Review of British Airways flight Zurich London in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA713
Class Business
Seat 03J
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 12 Sep 21, 14:00
Arrival at 12 Sep 21, 14:50
BA   #62 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 924 reviews
By GOLD 1360
Published on 25th November 2021


Each year, my mom and I go to Jordan but 2020 was … you know what it was. We had to cancel the ticket. We moved the trip to early 2021, then moved it again and eventually September was the good one.

The only "problem" was now the documentation needed to go to Amman since we were transiting through London.

To the UK we needed:

- Green pass
- PCR no older than 48H before departure
- PLF no older than 48H before departure

To Jordan we needed :

- Online questionnaire including scanning of green pass and passport. Waiting to get a green QR code that will avoid a PCR test on arrival
- PLF to be completed with all travels of the last 15 days
- Install the AMM application to be tracked in case of contact with a Covid case.
- Insurance certificate that all costs related to Covid will be covered by the insurance.

And to be fully complete, to transit through LHR on the return, another PCR test done in Jordan upon return.


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let's go to zurich

To go to Zurich from our place, the best is to go by train from Basel. My father dropped us off close to the station in Basel.

photo img_2887_resultat

The train was on time and comfortable, as almost usual with the Swiss Trains:

photo img_2888_resultat

Arrived at ZRH airport:

photo img_2889_resultat

zrh landside

BA Checks from Terminal 2, Check in Zone 2, not that easy to find if you are not familiar with the location.

photo img_2891_resultat

There were people on the general lane, but the priority lane was almost empty. AF check in desks were closed:

photo img_2892_resultat

The agent was super friendly, checked all our documents and in no time we headed to security:

photo img_2893_resultatphoto img_2894_resultatphoto img_2895_resultat

There was here also almost no wait.

zrh airside

ZRH is really a nice airport:

photo img_2896_resultatphoto img_2897_resultatphoto img_2898_resultat

Our flight leaves from Gates E, the agent told us we can use the lounge at terminal A.

photo img_2899_resultat

The agent there told us it is better for us to head straight to Terminal E since the lounge there re-opened. Ok, then let's go:

photo img_2900_resultat

Train to Terminal E:

photo img_2901_resultat

Passport controls:

photo img_2902_resultat

And the train to the terminal:

photo img_2903_resultatphoto img_2904_resultat

We had a bit of pain to find the lounge but eventually made it :)

photo img_2905_resultatphoto img_2906_resultat

aspire lounge terminal e

Here we are:

photo img_2907_resultat

We were warmly welcomed and went first to the right side of the lounge:

photo img_2908_resultatphoto img_2909_resultat

But on the other side, there is a fantastic terrace with a view over the appron:

photo img_2910_resultat

The offer was pathetic. Here the drinks:

photo img_2911_resultatphoto img_2913_resultatphoto img_2914_resultat

It's noon, there is a "salad bar" and apples:

photo img_2915_resultat

And just one hot dish:

photo img_2917_resultat


photo img_2918_resultat

And softs, with butter:

photo img_2916_resultat

The coffee machine serves only black coffee, the milk is out of order:

photo img_2919_resultat

The only good thing in that lounge is that there is a view:

photo img_2920_resultatphoto img_2922_resultat

Our dreamliner arrives:

photo img_2923_resultatphoto img_2924_resultatphoto img_2925_resultat

That's my selection and it wasn't great at all:

photo img_2926_resultat

LX home town:

photo img_2928_resultatphoto img_2929_resultat

Helvetic E195-E2:

photo img_2930_resultatphoto img_2931_resultat

Icelandair 757-200:

photo img_2932_resultat

Private Jet:

photo img_2933_resultat

the flight

Our baby:

photo img_2935_resultat

Boarding started on time and with a strict respect of the priorities:

photo img_2934_resultatphoto img_2936_resultatphoto img_2937_resultat

Almost there!

photo img_2939_resultat

Aircraft doors:

photo img_2940_resultatphoto img_2941_resultatphoto img_2942_resultat

My first time aboard a BA Dreamliner:

photo img_2943_resultatphoto img_2945_resultatphoto img_2946_resultat

My seat:

photo img_2944_resultatphoto img_2947_resultat

A quick lavatory tour upon departure:

photo img_2948_resultatphoto img_2949_resultatphoto img_2952_resultat

The premium economy wasn't sold on that flight:

photo img_2953_resultatphoto img_2954_resultat

A nice view over the engine and the wing from the W class:

photo img_2955_resultatphoto img_2956_resultat

Safety Card:

photo img_2957_resultatphoto img_2958_resultatphoto img_2959_resultat

Corona kit:

photo img_2960_resultat

There is only one storage place for this seat:

photo img_2961_resultatphoto img_2962_resultat

Seat controls:

photo img_2963_resultat

It is possible to have some privacy by rising this electrical blind. Not really usefull for us since my mother was on the other side :)

photo img_2964_resultat

The seat:

photo img_2965_resultatphoto img_2966_resultatphoto img_2970_resultat

The table:

photo img_2967_resultatphoto img_2968_resultat

The IFE but we never received any headset:

photo img_2971_resultat

Remote control:

photo img_2972_resultat

Without headset, I just used the moving map:

