Review of Ryanair flight London Dublin in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR2371
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 29 Sep 21, 09:50
Arrival at 29 Sep 21, 10:50
FR   #15 out of 16 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 375 reviews
Jett Tyler
By GOLD 496
Published on 10th November 2021


Oh where do I begin….

photo img_6940photo img_6943

Arguably the worst hotel experience I've stayed in. A hotel that could promise so much, but unfortunately let down by a number of small issues that "stand alone" would go unnoticed.

The place seemed to be a little mismatched on the art decorations around the place, the room was quite dusty in areas that are not difficult to miss, the Wi-Fi was terrible (but not a major issue). 

photo img_6945photo img_6954

What do you people make about walking down a dimly lit corridor and being met by this painting…

In the bathroom- the place clearly looked like it was worked on by either cowboys or a really cheap job was done. There was mould and rust on the aluminium silver pipes at the shower, the main mirror was chipped along the bottom. Not exactly a good look for an establishment that sports a four star rating, even if it is the cheapest hotel serving London STN.

photo gopr9481

Look at the tap and pipe at the Bath, and you can just make out the chips at the bottom of the mirror.

Dinner was… mediocre at the best. We ordered a meat feast pizza and cheesy garlic bread. Pretty basic food, but the pizza was overcooked and the garlic bread was left so long it was cold by the time it got to us, not ideal for a £20 purchase (with two cans of pepsi)

photo img_6953

The quality of the food, for the paid price was pretty questionable…

photo img_6952

I will say some positive things about the hotel. Mainly the fact I was allowed to leave my car at their establishment whilst we went away on this day trip to Dublin. Also they offered for an extra £12 a shuttle service from the Hotel to the Airport, which was efficient and quite easy to book. Also it can have an ok viewing point from just outside for arrivals (and departures by extension)

photo img_5510

A brand new Boeing 737-8200 (B737-MAX) from Ryanair and a 24 year old McDonnell-Douglas MD-11F from FedEX.

photo img_5548

Welcome to London (Stansted)!

Ah London STN- Despite being in the heart of Essex, specifically in the Saxon-era Village of Stansted Mountfitchit. It is well known for being a good 40 miles away from Central London.

photo gopr9503

My last visit here was in November 2017, marking my first visit in over 4 years! I moved from Berkshire to Dorset in May 2018, making London Stansted trips a bit more harder to justify as a stand alone day trip.

photo gopr9504photo gopr9508

Getting into the Airport from our hotel shuttle bus, we had a short walk to departures, getting into the security area was easy enough with our boarding passes, but man- the waiting experience hadn't changed much as it took a good 20 minutes to get our bags checked over.

Once airside we got to the main area of the Terminal, "The Crucible", which was home to the half rounded big screen show casing all the Ryanair flights. Jet2 had increased its presence since my last visit, and the notable reduction by easyJet was clear to see. Tui Airways (UK) and the other charter airlines remained scattered through the list.

photo gopr9512photo img_6960

The heart of STN Airport when you go airside is this big curved screen!

We went to the Weatherspoon's restaurant/pub for a quick breakfast as it provided some decent views of the aircraft and runway upstairs

photo img_6961

Keeping my camera out, I was able to get some… ok photos through the glass and distance.

Flight Review- Ryanair FR2371

photo gopr9516

The flight was to be operated by a Boeing 737-800 registered EI-DCM. The aircraft has spent its entire life at the time of writing with Ryanair having being delivered in October 2004. Making it one of the oldest B738 in the airlines fleet.

photo gopr9522photo gopr9523

Boarding was the usual open board provided at London Stansted by Ryanair. Sitting in Row 24, Seat F I boarded the rear stairs, heading straight for my seat. Boarding towards the end of the passenger line, I had a clear run to the rear door, whilst a que was formed by the forward boarding door.

photo gopr9526

Upon entering I noticed the aircraft was still holding onto the older cabin design on majority of their Boeing 737s, however they had uprated to the newer slimline seats. This little hybrid cabin seems to be the common norm, but from recent trips taken by other flight reviewers it does appear the traditional older cabin is present on a number of Boeing 737s.

photo gopr9525

We boarded promptly as the entry requirements for Ireland from the UK at the time of this trip was solely for the Passenger Locator Form and proof of your Vaccination. Of which I had both of them. You only need to quarantine in Ireland if you don't have proof of vaccination.

We had a lovely take off out of London Stansted as there was only scattered light clouds. We powered out and began to head towards Ireland across the English Midlands.

photo gopr9533photo gopr9537

I had pre-ordered from the Ryanair Getaway Cafe for a 10EUR (£8.50) meal deal where you get a main item, a snack item and a drink as part of a package. Something I enjoy using on Ryanair as it means I can cover a bit of their menu in two flights. The crew oddly didn't notice we'd pre-ordered until they got to our seats, so they had to rush our Panini a bit, something they could have sorted with their paperwork before the flight. Had it been a longer flight (like London to Copenhagen) it wouldn't have been much of a notice, but on an hour long London to Dublin service, it wasn't the best planning.

photo gopr9544

As you can see, I went with a cheese and ham Panini alongside a tub of paprika pringles and a Hot Cocoa. It wasn't much to rave about, but it was nice for an hour long flight if you didn't fancy in Airport dining. 

After we passed Wales and began to fly across the Irish Sea, we began our descent into Dublin, passing over the tiny Isle of Man, a location I've not visited since a day trip in May 2016.

photo gopr9550photo gopr9551

We had a direct approach into Dublin Airport, you don't take long to get to the Airport once you pass over the coastline, well by aeroplane at least!

We landed at Dublin on the southern Runway 28, we taxied around the Airport for a good 10 minutes as we made our way to the stand for our plane at "Críochfort a hAon" (Terminal One), notably passing the all-white Fokker F50 operating the PSO Dublin-Donegal route.

photo gopr9554photo gopr9560

Upon parking and the two doors being opened up by the crew, everyone got up to leave. I sat and waited for the rush to die down and casually made my way off as one of the last passengers to exit the aircraft, it was a beautiful autumn day in Dublin, a stark contrast to some of my previous visits in the previous decade.

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Cabin crew6.0
Buy-on-board menu7.5

London - STN


Dublin - DUB



Ryanair were cheap and cheerful as well as reliable for my flight. Can't score them on entertainment as they don't even give out the booklets for the getaway café and Ryanair magazine anymore. The crew was good, but they didn't seem to take any urgency on this flight.

London Stansted was the same as always, despite being away nearly four years its nice to see it hasn't lost its budget charm!

My hotel experience is one that I'll leave to speak for itself....



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  • Comment 585770 by
    ChrisB GOLD 2752 Comments
    Nice pictures thanks for the report
    shame they forgot the pre order
  • Comment 586298 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 600 Comments
    Guess it may be rated among any Britannia hotel from what I can see among your photos, but why didn't you book the Radisson Blu at the airport for a few pennies more? They're usually a tad more expensive, though their kitchen sucks too.
    For the flight itself, the FR is pretty standard. Gets where you goes in in quickest possible way withouth service minus their hickup in regards to your pre-order.
    Thanks for reorting.
    • Comment 586598 by
      Jett Tyler GOLD AUTHOR 301 Comments
      I didn't book the hotel, my friend did and this happened to be what he could afford. The others were really expensive at the time.
      It was a bit of a slip up from them as you'd think they'd have known before hand or the order would have been given to them during the pre-flight set up.

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