Review of Singapore Airlines flight San Francisco Seoul in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 15
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:35
Take-off 15 Mar 13, 13:50
Arrival at 15 Mar 13, 17:25
SQ   #7 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 652 reviews
By 16091
Published on 27th October 2013
Pier 39.

photo 480298_10151700046634017_1037694365_n

Where the sealions laze.

photo 486210_10151700046759017_1753199909_n


photo 579601_10151700046959017_1939790927_n

We did a sunset tour to the infamous Alcatraz Island! Approaching Alcatraz…

photo 734632_10151700047229017_442159298_n


photo 483344_10151700047464017_995586434_n

Legends of Alcatraz.

photo 32603_10151700047549017_810487632_n

Eerie hospital ward

photo 64393_10151700055629017_1402336502_n

The tour was worth it, just for the sunset view from the island. View of San Francisco from Alcatraz.

photo 482652_10151700053819017_1476730394_n

Seagulls watching the sun setting over Golden Gate.

photo 579755_10151700053764017_1704783934_n

Loved this shot!

photo 479972_10151700055484017_1078593551_n

Back to mainland and to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner.

photo 644532_10151700055744017_1504292764_n

After a crazy 10-day East-to-West Coast USA trip, it was finally time to go back home, and also finally my first ever long-haul experience on SQ Business Class! The return flight was booked using Krisflyer miles redemption, with the SFO-SIN sector on 2 flights, SQ15 on SFO-ICN, a 5+hr transit in ICN, followed by SQ603 for the final sector. This was due to only this combination available for redemption in Savers, as SQ15 on ICN-SIN was fairly full. Almost contemplated redemption in First Class, but since I am not really a champagne/wine and fine-dining appreciator, plus I was able to select the best seat in Business Class in 11K (not much difference between seats 11K and 1K), I decided to bear with it in Business!


photo 8638018726_48a55960df_c

A half hour train ride later, we reached SFO International Terminal. Located SQ's check-in desks right in the middle of the terminal and proceeded to the Business Class counters to collect out boarding passes and drop our bags since I have done prior online check-in.

photo 8636913011_8b78cb85f1_c

All the Business Class counters were occupied while we waited our turn. Luckily the wait was short and we were soon checked-in by a Singaporean SQ staff, who seemed to be probably one of the station supervisors? Our bags were tagged all the way to Singapore, but we only received boarding passes to ICN on SQ15. When queried, the check-in staff then realised that we would be on SQ603 for the ICN-SIN sector. He was amused that we did not fly direct on SQ15. Guessed they seldom see people traveling to Singapore this way. No problems, as our ICN-SIN boarding passes were also issued. We were also given the directions to the Silver Kris lounge.

photo 8638018486_ddd79122dc_c

Boarding passes for SQ15 and SQ603.

photo 8638018154_61f0506c63_c

Security was surprisingly painless as there was apparently a dedicated queue for premium passengers, and so we got to cut the line. But the notmal line was also not too bad. Proceeded to the Silver Kris lounge after security, which was down a hallway, with the EVA Air lounge right at the end.

photo 8638018364_28e0dcb6f9_c

Entrance to the Silver Kris Lounge.

photo 8638018270_30c577e6ca_c

The lounge, used by both F and J, as well as Star Gold and PPS customers, was quite crowded this afternoon. Surprising, as it was still rather early. Business Class eventually ended up nearly full! We managed to secure a pair of seats together in the lounge.

photo 8638018048_557eb389a2_c

The other end of the lounge, with working desks and newspaper/magazine corner.

photo 8636911661_a89568b6f3_c

Lets check out the buffet counter! First, the bar corner, with alcohols, canned drinks, bottled water and cup noodles etc.

photo 8636912151_13c76b31ec_c

As well as a Nespresso machine!

photo 8638017940_90d2510d6c_c

Bakery items, cereals, cheeses and chips.

photo 8636912039_8675ee60ba_c

Salad, cold cuts, juices, yoghurts and fruits. Haagen Daz ice-cream were also available on request.

photo 8638017556_afd23589a7_c

Hot food items and soup.

photo 8636911765_dc9f960ae8_c

Had some hot buffet items and ice-cream. Food was just average.

photo 8636911531_e47de1fe00_c

Some peanuts with coffee and juice.

