Review of American Airlines flight Los Angeles Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2532
Class Economy
Seat 8A
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 04:54
Take-off 02 Oct 21, 13:02
Arrival at 02 Oct 21, 20:56
AA   #32 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 508 reviews
By GOLD 678
Published on 27th October 2021


Hello and welcome to a new short 2-part series of pandemic-era flights. 

We needed to get to DC for a wedding in early October, but there were no longer any nonstop oneworld options from San Diego since Alaska dropped the route last year. We opted for a nonstop from LAX since we were only going for the weekend.  

Though this routing is comprised of mostly unremarkable domestic flights, the outbound flight would be my first time on a 737 MAX and the return would be my first time flying an Alaska Airlines A321neo. 


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photo routing

pre-flight & check-in

The morning of the flight we parked the car at Joe's Airport Parking, which is conveniently located on Century Blvd right across from the airport entrance and the famous LAX sign. 

photo joes-parking

As traffic from San Diego had been light that morning, we got to the Terminal 4 about 2 1/2 hours before our flight's scheduled departure.  

photo img_6218

I was glad we arrived so early because we needed to check one bag and the queue in the Priority lane was moving at a glacier's pace. 

photo img_6219

There were only two ticket counters open in the Priority section with one of the two agents busy assisting a passenger with what sounded like Covid-tes/vaccination requirements or documentation issues for an international flight. This only left one agent operational.

We waited in line for a good half-hour before being called up. Thankfully my 2.5 year-old son was very patient–much more so than some of the adults in line who were passive-aggressively sighing loudly and grumbling under their breaths. Ah…travel is back! The world is indeed healing 😉

photo img_6222-27779

In pre-child days we would never have checked a bag for a short weekend away…these days, I prefer not to be encumbered by multiple carry-ons, especially knowing I may have to chase after a toddler at a moment's notice! Free hands and freedom of mobility are key 👍

TSA pre-check is conveniently located on the upper level on the same side as the Priority check-in. 

photo img_6223

We were through the pre-check lanes rather quickly, though my son's sealed milk container alarmed so I had to submit to a full pat down. It's always a pain to haul travel-sized milk containers around, but having milk on hand has saved me from a toddler temper tantrum melt-down on more than one occasion so any little inconvenience at security is worth it!

photo img_6224

He already enjoys planespotting ❤

photo img_6225-15165photo img_6240

As we had well over an hour to kill before boarding, we took the walkway to TBIT. This would serve the purpose of tiring out the kid with a long walk before the flight and we could grab some food there since there is still no buy-on-board food on any AA flights.  

TBIT was nice and empty as it has been the last few times I've been through LAX in pandemic times. Much more pleasant than the crowds and chaos at T4 and other mostly-domestic terminals. 

photo img_6226

We peeked by the Korean Air lounge to confirm it was still closed to Priority Pass holders–there was a large sign at the desk advising of the temporary moratorium due to Covid. There used to be several Priority Pass lounge and restaurant options at LAX pre-pandemic, now there's nothing (October 2021)–hard to believe for such a major airport, and truly unfortunate for PP members in Southern California. 

Children's playground TBIT

While I was bummed that the KAL lounge was still closed to Priority Pass, luckily, there is a cool children's play area tucked away behind the TBIT food court: "LAX Beach"

photo img_6234photo img_6233

It was a pleasantly quiet area to spend time waiting for the flight–and my son had a fantastic time running around.

photo img_6228photo img_6231photo img_6232

This playground was closed for much of 2020 so I was glad to see it open again. TBIT is a very kid-friendly terminal, especially if you also have access to the oneworld lounge, which has a huge kids' playroom. I've previously covered it here in this BA review from LAX. 


We left TBIT about 15 minutes before boarding was due to begin to walk back to T4.

photo img_6239

A very friendly AA agent chatted with us for a bit as we walked to the gate and gave our son a pair of AA wings. What a lovely gesture! I saw she had a whole bag of wings to give out. I wasn't sure if she did this of her own will in the terminal or if this was an initiative coming from local AA management. Either way it was appreciated–a very nice customer-friendly gesture!

photo img_6241

As we arrived at our gate, First class boarding was just wrapping up. Our boarding group 2 was called just as we walked up so we were able to go straight away.  

photo img_6242photo img_6243

Hi MAX 👋

photo img_6244

We were greeted by a super friendly flight attendant who chatted and joked around with us a few times during the flight, and even regularly checked in on us. Very nice first impression of this crew!

The MAX cabin still looks fresh and new–unsurprisingly since they were grounded for so long. 

photo img_6246

AA cabins are consistent across the majority of the domestic fleet as 737 MAX 8s, 737-800s, A319s, and A321s (Oasis refits) all now have these same seats. 

photo img_6247photo img_6248

While it was widely known at the time the 737 MAX was introduced that legroom had been reduced in all cabins compared to the 737-800, the one place where legroom actually got better than the previous 737-800 configuration was the first row of Main Cabin Extra. The extra room in that row comes from the removal of the bulkhead wall–which ultimately was to add more seats, but benefited the first row of MCE. 

