Review of JetSmart flight Concepcion Iquique in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA292
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 07 Oct 21, 09:55
Arrival at 07 Oct 21, 12:45
JA 14 reviews
Published on 18th November 2021

We don't celebrate birthdays at home. My family are very religious people and they say birthdays are a pagan celebration.

Well, on the bright side, you save a lot in birthday presents. But it's complicated when your birthday stirs up some deep feelings inside, and you need some cheering up.

That's my case this time. I'm turning 50, and I'm falling head first into an existential crisis.

So I'm going to do something - I'm gonna give myself a present that will cheer me up.

And what could be better than a flight? And the company of some (birthday-loving) beloved ones? And a flight? And lots of sun and warm weather? And a flight?

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… ♫♪♪

I want to make this flight special - not the typical ZAL > SCL route I usually post here - so I choose one of JetSmart's revolutionary point to point flights. They're revolutionary because we had no flights between cities north and south of Santiago before them. JetSmart started these flights only a couple of years ago, and they were welcomed particularly by workers of the mining industry living south of our capital city. They don't have to make a stopover at SCL on their way to places like Iquique, Calama or Antofagasta in the north of the country anymore.

What's more, the chance to enjoy the view of the Chilean coast between Concepción and Iquique will be a plus and a first for me.

So, here we go.

I visit JetSmart's website on August 6. My birthday is on October 9. I'm crossing my fingers that the right flights will be available.

photo 2021-08-06-203444_1366x768_scrot

They are! I can fly to Iquique on Thursday, October 7, and back to Concepción on Sunday 10 and spend my birthday with my cousin Cecilia and her husband. Perfect!

photo 2021-08-06-203529_1366x768_scrot

The heaviest thing in my bag will be the smoked salmon for Cecilia. The 10kg bolso de mano will suffice.

photo 2021-08-06-203537_1366x768_scrot

A summary of my trip. (Vuelo de ida = outward flight; Vuelo de vuelta/regreso = return flight)

photo 2021-08-06-203645_1366x768_scrot

You are offered to join the Club de descuentos (Discount club). I am tempted to join and pay the 20,000 CLP (25 USD) yearly fee, but I still haven't made up my mind. I will click on No quiero ahorrar (I don't want to save) for now.

photo 2021-08-06-203649_1366x768_scrot

The 10 kilo bag is included. I don't need the extra 10 kilo equipaje de mano….

photo 2021-08-06-203808_1366x768_scrot

…let alone the 23kg equipaje de bodega (hold baggage)

photo 2021-08-06-203819_1366x768_scrot

I want to see the coast and we are flying north, so 12F will be fine. It should have some extra legroom, too. 

photo 2021-08-06-204108_1366x768_scrot

I will download the boarding pass to my cellphone.

photo 2021-08-06-204210_1366x768_scrot

Time to pay. 83,534 CLP = 105 USD (cheaper than my "accidental" previous SCL > ZAL flight!) Lol. Boo - hoo. 😭

photo 2021-08-06-204322_1366x768_scrot

Congrats! Payment successful!

photo 2021-08-06-204632_1366x768_scrotb

You get a summary of your flight under Tu itinerario…

photo 2021-08-06-204702_1366x768_scrot

…and what you paid for under Detalles de tu reserva. Something I learned this time: You can change your seat selection only at check-in. You won't be given the possibility even under the Modifica tu reserva tab. In fact, I chose 4F at check-in. However, there is a workaround if you need to select a different seat sooner, but I will mention it in the next report.

photo 2021-08-06-205705_1366x768_scrot

I can download my boarding pass for printing…

photo v3u4wi_nelson__alvarez_1971_10_9_0_48_f

…or for the cellphone.

photo v3u4wi_nelson__alvarez_1971_10_9_0_48_m

transfer torture

I'm not sure if I gave myself a present or a punishment.

I hate traveling by bus!! But I'll have to stand a 6-hour bus ride from Valdivia to Concepción.

You might have seen TurBus buses in my previous reports - the shuttle buses between Santiago and the airport. Yes, this is a large company.

