Review of China Airlines flight Bangkok Taipei in Business

Airline China Airlines
Flight CI 836
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 25 Mar 13, 17:50
Arrival at 25 Mar 13, 22:25
CI   #15 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 107 reviews
By 6657
Published on 7th November 2013
As I am on vacation in Thailand, it is getting urgent to finish the FRs for the trip I did back in March 2013.

I had just arrived from TPE and ran back upstairs to the China Airlines check-in counters with my suitcase to see if they could check me in for my next flight back to Los Angeles via Taipei.
photo P1050260_zps20230b71

The ground staff was a little taken aback by my request as I was very very early and they were checking in the flight previous to mine. I told him that I didn't want to move to the earlier flight, I just wanted to get rid of my bags, go airside and wait for my flight in the lounge. After consulting with his supervisor he took my bags and gave me my boarding passes as well as taking my bags away from me.

I went through immigration and security formalities and I was airside in no time. Shops everywhere you look ! photo P1050261_zps0642eca6
photo P1050263_zpsc72cb447
photo P1050295_zps86c5f280

Everybody knows this statue in Bangkok as this is the first thing you see when getting P1050262_zps65d3f0dd

I went straight to the lounge. I am starting to know it rather well as it is the 3rd time that I use China Airlines in Business Class out of Bangkok.
photo P1050291_zps967ae4df
photo P1050292_zpsb1a3b42e

Lounge is small but I like it !
photo P1050264_zpsb088aa34

Stunning white orchids in the lounge.
photo P1050265_zps2855a8e6

Here is what is available to eat or drink in the lounge.
photo P1050266_zps3355575cphoto P1050267_zps896a50a0photo P1050268_zps80ae542ephoto P1050269_zps7b773960photo P1050270_zps5ce6b023photo P1050271_zpsdcfdffa8photo P1050272_zpsaa6c2646photo P1050273_zps4c1d9fc1photo P1050274_zps30e7b9fephoto P1050275_zps6042ef80photo P1050276_zps6ead5218photo P1050277_zps34729a81photo P1050278_zpse5a7f08aphoto P1050279_zps589dba92photo P1050280_zps260c0170photo P1050281_zps132d7932photo P1050283_zps9a633d93

Here is my first selection
photo P1050284_zps6ebd6a72

Air France was on the front page of with a flight to Toronto.
photo P1050285_zpsc82a5bd7

Selection number 2
photo P1050286_zps79f9cc05

Selection number 3, the sweets !
photo P1050287_zpsa3a99848

After a while I decide go and walk in the terminal… I grab a mango with sticky rice, my favorite, and go back to the lounge to savor my find !
photo P1050289_zps26951a1e

When I come back it is a new flight that is on the front page of Flight-report !photo P1050290_zpsff9fe65f

It is time to go, I grab my stuff and head to my boarding gate.
photo P1050296_zps9c0cad3e
photo P1050300_zpsf95839d3

My Airbus is here waiting for us before it heads back home to Taipei.
photo P1050297_zpsb185ac81photo P1050298_zps635d5f38photo P1050301_zps0fc57f02

In the gate area, people are waiting for the boarding announcements.
photo P1050302_zps475341d0

I turn left to board through the first door !
photo P1050303_zps7ec4a876photo P1050304_zps1185820c

Here I am on board B-18303. It is sporting the usual burgundy leather seats in the regional P1050305_zps544e4523

My seat for the next 3 odd hours.
photo P1050306_zps2263b75e

Legroom for a 6'2 P1050307_zps55d08d41

The TV screen
photo P1050308_zps5ef1c670

The female cabin attendant offers pre-departure drinks and nibbles, I go for an apple P1050309_zps8ebf2a91photo P1050310_zps0263a73b

The cabin is not really full, plenty of free seats, the one next to me will remain P1050311_zps1acddb12

British Airways Boeing 747-400 is waiting next to us !
photo P1050312_zpse6755137

The cabin crew hands out the menu, I can see what was on offer on the Taipei to Bangkok flight and then i check what's available on my flight. I had preordered my food on China Airlines P1050313_zps10c9b187

British Airways is gone, alliance partner Cathay Pacific is now standing near P1050314_zps5818f1f3photo P1050315_zpsd0838388

Just before we depart from the gate, the chief purser starts the safety demonstration P1050319_zps52455051
photo P1050325_zps32d74c01
photo P1050327_zps8c8aa638
photo P1050328_zps80d3714b

We go past a few airplanes including this Transaero 767-300
photo P1050321_zps7f8655fdphoto P1050322_zpsdb363ae9

Skyteam partner Vietnam Airlines
photo P1050329_zpse6680cc2

Thai Airways ground engineers will soon release us after we have finished our push P1050330_zpsecbef599

Same Transaero 767 from the front
photo P1050332_zps0c22b0c6

The Airshow is now on.
photo P1050333_zps942201f8

Orient Thai 747-300 with a white tail
photo P1050336_zpse38ef4eb

Sights of 747's is going to get rarer !
photo P1050337_zps325c491c

Nordwind, another russian operator in Bangkok.
photo P1050340_zpsfee72c7b

Our route to Taipei.
photo P1050341_zpsa4948635

Seat pocket contains the different magazines and catalogs, the slippers and the P1050342_zps57532903

