Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ978
Class Economy
Seat 59A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 01 Jul 13, 18:30
Arrival at 01 Jul 13, 20:00
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 5955
Published on 31st October 2013
Hi all, today is start of my holidays, I'm off to a very exotic place… Paris lol, via BKK on SQ then TG in economy.

It all starts with a very late arrival at the airport, leading to a boarding just 15 minutes before the departure time. So this FR will jump from the checkin directly onboard the aircraft.

Checkin. Although I have 2 different booking references (SQ and TG), my luggage is checked in all the way through CDG and my 2 boarding passes are printed also. As I commented lately on another FR, the *A communication between airlines has always been flawless, for luggages, BP issuance and lounges.

The aircraft today to BKK is a 333, 9V-STA, delivered to SQ in Janvier 2009.

My seat, 59A. Why did I pick this one: mostly because the aisle seat next to me was empty at time of online checkin ; and I'm hopeful it will remain empty!
photo IMG_3700
photo IMG_3756

The Y class is in 2-4-2
photo IMG_3701

I'm just reaching my seat when a crew comes greet me calling me by my last name and wish me welcome onboard.

photo IMG_3702

Seat pitch
photo IMG_3703

photo IMG_3714blur

Thailand immigration form
photo IMG_3713

Push back at 6:30pm. The captain wishes us welcome and introduces the crew. Flight time will be 2hrs 05 mins today with turbulences.
The IFE is operational now.

Limited spotting before take-off while taxiing:
LX and NH
photo IMG_3722

388 LH
photo IMG_3725

The LAN 340 that has been in the maintenance area for months. It seems work is now over and it is ready to fly back home…
photo IMG_3728

Well, almost ready, 3 quarters-ready I'd day ;)
photo IMG_3731

That said, birds flying through the engine would not make any damage lol
photo IMG_3732 copy

Still while taxiing. A crew sees me taking picture after picture, she comes to me… ooops, I'm gonna get scolded… then she asks 'Mr Durian, is everything OK ? Do you need anything ?. Nice

A Jetstar 332
photo IMG_3735

Nope that's not a private aircraft, that's an ex-SQ just repainted and about to be transferred to Scoot, the low-cost arm of SQ
photo IMG_3740

The crew assigned to my aisle, during hot towels distribution
photo IMG_3705

Sunset on Air France… 1st or 2nd degree lol ?
photo IMG_3738

Going to 20C
photo IMG_3744

Take off at 6:43pm from 20C
photo IMG_3746

photo IMG_3748

The IFE is on. I check first the geovision in the IFE so see the flight parameters and route. I am surprised to see that, although I did not make any setup, it is French? Could that be fed from my KF/PPS frequent flyer data?
photo IMG_3755

The pax in front has reclined his seat, ouch, I got my face ON the screen, quite uncomfortable ! Funny enough, that's an adult according to the height however the blue/yellow headset is the one for kids !
photo IMG_3769

Individual power supply in the arm rest
photo IMG_3771

7:05pm, quite significant turbulences… Captain request the crew to suspend service and get back to their seats.

From the aisle on the other side, the leading stewardess (in gree kebaya) catches me while I'm taking a picture of her… ouch, but she smiles, that's alright !
photo IMG_3774

Dinner service
photo IMG_3776

Main course choice was between duck with rice and chicken with pasta. I will pick the later. For this short flight, no hardcopy menu, choices are presented verbally. As for every time they speak to me, the crew call me Mr Durian. Please stop it, I'm not a VIP lol
photo IMG_3777

The main course I picked
photo IMG_3779

photo IMG_3785

photo IMG_3786

Why does the right seat in the central row has no IFE ?
photo IMG_3787

I keep on taking pictures of everything inside the cabin. I'm again caught by the LSS, who again smiles, so far so good !

Then, disaster, a few minutes later, I see crossing the aircraft through the front galley and coming toward me ! I'm going to be headbutted for taking too many pics :(
She knees down in the aisle and asks me :Hello Mr Durian, so I will be famous today ?.
I give a short explanation about FR. And I mention that all face are blurred on the website.
The latter point seems to be a relief for her and she smiles.
She asks me to reconfirm Blurred, you promise ?
My heart then almost stop beating shen she extends her arm showing her pinkie and tells me Pinkie swear ?
To which I reply Swear
So much drama. Let me reassure you, we did not cut our fingers with a knife to mix our bloods ;)

One minute later, she comes back with a glass of champagne from the business cabin. That's welcome, thank you darling ;)
She asks me Was all OK on this flight or can we improve on anything ? Well, let me think, other than upgrading me to business class, I don't see any area for improvement.
photo IMG_3789

A fast track voucher for arrival in BKK. Mr Durian again !
photo IMG_3792

Which I will not use as I am only transiting in BKK
photo IMG_3799

Landing at 7:50pm, 10mins ahead of time.

This is it, thanks for reading !
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Let's make it short. Superb economy class service. Of course, this is mostly due to my PPS status and the fact that there probably were not that many other PPS around in the Y cabin. Of course, I haven't had a such a warm, personalized and smiling service on all my Y flights, but it's just one level above the competitors.

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    marathon GOLD 10151 Comments
    You did not expect to fool the readers of your complete works, did you ? I recognized immediately the title picture that you already used in the French version of this report ;) Thanks for the translation effort !
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    Thanks for the nice report and pictures. Ice cream for dessert on such a short flight is very generous. Good trivia question about the seat missing IFE. That's because the row behind is only 3 seats instead of 4.

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