Today they're my preferred way to get to Concepción because they leave Valdivia at midnight and arrive there at 6 a.m. Perfect timing to catch my flight.

photo img_20211007_000321

Bus services in Chile are quite comfortable… sort of. I paid 20,000 CLP (25 USD) to travel on Salón Cama, which would be the F class equivalent for buses down here, with wide, soft, thick seats that recline almost 90°.

photo img_20211007_062458

The problem is that - if the passenger sitting in front of you decides to recline their seat completely - your legs will get trapped.

Add to that the typical crying baby, the suffocating heat, people passing gas (air is not renewed as in planes)… No. I just hate buses. No matter how soft the seats.

a nice surprise - CCP

CCP was originally opened in the 1960s, but this terminal building is much newer. I love that curved design…

photo img_20211007_075455

…and the natural light flooding the hall. One interesting thing - this building was designed…

photo img_20211007_080747

…by someone who LOVED restroom signs.

photo img_20211007_080730

You'll find a detailed description of the hall in this previous report, but some unexpected - though very impressive - new additions caught my attention, like this old-style shoeshine! Unfortunately, the corresponding staff was absent. But it's OK. I'm wearing canvas shoes today.

photo img_20211007_080824

But what really blew me away was the sight of this centro de impresión (printing center)!! Afaik, this is an absolute first at any airport in Chile! I have not seen something like this available for the perraje even at SCL.

photo img_20211007_080941

And what I saw next blew me even further!! UBUNTU!! My god!! UBUNTU at CCP!! This is amazing for a Linux enthusiast like me. Well, I'm not a fan of Ubuntu's Unity desktop (I prefer the more traditional XFCE or LXDE), but the simple fact of using open source software sets an example that everyone should follow. Two thumbs up for you, CCP!!

photo img_20211007_081128

I was expecting some setback - no ink in the printer, perhaps? - would ruin the experience, but everything went smoothly. There was paper and ink in the printer, everything was connected… I had my boarding pass after two clicks. A bit faint, but there it was.

photo img_20211007_081347

Let's look around a bit.

photo img_20211007_081519

Gosh! You want information You'll have to struggle for it.

photo img_20211007_081528

Arrivals and baggage claim at the other end.

photo img_20211007_081647

Just like foul-mouthed miners flood airports in the north of the country, the most common sight at CCP are university students. The Universidad de Concepción is one of the most important in the country.

photo img_20211007_081712

Of course, young people demand large amounts of energy.

photo img_20211007_081617

Can anyone tell me why all flights have D in their number? Oh! And btw, this FIDS is new!

photo img_20211007_082235

Let's have a look outside. The blue cars of the official taxi service look much better than the average taxi. If you ever visit us, you should know that taxis in Chile have an orange number plate. The standard plate is white.

photo img_20211007_093900

Just in case you ever need these numbers. :D

photo img_20211007_093840

Only some steps away is the old terminal building. Is it my cellphone lens, or is that tower really leaning?

photo img_20211007_093500

I'm freezing out here. I'd better get going…

photo img_20211007_093519


photo img_20211007_094012

…to security check.

photo img_20211007_094040

I'm airside in a couple of minutes.

photo img_20211007_095910

Yes, that architect really had an obsession with restroom signs. Bathroom deprivation during childhood, perhaps? XD

photo img_20211007_100039

I will never forget when I sat for eight hours on the same kind of rock-hard seats at AEP. Not a nice experience.

photo img_20211007_104439

Remember the pandemic has not come to an end yet.

photo img_20211007_100351b

This airport is fool-proof! These arrows are a great improvement over the previous dance steps that only Fred Astaire could have followed. XD

photo img_20211007_104259

LATAM wants you to feel safe when using the dreaded middle seat.

photo img_20211007_104929

Wi-fi available!

photo img_20211007_120308

This information kiosk looks less challenging than the one landside. XD And you can submit a form requesting for boarding/disembarking assistance from it. Remarkable.

photo img_20211007_120214

And this is where I stuck my nose to the glass to have a peek at the lounge in a previous report. I remember I was shocked at the sight of just some apples and cold cheese sandwiches.

photo img_20211007_104059

Now they're making some improvements, too.