As all 3 of us have frequent flyer status with AA/oneworld, we had access to Main Cabin Extra for free at time of booking (yes, even our 2-year-old just reached AA Platinum 😁). It is normally a buy-up from standard Economy and can cost up to $100 per segment on these longer domestic flights. 

photo img_6249

Each seat has access to a combo AC/USB power unit. 

photo img_6251

Very convenient for keeping all the devices charged up.

photo img_6256-84309

Just 737 huh? No mention of MAX anywhere…

photo img_6253

the flight

Though the flight appeared to be mostly full–maybe 2 or 3 empty seats–boarding was finished about 10 minutes before departure and doors were closed 5 minutes early. 

photo img_6255photo img_6257

Saw this beautiful (Cargo) Queen during taxi out 😍

photo img_6258photo img_6259

Taxi time from T4 always seems pretty quick when there's no line for departure. 

photo img_6262photo img_6263

First time seeing the new UA livery on a regional jet.

photo img_6264

The new livery looks great on the Dreamliner, though I still feel like it's missing a colour–like a streak of gold or flash of red…Maybe I'm crazy, I can never quite put my finger on it. 

photo img_6267

And off we go with a view of the Cargo ramp.

photo img_6269photo img_6270

And the ever-so-scenic El Segundo refineries 

photo img_6271photo img_6272

As always, we take off heading west over the Pacific Ocean, but turn back inland immediately heading east. 

photo img_6274photo img_6275

The beautiful cliffs of Malibu with a thin layer of smog or perhaps wildfire smoke in the distance–it was a little late in the day to be a marine layer. 

photo img_6277

Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica

photo img_6278photo img_6279

The Hollywood hills and miles and miles and miles of LA basin urbanisation. 

photo img_6280photo img_6281photo img_6282

And then boom…mountains…

photo img_6284photo img_6285

And dry desert on the other side of those mountains. 

photo img_6288

There was a drink and snack service about a half hour into the flight. As mentioned earlier, food is still not available for purchase on board AA domestic flights as of October 2021, while all other major US carriers have brought back some form of buy-on-board or pre-order programme. 

There is still no  alcohol for purchase either, but a large selection of complimentary soft drinks are now available. From the beginning of the pandemic to spring 2021, only a small bottle of water was served in the Main Cabin and MCE, even on transcons.  

photo img_6289

While I appreciate the double sweet and salty snack portions, I was glad we'd grabbed lunch in the terminal!

Gorgeous desert scenery as we flew over inland California and Arizona.  As many times as I fly these routes, I never grow tired of these majestic landscapes.

in-flight entertainment

With the exception of a few subfleets, the majority of American Airlines narrowbody aircraft do not have seat-back entertainment screens–in fact, screens were removed from 737s that had them over the past two years in a densification and cabin standardisation programme known as "Project Oasis."

The 737 MAX cabin was the standard to which 737-800s and pre-merger US Airways aircraft have been refitted as part of project Oasis. 

While there are no seat-back screens, complimentary streaming on-demand entertainment is available to personal devices across the American narrowbody fleet. 

Each seat features tablet holders. They are built into the tray table in the bulkhead row and in the seat-back at eye level in other rows. 

photo img_6297photo img_6298

There is a large library of films, TV series, documentaries, and children's programming, which appears to be the same content available on widebody seat-back entertainment units. 

photo img_6301photo img_6302photo img_6303

Live TV is back! After suspension of Live TV programming on most flights for much of the pandemic-era, there are now more Live TV channels than ever before.

photo img_6307

I ended up catching up on the end of a movie I'd started on a previous flight. 

photo img_6304

The rest of the flight was mostly uneventful as we flew over hundreds of miles of Midwestern plains. 

photo img_6310

There was no further in-flight service, unfortunately; however, our super friendly FA came by to check on us a few times. 

We made good time and  were due to arrive 8-10 minutes early into DC. 

photo img_6313-97774

We began our descent as the sun was setting. 

photo img_6315

Mood lighting came on as night fell. 

photo img_6317

Note the updated cabin dividers that reach down to the back of the seat to offer more privacy in First class. Initially, the dividers were quite small back when these cabins were first introduced, but AA received a lot of negative feedback from frequent flyers about the change from a full bulkhead wall.

American actually listened to the feedback and made some updates to the cabins. Though this new divider obviously doesn't offer the same level of privacy as a true bulkhead wall, I appreciate that AA not only listened to customer feedback, but made an effort to improve the divider and F cabin in general. They've also closed the gap between seats in the last row of First for additional privacy, whereas Delta, Alaska, and others have very small dividers and a large gap between seats. 

photo img_6316-91715


We once again got lucky with the river approach, which always offers amazing views of the city on landing. I try to grab seats on the left side whenever flying into DCA in case we do the river approach. 

photo img_6322photo img_6327


photo img_6329photo img_6331

The Watergate and Kennedy Center

photo img_6333

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and National Mall

photo img_6337photo img_6340

Having lived in DC for over a decade until our recent move to San Diego makes me feel nostalgic every time I land at DCA anymore–It always feels like coming home. It's still an odd feeling not to be going home each time I come to DC these days. 

