Review of British Airways flight Amman London in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA313
Class Business
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 05:45
Take-off 24 Sep 21, 08:05
Arrival at 24 Sep 21, 11:50
BA   #38 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 843 reviews
By GOLD 600
Published on 28th November 2021

the routing


After 12 wonderful days in Jordan spent between days with our friends, long evenings with doing nothing but chatting with the same friends, having jordanian dinners, visiting Wadi Rum and …. doing nothing.

amman queen alia

Our flight was leaving at 08:05, we left the hotel at 05:00A as the drive to the Airport from the Dead Sea takes around 45 minutes. The airport terminal is quiet but the BA check in is a disaster.
There is a supervisor that guides people to the check-in desks but there is only one desk for Business passengers and 5 for the Coach passengers.
8 people are waiting for the business counter and it takes ages. The Coach counters only take coach people and there is always no wait there. At some point we begin to complain and a second counter is eventually opened for the business passengers.
We arrived at 05:45 and finished the check in at 06:30. Ways too long.
Then we proceeded through the police control, where it only took 2 minutes. Then security where there almost no wait. Then comes the big …"WTF" of this report …

I know security is always very strict in AMM and photo cameras together with teleobjectives are always deeper inspected. To avoid problems, I took them out from my bag. My mom does the same, but our two cabin bags are "selected" for additional inspection.
The agent asks if he can make explosives checks on the camera, i-pad, phones and computers. Done in no time.
Then we are asked to open the bags in full and to show all medecines we have with us.
As I have had several surgeries this year, my doctor gave me a prescription of Tramadol. My mother also has a very important pathology and needs to be treated with drugs that are like chemiotherapy.

We had our prescriptions digitalized in case of.

The agent asks to see the paper copy but as we have them dematerialized we can't provide them. And then it begins. I wanted to show them the papers on the computer but they keep on saying only paper copy.

Then it starts with questions on why we had those drugs, that this is illegal, and that no such drugs are allowed in Jordan without paper prescription. At least 4 agents came and asked the same questions again and again. Why we have that, why we took them. For me it is pretty easy, I came with 3 pills, just in case of and took none. But my mother takes them everyday. She had to explain why everyday, why this drugs.

After a very long time the head of medical service came and confirms we have the right to have this drugs with us, but since we have no paper prescriptions, they will be confiscated.

To finish with the agents took copies of our passeports and boarding passes. I am sure that for my next travel to Jordan I'll have all prescriptions on paper :)

This took a solid 45'' and it was not 07:20. Since there is an additional control at the gate, there is no more time for a lounge visit :(

To conclude this story, a single shoot of the check-in counters:

photo img_3532_resultat

Walking to the gate:

photo img_3534_resultat

I was almost sure we would be selected for the additional security control, but no :)

photo img_3536_resultatphoto img_3541_resultat

TK 333:

photo img_3540_resultat

RJ A320:

photo img_3537_resultat

the flight

Boarding started on time, and as usual in AMM, the jetbridges are never ending:

photo img_3542_resultatphoto img_3543_resultatphoto img_3544_resultat

Our plane is there. If you look at the sky, you'll see it grey, which is pretty uncommon for September, it rained in the night. Usually it only starts to rain later in october.

photo img_3546_resultatphoto img_3547_resultat

The aircraft door:

photo img_3550_resultat

The welcome was nice, the cabin still the same as on the previous flight:

photo img_3551_resultatphoto img_3552_resultat

And after row 12, only non reclinable seats:

photo img_3553_resultat

Limited recline, but still better than the last rows of the plane :)

photo img_3555_resultat

The pitch … No comment :(

photo img_3559_resultat

Front view:

photo img_3560_resultat

Once upon in time, there were screens in this cabin:

photo img_3561_resultat

Ontime push back, here a Jordan Aviation A320:

photo img_3565_resultat

A320 Royal Jordanian:

photo img_3566_resultat


photo img_3567_resultat

One of the last active 767-200, Jordan Aviation:

photo img_3568_resultatphoto img_3570_resultat

Dreamliner RJ:

photo img_3571_resultat

A310 Cargo RJ:

photo img_3572_resultatphoto img_3573_resultat

There is a big MRO base in AMM and LX is one of their customers:

photo img_3575_resultatphoto img_3576_resultatphoto img_3577_resultat

More LX :)

photo img_3578_resultatphoto img_3579_resultatphoto img_3580_resultat

Even more :)

photo img_3584_resultatphoto img_3585_resultatphoto img_3586_resultat

 Indigo A320:

photo img_3581_resultatphoto img_3582_resultat

Air Leasure, an old Egyptian Airline with an A340-200:

photo img_3588_resultat

My little baby here is this Tristar, just love it:

photo img_3589_resultat

Air Peace 737-500 another 767-200 Silver Air (stored at the same place since about 4 years!)