photo img_20211007_104037

An ATM (and a vacuum cleaner in case you want to make yourself useful)

photo img_20211007_103951

Breast-feeding room.

photo img_20211007_104017

There are more shops like this now…

photo img_20211007_103836

…and new cafeterias…

photo img_20211007_100035

…and a large new area has been opened for gate 7, implemented for international flights. In fact, JetSmart has seasonal flights to Lima, Peru, from CCP.

photo img_20211007_100107

This is the new space.

photo img_20211007_100136photo img_20211007_100410

I think I'll try one of the sandwiches at Caballo Pintao. Let me see… vacuno (beef), pollo (chicken)… salmon and watercress! Ah, memories. Once or twice I collected watercress with my father as a small kid.

photo img_20211007_103713

So, salmon and watercress it will be. Oh! Kunstmann Brewery, Valdivia! I feel at home. :D

photo img_20211007_100906

Cutlery and serviettes are offered in paper bags.

photo img_20211007_101653

Here's the order.

photo img_20211007_101305

I'll be damned if this is watercress! I think I can see one or two leaves, but the rest are dandelion leaves! And it's only now that I notice a blade of something that is neither of them. Not toxic - in fact, fish goes very well with young dandelion leaves - but it's not what they offer on the menu. I confess I ate it anyway. XD

photo img_20211007_101322

Back to my gate.

photo img_20211007_103748

In case you were wondering…

photo img_20211007_115337

…if JetSmart really disinfected their planes, that blue tank looks like something to kill bugs.

photo img_20211007_115337b lets me know that CC-AWN will be landing any minute…

photo screenshot_2021-10-07-11-51-22-026

…from the south.

photo img_20211007_113925

Ta - daaa.

photo img_20211007_115632

Each JetSmart plane has a different animal on their tail.

photo img_20211007_120150

CC-AWN has a black woodpecker.

photo img_20211007_120153

I saw a black woodpecker once…

photo img_20211007_120337

…while visiting the Paine Towers national park. I wonder what LATAM means by Recicla tu viaje (Recycle your trip)

photo img_20211007_104651

Not a reference to their environmental policy, I guess. They used to serve coffee in paper cups. Now they only serve water… in plastic cups.

photo img_20211007_104736

It's time to queue up. We're a bit…

photo img_20211007_123355

…behind the schedule.

photo img_20211007_124941photo img_20211007_125235

An empty middle seat is a blessing that I've been enjoying frequently as of late.

photo img_20211007_130637

Unfortunately, the seats don't look very clean. This seatback looks rather worn down, too. The hanger is missing.

photo img_20211007_130650

Providing a QR code to download the BOB menu is a great idea. I will keep a copy HERE, just in case.

photo img_20211007_145344

Legroom is… acceptable. I can lean back and relax at least.

photo img_20211007_131156

The safety instructions card is the only content of the seatback pocket. I'm not touching it.

photo img_20211007_130701

geography lesson - the flight

Some additional information about this flight.

photo 2021-11-13-225620_1366x768_scrot

Our neighbor on the apron is CC-BLA. Funny name. Do they chat a lot onboard? lol

photo img_20211007_130741

We say goodbye to CC-BLA at 13:08. A delay of more than 20 minutes.

photo img_20211007_130759

After a short taxi…

photo img_20211007_131816

…we sit there for a couple of minutes, admiring the landscape.

photo img_20211007_131922

And finally we're on our way…

photo img_20211007_131945

…above the northern suburb of Talcahuano. (I hope no-one from Talcahuano is reading this. They insist they are still a separate city!)

photo img_20211007_132003

Penco was the original location of Concepción until the native inhabitants set it ablaze. That's why the inhabitants of Concepción are called Penquistas, not Concepcioneans or the like.

photo img_20211007_132110

Tomé. The Concepción area is one of the most polluted in Chile, but people keep coming to the beach at Tomé. In fact, my parents and I stayed at a small resort down there when I was a child!

photo img_20211007_132250

River Itata.

photo img_20211007_132536photo img_20211007_132548

Needless to say, forestry - along with mining - is one of the main industries in Chile.

