Review of SmartWings flight Prague London in Economy

Airline SmartWings
Flight OK4658
Class Economy
Seat 19F
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 15 Apr 18, 19:50
Arrival at 15 Apr 18, 20:55
QS 15 reviews
By GOLD 811
Published on 28th October 2021

Na shledanou Prague!

Hello everyone and welcome to this series of a few days in Prague, where my partner was on business trip, staying at the hilton… So why not crushing in?! XD
I had to book my seperate flights of course but the rest was paid off! The best holidays XD 

We will see it but this trip is actually something to remember as it was the first time I flew on an A320NEO and B737Max8… during the same travel!
My partner flew BA on both ways, I went for U2 on the way out and CSA on the way back, as a Flying Blue member I wanted to take advantage of the free checkin luggage policy to bring wine; and also because it was just about 10eur more expensive than Easyjet. 


Flying blue Miles earned with this flight: 176
Status earned: 5 XP 

Even though I booked this trip with CSA, I later discovered that the flight will be operated by Smartwings that bought out CSA.
I nonetheless used the app to manage my booking and try to checkin. 

photo 20190822_12734

I tried to choose the seat online but it wouldn't accept my payment as I guess i booked the fligth through CSA..

photo siege

Prague was a really lovely city to discover

photo fb_img_1635174516819photo fb_img_1635174524669photo fb_img_1635174508109

at prague - Václav Havel Airport

We arrived some good 2hours before my flight, and 1hour before my partners as he was flying with BA on business paid by his employer.
The cool thing of the airport is that there is a terrace for smokers and avgeeks.. 

photo 20190822_124244

I came back to this terrace whilst I was awaiting for my flight alone..

photo 20190822_123452

Some special CSA livery and the Air France A321 arriving… There is very little mystery as of where it was coming from!

photo 20180415_194821

I was trying to zoom in to capture the B737Max coming, apoligies for the poor quality.

photo 20190822_124224

When I came back inside I had the bad suprise to see that my flight was about 1,5 hours delayed and with no information about the rationale…

photo praghue1

Here is our bird of the day… and my first onboard the B737 Max!

photo praghue2

onboard the b737max 8

photo vue

Aircraft: Boeing B737Max8
Registration: OK-SWA
Engines: 2x CFMI LEAP
Age: 4 Years
Layout: Y189
Observation: the first B737Max of Smartwings

I am not sure if priorities were called or not when boarding was launched, I just remember that there were no mention of CSA anywhere - it was like as if CSA was some sort of travel agent!!

photo boarding

Boeing hasn't changed much on the nose of their 737 series since the 60s…

photo nez

Back then I was really excited to jump on a new plane, this was a fun trip, two new engine options aircrafts on each way… Of course this was just about a year before the crashes happened and the type was grounded all over the world. 
I think I would avoid the type now - hence no chance of you seeing me flying ryanair or BA in the future. 

Anyway here is the CFMI LEAP engines, that are the same as the A320Neo on the way out, except the shape of the engine is slightly different of course. 

photo moteur

The door moment… Yes it is Smartwings and no it isn't part of any alliances…
You can see the mood lighting is also present at the door, a nice thing. 

photo porte

I managed to board amongst the first, to have this picture with not so many passengers.

photo cabine

The seats were actually comfortable enough for a low cost and the pitch not that bad. It felt a bit like easyjet.

I was sitting right behind the emergency exits.

photo wing

Push back and the first time I heard the CFMI LEAP engines on a B737 Max… which of course sounds close to the A320Neo. 
Another British Airways landed in the meantime, when my partner was already in the air! 

photo pushback

Safety demonstrations…

photo safety-briefing-96023

and the taxi towards the gate

photo taxi

and take off..

photo tkoff

As you can see my phone isn't the best to take pictures at night and I know it so i don't take that many pictures, except the following one - I was really lucky to get the beacon moment!

photo beacon

Smartwings offers a Buy on Board menu, and the prices are found at the end of the in-flight magazine. As you can see it is fairly priced.

photo 20211025_144331

The cabin just before the service started.

photo cabine2

Speaking of the magazine, the editorial line was a bit interesting… 

photo 20211025_144212photo 20211025_1442200

Some dossiers about Tom Hanks and Madrid

photo 20211025_144226photo 20211025_144234

And of course their brand new B737Max - where I was onboard!

photo 20211025_144252

and the network page, that the company took over from CSA…

photo 20211025_144324

at london - gatwick airport

photo 37429396_fuzdlznv1xkw_ikol40lecwetbp39xobkuyeyqrcz1g
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu4.5

Prague - PRG


London - LGW



PRG: Airport well organised and fluid with a fair amount of service

Smartwings: A pleasant surprise for a low-cost airline, the pitch was fairly good. My first time in a B737Max, and I am not sure I would fly again on the type, especially since the recent developments.
The BOB is fairly priced, but still for me any bob menu would be ranked less than 5. This was a bit strange to have booked with CSA and ended up on a low cost - shame for CSA to have been bought by its competitor.

LGW: always bit long to arrive at north terminal



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  • Comment 584413 by
    Esteban GOLD 20269 Comments
    Thanks Chris for sharing this Max experience.

    The moodlighting from the door is something I haven't seen before.

    All the best!
  • Comment 584982 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Hey Chris,

    Nice to see a review on the SmartWings MAX as I haven't seen many (especially since they were grounded for so long). Do you remember there being streaming IFE? They have it now, but maybe it wasn't installed back in 2018

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 584986 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3578 Comments
      Hey Kevin, thanks for stopping by! very nice of you as usual!
      yes my first and only Max experience to this day and not sure if I'll fly again on one, the jury is out..
      No I don't remember that they had IFE, and you can't see any from the pictures
      Have you ever flown with them?
      • Comment 584987 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
        It would have been streaming IFE to a personal device so there wouldn't be any evidence of it except maybe a placard or advert in the seatback pocket. No I've never flown them, I was just curious as I remember reading that they installed steaming IFE.

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