photo img_3590_resultat

Never heard about this one:

photo img_3591_resultat

Safi Airways 767-200: (also stored here since years)

photo img_3593_resultat

Rich International is here since more than 10 years :)

photo img_3595_resultatphoto img_3596_resultat

Line up and take off:

photo img_3597_resultatphoto img_3598_resultat

Around the airport:

photo img_3599_resultatphoto img_3600_resultat

The highway from Amman to Aquaba:

photo img_3601_resultat

Then Dead Sea:

photo img_3603_resultatphoto img_3605_resultatphoto img_3607_resultat

Palestinian side:

photo img_3608_resultat

The WiFi looks like the sea : Dead ^^

photo img_3616_resultat

Orange juice or water are offered:

photo img_3617_resultat

Safety card:

photo img_3618_resultatphoto img_3619_resultatphoto img_3620_resultat

The breakfast is then served, there were a "choice" of a cold option with cheeses, a cheese ommelet or scrambled eggs with beef and chicken kebab.
In fact, speaking about "choice", when the crew arrived at our row, there is only the scrambled eggs left.

photo img_3624_resultatphoto img_3626_resultat

The croissant was under blister and wasn'y good at all. The eggs are overcooked, the beef was like boiled, what the called chicken kebab is just a plain chicken fillet. On the right side there are hashed browns and beans.
The hashed browns and the beans were good. The rest was in between disgusting or bad. There was also a yaourt with apricots that was not that bad.
This was what British Airways serves on a 5H flight in business.
At least we were treated with wonderful view over Santorini:

photo img_3633_resultatphoto img_3634_resultatphoto img_3635_resultat

I was able to take a nap, we decided to take the last row hoping nobody will seat there, since the flight wasn't full. At least, this paid off :)
Once awoken, I asked for water and a hot chocolate:

photo img_3638_resultat

The WiFi gets back to life:

photo img_3639_resultat

Arriving in the UK:

photo img_3642_resultatphoto img_3646_resultat


photo img_3648_resultatphoto img_3650_resultatphoto img_3653_resultat

And landed:

photo img_3656_resultatphoto img_3658_resultatphoto img_3662_resultat

We parked next to that A321neo:

photo img_3664_resultatphoto img_3665_resultat

Leaving the plane:

photo img_3666_resultatphoto img_3667_resultat

A word about the crew: they were nice upon boarding but afterwards, we saw they were pissed of the product they were offering. They responded to calls, but spent most of the time in the galley.

photo img_3668_resultat

Bye A320neo:

photo img_3669_resultatphoto img_3670_resultat

Once out, we face that!

photo img_3671_resultat

What is this? That was the day were the UK experienced its land and border automated controls biggest breakdown. No computers, no automatic gates worked. At the worse point of the day, there was a 4H wait and a 1 km long wait to enter the UK.
Thanks god, we were only in transit and have no passport controls. The queue was really impressive, at noon, it was about 500 meters:

photo img_3673_resultatphoto img_3674_resultatphoto img_3675_resultat

I was so happy not to be there :)

photo img_3676_resultat

The next leg is coming soon :)

wadi rum - bonus

We decided to get there on a day trip, 4H drive to get there but we had a lovely driver. Our friends in Jordan booked everything and the transportation for that day was only 160€ with leaving at noon and being back at 02AM.

photo img_3324_resultat

The entrance in Wadi Rum is not that expensive: 5JOD for foreigners, 1JD for locals, in total we paid 14JD -2 foreigners 4 locals- around 18€
Then we rented a jeep to have a long tour in the desert until sunset.

Wadi Rum is an amazing and fascinating place, lots of movies have been made there, The Martian, some Starwars and more.

photo img_3363_resultatphoto img_3365_resultat

It is so impressive to be here:

photo img_3369_resultatphoto img_3374_resultatphoto img_3376_resultat

A souvenir totem:

photo img_3393_resultat

It's almost if you are alone on earth:

photo img_3394_resultatphoto img_3401_resultat

We climbed this little sand hill:

photo img_3423_resultat

The views were breathtaking:

photo img_3407_resultatphoto img_3408_resultatphoto img_3422_resultat

Wadi Rum is also an open air museum with those  petroglyphs for example:

photo img_3426_resultatphoto img_3428_resultat

I loved this place so much and will definitively come back for a longer tour.

photo img_3431_resultatphoto img_3438_resultatphoto img_3439_resultat

And the sunset, magical!

photo img_3447_resultatphoto img_3451_resultatphoto img_3453_resultat

food bonus: مقلوبة jordan maqluba

The Maqluba (مقلوبة) together with the  Mansaf (منسف) are two of the most eaten dishes in Jordan. The Maqluba is usually made with chicken while the Mansaf is with lamb. But there are also a lot of differences I couldn't tell.

Our friends cooked us a Maqluba, and we were treated like kings. We ate the traditionnal Jordan way, on the floor:

photo img_3474_resultat

That dish is to die for. We loved everybite. It was just awesome.

photo img_3475_resultatphoto img_3477_resultat
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British Airways

Cabin crew5.0

Amman - AMM


London - LHR



Same rates for the cabin, a shame for a business class.

The crew did its job, but nothing more. The WiFi worked maybe one hour in the whole flight.

About the food, nothing to say, you saw the tray :)

AMM was a shame for the check in and the controls of the drugs. OK it wasn't legal to import them but they could have just thrown them away and that's it and not make such a big story about it.

The transfer in LHR was fast and efficient, but I wouldn't have liked to have to enter the UK ...

As usual thanks for reading!

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