photo img_20211007_132902

The fishing towns of Curanipe and Pelluhue

photo img_20211007_133120photo img_20211007_133141

Yummy!!! Chanco!! Have a look at the most popular product of this town.

photo img_20211007_133252

If you ever visit Chile expecting beaches of idyllic white sands and slender palm trees… sue your travel agency! As you see here, beaches are grey and stony, just like this one by a fishing town called Los Pellines.

photo img_20211007_133445

The sea down there is rough and the wind is cold.

photo img_20211007_133552

But windy weather can also be an advantage.

photo img_20211007_134204

That town down there - just a three-hour car ride from Santiago - …

photo img_20211007_134431

…is Pichilemu (pichi = small; lemu = forest in Mapudungung)…

photo img_20211007_134440

…a very popular spot among surfers. Large numbers of young surfers from all over the world visit the place, and there's a competition every October. Center-right you see Punta de Lobos. The competition takes place there. My parents lived in Pichilemu for a couple of years until they divorced.

photo img_20211007_134455

See more about Punta de Lobos here:

The fog is a sign that Santiago is behind those hills.

photo img_20211007_134740photo img_20211007_135028

The port of San Antonio is right south of that peninsula.

photo img_20211007_135122

El Quisco and Punta de Tralca.

photo img_20211007_135349

Starting here - and all the way up to the border with Peru - the beaches get better and the weather gets sunnier. That clear patch is Tunquén beach.

photo img_20211007_135428

See some nice views of Tunquén here.

Only a few kilometers to the north we find the mythical…

photo img_20211007_135556


photo img_20211007_135653

I say it's mythical because some people are fascinated by this port, but I fail to see why. It sure used to be a beautiful city…

photo img_20211007_135702

…but that was a long time ago. After a series of fires, earthquakes, and the construction of the most horrendous building you can imagine in order to host the Congress, Valparaíso has become nothing but a symbol of urban decay.

The brown lumps on the left…

photo img_20211007_135715

…are some dunes called Dunas de Concón. Right to left: Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Reñaca, the dunes, and Concón.

photo img_20211007_135735

Some views of Concón, Reñaca and the dunes:

All this stretch of the coast around Viña del Mar is one of my favorite places in the world. The weather is heavenly. It's never too hot and never too cold. You never feel sticky, and the sea breeze is so refreshing, revitalizing.

photo img_20211007_135856

 Concón also has an oil refinery and an important bay.

photo img_20211007_135906photo img_20211007_135942

As we fly past Horcón and Puchuncaví…

photo img_20211007_140112

…up here in the cabin…

photo img_20211007_140628

…the BOB starts. I order a Combo Fácil (Easy Combo) for 3500 CLP (4.5 USD), which has sweet and salty options. I choose the sweet option - my usual muffin de zanahoria

photo img_20211007_143941

…and a natural pinapple-mango-orange juice.

photo img_20211007_143950

The coastline gets out of sight for some moments as we fly over Ovalle and Vallenar. I can only see the rugged terrain of the Norte Chico (Small North), which stretches between Santiago and the Atacama desert.

photo img_20211007_141145

The Norte Chico is crisscrossed by countless narrow valleys, like that of river Huasco. You can see the town of Vallenar over there, and the Santa Juana dam in the background.

photo img_20211007_143752

A tour of Vallenar and the dam here:

I'm quite tired after two hours sitting in the same position, so I switch my weight on my seat and take a rest, which must have become a nap because the next time I look out the window I see this soft coastline. I immediately recognize the northern coast of Mejillones peninsula. Aargh!! I missed the view of Antofagasta, Mejillones and the Portada!! All of which can be seen in this report, anyway.

photo img_20211007_152831

However, I can still see something familiar - this teeny-weeny dot of light in the distance. Yes! Cerro Dominador, which I saw on my recent flight to Calama. Cerro Dominador is the first solar power plant in Chile. These plants might be common in other places, but they're quite a novelty around here.

photo img_20211007_153325

I squeeze the juice out of my poor Xiaomi cellphone to get a closer view, and I'm happy to discover the whitish spot of Calama a bit beyond the power plant, and the ghostly outline of Licancabur volcano in the distance. Memories of San Pedro de Atacama!

