Review of Air France Hop flight Düsseldorf Paris in Business

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF1607
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 05 Sep 21, 12:05
Arrival at 05 Sep 21, 13:20
AF   #38 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 782 reviews
By GOLD 212
Published on 17th November 2021


After a nice but short stay in Düsseldorf, it is already time to go back to the Airport. A monorail links the terminals:

photo img_2668_resultatphoto img_2669_resultatphoto img_2670_resultat

I decided to have a real boarding pass and used a kiosk to do so:

photo img_2672_resultatphoto img_2673_resultatphoto img_2674_resultat

Security was done in no time:

photo img_2675_resultat

This way to Gates B:

photo img_2676_resultatphoto img_2677_resultat

Austrian A320:

photo img_2678_resultatphoto img_2679_resultat

Here I am, gates B:

photo img_2680_resultatphoto img_2681_resultatphoto img_2682_resultat

The friends I was travelling with are going back to CDG via AMS with KLM Cityhopper :

photo img_2685_resultat

hugo junkers lounge

photo img_2688_resultatphoto img_2689_resultat

After a warm welcome I discovered the lounge that was pretty quiet:

photo img_2690_resultatphoto img_2691_resultatphoto img_2692_resultat

I took a window seat to watch the operations:

photo img_2710_resultatphoto img_2711_resultat

My friends Embraer being loaded:

photo img_2712_resultat

Have a safe flight guys!

photo img_2713_resultatphoto img_2714_resultat

I had a look at the buffet, but not feeling that hungry:

photo img_2693_resultatphoto img_2695_resultatphoto img_2696_resultat

Breakfast is on offer, there are no hot options.

photo img_2697_resultatphoto img_2698_resultatphoto img_2699_resultat


photo img_2700_resultatphoto img_2702_resultatphoto img_2703_resultat

I had a coffee:

photo img_2704_resultat

Cereals bar:

photo img_2705_resultat

Hugo Junkers:

photo img_2707_resultatphoto img_2708_resultat

The flying pencil, aka as 757-300, Condor:

photo img_2716_resultatphoto img_2717_resultatphoto img_2718_resultat

IB A320:

photo img_2720_resultat

Pegasus A320neo:

photo img_2721_resultat

TK 332:

photo img_2722_resultat


photo img_2723_resultat

the flight

Shortly before boarding time, I went to my gate:

photo img_2724_resultatphoto img_2725_resultatphoto img_2726_resultat

Here is our Embraer E170:

photo img_2727_resultatphoto img_2728_resultat

Boarding starts by zone as usual:

photo img_2729_resultatphoto img_2730_resultatphoto img_2731_resultat

The door:

photo img_2732_resultatphoto img_2733_resultat

The flight didn't start well, all cabin bagages were given green "delivery at aircraft" tags since the ground staff said they didn't have "approved hand luggage" tags anymore and that this would do the job.
Of course, upon boarding, the purser requested each passenger witht the green label to put their carry on in the jetty. I politely said no and explained what happened at the gate. She didn't want to listen and insisted on putting it outside the aircraft.
I said first of all that my carry on was one of the smallest size available, second I was travelling only with that, third and fourth I am Platinum and travelling in business.
She then tries to apologize but it is too late, you never get a second chance to make a first good impression :(
Here's the cabin :

photo img_2734_resultatphoto img_2735_resultat

AF nor KL neutralizes the adjacent seat. Not business friendly…

photo img_2736_resultat

The pitch is good though:

photo img_2737_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_2738_resultatphoto img_2739_resultatphoto img_2740_resultat

More useless Covid paper, those papers are sometimes handed out but never collected:

photo img_2741_resultat

Some carry-ons had to go to the hold since the plane was fully booked:

photo img_2742_resultat

737-800 TUI:

photo img_2743_resultatphoto img_2744_resultat

We pushed back af few minutes late.  European Air Charter (ex- Bulgarian Air Charter)

photo img_2745_resultat

White tail 738 and stored A320 Eurowings:

photo img_2746_resultatphoto img_2747_resultat

FlyEgypt 738 and White Airways A320:

photo img_2748_resultatphoto img_2749_resultatphoto img_2750_resultat

Again this white tail 738, I didn't get that much information about this aircraft, reg 2-BBRV, it is owned by BBAM in the US. Never heard about it.

photo img_2751_resultatphoto img_2752_resultat

More Eurowings:

photo img_2756_resultat

And a last one, but this one flies:

photo img_2758_resultat

BH Air:

photo img_2760_resultatphoto img_2761_resultat

Line up:

photo img_2762_resultat

V1 and rotate:

photo img_2764_resultatphoto img_2765_resultatphoto img_2767_resultat

Heading to our cruise level:

photo img_2768_resultatphoto img_2769_resultatphoto img_2771_resultat

The service starts with a cold towel:

photo img_2770_resultat

And this is the business "meal":

photo img_2773_resultat

Just to compare, this is what Agean offers on a domestic flight between Santorini and Athens, 40' flight:

photo cov

Back to Air France's offer:

photo img_2775_resultat

The purser begins to be a bit more friendlier but for me it is too late, unfortunately.
In flight:

photo img_2776_resultat

Almost arrived:

photo img_2777_resultatphoto img_2778_resultatphoto img_2779_resultat


photo img_2780_resultatphoto img_2781_resultatphoto img_2782_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_2784_resultatphoto img_2785_resultatphoto img_2787_resultat


photo img_2788_resultatphoto img_2789_resultatphoto img_2790_resultat

Since we had to give way to taking off aircrafts, we waited close to this BA A319:

photo img_2791_resultat

And went to the 2G:

photo img_2793_resultatphoto img_2794_resultat

Two last shoots of the plane that came with a big "no photo" from the ground staff. At that point I decided that my only spoken language would be German:

photo img_2795_resultatphoto img_2796_resultat

Pax bus back to the 2F, here a babybus:

photo img_2797_resultat

The last part will follow shortly :)

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Air France Hop

Cabin crew5.0

Independent Hugo Junkers Lounge


Düsseldorf - DUS


Paris - CDG



No adjacent seat blocked on Embraers nor with AF nor with KL. The catering is a shame, the purser was unfriendly to begin with but then was a bit friendlier.

DUS was nice and so was the lounge.

Nothing to say about CDG, apart from the staff that loves to shout "No photos" to people boarding/deboarding aircrafts.

As usual, thanks for reading!

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  • Comment 586757 by
    saintpiev GOLD 1288 Comments

    Hello my dear friend
    Thank you for this report
    We have had a good time in Dusseldorf.
    See you soon !

  • Comment 586796 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5607 Comments

    And here I was making fun of KLM's cinnabun on a 25 min flight...AF's little box of trail mix is even worse. Wow...when you don't block adjacent seats in BUSINESS, there should at least be decent catering. Very sad.

    Totally unprofessional of the FA to bark orders before knowing the facts. I've had that happen a few times over carryons and it's never pleasant. Just by the fact that you are among the first to board should tell the FA that you're either in Business class or an Elite...and in your case BOTH. At least they tried to apologise, but first impressions matter...unfortunate!

    The flying pencil, aka as 757-300, Condor:

    That's a sexy bird though

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 586829 by
      Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 14375 Comments

      Hi Kévin, thanks for the comment !

      Exactly, barking orders to the first passengers boarding a plane is indeed, not a good idea.

      The trail mix you can get a much better one flying with Delta in coach :)

      And the flying pencil is really a sexy thing :)

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