Thai Airways anniversary livery on the 747-400 is waiting for its next P1050344_zps00962179

This is where that British Airways 747 went to hide !
photo P1050345_zps32d4c6b0

Star Alliance partners, Swiss and Austrian
photo P1050346_zpsd1a198b5

Thai Airways is at home in Suvarnabhumi
photo P1050348_zps2cd70fb7photo P1050349_zps4232fb2b

We're getting at the runway's threshold ready to depart.
photo P1050350_zps1532b565

I flew one of these behemoth !
photo P1050351_zps35349f7c

This is definitely Thai Airways home !
photo P1050352_zps58742523

Soon to depart !
photo P1050354_zpse11f0a75

Video system is wishing us welcome on board !
photo P1050356_zps10f41a99

We're ready to roll !
photo P1050359_zps83ca02f5photo P1050360_zpsfba5a6fe

And we're in the air !
photo P1050362_zpsc3b34adf

We're climbing over the suburbs of Bangkok.
photo P1050363_zpsfc0882a0photo P1050364_zps4e5f4eb1photo P1050365_zpsfe8e45b1

Sky Fantasy the China Airlines video system is on !
photo P1050366_zps6ece6399

Suvarnabhumi in the distance.
photo P1050367_zps0b751ac3

Getting comfortable for the flight !
photo P1050368_zps92f60113

The sun is setting over Thailand.
photo P1050370_zps2d8b7c16

I start a movie while the cabin attendants are getting in action and start to dress the tables !photo P1050371_zps27686408

Here is the starter, Smoked Halibut and marinated salmon.
photo P1050373_zps48b972e8

The main dishes will make their appearance shortly after !
photo P1050376_zps7e81ff3a

I went for the Wok fried sliced beef fillet.
photo P1050377_zpsa63efae2photo P1050380_zps7e4663b6

After the main course is finished the crew clears the trays and offer the desserts, a plate of fresh fruits and a red berries P1050381_zpsf74d3cc7

I had a glass of Riesling with the meal, I like that wine for its sparkling taste !

After dinner I went for a walk in the plane.
photo P1050382_zps4d96a59ephoto P1050383_zps628361e4

We're getting there, only 30 minutes till we arrive in Taipei.
photo P1050384_zpsae5b1496photo P1050385_zps88c732e5photo P1050388_zps8038973ephoto P1050389_zps19c1e47d

We arrived in Taipei a little bit ahead of time which will give me enough time to get to the lounge before heading to my gate and meet up with my friend that I left in Taipei for the day !photo P1050391_zps364fc097photo P1050394_zps44e13fb9

Here is our jetway to disembark.
photo P1050396_zpsd3587900

And we're out !
photo P1050398_zps9b71b92c

On my way to the D gates to catch my flight to Los Angeles.
photo P1050399_zps06229ea0photo P1050400_zps8d88f64dphoto P1050401_zps8aae277b

Hello Miss KLM !
photo P1050403_zps4e947e53

Next episode TPE-LAX !
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China Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Bangkok - BKK


Taipei - TPE



Flight on time, excellent crew, loved the beef, enjoyed ordering my meal on the net, as such I was guaranteed my choice !

Love China Airlines, not the best or greatest airline in Asia but for the price, they deliver a good product !

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  • Comment 92060 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this nice report on CI. Creative way to display sandwiches and pastries at the lounge, but not the most practical. There seems to be plenty of food options at the lounge. The sweets in the shape of fruits look amazing.

    Of the two Taiwenese carriers, it seems that BR has the edge when it comes to their premium cabin, especially the seats. It's nice to read that CI prices their product competitively.
  • Comment 92066 by
    pititom GOLD 11512 Comments
    I like the offer at the lounge, especially the dimsum, they look appetizing :)

    Service on board is pretty good too with service on plate.

    Thank you for this report...and waiting for the next ones to come :)
  • Comment 92076 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Thanks for this long awaited continuation of this interesting routing! Yes, I imagine the check-in staff were rather confused by the fact that you were turning right back to TPE, LOL. The lounge is very nice with a good offering. Beautiful photos as always. Looking forward to the next leg!
  • Comment 92306 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Quick turnaround to have the benefit of ex-BKK fares ?

    Lounge has a good food choice

    Catering on board is good for a 3 hours flight

    Are the main course choices on the website the same that the onboard choices ?

    • Comment 283883 by
      manureva744 AUTHOR 251 Comments
      You are most welcome !

      Yup, even after paying a one way ticket TPE-BKK in Business, it was cheaper with ex-BKK fares to LAX ! I did a fare comparison and it was a no brainer, cheaper and more miles ! WIN-WIN !

      Lounge is small but the amount of food is excellent !

      Catering for 3 hours is ample indeed.

      Main course choice is the same, it is not Book the Cook like on SQ but I will do with this as I am insured my preferred choice of meal like this !

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