photo 8636911443_64f9ef04ac_c

There is a very basic shower facility in one of the toilets as well. Nothing impressive.

photo 8636911341_7c545a6a7c_c

View from the lounge. Lots of Uniteds on the apron.

photo 8638016970_45dedc9ec9_c

3 different United B744 liveries!

photo 8638016996_a4a06e4234_c

After grabbing our bites, we proceeded to the gate where boarding would be commencing soon. There are not many shopping in the International terminal.

photo 8636911115_14a00c75b1_c

Departure information, again listed according to cities. Thus we have SQ15 departing to Seoul as well as Singapore.

photo 8636910909_457534914b_c

Some plane-spotting. United B772ER.

photo 8638016696_50fd3983a8_c

Air China B744.

photo 8636910787_f6caf5afe2_c

And again, the 3 Uniteds.

photo 8636910669_19bd2e4c2b_c

SQ's newest B773ER, 9V-SWT, would be flying the long-haul back to Singapore. Pardon the shaded designs on the glass.

photo 8638016188_c59e7878c9_c

We will be departing from gate G95.

photo 8638016080_8237c8babc_c

At the gate, boarding has just started, and so we proceeded onboard through the Business Class lane.

photo 8636910349_fcf90ce29e_c

15 March 2013
Singapore Airlines
SQ 15
San Francisco (SFO) - Seoul Incheon (ICN)
Business Class

Was welcomed at the door by name and passed through the almost empty First cabin to my seat at the first row of Business. First Class would eventually only have 3/8 pax.

photo 8638015874_f9b682ea53_c

Settled into our seats at 11F and 11K, arguably the one of the best seats onboard this B773ER. Across the aisle from my seat.

photo 8638015752_6e0a6809cc_c

Welcome Aboard this very spacious seat. However, even though this aircraft is only 4yrs old, the Business Class seats are already showing lots of signs of wear. The life-jacket compartment at the side of my seat could not be properly closed and the seat itself showed lots of scuff marks. However, it is still one of the best Business seats out there.

photo 8636909993_0abab6f005_c

Air New Zealand B744 parked beside. I think SFO is the only route that NZ still flies using the B744, correct me if I am wrong.

photo 8636909907_fd364a2517_c

My aisle would be served by 2 Korean SQ gals, so much so that close your eyes and you might think that you were on Asiana or Korean Air! The inflight supervisor also helped out in Business today as First was rather empty and Business was almost full. First up, hot towels were offered, followed by welcome drinks. I had a Charles Heidsieck champagne, which was much better than the Bollinger and Henriot offered previously.

photo 8636909777_ee1bd54089_c

However, after only drinking half the glass, the IFS came down from First and offered this instead! Well, sometimes it pays to show appreciation to the crew serving you, hehe… Not sure whether it was Dom or Krug though, since I am not a wine/champagne appreciator.

photo 8638015286_76457f7e8a_c

It would only be a short 11h20m flight today, more than an hour shorter than the scheduled flight time. In fact, we eventually arrived more than an hour early!

photo 8638015160_6cfaa5c1f5_c

Soon after, doors were closed and we pushed back, with the safety video playing.

Taxi to the runway and passing a row of Heavies.

photo 8638015038_40883873ac_c

More Uniteds.

photo 8638014924_417b0220ce_c

Baby United Express CRJ.

photo 8636909265_40d9d7d6f3_c

AA land.

photo 8636909115_3bbf3f54f7_c

And Virgin land just beside.

photo 8638014630_febb0081c7_c

After a rather lengthy taxi, we held, waiting for a pair of parallel landing aircraft. After that, we took off from Rwy28L.

View of the city of San Francisco and Bay Bridge shortly after takeoff.

photo 8636908847_67e789ce69_c

The city again.

photo 8638014330_e474b7fa3e_c

Golden Gate Bridge!

photo 8638014170_78dd6ee874_c

Spot Alcatraz!

photo 8636908397_c14f364a1b_c

Leaving the Californian coast.

photo 8636908257_13e0c4fdab_c

After seatbelt signs were switched off, the service announcement was made. All announcements were made both in English and Korean.

