Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Gdańsk Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL1916
Class Business
Seat 2F
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 10 Aug 21, 06:25
Arrival at 10 Aug 21, 08:20
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By GOLD 325
Published on 2nd September 2021


gdn airside

I had the choice between this super early morning flight or taking a later flight but with an 8H connection in Amsterdam. The decision was rather quick: early wake up call :)

The airport is quiet at that time:

photo img_1092_resultatphoto img_1093_resultat

The FIDS with the LOT flight to WAW still on time but you'll see later it won't stay like that.

photo img_1094_resultat

In fact the Dash went technical and they had to send an Embraer from WAW to pick up the passengers. It meant a 2H delay and many of the connections were lost.
But not my business today since I am flying KLM :)

photo img_1095_resultat

The agent at the Sky Priority desk checked me in in no matter of time, absolutely no controls of any documents while his colleague at the regular check in checked everything for everyone :)

The red carpet is for the fast track:

photo img_1096_resultat

I left the hotel at 04:30 and I am airside at 05:01. Impressing!

gdn airside

The FIDS still not showing the LOT delay:

photo img_1098_resultat

Duty free:

photo img_1099_resultatphoto img_1100_resultat

And the lounge is at the far end of the terminal:

photo img_1102_resultat

Wizz 321neo:

photo img_1103_resultat

This way for the lounge:

photo img_1104_resultat

The Mc Donalds lounge:

photo img_1105_resultat

Here I go:

photo img_1106_resultat

independant executive lounge

I am warmly welcomed and the second passenger to enter:

photo img_1107_resultatphoto img_1108_resultat

The lounge is nice, here the coffee machine:

photo img_1109_resultat


photo img_1110_resultatphoto img_1115_resultatphoto img_1116_resultat

As "fresh" food there are only those sandwiches:

photo img_1114_resultat

The rest is more or less junk food:

photo img_1111_resultatphoto img_1112_resultatphoto img_1113_resultat

I had a blackcurrent juice an a cappucinno plus two sweet things I wanted to try out:

photo img_1117_resultatphoto img_1118_resultat

The toilets inside the lounge:

photo img_1119_resultat

gdn airside part ii

A bit before boarding I head to my gate;

photo img_1120_resultat

the flight

We will board from gate 22 today:

photo img_1122_resultat

Priorities are strictly enforced, the bridge to the aircraft:

photo img_1123_resultat

Non, niet, no, nein, NEVER:

photo img_1124_resultat

This way down:

photo img_1125_resultatphoto img_1126_resultat

Door shoot:

photo img_1127_resultat

2 rows of business today:

photo img_1128_resultatphoto img_1129_resultat

Wet wipes are already on the seats:

photo img_1130_resultat

The pitch is good:

photo img_1133_resultat

The best seat mate:

photo img_1134_resultat

The Dash that went tech:

photo img_1132_resultat

We pushed back on time and followed Wizz:

photo img_1135_resultat

Getjet A320 operating for Wizz:

photo img_1136_resultatphoto img_1139_resultat

Almost ready to depart:

photo img_1142_resultatphoto img_1143_resultat

Full power:

photo img_1144_resultatphoto img_1145_resultatphoto img_1146_resultat

Sunset to come:

photo img_1147_resultatphoto img_1149_resultat

The Baltic sea:

photo img_1150_resultatphoto img_1151_resultatphoto img_1153_resultat

The box arrives:

photo img_1154_resultat

Breakfast offering:

photo img_1156_resultat

Together with a coffee:

photo img_1157_resultat

The flight is smooth:

photo img_1158_resultat

Back to the Netherlands:

photo img_1159_resultatphoto img_1160_resultatphoto img_1161_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_1162_resultatphoto img_1163_resultatphoto img_1164_resultat

I like this kind of views:

photo img_1165_resultatphoto img_1166_resultat

Pax bus today:

photo img_1168_resultatphoto img_1169_resultat
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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew9.0

Independent Executive Lounge


Gdańsk - GDN


Amsterdam - AMS



The flight was nice so is the E-90 cabin, the crew was very charming and took great care about us.

Breakfast was nice but it is more or less always the same thing.

GDN is a small but smart airport, I really like it.

I liked the lounge because it was quiet and modern but the food wasn't adequate.

Nothing to say about AMS who did more than its job.

The last part of this report is coming soon, the next series won't be on KL, I promise :)

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    Plainfreak 46 Comments
    Thanks for the report.

    Non, niet, no, nein, NEVER:

    Haha...same here :-)
    (do you mean the Dutch word niet? In this case you would more likely use nee (no) or nooit (never))!

    Those meals are so boring/bad/repetitive.

    Have a good Sunday, Dani

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