We ended up landing even earlier than the app had been saying and arrived at the gate 13 minutes ahead of schedule.  

photo img_6344photo img_6346photo img_6347

Walking out of the concourse I caught a quick glimpse of the entrance to the brand new regional terminal that replaced the infamous and widely hated Gate 35X when it opened this year. I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to check it out on a future trip. 

photo img_6349
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American Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Los Angeles - LAX


Washington - DCA



After flying on my first A350 on a recent trip, I was finally getting to fly on the 737 MAX for the first time! You almost have to be an aviation geek to even know you're flying on a MAX, especially since the safety card doesn't mention MAX and the cabins on AA's 737-800NG fleet are exactly the same since they were all "Oasis'd"

The cabin is sleek, modern, and noticeably quieter than the 737NG. The seats themselves are surprisingly comfortable--they're well-padded with adjustable headrests and individual AC & USB power sources, and include tablet holders. Legroom is very good in the 1st row of MCE, which has under-seat storage (important in a bulkhead row); however, seat pitch has been reduced in other MCE rows compared to the pre-Oasis 737 configuration. I'd heard so much negativity surrounding the MAX cabin I was expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised. Of course, the fact that we were sitting in the most spacious row (along with the exit rows) made a huge difference in comfort.

Fantastic fun crew, laughed, joked around, checked in often, which is exceedingly rare on domestic flights in Economy these days!

Catering...or lack thereof, was the down side of this flight. There should be some sort of buy-on-board of pre-order food option over a year and a half into the pandemic! Only one drink and snack service on a 5h flight screams of cost-cutting while at the same time being a huge missed opportunity for revenue from in-flight food sales.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Washington (DCA)


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  • Comment 584348 by
    757Fan 610 Comments

    Great review, Kevin. Looks like a great flight on the MAX 8 and nice arrival shots into DCA. Agree with you on the food/beverages for flights now - it's time to bring it back!

    Thanks for sharing. All best wishes.


    • Comment 584575 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5607 Comments

      Hi Matthew, thanks for your comments!

      It was cool to fly a MAX for the first time, though I don’t think my experience would have been as nice had I flown in a standard row, or even another row of MCE.

      Agree with you on the food/beverages for flights now - it's time to bring it back!

      Definitely overdue. Every other major carrier has brought back some sort of pre-order or buy-on-board options. They could at least do it on longer flights over 3h. If everyone else can do it, so can AA.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 584349 by
    ISTFlyer GOLD 365 Comments

    Hi Kévin and thanks for this report,

    I'll agree with you that the catering situation is horrible and they should bring BoB food like United as soon as they could. With the variety of food not that broad in AA terminals in LAX ( and of course overpriced ) AA should be losing a lot of revenue from there.

    The hard product on these new birds are indeed nice and I enjoy the seat comfort, the power outlets/USB ports and the fresh design of the cabin. As I mostly prefer exit rows ( though for your case it's not possible with a small child ), it's nice to see that the bulkhead has more legroom than a regular MCE seat. Of course, its width vs. legroom which might be a hard decision to make at some point for myself.

    Fantastic fun crew, laughed, joked around, checked in often, which is exceedingly rare on domestic flights in Economy these days!

    - You are lucky; in most of my AA flights in Y, the crew generally hides in the galley and does not show up at a time other than the beverage/snack service, trash pick-up and during takeoff/landing formalities. At least I've seen great crews when traveling Domestic First during these days.

    As all 3 of us have frequent flyer status with AA/oneworld, we had access to Main Cabin Extra for free at time of booking (yes, even our 2-year-old just reached AA Platinum 😁)

    - Congratulations on your son getting OWS status at the age of 2. However, I am not sure if he'll be able to maintain it with the new spending requirements of AAdvantage :D

    Hope to see you around and once again thanks for sharing.

    • Comment 584596 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5607 Comments

      Hi ISTflyer, thanks for your comments!

      With the variety of food not that broad in AA terminals in LAX ( and of course overpriced ) AA should be losing a lot of revenue from there.

      Exactly, which is why we usually head to TBIT for more choices but even That’s sad these days with so many places closed since border closures

      You are lucky; in most of my AA flights in Y, the crew generally hides in the galley and does not show up at a time other than the beverage/snack service, trash pick-up and during takeoff/landing formalities

      Yes, we’ve been lucky with great crews on most of our flights on AA. In comparison I found IB crews to be more absent between services lately

      However, I am not sure if he'll be able to maintain it with the new spending requirements of AAdvantage :D

      No kidding! I still don’t really understand the implications of this new Loyalty Points scheme. I personally have a decent amount of AA card spend so I should be fine but my kid will definitely drop in status for 2023. Luckily we technically have 2 extra months to gain higher 2022 status so he’ll probably make Plat Pro. That way we can all have SWUs before our status goes down

      Thanks for stopping by!

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