Review of United flight Denver Frankfurt in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA182
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 09:20
Take-off 15 Oct 21, 16:25
Arrival at 16 Oct 21, 09:45
UA   #40 out of 70 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 357 reviews
By 975
Published on 6th November 2021

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Part 2 of my trip report to Frankfurt, Germany! I just landed in Denver, Colorado, from Kansas City, Missouri, and this review is about my connecting United Airlines flight to Europe. Enjoy! :)

photo img_20211015_145627019

When I arrived at the gate, I was surprised to see that my plane wasn't there yet. Boarding was supposed to begin in less than one hour, so I was hoping that we wouldn't have a delay, but fortunately, this wasn't the case. Our aircraft, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, was actually at the terminal across and about to be towed to our gate. If you look closely, you can see it behind the Delta Airbus A321.

photo img_20211015_145827556photo img_20211015_150635870

And there it is! :) The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is truly one of the most remarkable airplanes ever built! It is quiet, fuel-efficient, and its internal cabin pressure is the equivalent of 6,000 feet (1,800 meters) altitude, which means increased passenger comfort. It has a range of over 7,000 nautical miles (over 13,000 kilometers) and offers room for around 240 passengers.

photo img_20211015_154101241

Just loading some catering onto the aircraft before boarding…

photo img_20211015_154551525

I really love the design of the engines and the wings! :) The curved wingtips are commonly referred to as ''raked'' wingtips and serve as an alternative option to winglets. This contributes to both fuel efficiency and, as of a result, a wider operational range. The engines were designed by GE and Rolls Royce and offer improvements in fuel consumption, noise, and emissions. 

photo img_20211015_151658478

Everything looks like an on-time departure! :)

photo img_20211015_1510319882photo img_20211015_155738060

On the plane to Frankfurt, Germany! :) After taking my seat, I started settling in for a long flight. I mainly listen to music or watch movies, so I got my headphones out and placed my bag underneath the seat in front of me. Shortly before the boarding process was completed, the Captain made an announcement and welcomed us on board, saying that everything looks good for an on-time departure and that the flight time would be 8 hours and 55 minutes, which is about half an hour less than expected earlier. Looks like a decent amount of tailwind. :) Only about 15 minutes until pushback.

photo img_20211015_155901912

A view of our route to Germany. I really love looking at all the details of the flight and see our present position! :)

photo img_20211015_160802963

My seat was 35A, which, just like on the previous flight, was on the left side, and again, behind the wing. :) As you can see, the Boeing 737 that was next to us had just left the gate, and this big beauty came in! A Boeing 777-200! :) I believe I have flown on this one before, but as a little child, and I hope to travel with it again in the near future! :)

photo img_20211015_162443019

Here we go!! :)

photo img_20211015_162721580

Extending the flaps and testing the control surfaces of the aircraft. 

photo img_20211015_162728537

Another airplane coming in to land…:)

photo img_20211015_162908060

We taxiied out to Runway 34Right, which points to the North. It was a relatively short taxi and we were number 2 in line for departure. On the left you can see Lufthansa, Germany's major airline that I am going to fly for. This aircraft, an Airbus A350-900, is heading to Munich, which is the airline's second base. Its first is Frankfurt, but I believe that only United flies the Denver-Frankfurt route.

photo img_20211015_162913078photo img_20211015_162958917

An Icelandair Boeing 757-200 from Reykjavik.

photo img_20211015_163127303

Last view of the terminal. See you in the future, Lufthansa! :)

photo img_20211015_163136315

I believe that every airport is unique in its own way. So is Denver, with this architecture that looks like a whole bunch of tents. :)

photo img_20211015_163138835photo img_20211015_163203660

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX. This aircraft, as you know, was grounded for an amount of time because of the tragic accidents that had occurred in the past, but it seems that Boeing has fixed the problems and the aircraft is returning to the skies.

photo img_20211015_163225925photo img_20211015_163307411

Approaching Runway 34Right.

photo img_20211015_163400059

About to line up on the runway…

Here is a video of the takeoff. I made one of the landing as well. Please also take the time to visit my YouTube Channel, where you will find more airplane videos. Enjoy! :)

photo img_20211015_163624336

Farewell, USA! :) There is Barr Lake and its State Park in the distance.

photo img_20211015_163652658

Down there is a city called Brighton, which also has an airfield. It is a bit difficult to see, but it is between the two groups of houses on the left.

photo img_20211015_163734991

Slightly banking right to the northeast towards Canada.

photo img_20211015_164802869

Approaching Nebraska shortly before reaching our cruising altitude. Time to destination: 8:43. Distance to destination: 4947 miles/7961 km.

photo img_20211015_165001153

Altitude: 32721 feet/9973 meters. Headwind: 124 miles per hour/200 kilometers per hour.

photo img_20211015_165039599photo img_20211015_170432888

Shortly after we had leveled off, the windows were darkened. This is one thing that I personally dislike about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner; they don't have the old-fashioned window shades, so you cannot choose yourself when you want to open or close them. It was going to stay like that until sunrise, so unfortunately, I didn't see much of the sunset. :(

photo img_20211015_172239679

My Dinner. :) I chose the pasta, which came with a small salad, a bun and a lemon sorbetto. It was very tasty! :)

photo img_20211015_174341049

At least I was able to catch a few views of the sunset. :)

photo img_20211015_174845536photo img_20211015_174858581photo img_20211015_175452747

It got dark very quick and I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep, so I decided to surf through the entertainment system and watch some movies. We were just over Minnesota when it got a little bumpy and the Captain turned on the seatbelt sign. I was pleased to find that among the choices of movies was the Harry Potter series, so I watched the Sorcerer's Stone. :) Even though I have watched every movie countless of times, I could always watch them again! :)

photo img_20211015_200222926photo img_20211015_204408883

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photo img_20211015_204446179