photo img_2973_resultat

The dreamliner big windows:

photo img_2974_resultatphoto img_2981_resultat

No individual ventilation nor lights above the seat, there is a light in the seat, though:

photo img_2975_resultatphoto img_2976_resultat

We pushed back on time:

photo img_2982_resultatphoto img_2984_resultat

And took of from runway 28, the smallest of the 3 runways in ZRH with "only" 2'500 meters:

photo img_2985_resultatphoto img_2986_resultatphoto img_2987_resultat


photo img_2988_resultatphoto img_2989_resultatphoto img_2990_resultat

With some nice views:

photo img_2991_resultatphoto img_2993_resultatphoto img_2996_resultat

Over the clouds:

photo img_2997_resultatphoto img_2998_resultat

Being seated reverse helps to take nice pictures of the engine:

photo img_3004_resultatphoto img_3005_resultatphoto img_3006_resultat

For lunch there was a choice between a cold chicken curry and a rice salad with sweet potatoes. We both took the chicken:

photo img_3007_resultatphoto img_3008_resultat

The bread with under blister but hot. The chicken dish was really nice and perfectly adequate to the flight time. The dessert was fantastic. I had a tea and some apple juice. The tray was really nice for the flight. The crew was pro-active and really attentive.
Time to get some rest:

photo img_3009_resultatphoto img_3010_resultat


photo img_3011_resultat

Leaving France:

photo img_3013_resultatphoto img_3014_resultat

Arriving over the UK:

photo img_3016_resultatphoto img_3015_resultatphoto img_3017_resultat

It's really beautiful:

photo img_3019_resultatphoto img_3020_resultat

Starting the descent:

photo img_3021_resultat

London in sight:

photo img_3022_resultatphoto img_3023_resultatphoto img_3024_resultat

2 years I haven't seen London!!

photo img_3025_resultatphoto img_3026_resultatphoto img_3027_resultat

Approaching LHR:

photo img_3029_resultatphoto img_3030_resultatphoto img_3031_resultat

The most beautiful airliner in the world. I would have so much loved to fly with it:

photo img_3032_resultatphoto img_3033_resultat

Landed and full reverse:

photo img_3035_resultatphoto img_3037_resultat

Virgin Atlantic A350:

photo img_3038_resultat

Taxiing to T5C:

photo img_3040_resultat

We parked close to a brother:

photo img_3041_resultat


photo img_3042_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_3043_resultat

Then it was the start of a long transit :)

photo img_3044_resultat

My bird a last time :

photo img_3045_resultat
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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Aspire Lounge - E


Zurich - ZRH


London - LHR



It's always a treat to fly on a wide-body on such a short intra European flight. The only thing is that I would have loved to have it for the flight to AMM.

The crew was fantastic, the food appropriate, the only thing is that the IFE was not available due to the lack of headset.

Nothing to say about ZRH, LHR did its job also.

The lounge was meh at is best, the food offer was a shame.

Next part to AMM is coming soon :) Stay tuned!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est SWISS avec 7.8/10.

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  • Comment 587550 by
    GPC 104 Comments
    Toujours un plaisir de lire vos FR!
  • Comment 587676 by
    flyLars 56 Comments
    Thank you very much for this series of Reports, Stephan. I do speak some french and therefore also absolutely enjoy reading your many reports on the french site. As often as you fly on LH Group Airlines in the last time and booking class changes due to Corona, you are on a good way to the Senator or even HON, aren't you? BA boasts some nice service on ZRH-LHR though I prefer flying them from STR as they have an own lounge there. Also really nice to see them deploying an 788, even though only because of bigger cargo demand, but still nice for the passengers.
    Cheers and looking forward to many more reports.
    • Comment 587709 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19155 Comments
      Thank you so much Lars for your nice comment, much appreciated!

      Indeed, the LH double miles promotion offered me a fast track to SEN, achieved in only 5 months. HON is a bit to far from me, I should have taken some cheap flights in First class but even "cheap first class" means "expensive ticket".

      BA's 787 are really nice, but you'll see the 320neo to AMM was another story.
  • Comment 587836 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6346 Comments
    Whoops, I started the series on the 2nd leg, haha. Well damn, how ironic that you got a long-haul cabin on this short sector and Club Europe on the 6h flight! This makes that 2nd flight look even worse in comparison. Haha

    Catering looks good for a 1.5h flight.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 588323 by
    Matthevv 163 Comments
    Hi Esteban,

    Thanks for this amazing report. Lots of BA on the website recently! It's great to see my beloved again. The lounge actually looks great judging that it's an Aspire lounge (much better than their other lounges...). Though like you said the food offering was somewhat tragic (in fact, instead of fruit station I read FRUSTRATION haha).

    Looks like you've had a nice short hop on the 787. How cool is it that both LX and BA used wide bodies on that route during COVID! I'm curious how you found the comfort of the seats in Club World cabin, as I had the same ones on the A380 flight from Frankfurt (report soon), as I thought they were actually quite comfortable with a few problems though...

    I must say, BA's business class short haul catering is surprisingly good, and your meal looked super tasty as well!

    Great pictures of landing in London too, despite the cloudy weather.

    Thanks for sharing!

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