Review of KLM flight Rome Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL1
Class Business
Seat 02F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 02 Aug 21, 12:40
Arrival at 02 Aug 21, 15:10
KL   #41 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 818 reviews
By GOLD 169
Published on 1st September 2021


where is the lounge?

I had a bit more than two hours to kill before my next flight.

photo img_0515_resultat

I decided to look for a decent place to wait. OK, it wouldn't be here:

photo img_0516_resultat

It is amazing that the Flagship lounge of the biggest airline in FCO is still closed. Given that Alitalia will soon give way to ITA that might explain the thing, but still … The priority pass in the Schengen lounge is also closed. Let's see if there is something else somewhere else :)

photo img_0517_resultat

BA and EK lounges are also closed, but I couldn't access anyway. At the far end of the concourse there is a last sign of hope with the Plaza Premium lounge. They have paid accesses for 29€ but also welcome, free of charge, KL and AF passengers. Got it :)

plaza premium lounge

The lounge is large:

photo img_0518_resultatphoto img_0519_resultat

With views over the appron:

photo img_0520_resultat

Social distancing is not an issue here:

photo img_0521_resultatphoto img_0522_resultatphoto img_0523_resultat


photo img_0524_resultat


photo img_0525_resultat

The buffet is not self services, but the staff is pleased to serve:

photo img_0526_resultatphoto img_0527_resultatphoto img_0528_resultat

It all looks good but I am not that hungry:

photo img_0529_resultatphoto img_0530_resultatphoto img_0531_resultat

Premium drinks are available against a fee:

photo img_0532_resultat

My very light selection:

photo img_0534_resultat

The lavatories were modern and clean:

photo img_0533_resultat

I really liked  the view:

photo img_0535_resultatphoto img_0536_resultat

My plane just arrived:

photo img_0537_resultatphoto img_0538_resultat

I really liked this lounge, the time just flew there.

the flight

I head to my gate:

photo img_0540_resultat

I arrived as the boarding started.

photo img_0541_resultat

The door:

photo img_0543_resultatphoto img_0544_resultat

The purser was very friendly and gave a warm welcome. The cabin begins to really show its age:

photo img_0545_resultatphoto img_0546_resultat

The recline is, however, great:

photo img_0548_resultatphoto img_0549_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_0550_resultat

AZ Express next to us:

photo img_0551_resultat

The window:

photo img_0552_resultat

Vade retro :)

photo img_0553_resultat

We only had a short taxi for this flight:

photo img_0554_resultat

Line up:

photo img_0555_resultatphoto img_0556_resultat

Take off:

photo img_0557_resultatphoto img_0558_resultatphoto img_0559_resultat

Crossing one of the 3 runways:

photo img_0563_resultatphoto img_0564_resultat

The coast:

photo img_0565_resultatphoto img_0566_resultatphoto img_0567_resultat

U turn:

photo img_0570_resultatphoto img_0571_resultatphoto img_0572_resultat

More views of the coast:

photo img_0573_resultatphoto img_0575_resultat

Bracciano Lake:

photo img_0576_resultatphoto img_0577_resultat

Service starts with a wet wipe and the usual KLM box:

photo img_0578_resultatphoto img_0580_resultat

The only difference between KLM main and Cityhopper is with the Orange and Apple juices that are fresh with KL.

photo img_0581_resultat

The menu:

photo img_0583_resultat

A Waldorf salad today:

photo img_0582_resultat

Isn't it better like that:

photo img_0584_resultat

The salad was filling and fresh, I really liked it but still, this is barely ok for a business flight.

photo img_0585_resultat

Coffee with the dessert:

photo img_0586_resultat

And a second one:

photo img_0587_resultat

Starting our descent:

photo img_0588_resultatphoto img_0589_resultat

We had a medical emergency onboard and were guided to the nearest available runway in AMS in order to minimize time before arrival. We were the only one that day to land on that one:


photo img_0595_resultatphoto img_0597_resultatphoto img_0599_resultat


photo img_0601_resultatphoto img_0602_resultatphoto img_0603_resultat

Full reverse, the pilot wanted to reach the gate as soon as possible.

photo img_0604_resultatphoto img_0605_resultat

And our gate was just a few seconds from the runway:

photo img_0608_resultatphoto img_0609_resultat

We landed on the Aalsmeerbaan (36R) while all other trafic landed on the  Kaagbaan (06).
The medical staff came immediately on board to take care about the passenger and brought her out of the plane in a matter of seconds.
We could then deplane:

photo img_0610_resultat

Last look at my bird:

photo img_0611_resultatphoto img_0612_resultat

Auto tests are provided to each passenger, free of charge:

photo img_0613_resultat
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Cabin crew10.0

Plaza Premium Lounge


Rome - FCO


Amsterdam - AMS



The cabin is begining to show its age, it is not a real business class but compared to AF, the pitch and recline are far better.

The crew was fantastic given they had to handle a medical emergency.

Sad that this plane didn't have WiFi and that KLM continues to serve this box that is all but premium.

The lounge was great, FCO and AMS were efficient and easy to connect.

The last part of the journey will be online soon!

Thanks for reading.

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