Review of Singapore Airlines flight Copenhagen Rome in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ352
Class Business
Seat 12A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 03 Aug 21, 08:25
Arrival at 03 Aug 21, 10:40
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By GOLD 1782
Published on 1st September 2021


After a very early wake up call, we took a taxi to CPH Airport

cph landside and airside

Unfortunately we didn't say that we were flying SQ to the driver and he left us in front of T2:

photo img_0339_resultatphoto img_0340_resultat

We noticed the mistake inside as we saw our flight was leaving from T3:

photo img_0341_resultat

An early walk to T3 then :)

photo img_0342_resultatphoto img_0343_resultatphoto img_0344_resultat

Vaccine passes are checked their and also all necessary documents like PLF for Italy. Since I am only transiting in FCO and go back home tonight, I didn't need it.

photo img_0345_resultatphoto img_0347_resultat

SAS Fast track:

photo img_0348_resultat

But closed:

photo img_0350_resultat

Instead, we could use the CPH Express:

photo img_0351_resultat

There is even a security control game play for the kids:

photo img_0352_resultat

Airlines that can use the CPH Express fast track:

photo img_0354_resultat

No wait and the agents were super friendly.

photo img_0355_resultat

If you don't know where the lounge is, the signage is very poor. We had to ask.

photo img_0357_resultat

sas lounge

Vaccine certificates are mandatory to enter the lounge, no problems for us.

photo img_0358_resultat

We decided to check upstairs:

photo img_0360_resultat

Relax seats:

photo img_0368_resultat

Private room for VIP's:

photo img_0369_resultat


photo img_0370_resultatphoto img_0371_resultat

Unfortunately no plane views from here.

photo img_0372_resultat

The buffet:

photo img_0361_resultatphoto img_0362_resultatphoto img_0363_resultat

More of it:

photo img_0364_resultat


photo img_0365_resultat

 Coffee machine:

photo img_0366_resultat

Automated juices dispenser: (the rhubarb juice was amazing!)

photo img_0367_resultat

Our morning selection:

photo img_0374_resultat

All was really good especially the eggs.
We left the lounge as the screens were showing boarding.

photo img_0375_resultat

cph airside bis

Our plane was due to leave from pier E and there is more to walk to there:

photo img_0376_resultatphoto img_0377_resultatphoto img_0378_resultat

But the plane seats in the D gates. Paxbus boarding, yeah!

A the gate, water bottles were given to business passengers and the bus was already waiting:

photo img_0384_resultat-21435

Allez zou dans le bus !

photo img_0385_resultat

In the bus there are all passengers on board todays flight: 3 Business, 0 Premium, 17 Coach. I hope they had more cargo than passengers :)

the flight


photo img_0387_resultat

Boarding will be by the rear of the aircraft only. What a nice treat!

photo img_0390_resultatphoto img_0391_resultat

All ground agents are lovely, they even ask if the passengers want their photo to be taken. How can you refuse this?

photo img_0393_resultat-46715

What a bird!

photo img_0398_resultatphoto img_0399_resultat


photo img_0400_resultatphoto img_0401_resultat

Door shoot:

photo img_0402_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_0403_resultat

Tail shoot:

photo img_0404_resultat

The crew gives us sanitary kits, earphones and another form for Italy upon entrance. Here the rear Economy cabin:

photo img_0406_resultat

More doors:

photo img_0407_resultatphoto img_0408_resultat

And here we are in business class, warmly welcomed by the SQ girls and boys:

photo img_0409_resultatphoto img_0410_resultatphoto img_0411_resultat

The crew, seeing us taking pictures, tells us that it is better to do all we can now, since in the air, they will pull the curtains and ask passengers to remain in their section.

photo img_0413_resultat

No passengers in Premium today:

photo img_0414_resultatphoto img_0415_resultat

Let's test it:

photo img_0417_resultatphoto img_0418_resultatphoto img_0419_resultat

I was impressed by the product, large and comfy seats with lots of legroom and recline!

photo img_0416_resultat

More premium pictures:

photo img_0427_resultatphoto img_0428_resultat

Middle galley:

photo img_0429_resultat

And coach:

photo img_0420_resultatphoto img_0421_resultat

The seats are also comfortable, nice pitch and recline, of course, those aren't business class seat but they are really good.

photo img_0422_resultat


photo img_0423_resultat


photo img_0424_resultat


photo img_0425_resultat

A last shoot:

photo img_0426_resultat

Back to the front, the legroom here is already much better :)

photo img_0430_resultat

Inflight amenities on demand: (not on our flight)

photo img_0431_resultat

Safety card:

