Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Sarajevo International in Business

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS757
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 20 Aug 21, 13:15
Arrival at 20 Aug 21, 14:20
OS   #44 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 229 reviews
By GOLD 326
Published on 3rd September 2021


transit IN VIENNA

I have never had such a painful transfert anywhere in the world. We were first bussed from the aircraft to a dispatch room where you can either go to the exit or to your new terminal. For me it was Terminal G, meaning a new bus transfert.

photo img_1391_resultatphoto img_1392_resultat

We arrived here:

photo img_1393_resultat

Then needed to go up one floor:

photo img_1394_resultat

And another one after the duty free:

photo img_1395_resultatphoto img_1396_resultat

To go to the G Gates, there is a passport control:

photo img_1400_resultat

But the lounge after the controls is closed, if you want to visit a lounge, you have to do it before the controls. As I have time I'll go then. The next part of the transfert will be after the lounge visit and that will be the interesting part :)

austrian lounge gates f

I was warmly greeted at the lounge but they advised to leave it latest 30' before the published boarding time, meaning 1H before the flight. Ii don't get it that much but if they advise so, I'll do so :)

photo img_1402_resultat

Some views of the lounge:

photo img_1403_resultatphoto img_1404_resultatphoto img_1405_resultat

There is a view on the appron:

photo img_1414_resultat

Snacks are available:

photo img_1406_resultat


photo img_1407_resultat


photo img_1408_resultat


photo img_1409_resultat

A few sandwiches:

photo img_1410_resultat


photo img_1412_resultat

There also a hot dish on demand:

photo img_1413_resultat

Some sweets:

photo img_1411_resultat

I'll only have a coffee, a cake and bananas:

photo img_1415_resultat

The lounge is really nice and I enjoyed my time there. But as advised, I left an hour before boarding.

transfert vie second part

I head then back to the passport control:

photo img_1425_resultat

After the controls, you need to go up again:

photo img_1427_resultat

Walk through a food court:

photo img_1428_resultat

The walk through a duty free:

photo img_1429_resultat


photo img_1430_resultat

I noticed that a few flights are more or less leaving at the same time from my gate, Gate 4. Seems that this door is a leading to another waiting room.

photo img_1431_resultat

And the least I can say is that it is far away…

photo img_1432_resultat

More walking:

photo img_1433_resultat

A bit of spotting:

photo img_1435_resultat

This is the gate G4:

photo img_1436_resultat

Your boarding pass is checked and then you need to go down three levels:

photo img_1437_resultatphoto img_1438_resultatphoto img_1439_resultat

And take again a bus:

photo img_1440_resultat

That will bring us to gates C:

photo img_1441_resultatphoto img_1444_resultat

Here we are:

photo img_1445_resultat

I was more than happy to have left on time since once arrived, the boarding just started.

the flight

Another bus tour to our Embraer:

photo img_1447_resultatphoto img_1449_resultatphoto img_1450_resultat

Door shoot:

photo img_1451_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_1453_resultat

Nobody welcomed us as the purser was chatting in the cockpit. You never get a second chance to make a first good impression :(
The galley:

photo img_1454_resultat

The cabin:

photo img_1455_resultatphoto img_1456_resultat

The seat reclines a bit:

photo img_1459_resultat

Rear view:

photo img_1460_resultat

Front view:

photo img_1461_resultat

The pitch is great:

photo img_1462_resultat

Window missaligned:

photo img_1464_resultatphoto img_1469_resultat

We pushed back a few minutes late after the purser eventually introduced herself to the 4 business class passengers.

photo img_1471_resultat

Cessna Citation:

photo img_1472_resultat

Line up:

photo img_1475_resultat


photo img_1477_resultatphoto img_1479_resultat


photo img_1481_resultatphoto img_1482_resultatphoto img_1483_resultat

And rotate:

photo img_1485_resultatphoto img_1486_resultat

No hot meal on that flight, it is more like an afternoon tea:

photo img_1487_resultatphoto img_1488_resultat

It was good and fresh, a little bit on the small side though. I took a coffee with the chocolate mousse as dessert. The mousse was to die for :)

photo img_1490_resultat


photo img_1491_resultatphoto img_1492_resultat

Descending onto Sarajevo:

photo img_1493_resultatphoto img_1494_resultat

As it is really hot, we encounter some turbulences

photo img_1495_resultatphoto img_1496_resultat

Final approach:

photo img_1497_resultat

And landed:

photo img_1499_resultatphoto img_1500_resultatphoto img_1501_resultat


We walked to the terminal:

The passports are stamped and I am warmly welcomed to Bosnia!

photo img_1516_resultat

This way to exit:

photo img_1517_resultat

The arrival hall is next to the departure hall:

photo img_1520_resultat

And heading to the taxis:

photo img_1521_resultat
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A nice flight, sad to have a purser that wasn't really interested in her job.
The snack was ok, a bit on the light side but appropriate to the flight time.

The transfert in Vienna was really painful with so much bus rides.

The lounge was nice and did its job.

As usual, a big thank you for reading!

Information on the route Vienna (VIE) Sarajevo International (SJJ)


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