By the time the movie was finished, we had already flown a significant distance and were just beginning to cross the Atlantic ocean. The rest of the flight was pretty smooth, a couple of bumps along the southern tip of Greenland, but other than that, uneventful. :)

photo img_20211015_210636742

The map also gives you the option to switch to night mode, which I found really cool! :) You can also see what time it is in all the parts of the world.

photo img_20211016_000620539

After almost 8 hours in the air, we finally reached the other side of the pond. We were flying over Scotland at this point and breakfast was about to be served.

photo img_20211016_000649912

Local time at destination: 8:05 am. Only about one hour and a half until landing. :)

photo img_20211016_003137611

As we were flying over the North Sea, it became bright outside again, and I could also (finally) adjust the brightness of my window. :)

photo img_20211016_083909910

Good morning, rise and shine! :)

photo img_20211016_083942391

Breakfast wasn't much; just a blueberry yogurt and a biscotti, but it was okay. :)

photo img_20211016_090231638

Shortly after entering German airspace, the Captain announced our descent into Frankfurt. He said that the weather was a bit cloudy and foggy, but expected to clear up upon our arrival. We actually had some magnificent views of the clouds and the fog! They were really stunning! :)

photo img_20211016_090337752

Almost everything you see down there is fog. Breathtaking to see it from 12,000 feet above the ground, isn't it?! :)

photo img_20211016_090421210

Starting to see parts of the beautiful German landscape. This is my home! :)

photo img_20211016_090817564

Now you can see the so-called ''spoilers'' or ''speed brakes'' in action, on top of the wing. They are designed to accelerate the descent and since we are very high and there is not much time to get down, they are very helpful and efficient devices! Since they destroy lift, they are also called ''lift dumpers'' and cause a light vibration in the aircraft, but that is quite normal. :)

photo img_20211016_091248549

Almost there! :) At this point, we are making a few turns as we are in a holding pattern. Frankfurt is one of the world's busiest airports and due to the high volume of traffic, it sometimes takes a while until a plane receives clearance to land. But we were actually 15 minutes early, so nothing to be concerned about. :)

photo img_20211016_091748356

Banking left. Still in the pattern. :)

photo img_20211016_091744396

Altitude: 7229 feet/2203 meters. Headwind: 2 miles per hour/4 kilometers per hour.

photo img_20211016_092022588

Beautiful landscape, don't you think? :)

photo img_20211016_092055387photo img_20211016_092149925photo img_20211016_092152952

Extending the flaps for landing…

photo img_20211016_092306079

Good morning, Frankfurt! :) It is truly a beautiful city to live in!

photo img_20211016_092448009photo img_20211016_092347753

Down there is the Rhine river, which is the longest river in Germany.

photo img_20211016_092410150

We landed in Frankfurt at 9:30 am local time, 15 minutes ahead of schedule. On our way to the gate I got to see some of Lufthansa's big airplanes, such as the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet and the Airbus A330/340. I hope that I get to fly at least one of those in the future! :)

photo img_20211016_093118617photo img_20211016_093145902photo img_20211016_093223712

A Lufthansa Airbus A340-300.

photo img_20211016_093248491

An Airbus A330, one of my favorite airplanes! :)

photo img_20211016_093328700photo img_20211016_093425658

We will be parking at Terminal A, next to one of these Lufthansa planes.

photo img_20211016_093432894

Here's another Airbus A330! :)

photo img_20211016_093453447photo img_20211016_093527708

Pulling into the Gate. On the left you can see a Boeing 747-8i.

photo img_20211016_094009515

Made it!!! :) Well, at least for the most part. Now I had one more flight coming up. After getting off the plane and clearing through passport control, I had to get to a Lufthansa flight to Berlin. However, I hope you forgive me that I did not take any pictures of that flight. It was very short, under an hour, and I didn't have a window seat this time.
I still hope that you enjoyed reading this trip report and look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Thank you, goodbye, and have a nice weekend! :) 

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Denver - DEN


Frankfurt - FRA



Overall, I am satisfied with United Airlines and they really seem to improve on efficiency and on-time performance. Until next time, United! :)

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  • Comment 585705 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5799 Comments

    Hi Yannick, thanks for sharing the next report in the series! These days UA long-haul Economy experience is as good or better than the competition. I've heard and read from several people who have flown during the pandemic that UA Y is actually better than LH Y at the moment...that would have been unthinkable pre-pandemic.


  • Comment 585960 by
    Manbou 61 Comments

    Hello Yannick, a nice trip report you have written here! I especially appreciated the kind-of rare landscape shots of the region around Frankfurt covered in fog - not a sight you see every day for sure. Overall, UA's Y looks okay-ish here, even though I would have wished for more information and photos of the cabin and perhaps the service - but every reporter has their own priorities, I guess. Speaking of service, breakfast looks sad for a 9-hour flight in my eyes, even though it was a night flight. By the way, is the 10/10 rating for everything intentional?
    Anyways, keep up the nice reporting and particularly photographing, and thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 586017 by
      Yannick AUTHOR 10 Comments

      Hello Manbou, thank you for the kind words! Yes, it was a breathtaking view to see all of the fog covering the German landscape, and I'm not sure how many pictures I took of it, but I was literally photographing it during the entire approach. You're right, I could have taken at least a few pictures of the cabin as well, which I have never done before, but I will for sure next time. :) I am personally more interested in the outside view, to be honest, but each to their own. Yeah, I wish we had gotten more breakfast, such as a croissant or fruit along with the yogurt, but I'm honestly not too particular when it comes to service. I probably shouldn't do 10/10 everywhere; but overall I'm satisfied with everything else and would fly the airline and route again. :)

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