Sockettes and eyemask were distributed first. Note that the eyemask has changed and seemed of a lower quality now. In fact, quite similar to what you would get in economy as well if requested.

photo 8638013820_63df564852_c

The magazines.

photo 8636908005_774806413f_c

Firing up the IFE system.

photo 8638013554_ce4e8524c9_c

View of my seat at almost max seated recline.

photo 8636906811_9ffcb01018_c

What is on the menu today?

photo 8638013442_4ba97e5a0f_c

Lunch menu. Spot the error? (Hint: The cheeses section)

photo 8636907669_3dc9aef87f_c

Refreshments and Light Meal.

photo 8636907581_ee13942918_c

Dinner for the Incheon to Singapore sector, which ! would not partake in. Again, same error.

photo 8638013150_7084fec76a_c

Champagnes and wines.

photo 8638013052_a53da65981_c

photo 8636907231_cb8b30f98c_c

Cocktails and spirits.

photo 8638012824_be08b54fa6_c

Coffees and teas.

photo 8638012712_30851e6433_c

For post takeoff drink, I had the cocktail Jubilee Lining, which was served with some mixed nuts. No satays are served on flights originating from USA.

photo 8638012586_ce2bac3585_c

Lunch was served next. Table was laid out and I ordered a Californian white to go along.

photo 8636906691_b27812013c_c

Got a warm garlic bread and breadstick from the bread basket offering.

photo 8636906561_aab390e418_c

Marinated salmon with mesclun and vegetables
[SIZE=1]Sweet mustard dill dressing[/SIZE]

photo 8636906457_0a3ec20cca_c

Braised chicken breast in tomato-rosemary vegetable stew, fingerling potatoes. A creation by Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar & Grill, New York.
My partner had this. It was ok, but not really that fantastic.

photo 8638011926_34047aff07_c

I had the Korean choice, Saewu jjim. It was stated as a Korean style prawn in spicy sauce, jap chae, steamed rice. With soup and Kimchi on the side.

photo 8638011782_da2c44dfc5_c

It tasted better than it looks. Prawns were fresh and huge, but the sauce was rather spicy.

photo 8638011682_cf81565e0c_c

Kimchi was very spicy though.

photo 8636906003_9bd744302d_c

Soup was a miso soup.

photo 8636905879_3e1d226cde_c

After mains were cleared, dessert was offered, with a choice of either Chocolate ice cream with berry compote, or the Rhubarb and raspberry crumble with vanilla sauce. As we had earlier had our fill of Haagen Daz in the lounge, both of us went for the crumble, which also looked more appealing.

photo 8636905755_6cc1b26b6d_c

It was delicious!

photo 8638011138_bb9e20d8ec_c

Cheeses and fruits up next, served from a trolley.

photo 8638011026_03fbe8a00f_c

As the fruits offered were only large boring whole fruits such as apples, pears and oranges (I can't possibly finish an entire apple after all the food), I only stuck to the cheeses, with some additional grapes thrown in as well. The cheese selection is not bad.

photo 8638010888_a81ca6b0ac_c

Some Spanish red from First Class to try? Sure!

photo 8638010644_73d2a8b96a_c

Ending with a Paris-Singapore tea and pralines.

photo 8638010514_7cffe2ecc4_c

A bottle of water was also offered to each of us.

photo 8638010374_65c16136f9_c

Service by the Korean stewardesses and female IFS on my aisle was rather good. I was addressed by name throughout and my glasses were constantly topped up, plates cleared promptly and requests attended to promptly. Guess more of a SQ-service with a bit of Asiana/Korean Air touch.

It seemed very cold down there…

photo 8638010242_1c82fcbc88_c

Flipped down my bed, tucked into my duvet and continued with Life of Pi in bed. Loved the spaciousness of 11K! Cabin lights were also dimmed. Interestingly, quite a number of passengers were not aware of the seat having to flip down to form a flat bed, and the crew had to go around, gently waking passengers in uncomfortable slumber in their minimal recline seats, and convert their seats into a bed for them.

photo 8636904751_4a138a490f_c

1/3 through the flight, we were over the Alaskan Range.

photo 8638009574_3439f5f841_c

Which treated us to some fantastic views! Window seat passengers all pulled up the window seats, went Wow!, and then back to their slumber or movies.