photo img_20211007_153150

The cliffs towering above the coastline are an indication that we are approaching our destination, Iquique.

photo img_20211007_153716

65km south of Iquique is Puerto Patache, a private port used by Collahuasi mining company.

photo img_20211007_155013photo img_20211007_155007

Minutes later IQQ comes into sight.

photo img_20211007_155303

You can see that the airport takes advantage of this wider stretch of land between the sea and the cliffs of the Cordillera de la Costa. We keep flying a bit further north…

photo img_20211007_155337

…then we make a U-turn and land from north to south.

photo img_20211007_155905photo img_20211007_155912

Welcome to the warm, sunny…

photo img_20211007_155951

…Atacama desert.

photo img_20211007_160222

Chaos at iqq

All that scaffolding on the right and the unusual procession around the apron are a warning that inside the terminal building…

photo img_20211007_160954

tá la pura cagáaaa!* LOL Indeed, this is nothing like the CCP I visited a couple years ago.

photo img_20211007_161016

Not only is it crowded…

photo img_20211007_161108

…but it's full of the noise of drills and all sort of building machinery.

photo img_20211007_161154

We are surrounded by white paneling…

photo img_20211007_161212

…and just keep going…

photo img_20211007_162041

…like hamsters in a maze.

photo img_20211007_162044

This is reassuring.

photo img_20211007_162050

A bit more.

photo img_20211007_162057

"Sorry for the inconvenience. We are enlarging the airport."

photo img_20211007_162134

Actually, it feels like they're building it completely anew!

photo img_20211007_162233

Is freedom at the end of the tunnel?

photo img_20211007_162241

Ahh, free at last!

photo img_20211007_162312

Nope. Not yet.

photo img_20211007_162319

Now we're out! That was crazy! Look at that. I can't recognize anything I saw when I was here the last time.

photo img_20211007_162511

A taxi driver approaches me and offers to take me to Iquique for 10,000 CLP (13 US). I accept. There will be one more passenger, but my cousin lives at the north end of the city, so I'll be the first to get off.

What I didn't know was that our driver was a bit of a philosopher, and he excitedly told us about a book he was writing about the negative consequences of having feelings. Yeah. As you read it. Well, I'm not much of philosopher myself, so the deepest thought he got from me was a reference to the Vulcans in the Star Trek franchise and how they suppressed their feelings in order to follow logic and the teachings of Surak. Just like Mr Spock, you see? Unfortunately, he was not a trekkie. Too bad.

photo img_20211007_162846

Besides, I could prove his book wrong because it was impossible for me to suppress my feelings of horror when he got so absorbed in his philosophical explanation that he kept forgetting to stay on the road and veered a little to the right at 120km/h.

photo img_20211007_164113

But I did make it to my cousin's in one piece. Phew!

I spent the weekend with her and her husband. In one of our conversations the evening before I took the flight back home we came to the topic of "age" and she asked me about my birthday. I told her I had turned 50 that morning at 4.30 a.m. She was very upset that I didn't tell her before. "But I didn't want a party" I said. "I just wanted to enjoy your company and have a nice time with you guys." But they wouldn't hear. They scrambled out of the house and when they came back we had a wonderful dinner and… well…

Happy birthday to me 🥳

photo img_20211009_202027

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Concepcion - CCP


Iquique - IQQ



JetSmart is one of the three large Chilean airlines, and - along with Sky - it's posing a serious threat to LATAM's dominant position. LATAM's only advantage at the moment is - imho - the size of their operations, but JetSmart keeps growing (they'll soon add dozens more planes to their fleet)
JetSmart and Sky have also kept a BOB, which seems to be popular among passengers. I see them buying like crazy on each flight!
I saw evidence that JetSmart has kept safety measures against Covid onboard, such as disinfection and the use of a QR code to download the menu.

As for CCP, it made a good impression today. Literally! Lol. I can't believe how much this airport has improved since the last time I was there! Lots of new services and new spaces!

Tá la cagá (short for "está la cagada) = There's a terrible disaster/a huge mess
Quedó la cagá = The sh*t hit the fan



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