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Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1646
Class Business
Seat 2A
Flight time 01:54
Take-off 21 Apr 22, 22:00
Arrival at 21 Apr 22, 23:54
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Published on 27th April 2022


Hello Everyone,
After 2 days when I came from Gran Canaria to Munich I planned to go to Poland to my parents due that my father was making on 23rd of April his 70th Birthday. Due that this time started negociations with Flight controllers in Warsaw I didn't expect which came out……
But first routing, I am very apologize for now i can only add this report due that for 27th of April i still don't know how will be my back flight(s) to MUC, situation still not know.


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at the airport

So before I went into a problems I just planned to be at the airport before 17:00. Weather was excellent, was worm and sunny. I came to terminal 2 and went to business class check-in. Almost noone was there so checkin-in + security took me ca 10 minutes which i love it.


Due to gate was not know(but my experience has give me a hint that it will be terminal 2 satellite) I wen to Business lounge in terminal 2 
there was few hot options  like potato puree, chicken goulash in tomato sauce, some sweet peach soup
I took puree and goulash and was really good. As always as me of course sparkling wine xD

photo img_3386

Afterwards I was only drink or some small beer or different type of sparkling wine and I checked informations about lounges in Munich and……..I discovered meanwhile that my plane will go from gate K12 BUT Business Lounge in satellite has been already back to normal and inspite of open till 16:00 they are till 22:00……….I could look it earlier for that but ok……..then I decide to got to satellite because this is near my gate so I took the train and in 10 min I was in satellite lounge. My surprise was that they connect business l;ounge with Senator and of cosurse alcohol and food option swas as in senator so i can say it was free upgrade ;)

Ok my plane to warsaw was planned for 19:35 so boarding planned for 19:05. Then everything started…………at 19:02 Crew which was responsible for boarding told us that LOT Polish Airlines contacted him and it seems that………our plane didn't started from Warsaw yet………then I freeze…….I heard that there was some problems with flight controllers and there can be problems but I was wexpecting them from 1st of May, additional this same evening bomb alert has been raised so whole airport in warsaw was freeze.I am flying 9 years and such thing never came…….due that i had a business class immediatelly contact LOT for Business and they told me that when i called 7 min earlier plane started from warsaw…..planned departure from Munich to warsaw at 21:00….then I analysed that I will be in Warsaw in best case 22:40…..but 23:05 I had a fliught to GDN and lady from LOT told me….yes no on can guarantee that you will be able to take flight today then LOT will need to organise you Hotel etc….Ok I finish call and wen tto other passengers to inform them , some of them knew alreayd due that they also contacted LOT.So I decided to comeback to lounge and then crew there with smile…."oooh you comeback" and then i told her all story, there another lady which asked me if I travelling with handluggage or checked luggaged. Afterwards I was warm welcome to the lounge. I was already upse tso I was not sure If I want to eat something or drink something or wtf? I decided to grab a beer and just seat. 10 min later one of ladies from Reception of lounge came to me and told that I should take my beer and go with her  , then i thought that I made something. Immediatelly they told me that yes i will be able to go to warsaw this plane at 21:00 but my plane from warsaw to GDN has been rescheduled for next day……….they proposed other thing…..that they can rebook my flight to LH at 22:00 and then i asked" on e moment there is no such flight" and they told me yes it is-> LH1646 should departure at 20:10 due to a lot of cancelattions and delays this plane will go at 22:00…….unfortunatelly I had a cash upgrade in LOT for business class and they told me that they can only book me a economy and eventually i can ask LOT for refund this cash….if I want I can make a upgrade to business class on this LH flight for 150 euro. Ok agter I assure that they rebook my flight for economy together with my checked baggage I return to my seat i thought about upgrade. In LOT if you upgrade you are receiving mile afterwards in LH they take only original ticket class which i didn't know when i decided for upgrade but i took it. Then I took my things and comebackj to Terminal 2 again!
went to the lounge and when i want to go to the gate and went to reception and asked for add my M&M card they told me that meanwhile i should stay in the lounge until I will not see any sign "go to gate" due that a lot of cancellations to Poland happened. Indeed when i sat in lounge I heard announcemtns that a ll passengers which should go from Munich to Posen by Lh need to  go to reception. I thought that i will be crazy because already i saw black tunnel……Foirtuantelly i saw at 21:25 sign " go to gate" So i just run.
Flight was coming!!!!! 

on the plane

Boarding starting on time…….I just considered if LH take care about my baggage and it will be delivered with my plane….in Business there was only 1 another passenger Disinfection Wiope has been distribiuted on beggining and before we started I had a chat with FA. She was very nice , distributed bottle of water due that we had also here delay and started at 22:20. After we started and reach our altitude service has begun. I chat a little bit with FA she was very nice and we talked about whole this situation in Poland and my status as frequesnt traveller etc. later on second passenger went to sleep and FA just came to me and ask how was food. I told it was tasty because it was. I heard later that second FA asked of my opinion chief. Later on she asked if I want to more water or another glass of sparkling wine etc. Afterwards I was surprised i called her due that I want some drink, she didn't came after 3 minutes so i resign and then she came with another this same plate of food which i had on the begging totally prepared. I was in shock in normal I would take it abut I was so full that i knew that afterwards can be not so good with my stomach especially it was meet with oil. It was very embarrased myself due that i very appreciate this gesture but you know, i ate so much in lounge and drink that i couldn't. But she still camer to me to chat she was excellent, still asking if I want something to drink, maybe chocolate etc, so yes I asked for chocolate she brings me 2 and put 3rd told"this will be for later on" rest of flight was uneventfull but i recognized that we are not going standard route. i was right due to problems we went via Berlin and baltic sea to GDN. Normally route is via Czech Republic ,Wroclaw,Poznan,Bydgoszcz and GDN so I was not even surprise but before we arrived to GDN I was totally relaxed. It was really very good flight. In the end my baggage came as first so i was very happy.

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Cabin crew10.0

Munich - MUC


Gdańsk - GDN



Totally crazy evening with a lot of stress but in the end I am very appreciate all LH crew for professionalism and support. it was brilliant really.
I was very satisfied :)

I don't know how I will comeback but next flights: I will update routing on this report
So already i am inviting you to look forward for next flight:

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after those:
LH Senator Status

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