Review of Emirates flight Dubai Melbourne in Business

Airline Emirates
Flight EK406
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 12:20
Take-off 27 Jul 19, 10:05
Arrival at 28 Jul 19, 04:25
EK   #7 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 564 reviews
By SILVER 1374
Published on 7th November 2021


Hello, and welcome to this new report. Today I'm reporting the DXB-MEL leg of my TLS-CBR trip. Here is the routing :   


Now, let's start the Flight-Report. 

Lounge Report

Since I had a few hours at the airport, I decided to head to the EK Business Class lounge. There are so many exotic destinations ! Juba, in South Sudan (the world's newest country) Kabul in Afghanistan or even Auckland, one of the world's longest flights !

photo img_1711photo img_1712

On my way to the lounge, I spotted a beautiful A380. One of many…

photo img_1713

Let's go !

photo img_1714

Welcome to the EK Business Class Lounge ! Sorry for the photo quality, at the time of flying I wasn't a very good photographer… My most recent trips are definitely better in terms of photo quality and not forgetting to take a pic of what I'm served.

photo img_1715

From where I sat, I had a nice view of a 777 gate. I flew them twice earlier in the trip, also in business class. The seat was… quite disappointing.

photo img_1716

I chose a hash brown, baked beans and some asian crackers. Yum !

photo img_1718

And there was also ice cream available. I chose mango, one of my favourite flavors :D

photo img_1722

Looks like it's time to head to Gate A17 ! Wow, another exotic route : Luanda, in Angola.

photo img_1725

This is the view from the lounge into the duty-free area :

photo img_1726

One of the best things about EK lounges in DXB is that they have direct access to the gates from the lounge. So I waited for my flight to start boarding in a Business Class waiting area. Luckily for me, I found a seat !

Boarding & Seat tour

Well, looks like we're boarding !

photo img_1731

Because the A380 has two decks (everyone knows that), I had to go on a lift to the upper deck boarding areas. DXB is probably one of the most pleasant airports in the world : convenient, well organized, and probably the opposite of FRA, which is one of the most stressful airports to transit through.

photo img_1734

The only thing I don't like abot DXB is that some areas aren't very spotter friendly. But… wow ! Today, we will be travelling on an Expo 2020 Blue Livery A380. There are four of those in the fleet.

photo img_1735

Our neighbour is plain-liveried :

photo img_1736

I'm very excited ! 

photo img_1737

Fuselage shot :

photo img_1738

Welcome to my amazing seat ! I unfortunately couldn't chose a window seat closer to the window, so I had to settle with an aisle-window seat (what ?). Lucklily, I could still take photos.

photo img_1739

What a view !

photo img_1740

The thing I love about A380s on the upper deck : storage.

photo img_1741

The IFE system : tablet, remote and the tv itself. The ICE system is just fantastic. You can watch live TV, which means that, even on a flight, you can never miss the matches of your favourite sports team. 

photo img_1742photo img_1745photo img_1743

Footbox isn't too small…

photo img_1744

Minibar, which is useless, because it's not refrigerated and you can just head to the actual bar for a fresh drink. It's practical if you're ike me though, who is sometimes too lazy to get up if he wants a drink.

photo img_1746

Socks & eyseshades :

photo img_1747

USB and power ports.

photo img_1749

Pillow, blanket and heaphones.

photo img_1751

Seat controls. Of course this seat turns into a fuly flat bed.

photo img_1752

Orange juice as a welcome drink.

photo img_1753

And  a matress for the bed is located in one of the storage compatrments.

photo img_1754


photo img_1755

Now that I've explained everything in the seat, ime for THE thing to do at DXB : spotting.

The EK safety video is quite boring, but at least its different on the 777s and the A380s, so I don't have to watch the same thing four times.

photo img_1763

A video about ICE is also shown :

photo img_1766

Another EXPO 2020 liveried aircraft : this time it's an orange 777.

photo img_1770

And an orange A380 is here too !

photo img_1779

And one of our cousins

photo img_1780

The tail camera's quality is not the best, but it's good enough.

photo img_1781


Ok, let's take off !

Ok, seat belt sign is off, time for a loo review (#joshcahill subscriber). It's clean and the amenities are nice. Loo review is passed !

photo img_1800photo img_1801photo img_1802

I don't know where exactly this is, but it's beautiful and it makes me want to fly again ! Maybe soon…

photo img_1803photo img_1804

Well, time to relax !

photo img_1805

Orange juice and warm nuts… sounds like lunch is approaching !

photo img_1806

While I wait, let's take a look at the in-flight litterature :

photo img_1808

Safety card :

ICE magazine :

photo img_1815

And Open Skies, with a beautiful cove !

photo img_1816

Our route :

photo img_1817

And our plane :

photo img_1818

Well, while waiting for lunch, I decided to have a nap, using the excellent bedding provided by EK.

photo img_1820

But lunch started, and I chose the light option, so just a good carrot cumin soup and dessert, some kind of chocolate mousse cake. Everything was excellent and I went for some chocolates to finish off.

photo img_1823photo img_1824photo img_1826

The sky is beautiful… but I want to sleep now, so let's close the window shade.

photo img_1827photo img_1828photo img_1829

At that time, we are starting to overfly the Maldives. 

photo img_1830

This is the roof of the cabin while it was on sleep mode… a sky full of stars.

photo img_1840

I woke up as we were approaching the Aussie mainland… Around five/six hours to go.

photo img_1841

I decided to sleep more… so unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to eat before landing. 

photo img_1847

We parked next to a Philippine Airlines plane :

photo img_1877photo img_1880

Goodbye, EK A380 😢

photo img_1885photo img_1886photo img_1888

Thanks for the awesome flight, EK !

photo img_1889

Now, it's time to head to my QF flight to Canberra… This trip is already finished ? 😢

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Cabin crew9.0

Emirates Lounge - Business (Gates A)


Dubai - DXB


Melbourne - MEL



The cabin was really nice : I'm not a fan of all the fake wood, though. The cabin crew was very professional, the ICE system fantastic and the catering also very good. Nice, EK !
DXB is efficient, as always, and it's clean.
BNE is also quite efficient, and like most Aussie airports spotlessly clean.
The EK Business Class lounge was amazing : very comfortable and convenient thanks to the location right next to the gates, very nice choice of catering, perfect wifi and really nice services !

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The average flight time is 12 hours and 47 minutes.

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  • Comment 585702 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5607 Comments

    Hi SIA380, thanks for sharing this next report in the series!

    Always a nice experience on the EK A380. The problem being that the experience on the A380 is so much nicer than the 777 which doesn't offer direct aisle access...and many still have angle flat seats. Still the soft product is consistently great in J.

    It's practical if you're ike me though, who is sometimes too lazy to get up if he wants a drink.

    LOL same. Also I don't like water cold, so this actually fine for me...for the water anyway.

    The cabin was really nice : I'm not a fan of all the fake wood, though

    Yeah, it's too much. The newer cabins A380 and 777 cabins are much nicer visually. Still a lot of wood, but more subtle.

    P.S. there was a typo on the date. It said 2021 so I updated it to 2019 for you since the rest of the series is 2019, I'm assuming that's right.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 585767 by
      SIA380 SILVER AUTHOR 63 Comments

      Thanks for the comment Kevin, oops a typo, something I try to avoid...

      Yeah, it's too much. The newer cabins A380 and 777 cabins are much nicer visually. Still a lot of wood, but more subtle.

      I really hope they roll out the cabins quickly, the new 777 and A380 cabins look so much better, and I also like the updated bar area on the A380 !

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