photo 8636904597_88a9a8c7d8_c

photo 8636904471_ba604b34f4_c

photo 8636904299_d10cbf5d9a_c

Visit to the lav. Something is not right? Yep, cloth towels are missing! Apparently they were not loaded as all toilets did not have them. Checked with the crew and apparently it had been quite a while since they were not stocked in SFO. Hopefully it is not a cost-cutting trial….

photo 8638009452_18576bde4d_c

Rest of the toiletries were available.

photo 8638009310_e849b36734_c

photo 8636903857_5f46b13968_c

Snacks (potato chips, pretzels and chocolate brownies) and whole fruits were laid out in the galley. I grabbed a packet of each type of snack to enjoy with my movie.

photo 8638009118_f6005629a9_c

After a couple of movies later, we tried more stuff from the Light Bites menu. Warm croissant with creamy chicken and tomato, which was rather good.

photo 8636903629_d892dba2e7_c

Followed by sinful Krispy Kreme donuts! One of each flavour, no less!

photo 8636903517_760200eeed_c

After the heavy snacking, it was off to bed for a couple of hours. To be honest, I find the Business class bed a tad too hard for sleeping, but still managed a grab a couple of hours of nap. And luckily on this flight, we had the least trigger-happy pilots on SQ, who never switch on the seat belt signs for the entire flight, even with minor turbulence encountered.

Before I knew it, I was gently woken up by a Korean stewardess and offered a hot towel to refresh myself before the start of the second meal service. We were barely 2hrs away from landing.

photo 8636903313_9f758078aa_c

Along the coast of Russia.

photo 8638008794_ec9de4e0cb_c

For the second meal, service started from the rear of Business Class. Again, tables were laid and I had an orange juice to go along.

photo 8638008598_7ea8315a19_c

To start, we had a Marinated scallops and grilled vegetables salad, with lemon thyme vinaigrette.

photo 8638008488_a0feb4bf00_c

Soft roll and breadstick.

photo 8636902991_685e76e7b7_c

For the mains, both of us had booked-the-cook. My partner had the Crab cake with broccoli, baby carrots, fresh asparagus, and roasted potato wedges, which was rather tasty! Having no high expectations, we were surprised that the crab cake contained lots of crab meat!

photo 8636902825_57c3f4423f_c

I chose the Jumbo shrimps in Thai red curry sauce with assorted vegetables and fried rice noodles, which was equally nice and not too filling.

photo 8636902913_c3aa2aa971_c

Dessert was a Mango creme brulee, which was too rich and filling for our liking. A few mouthfuls and we returned the rest back.

photo 8638008082_3ba4638055_c

An Earl grey to end the meal.

photo 8636902617_ba4d3ecfe7_c

View of the forward small Business cabin, the cabin to be if flying J on the B773ER.

photo 8636902525_71432ac704_c

Due to weak headwinds, our arrival time was more than an hour earlier than scheduled! Also 1hr less for me to enjoy the seat…Soon, we were preparing for landing and my seat was made upright.

photo 8636902397_da74591439_c

Over the mountains of South Korea.

photo 8638007678_5c719aba39_c

Nearly there now.

photo 8638007566_d024623733_c

Outskirts of Seoul

photo 8638007462_45c7bd02a4_c

No hold and we descended direct into Incheon.

photo 8636901957_7ae5689bb4_c

Final approach.

photo 8638007246_1bbc92d39c_c

Had a very early landing into Rwy33R! We landed slightly more than an hour ahead of schedule!

Korean Air land.

photo 8636901729_9b458cd04b_c

Jin Air preparing to taxi.

photo 8638007052_8812de73fc_c

Planes parked at the satellite Concourse Terminal.

photo 8638006938_6ca301cd88_c

Finally parked beside a Air Canada B763ER.

photo 8636901393_2667f6251c_c

During disembarkation, I saw 9V-SWN parked beside, operating as SQ16 to SFO.

photo 8636901307_ba7383a526_c

The bird that flew us across the Pacific Ocean.

photo 8636900999_2819acd90f_c

Brothers at Incheon.

photo 8636901227_b4f0b11c9d_c

Transit passengers continuing to SIN needed to get a transit get upon disembarkation and clear security again. For us, as we already had our boarding passes for the later SQ603, we also cleared security with the transit passengers and went up to the departure concourse. Time to while away 6hrs in Incheon!

photo 8636901103_00a8530421_c
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Another great flight on SQ's Business Class!



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