We started push back soon after, on this very early morning.

photo 52944diwicdmagqnmjne_cover

Cabin is old but the seats have been changed for the new one, that are a bit more equipped but really thinner than the old ones.

photo cabin-67732

We finally took off about 10 min behind schedule so really not  too bad for Gatwick.

photo seville-2

  The crew started the service shortly after take off. The good old to fly o serve of BA is now replaced with to fly to charge.. It is such a shame to see a national carrier going down this route

photo b12

Over Spain

photo seville-3

 The magasines offered were the famous High Life magasine, the Shopping magasine and the BA Business seperate paper. To my knowledge BAW is the only one offering 3 distinct in flight magazines.

The magasine offers a section of travel articles, and coporate news. The BA Business one is usually very good/, quite inspirational for other airlines I should say.

photo 20210728_104437

Regretably, as usualy, British Airways does not display any information about its fleets, just the route network.
The coverage of european destinations is impressive however the domestic market could be developped further.

photo 20210728_104500photo 20210728_104506photo 20210728_104520

We got to see a bit more of these "very British" things here and there since a famous vote happening on June 2016!!

photo 20210728_104540

We approached and landed on a very sunny day in Sevilla

photo seville-4

at seville - san pablo airport

The airport is fairly small so it was super quick to collect bags and go.

At arrivals 

photo sevilla
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British Airways

Cabin crew7.0

London - LGW


Sevilla - SVQ



LGW: needs a good refreshing of the gates area. Going to Gatwick by train is always a bit of an adventure, the tracks are saturated and you always end up running late.

British Airways: always still sad to see a flag carrier going low-cost. The only difference appart from blue to orange is the long haul fleet and the opportinuty to claim Avios. Crew was average. Just the captain seems to be from the BAW age I cherish: he gave us an extensive briefing after take-off and before landing.
The cabin is old but seats were new.
No Wifi, no IFE, no overhead screens with the aircraft position, no in flight app..

Sevilla: nice little airport, with a very average amount of facilities.



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