Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Munich Gdańsk in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1646
Class Business
Seat 3A
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 18 Nov 21, 21:05
Arrival at 18 Nov 21, 22:40
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Published on 20th November 2021


Hello there EVERYONE,

Today I want to show you my trips from MUC to GDN and back in LH Busness with new "Heimat Menu" so:


  • LH1646-MUC-GDN You are here
  • LH1643-GDN-MUC Coming soon

So when I arrived to MUC Airport(of course there were delay in S-Bahn)ca. 18:15 I went to the Business class CLASS Check-in and no passengers were there so I could choose whoever I want

After fast Check-in I went to Security where……was no queue so all took 5-8 min and after all I went to Business class Lounge near gate G28.
Before covid there was still promotion in LH that thos who has ticket for LH flight together with silver card could buy entrance to senator lounge for 19 EUR. After I asked in reception to check they told me that this is not valid anymore so I went to typical business lounge.
Lounge was a little bit occupied but I found place for myself and at last there was again self service. There were 4 hot  dishes:
-Goulash mit chicken(was good to take it together with spatzle)
-Pumpkin creme
Everything was very good  After I spent there almost 2h I went to the gate 

photo img_1618photo img_1619

First boarding was families with children which took 10 minutes. Afterwards they ask everyone so it was 20:40 and pack to 2 buses. So classical"priority boarding" in LH scheme. as usually joke…..

photo img_1620

On Board

During boarding. location forms were offered and sanitizing wipes.After boarding was completed, from 4th row started economy and there were 2 guys where one of them" are we going to first class?" and second respond" no, due that they will catch us on that and ask to move to economy again".But the first one tried and in this same moment FA walking through our business class with tablet asked for names so in the end he came to this guy and asked him for name. I didn't heard all conversation only "….but you have economy seat please comeback to your sit now, here is business class" and guy comeback a little bit laugthedwith text " so I had a long flight there" .Second guy told him " I told you that there will ask you to comeback, they have all data and know where , who sitting and how many passenger should be especially in Buisness" It was so satisfied that FA very fast discover it and asked this guy to go to economy, I hate such jerks- You want flying in Buisness, buy Buisness class ticket…..

So after that  we started and in 15 minutes we reached our altitude.

photo img_1621

Service started soon and we received all in one plate

This was from hamburg. I must say that I was satisfied I expected to be worse as I checked other flight report.
When I was asked for drinks I asked for glass of sparkling wine and cola. My surprise was that FA opened bottle and left in next seat with text" I am leaving bottle here". Ok so I thought that I was alone but later on I saw that on opposite row guy asked for white wine and he also received whole bottle. WOW. If I will received again whole bottle on the flight to LPA(Gran Canaria in december I will be in heaven)
So afterwards fliught was evewntfull and I just relax and drink :) It was very nice flight :) We had 10 minutes fo delay in GDN but all in all was ok :)

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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew10.0

Munich - MUC


Gdańsk - GDN



For so short haul flight it was really plesant and nice, I was very satisfied and relax
In general it was very ok!

On Saturday 27.11.2021 I will have comeback flight to MUC from GDN, stay tuned afterwards I will add report too

Thanks in advance for reading

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  • Comment 587456 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6587 Comments
    Hi Raiders, thanks for sharing !

    So classical"priority boarding" in LH scheme. as usually joke…..

    Boarding priority is hit it miss with different airlines in pandemic times. I’ve had a lot of flight with Iberia where Business class had to board last !

    Very impressed by the service on this short flight! Printed menus and a whole full-sized bottle of wine, nice!! I also like that Lufthansa Cityline actually block seats in Business class on Regional jets where many like AF, KL, IB don’t .

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 587570 by
      raiders AUTHOR 30 Comments
      Thank you for read it :)
      LH Priority boarding is same from I started to flight so 2013. If there is a bus it is always this same
      "Very impressed by the service on this short flight! Printed menus and a whole full-sized bottle of wine, nice!! " yes new heimat menubut full bottle it was new due that earlier LH FA never gave it so this is in plus, tomorrow w ewill see if there will be a such service backward :)

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