We asked to keep the safety cards as a souvenir, this wasn't a issue for them, they were even happy that we asked.
The sanitary kit:

photo img_0436_resultat

Time to explore the seat:

photo img_0437_resultatphoto img_0492_resultat

Headset for business only:

photo img_0438_resultatphoto img_0439_resultat


photo img_0441_resultat

The seat:

photo img_0442_resultatphoto img_0443_resultat

Seat controls:

photo img_0444_resultatphoto img_0446_resultat

Shortly before departing:

photo img_0447_resultat


photo img_0448_resultat


photo img_0449_resultat

Moving map:

photo img_0451_resultatphoto img_0452_resultat

Let's go to the skies:

photo img_0453_resultatphoto img_0455_resultat

I love it!

photo img_0457_resultatphoto img_0458_resultatphoto img_0463_resultat

The plane is so quiet!!

photo img_0467_resultatphoto img_0470_resultat

The lavatories, with some amenities:

photo img_0471_resultatphoto img_0484_resultat

And nice products:

photo img_0472_resultatphoto img_0473_resultat

Back to my seat for the only down part of the flight: the catering.
We were offered either a salmon foccacia or a mushroom sandwich with gerkins.
Not impressed at all by the choice, nor by the tray:

photo img_0474_resultat

Without the blister:

photo img_0475_resultat

The sandwich was all but good, dry and tasteless. Ok, it's Covid time, but still, this has nothing to do in one of the best business class of the world. Thanks god, cappuccino was available and I had one, that was lovely:

photo img_0478_resultat


photo img_0476_resultat

The engine:

photo img_0479_resultatphoto img_0481_resultatphoto img_0483_resultat

As we still had an hour to go, I opted to have a quick nap. One of the SQ girls turned my seat to bed since you are not supposed to do it yourself:

photo img_0485_resultatphoto img_0486_resultat

In a matter of minutes I was sleeping :)

photo img_0489_resultat

And woke up at top of descent:

photo img_0490_resultat

Ready to land:

photo img_0493_resultatphoto img_0494_resultat

And landed:

photo img_0498_resultat

Delta and Air Canada:

photo img_0499_resultatphoto img_0500_resultatphoto img_0501_resultat

Our jetbridge:

photo img_0506_resultat

I would have loved going to SQ that day, but not …

photo img_0508_resultatphoto img_0511_resultat

Goodbye beautiful plane :(

photo img_0512_resultatphoto img_0513_resultatphoto img_0514_resultat

A look at the FIDS for my next flight:

photo img_0515_resultat
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

SAS Gold


Copenhagen - CPH


Rome - FCO



I loved the plane, so quiet, the seat, so comfy and the crew, so SQ.

The downside was the catering, yes we are still in the middle of the pandemic, yes it is a short flight, but ... it is SQ and it couldn't be that bad.

CPH and FCO did more than their job.

Stay tuned for the next flight!

Thanks for reading!!

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  • Comment 579638 by
    Manbou 67 Comments
    Hi Esteban, thanks for sharing this great trip report of what seems to be a truly unique experience, especially in these times. Glad to see SQ are still operating some of their fifth freedom flights. On a side note: You fly to Italy and have cappuccino on the plane? ^^
  • Comment 579720 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Hey Esteban, thanks for sharing this cool and unique series! Wow, I didn't even know this route existed. More exotic 5th freedom routes is one of the few positives in the aviation world in pandemic times.

    All ground agents are lovely, they even ask if the passengers want their photo to be taken. How can you refuse this?

    Wow, that's very cool. It's usually the opposite. Great tarmac shots are definitely the positive side of paxbus boarding, but I'm really not a fan of boarding by bus during the pandemic given how full the bus was. You'd think gates would be available with the reduced traffic.

    How great that you got to check out every cabin during boarding! Details on every single cabin on board...Now that's a comprehensive report!

    Yikes, that's some crappy catering for J--I was NOT expecting that for SQ Business class! Even if it is short-haul, SQ and MI themselves have better catering right now on similar-length flights in and out of Singapore so it's weird to see something so basic on this route. Every other EU carrier does much better with catering on short flights. Disappointing to see. Of course, the rest of the experience is top notch!

    Thanks so much for this unique and awesome report!
    • Comment 579726 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19966 Comments
      Hey Kévin! Thank you very much for your comment, that flight was really something special, believe me or not, it was my first A350 flight :)
      I really enjoyed it but the catering ...

      Take care, my warmest greetings to Julien and the little one :)
  • Comment 630803 by
    hybridace101 49 Comments
    One of the SQ girls turned my seat to bed since you are not supposed to do it yourself:<

    This reaffirms my decision not to have booked a business class A350 SIA flight from SIN to KUL. It is 40-ish minutes and imagine the overwhelming requests an FA could get if everyone wanted to turn their seat into a bed for such a short hop.
    • Comment 630804 by
      hybridace101 49 Comments
      Back to my seat for the only down part of the flight: the catering.

      We were offered either a salmon foccacia or a mushroom sandwich with gerkins.<

      I've flown on SIA sectors of similar length to this, recently BKK-SIN and I've gotten much more substantial meals than what you have enjoyed.

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